Walk-ins and Possession
Written by Jeannie Weyrick with Christ, Archangel Raphael, and St. Germain


“Walk-in” is the belief that a person can give up their body and leave it completely so that another being can “walk-in” to it, take full possession of it, and finish out their life for them.

This belief came about and was made very popular through channeled information that was given in the 1970’s. It has no basis in reality. Each person who is incarnated on the Earth has agreed to bring their life to completion. It is their Higher Self’s responsibility to see it through. It is also their great joy and fulfillment. There is never any need for a walk-in situation. Any being capable of having an Earth life can incarnate here themselves. They do not need someone else’s body to “walk” into. Each person on the Earth is capable of awakening and fulfilling their Divine Plan. They do not need another being walking in to finish their lives for them. It is a grave misunderstanding to think that there are Beings of Light (or ETs) lined up waiting for people to agree to leave their lives here so that they can step in and take over that person’s incarnation for their own purposes. Beings of Light are eternal and timeless, they have the time to set up their own incarnations to fulfill all of their goals and responsibilities of service. This time on the Earth was well planned very far in advance, and everyone who wanted to participate in the Second Coming and Ascension on the Earth has already set up their incarnations, and planned and made provisions for their incarnations for the future.

When a person goes through a major awakening, or step in transformation, they can think, or it can be explained to them, that it is another being stepping into their body, but really it is a deeper integration with their own Higher Self. During these integrations they may relate to or come to some realization of an aspect of themselves in another dimension, or another incarnation of themselves on the Earth or on another planet or plane, but what they are seeing and feeling is all a part of their Higher Self, and not another being. It is an expansion of consciousness where the person becomes more aware of that aspect of themselves, and can even integrate some of the wisdom that they have acquired to from that other part of themselves. These integrations are natural steps of spiritual transformation and they help you become more of who you truly are; they are not a means for you to become another being, not even another aspect of your Higher Self. While you may relate to that other aspect, and incorporate and utilize some of their experiences and wisdom in your own life, you never become them. You just have greater access to them and/or their knowledge in a more conscious way.


You are an extension of your Higher Self here. The energetic and conscious connection is absolute and uncompromisable. Your Higher Self is a very vast multidimensional Being of Light that is invulnerable. You are never in any danger of opening to beings you do not want to be in contact with. It is only imagined that there are “lesser” or negative beings to be in contact with. Truly, there are only Beings of Light incarnating on planets and in many other physical and nonphysical realms in an orderly and controlled fashion. There are no rogue beings searching for someone to hurt, possess, or do wrong to. It is one of the tragedies of the Earth that people have imagined and continue to believe that there are powerful beings and forces that can harm them if they look beyond themselves. It is what keeps humankind bound and separate from its Higher Selves and the vast number of Guides and Masters of Light who are always here very completely, helping from an unseen position. Until humankind can go beyond its fears and superstitions it will not be able to see clearly what is right in front of it and available to it. When people are ready, they can regain the understanding, wisdom, connection, and love they have lost so long ago through the fall of consciousness into separation and fear. This remembrance and reunion can best be facilitated through a realization that there is only love, compassion, understanding and acceptance from God, their Higher Selves, and all of the Beings of Light supporting them and the Earth.
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