Visualization ... You Can Do It!

Almost on a daily basis, we inform others how powerful "visualization" is. And perhaps, because you are reading this, you also might say what we hear from many clients ... I have tried to visualize and for some reason, I'm not able to see that which I want in my mind's eye ... I find it tremendously difficult to visualize different things in my mind.

Well, it may be because you're trying too hard. You know you can visualize images because you do it very realistically each time you dream. But that is in a hyper-relaxed state, which is necessary for the brain waves that enable such a "solid" dream world. During the day, it is still best to be relaxed in order to visualize, but the nature of what you create is more of the nature of imagination. Think of a pink elephant. There, you did, but you may not have seen it before your eyes, just got the concept and a sort of wishy-washy image in a parallel space. That's visualization, and all the creative exercises requiring visualization will work on that level.

So just let go of your verbal thinking and dream away ... imagine and don't "try to visualize" ... and you'll do fine. With practice, you'll find you get better at accessing the right-brain's processing of imagery and intuition, and further abilities that some people seem to have and others not ... like sensing subtle energies ... will also begin to appear. Practice is the key, and confidence that you ARE doing it well enough already.