Class 6

I hope that your experience with this material has been positive and profound, and that you were able to achieve the real goal of waking up the miraculous powers that have always been within you. In order to become instruments of peace in the world we need to be passionate about this work. Passion is such an important element; I can’t overemphasize that. And when we awaken that powerful current, subtle or even powerful changes may occur I our lives. They may come without warning and be a little frightening at first. This final short letter is meant to help you identify these changes and give you advice on how to deal with them.

I have had the chance to speak with many of you regarding your experience of the Spoonbenders Course. For most it has been profound, and the openings that occurred were smooth and effortless. And yet, others have experienced jolting energies that left them wondering and confused. This was primarily within the first two weeks, and most found that the energy leveled off. There have been many examples and descriptions of the phenomenon people are experiencing. Some have reported feeling so much energy they weren’t able to sleep. Others felt ungrounded, unable to relate with things in their lives as before. For some the experience was intense and made them wonder if they should slow down or stop. It ultimately does not matter what the symptoms were because the answer is the same regardless. That is what I would like to share in this final lesson.

Everyone will have their own unique experience with this Course. Whatever your experience has been, either gentle or abrupt, know that it is absolutely perfect for you. In other words, these powerful lessons and exercises have the tendency to bring up exactly what you need to look at this given time. There is a tendency to worry if the energy makes you feel uncomfortable or ungrounded. The less you worry about this the quicker you will flow into a more integrated expression of the energy. If you resist the shift, then it will not be able to run its natural course, and you will interrupt the movement into a more profound expression of YOU. My best advise is to relax and let it happen on its own. The Universe knows exactly what you need.

Trust the process.Think of it this way. If you decided to go on a week long cleanse, there would be a natural detox period that would not be very comfortable, but very necessary. All the toxins that you have taken into your body would need to be released, one way or another. The same is true for these exercises. Think of them as a spiritual detox. We are all full of unhealthy, erroneous concepts regarding who we are and what the world is for. These concepts need to be released before we can accept the truth. For some of us this is undramatic, but others are not so lucky. It ultimately isn’t a question of one person being better than another, or even more ready. It is just how it is at that time. No judgment.

I hope this helps. Most of you already went through this process and are now looking back with understanding eyes. I hope you are still practicing the chants and meditations, and have adopted the philosophy into your life. In closing, I want to remind you how important your role is in bringing peace to a world that stands on the brink of so many transformations. You chose to be here at this critical time doing this Great Work. The Spoonbenders Course was hopefully a shot in the arm, a profound opening helping you realize and remember this. Keep moving. The journey has just begun.

The “Art of Spiritual Peacemaking” will be a profound continuation of everything we have already experienced together in the Spoonbenders Course. I have already begun writing the lessons, or rather, letting them write me, and I cannot believe the power they contain. It is beyond anything I have ever offered till now, and I am excited to share this information with you. I hope you will join us. The first class begins on March 3, 2003. The next time it is offered will not be for at least two months. Simply go to the home page of emissaryoflight.com and register. We’ll see you there.

In Peace,
James Twyman