Class 5

The following information will be helpful reminder for the Spoonbenders lessons, and may help deepen your experience if you are still practicing the chants and breathing techniques. We have already proven the effectiveness of this work with the great Experiment III. To my knowledge, this was the first time a non-localized mass peace vigil has achieved this sort of overwhelming success. We are building a powerful force for peace with international participation. It is impossible to know exactly how many countries were represented in the Spoonbenders Course, but it is safe to say that it is a universal phenomenon. But this is just the beginning of our journey, for we have only just entered the path to peace. These final lessons should answer any questions you still have, and fill in any of the empty spaces. This lesson will primarily cover questions and concerns that have been expressed to us while the course was first initiated.

Here we go:

Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned in the Spoonbenders Course, and hopefully what we have accomplished. Most of all, I hope you’ve finally realized that you are a Miracle Worker RIGHT NOW, and that you have the ability to change the world by changing your mind about the world. I hope that you KNOW how holy you are, and that God loves you unconditionally, even when you don’t love yourself. And I hope that you have learned how to extend that holiness into the world by “Loving as God Loves and Seeing as God Sees.” Finally, and of least importance, I hope you were able to bend a spoon with your heart and mind.Some of you may be thinking: “But this is called the Spoonbenders Course. Why is that the thing that means the least?” The first four lessons hopefully answered that question already, but let me do it one final time. The real focus of this course has been to open your heart to the miracle you are, then extend that miracle into the world. If you were able to bend a spoon with your mind, then you have tangible proof of the power of your soul and of your capability to be a force of peace on this planet. But even if you did not bend a spoon, you should come to the same realization and perceive the same miracle, though perhaps in a different way. Perhaps you sense more joy than ever before, or your life and all your relationships seem to be flowing better than ever. These are certainly not less than bending metal, and are a sign that you have done very well. The miracle of love has found its way into your life, and now everything has changed. If that has been your experience, then you should be very pleased.

This has been a course in miracle mindedness. The world needs miracle workers who extend love with every breath and action. You have answered that call. It is through you that the world will be saved. KNOW this is true and it is. It has, in fact, always been true, but was waiting upon your recognition. That is all that is required, you knowing and remembering who you are. The whole Universe blesses you for that discovery.

I am writing these two extra lessons as a continuation of the first four, to answer some of the questions we have received and help you take the next step. After speaking to many of you and reading hundreds of e-mails, it is clear that the lessons have had a profound impact on many lives. If you have applied yourself to the exercises and teachings, then you’re sure to have profoundly felt the movement of Spirit within. The exercises are designed to shake up the ego’s hold on your life, and create an opening for what we’re calling “The Miracle” to enter. Let’s begin by looking at the concept of miracle-mindedness and see how it applies to our lives.

What is a Miracle?A miracle is the actuation of more patterns of reality than are usually seen in everyday consciousness. In other words, you have become aware of something that was there all along, but which you weren’t experiencing before. One could describe a miracle as a manifestation of the Grace of God in the world. And yet, God’s grace is always active, though our awareness of it is sometimes blocked by the things we think, say and do. Being miracle-minded, then, requires that we get out of the way and see what is really there. It involves releasing old ideas and patterns that have not served our Eternal Selves. Most importantly, it is the realization of who you really are, the YOU God perceives, the YOU that is powerful and whole. The fact that you are reading this now means that you are ready to realize this, and fully embrace it.You are on this planet at this time to open your heart to this energy, and then to offer it to others. The only reason we chose spoonbending as our demonstration is because it has the necessary dramatic flair, and it shows that we are capable of so much more than we imagined. There are so many other modalities we could have chosen, but the result would have been the same. Now is the time for you to realize that you are here on purpose, in your body and in this world, and that it is time for you to step forward and be counted. It is finally time for the saints to come marching in.

Variations on the Exercises:In this short offering, I would like to give some variations on the exercises offered in the first three lessons. Most of you found that some chants or techniques appeal to you more than others, and that is how it should be. You have been called to act as mature spiritual beings, and that means having the ability to know what works best for you individually. I have offered techniques and exercises that have worked for me, and which may help you. But if you feel that changing the order or adapting an exercise for your own personal use makes sense, then follow your own guidance. In other words, I am not the ultimate authority, your soul is. Here is an example. In the clapping exercise series, you were asked to chant the words Hi (pronounced like the English word hi, or high), Hu (pronounced like the English word who) and open. I chose the words Hi and Hu because they seemed to have more impact than Yes or God when I chanted them. (Koya, who inspired this exercise, is Japanese.) But you may find that the opposite is true. Try it both ways and see what fits. The whole purpose of this exercise is to feel the experience of Yes and God and being fully open. The words are meant to stimulate that experience and should therefore be chosen accordingly. Play with it and make your own decision.Here is another example. In the patting exercise you were nstructed to pat the arms and hands in succession, opening the channels that allow the light to flow. It is also important to know that you need to wake up your whole body, not just your arms. One way to do this is to put on some powerful music and dance around the room as you pat your whole body. There doesn’t need to be a specific pattern, just allow yourself be free and move however you choose to move. Pat you legs and you chest, your head and your arms. If you do this for a few minutes you will feel a profound shift. Then you may choose to settle in and do the breathing exercise. Once again, follow your own intuition. You already know what to do, you just need to trust that knowingness.

In the final offering I will cover another topic many of you have asked about. These meditations and exercises are so powerful that they can produce unexpected changes in your body or mind. If you have experienced this yourself, feel free to move to the final lesson.

In Peace,
James Twyman