Why Is This Happening To Me?

When we are in the midst of the worse period of our life, it is human to ask over and over again, “Why is this happening to me?”

When this occurs, we must expand our awareness by listening to what we are feeling ... feelings of frustration, anger and betrayal by life itself. Feelings are the language of the soul.  They tell us what the soul wants us to look at now ... they lead us to greater and deeper understandings ... they are the doorway to wisdom ... they are wisdom itself cloaked in the garment of our illusion. 

As we remove illusion from life expressed, the garment falls away ... revealing the naked truth.  We see this naked truth as the most beautiful aspect of life itself.  This same experience occurs in physical life when we see the naked body of humans.  We continue to try to enhance our body by cloaking it with all manner of garments.  And yet, in the end, all these garments do is cover the beauty of who we are, rather than enhance it.  We think we are covering that of which we ought to be ashamed, but we are covering, in fact, that which we ought to be fully celebrating.

We judge ourselves for being too fat or too thin ... for being too this or too that.  And yet, through the eyes of God, we are stunningly beautiful exactly the way we appear. When we stand in our nakedness, we reveal our true beauty to the world.  That is why lovers are never more excited about life than when they stand naked before each other. 

It is the same way with wisdom.  It is most exciting when it is revealed as the naked truth.  And that occurs when we drop away the garments of our illusion ... for have you not learned in life that we live in a world filled with illusion. 

So many of the outer effects in life are created by things that we think.  It's important to understand that what we are saying also arises out of our thoughts, and that what we are doing arises out of what we are both saying and thinking.  First comes the thought, then comes our expression of it through words, and then comes the experience of it through deeds.

Often our thoughts, words and deeds are not in alignment.  This is something that can be observed in our life more than once.  That is, we may think one thing, and say another, or we may say something, and do something else quite the opposite.  Only when our thoughts, our words and our deeds are in alignment ... all expressing the same understanding, ... do they produce manifestations in the most powerful way in our physical life. 

In the instance when these three aspects of divine creation are not in alignment, we find that we create in fits and starts ... the manifestations of our life are incomplete, or temporary, at best.  This is because we are thinking one thing and saying another, or saying one thing and doing another, or thinking one thing and not doing what we're thinking, or saying something and not thinking about what we are saying, or in some way or another disconnecting from our Self. 

Therefore, we must learn in life to examine all three of these tools of creation because they are very powerful.  We must learn to look closely at what it is that we are thinking ... to do as some philosophers would call it . ..to think about what we are thinking ... learn to talk about what we are talking about.  When we talk about what we're talking about, which is something that I am doing right here in writing, we then more clearly see what we are talking about.  And when we think about what we are really thinking about, we more clearly see what we are thinking about.  And when we do something about what we're doing something about, we more clearly see what we are doing something about. So, use the tools of creation to turn back on creation itself and to create what you're creating.

When we begin to consciously create what we are creating, rather than create unconsciously, we have moved into life with what can be called a new consciousness. This is what is referred to in contemporary society as our consciousness movement ... it is about expanded consciousness ... it is about expanded awareness ... when we move to the second level of awareness and become aware of what we are aware of.

So the most powerful tool we could give anyone and the most important thing we could say to anyone in our commentary on this statement of truth is this ...  "Think about what you are thinking about, talk about what you are talking about, do something about what you are doing something about. In short, reflect upon yourself ... be a mirror ... show yourself to yourself ... reveal yourself to yourself.  Take off the garment of your illusion by removing yourself from the illusory experience and placing yourself into the space of ultimate reality. Come from the place in which God resides.

This can be done by meditating, or praying, or whatever other means that you find is effective in achieving a oneness with God in this physical life. Chanting is another way. The whirling dervishes do this by dancing.  Music is still another path to God and the place in which God resides.  So too, poetry.  Some people can achieve this wondrous state of oneness with God through a simple walk in the woods. 

However you achieve it, you will know when you have experienced it.  And you do not need to experience it as a constant state of being, but only once or twice in your life. Once you experience such a communion with God and come from the place in which God resides, you will need no further explanation concerning the truth that thought, word and deed are the three levels of creation ... or any other truth, for that matter.

A oneness with God eliminates the need for life to be explained because life becomes the explanation itself.