Spoonbenders Course
Week Three

There are things in your life that you believe to be true, and there are things in your life you simply KNOW. By now you have anchored the FEELING of certainty in your mind, heart and soul. Do not rush this process because it is the foundation of this course. When you KNOW that it is your God given right to be powerful and bring peace, then it will be true for you. As long as you simply believe these things, even if your belief is strong, nothing will happen. Doubt sits like a shadow behind all your thoughts and dreams, and they never take root in the world. It is time for you to KNOW who you are, and then extend your gift in the world.

We are here to be miracle-workers. Let's look at the word "miracle" for a moment. It begins with the word "Mir," which is the Russian word for Peace. That alone is very interesting. The last part of the word "acle" is a suffix found at the end of many words and usually means "to call." The letters almost spell this. Put these together and you have "to call peace," or "the call to peace." Therefore, a miracle is always the experience of calling peace into your life, and into the world. A miracle corrects illusions and aligns one with truth. When we are aligned with truth we are at peace. As miracle-workers our role is to first of all "Be Peace," then extend that to all beings. When we understand it in this way, our job takes on a profound purpose.

The first time you accomplish bending a spoon with your mind, the first question you will ask is, "You mean, that was it?" In other words, you will immediately realize that bending metal without physical force is a very limited ordeal. You won't be able to make a living doing it. Even if you master it your friends will become bored with your demonstrations very fast. (Trust me on this one. When this began happening to me I wanted to show everyone…and I did. It's funny how quickly something goes from absolutely amazing to completely boring.) Your soul will begin looking for ways to apply this gift to much bigger, much more important endeavors. The first month I was able to perform these miracles I often had terrible splitting headaches. One of the children I met finally told me why.

"It's because you're not using the Gift for what it was intended," he said. And he was right. I wanted to impress people and make myself seem different, even more important. The Psychic Children say that all Gifts spring from the desire and longing for Love. Without Love then it is all meaningless. With love it takes on a higher purpose, one that is capable of healing our lives and bringing peace to the world.

There will be some people in this class who are not able to bend a spoon with their minds, and they may feel like they have failed. I have said over and over that bending metal is not the real goal. If you are able to open your heart to love and really KNOW why you are here on the planet, then you will have succeeded in the real goal. Miracle will show themselves in whatever way is appropriate in your life. The miracles will be there, I guarantee it. I would rather that you achieve the real goal of this course but not be able to bend a spoon than the other way around.

So, if you're ready, let's jump right in and try our first serious attempt at bending a spoon with our hearts and minds.

Bending a Spoon
The Basic Method

We are now going to go through the entire sequence that you will use until you are easily able to bend a spoon with your mind and heart. I suggest trying this at least once a day, and then see what progress you've made at the end of the week. I believe nearly everyone will be able to achieve success with this beginning exercise, even if it takes a few days. Many if not most will have some success the first try. Then you'll be able to graduate to a more advanced form. And yet, the goal is the same, to realize that you are not bound by the physical laws you have claimed till now.

This basic method is described in eight steps. First, find a thin spoon that you can easily bend with your hands. You don't want to start off with one that is too thick. Go to a room that is quiet and where you won't be disturbed. You may want to light a candle or put some meditative music on in the background. Do whatever makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Sit in a chair with your spine straight. I personally like to cross my legs, but you may choose to put them flat on the floor.

Step One:
Take the spoon in your hands, holding the handle in one hand and the bowl in the other. Notice how much pressure it takes to bend it around 45 degrees. Try to remember how much effort it took and file that information away in your mind for later. When you feel you're ready, sit the spoon down at your side, but male sure you can easily grab it when you want to.

Step Two:
While breathing deeply, begin the arm and hand tapping exercise described in Lesson One. This will begin waking up the energy centers and get them ready to work. Perform this for around two minutes.

Step Three:
Begin the "Light be in me, Light be as me" breathing technique. Pull the Divine Light into your body and heart. It is all around you every moment. Feel the Light as it moves through you, filling you with spiritual energy. Perform this for around one minute.

