Spoonbenders Course
Week Four

What now? Most of you will have succeeded at bending metal with your mind by the time you read this lesson, while others have expanded their lives and energy to allow miracles to flow in different ways. In the end the specifics are unimportant.

If you have practiced the exercises and opened your heart to the wisdom you have read, then movement has occurred, even if you are not conscious of it. The important thing for you to realize is that you are ready to accept your calling to be a miracle-worker in the world.

If you learn that on a deep intuitive level, then it won't matter if you did or did not bend the spoon. The miracle will show up in other ways, however is most appropriate for you.

But how will this help you be a Spiritual Warrior and promote peace in the world? I wish I could answer that question for you, but as you guessed, I can't. That's because Spirit will work through and with you in a very individual way when you open your heart to the miracles that transform the world to peace. The fact that we are one does not mean that we are the same. Each one of us is here to offer a different piece of the puzzle, and when we activate the CERTAINTY we have been seeking in this course, it finds us automatically.

It will no longer be you who is acting, but God through you. You will be an Instrument of Peace, which is the highest calling in the Universe. You are ultimately just being asked to get out of the way. Do you see that? There is nothing for you to do, but there is a great deal that needs to be done through you. When you understand the difference between these two, then you will know how far you have come.

I wish there was more I could say that would lead you even further on this path. The last advice I would give you is this: "Allow it to be simple." Don't try to overcomplicate what needs no complication. Be like a child and expect good things to come from this. They will. You don't even need to know how they will come. In fact, such a thing would be impossible. That's part of the adventure of life. You don't need any answers right now, all you need is an open heart so that the love of God can flow through. The rest occurs on its own.

You are ready to be a Spiritual Warrior and use this technology of prayer to bring peace to your life, then the world.

The Spiritual Warriors

One of the reasons we designed this course is to train massive numbers of people in how to apply this technology to worldwide prayer vigils. I have been part of over a dozen such experiments, and every one of them has been miraculous. But this is the first time we are training a frontline of individuals who will work together to shift the consciousness that leads to war. The skills you have learned in the last three weeks are the foundation for a new experiment in spiritual peacemaking, one that has never been attempted before on this level. The rest of this lesson will describe exactly how we will achieve this.

I will continue to travel to places affected by war, and you will be asked to join me. Some of you may choose to join me physically, but most will apply what you have learned from wherever you are. That is the beauty of this undertaking. We know that time and space can not deter us from working together, for energy and prayer are not bound by such laws. But we must join together as one heart and mind, activating the energy at the same moment. Then the tidal wave of our prayer washes over everything that would limit our success, and peace prevails.

The format of the global meditation will follow most of the steps we used to bend the spoon. Of course, as it was with that experiment, the real goal is to move from the place of "Believing" to "Knowing." You must be certain that peace already exists in whatever part of the world we are focusing, because that is where the magic exists. We call this the "Law of Spiritual Resonance."

The Emissaries said that peace is already in the world, though it is sometimes hidden beneath layers of hatred and mistrust. It is like a seed that sleeps beneath the ground. It is only when water is applied that the seed springs to life. Likewise, when we focus on the peace that already exists, then we create a resonance pattern that makes it grow. It then breaks through the soil of our consciousness naturally. However, when we believe that peace does not exist in a certain place, or in the world in general, then it is the "Not Thereness" that increases because that is where we are focusing. As we said before, energy flows where attention goes.

Our initial goal is to have 100,000 people on the front line who KNOW that peace is present and real for all beings. Then we will apply that certainty, and the world will respond accordingly.

Let me give you one example of when this produced a profound miracle. On November 13, 1998 the US was in a stalemate with Iraq over the UN inspections. Negotiations had been called off and there didn't seem to be any way of avoiding another war. I was at a conference in Florida, and along with my friends Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue a worldwide prayer vigil was organized.

We believe that between three and five million people participated in that vigil, but it wasn't until the next morning that we realized how effective it had been. While millions of people were focusing their prayers of peace on the situation in Iraq, President Clinton had ordered the bombing to begin. The jets left the aircraft carriers and waited for the final order to launch their terrible weapons. And yet, to everyone's surprise, that order never came. Bill Clinton ordered the jets to return to their ships and wait for further orders. Again they were launched and again they were told to return. At least for one night no bombs fell and no one died. It was as if the prayers of millions of people created a barrier that prevented a war.

If this only happened once it would be easy to explain away as a coincidence. But there are many other stories that point to the same conclusion: Prayer is the most powerful force in the Universe.