Step Four:
Begin clapping your hands and while feeling the energy of the word "Yes," chant "Hi", the Japanese word for yes. Let the energy of this word completely fill you. Do this as long as you feel necessary, until you feel saturated with YES! Then stop and return to the breathing for one minute.

Step Five:
Begin clapping and feel the energy of God flow through you, combining with the energy of the word YES. As you chant, say the Sufi word "HU." Do this for as long as you feel necessary. Let yourself be filled by the power of God, the power you will be using in a few moments. Then stop and return to the breathing for one minute.

Step Six:
Begin clapping again and say the word "Open." (One clap is for "O," and the next clap is for "Pen.") Know that you are open NOW. This is the critical moment. You are not asking for anything to happen, rather, you are claiming that it has already happened. Let the energy of "Yes" and "God" combine with the energy of being "Open." You may choose to visualize three great lights filling your body and combining as one. Do this until you feel that your whole body is vibrating with this energy.

Step Seven:
Take both hands and begin rubbing them together hard and fast. You are doing two things with this movement. First of all, you are bringing the left and right brain into alignment, and second, you are focusing all the energy from the previous exercises in your hands. Do this for at least one minute. Then pick up the spoon.

Step Eight:
Begin rubbing your fingers at the spot between the bowl and the handle. As you rub, KNOW that it is working. FEEL that the spoon is already bent. Do not think anything, just feel the spoon moving between your fingers. You may even choose to keep your eyes closed to amplify that feeling. At a certain moment you will know that it is time to put some pressure on the bowl. As you imagine that the molecules are spreading apart, assist the movement by giving a slight push with the first two fingers of your other hand. (You will probably need to give about fifty percent of the pressure you used in Step One.) This is why I asked you to remember how much pressure it took to bend the spoon with your hands. Make sure you use less than what you remember in your mind. Once the molecules begin to spread, a little pressure will make it dip. It may move slightly or not at all. Immediately go back to the rubbing motion, and continue to feel the certainty of your goal. When you are ready put a tiny bit of pressure on the bowl again. It will probably move now, a little or a lot. Keep going back and forth between these two until you are satisfied with the bend.

Step Nine:
If you feel nothing is happening, go back to the "Open" chant for a couple of minutes. Use it to open your heart and the energy centers in your hands even wider. Then return to the rubbing. Do this as often as you need to.

Bending a Spoon
The Advanced Method

Once you get to the point where the spoon feels soft when you exert physical force, you are ready to bend it with no force at all. For most this may never completely occur, but it will for some. Therefore, I will offer two basic styles. You should only try them after you have mastered the basic method. (Even if you never move past the basic method, you are a success. Once again, the main goal of this course is allowing the miracle to flow into your life the way IT will, not necessarily the way you will. Some of you may not achieve bending a spoon with your mind, but you will find other miracles occurring on their own. That means you have learned very well.)

Repeat steps one through seven. Begin rubbing the thin part of the spoon and when you feel it becoming soft, shake it. This should allow the force of gravity to slightly bend the spoon. If you continue for a number of minutes you should be able to achieve the same bend that you did in the basic method. (This is the method I usually employ.)

If you are able to master the gravity technique, then you are ready for the final step. Once you feel the metal getting soft place it on the table and place your hand over it. Get your hand as close as you want and KNOW that it will bend on its own. If you want you can pick it up once and awhile and begin the rubbing movement again. If you are diligent then the spoon will begin to slowly dip upward toward your hand. I have personally only been able to achieve this a few times, so if it works for you then you deserve congratulations.

Giving Lesson

This week's Giving Lesson is meant to inspire others with the wisdom you have gained through this course. This is a Spiritual Revolution aimed at solving the problems of the world the only way they can truly be solved: Within our hearts. The more people we have at our sides the more this revolution will grow.

Therefore, we ask that you share your enthusiasm with one person this week, and invite them to join us. Simply ask them to go to emissaryoflight.com and register for the course, joining 100,000 others on the front line of spiritual peacemaking. (It is important that they register so we have their email address on our database. This is how we will alert everyone for the worldwide prayer vigils, which is the primary reason for this course being offered.)

See you next week.