Our imaginations and prayers created the world we live in. It is so important for us to realize that. All things are born within and find their way into the outside world. Likewise, peace must being within, and then it grows as we offer it to others.

Imagine what will happen when the Spiritual Warriors use the ancient technology we have learned in this course in a similar situation. Millions of people will certainly join us, but we will be at the front carrying the sword of peace and compassion. That is why you took this course, not to bend a spoon, but to be part of a prayerful revolution. You have seen for yourself how powerful you can be, and how unshakable we can be when we apply this force together.

The Path of Spiritual Peacemaking

I will now describe the basic process we will use when applying this technology to a real situation. We have collected the email addresses of everyone registered for the Spoonbenders Course, and we will contact you as early as we can before a vigil begins. There will be times, however, when an emergency situation requires fast action, and there may only be a few days notice. Either way, it is important that you commit yourself to using what you have learned and maintain your position as a Spiritual Warrior.

1. On the day of the vigil, spend as much time as you can preparing your heart for the work we will do together. Pray and meditate as often as you can, and practice many of the techniques you have learned. Be aware of all the other people around the world who are doing the same thing. We are a strong and mighty group.

2. A half hour before the vigil begins perform whatever warm up exercises make sense to you. I say this because I believe you are spiritually mature enough to know what does and doesn't work for you. The exercises I described in the first three lessons are very powerful, and they have helped me a great deal, but after you have worked with this for awhile you may find that some work better than others. You may even have a technique or two of your own that you want to use. Feel free.

3. Stop when you come to step eight in the process we described last week. You are not going to bend a spoon, but rather, the whole world. Face your hands away from your body as if you are sending a blessing to another person. Let the energy you triggered with the warm up exercises flow through your hands as you continue to breathe deeply. KNOW that your light is extending and joining the prayers of every other Spiritual Warrior in the world.

Be CERTAIN that you are actively changing the tide of the situation you have come to heal. And then, for as long as you feel necessary, chant this prayer: "I claim peace for all beings because it is God's will for us NOW! Peace prevails in (say the name of the place of focus) because we have the authority to make it so. We claim this authority. Peace prevails in my heart, and all through the world. As you pray, feel the energy of the thousands of others who are with you. You are acting as one mind and heart. KNOW that you have been successful. Peace does indeed prevail because we have claimed it together. Sit for as long as you need to and feel the completion of this prayer. "


An important part of any spiritual program is the final initiation. This is when you are recognized for your achievement and publicly affirm the path you have chosen. You have come a long way in a few weeks. You have learned the difference between believing something is true, and knowing it is true. And now you are ready to apply that wisdom to creating peace in the world. Most of you were able to produce a physical demonstration of what you learned, but even if you weren't able to bend a spoon with your mind you have succeeded in the real goal. You know that you are one with the power of God, and that it is your right to use that power to bring compassion and peace to all beings. As you give, so shall you receive.

You are now a miracle worker! I wish I could be physically in front of each one of you to say those words, but cyberspace can be just as real, or unreal, depending upon how you look at it. The most important part of this proclamation is KNOWING it to be true. If I was in front of you and said these words, but you did not believe them, they would mean nothing.

But the fact that you are reading this now, and accept it, means everything. You are a miracle worker now! Breathe that in, and when you're ready say these words with all your conviction.

"I accept my role as a Miracle-Worker on this planet. It is the reason I was born. I will give everything to achieve this, and to teach it by the way I live my life. I choose to give all my energy to realize this ideal. I proclaim that I am ready to step into my power and be a Spiritual Warrior in the world. There is nothing more important than this. Miracles will flow from me as I remember who I am, then extend the same to others. I therefore choose peace for myself and for all beings. I will no longer seek these ideals, but claim that they are mine now."

And so it is!!! You are a Miracle-Worker now and always. The angels lean forward to bless you in your conviction. The Spirit of God is upon you, and your Light illumines the whole world.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to lead you through this process, and to work with you as we continue to promote peace. We are planning three other Internet courses this year to help you take this process even deeper, so we'll certainly be together again.

Giving Lesson

Your final giving lesson is like the last. Share this information with one more person by asking them to go to Emissaryoflight.com and register for the Spoonbenders Course. (It is important that they register so we have them on our database for the worldwide vigils.) We are building momentum all over the world. There are already 100,000 people at our side, but our next goal is a quarter of a million. This is a spiritual revolution, and we need your help to keep it moving. So sometime this week share your enthusiasm with at least one other person, and inspire them with the way you live your life.