The Spoonbenders Course
Week Two

"Miracles are natural"
From: A Course in Miracles

Have you come to terms with why you decided to take this course? It is a question you'll need to ask yourself over and over, because clarity will be a powerful ally. Are you doing this for yourself, or for the whole world? Is your goal to impress others with your abilities, or are you willing to apply them to healing at the deepest level? You were born for this moment! Know that. You decided to come into this world at this time to be an Instrument of Peace. If you learn how to use the tools that are found in this course, then you will be well on your way to accomplishing that goal.

This week we are going to share less intellectual information, and more practice. You have hopefully been working with the exercises offered in our last lesson. You can't expect miracles to happen by themselves. You need to do the internal and external work to create space for them. You are going to build upon what you have already learned with a few short meditations that will bring you even closer to bending metal with your heart and mind.

We're putting a great deal of attention into understanding the difference between believing that something is true, and knowing that something is true. As we discovered last week, belief comes from the mind while knowing comes from the heart. If you are going to learn to bend the whole world toward peace, then you must learn to combine these two elements and have them work together. This is the essence of the ancient technology of prayer we are employing here.

Exercises One

Let's try a little experiment.

You are going to recite a particular phrase, then feel any physical or emotional responses it triggers. Say these words with emphasis, then notice where you feel the energy. Close your eyes when you say the phrase so you'll be able to tune in.

"I BELIEVE that I am one with God."

After you have evaluated your response, get ready for the next phrase. Like before, feel any response your emotions and body produces. Say these words with the same amount of emphasis as before.

"I KNOW that I am one with God!"

Now try to notice any differences you felt. You may notice that one phrase effects one part of your body while the other touches somewhere completely different. You probably felt a strong emotional difference as well, the first having a strong effect, but the second even stronger. This should give you an idea of how different these experiences are.

Now it is time for you to let go of Believing,
And begin Knowing.

If you are going to master these tools, then you will have to awaken the certainty, or the knowingness, that you already have everything you need to change your life and the world. There can't be any doubt. When you believe something with your mind you are saying, "I believe this is true, but it might not be." Your ego has created a space for failure to enter and make its home. But when you say, "I KNOW it is true," then there is no space left. Your certainty fills the void, and you are telling the Universe that you have the authority to decide what is, and what isn't.

This is how you will redefine the supposed laws of the Universe.

If you are going to bend metal with your mind, then you must have this certainty. It is the only way. There can be no question. Likewise, when you apply this technology to creating peace in the world, you must KNOW it is possible. Better still, as the Emissaries say, you must know that it already exists.

Exercise Two

Now we are going to build on the exercises we learned last week.

Repeat the three steps, beginning with the patting exercise, then the "Light be in me, Light be as me" breathing technique, and finally the clapping chants. This should all take no more than ten minutes. Allow yourself to really feel the benefits of these exercises, moving into a very deep space. When you feel you are ready, repeat these words over and over until you feel you really KNOW them to be true.

"The Power of God Is within me NOW!"

It is important for you to experience, not just believe, that if you are truly one with God, then God's creative power is yours. Once again, you must KNOW this to be true. That is the feeling you are after. God did not create the world you perceive, you created it through the power God that we all share. You possess more power than you know, and now is the time to become conscious of it. If you are going to be a Spiritual Warrior in the world, then you must realize and utilize the power that exists within you. Once we have activated that power to a sufficient degree we will apply it to the demonstration of bending a spoon. Then we will widen the scope and use it to heal the whole world.

I cannot overemphasize the fact that you have been called to this mission, and as you integrate these energies you will fully realize, then embody, the only solution that will save us all. LOVE! This is not about bending spoons or any of the other skills that will come to you as a natural result of this work. It is about SEEING AS GOD SEES AND LOVING AS GOD LOVES! Miracles will then follow you like the scent of the finest perfume. Then you will realize the reason you were born.

Exercise Three
Bending a Spoon

(Make sure you read this entire section before beginning the exercise.)

This may be your first experience in bending a spoon with your mind. You may or may not succeed at this point, but the purpose of this exercise is a little different. Our goal is to KNOW we have succeeded, whether or not the spoon actually bends.

Let me explain this a bit further. As I shared before, the whole focus of this course is entering the state of Knowingness that the thing you desire, whether bending a spoon with your mind or world peace, has already been accomplished. We will not rely upon the outside world to prove our certainty. The proof will come from within. When we truly believe then the physical world will arrange around our certainty. In other words, even if it doesn't seem to be true on the outside, we KNOW that it is true in our hearts and soul. Then the world of form follows.

Find a lightweight spoon that you can very easily bend with your hand. (It takes far more energy to bend a heavy steel spoon with your mind, so you'll want to start off easy.) Now spend ten minutes performing the warm up exercises you learned last week. When you have finished, hold the spoon in both hands, CLOSE YOUR EYES and try to get a sense of the joy you will feel when you see it has been bent. Try to amplify this feeling as much as you can. KNOW that it has already happened. Don't think about it as if it will happen in the future, but as if it has already occurred. You do not need physical proof to believe this. Your heart is all you need. Feel the power of God flowing through you and know that that same power is yours.

Now we will try to bring that future event into the present.

Hold the spoon between the thumb and the index finger at the thin spot that connects the handle to the bowl. Add a bit of pressure, but not too much. Keep your eyes closed and begin rubbing your two fingers back and forth. KNOW that the atoms and cells are beginning to get very hot. Really FEEL it happening. KNOW that your success is guaranteed. Continue rubbing until the spoon feels very hot.

NOW STOP! Don't even look down at the spoon. Feel the joy again of the spoon having been bent. It doesn't matter if it did or not. That's not the point of this exercise. The point is to develop the feeling of CERTAINTY that must precede the event. You are anchoring the feeling so you will be able to come back to it later. The rest will be easy. Some of you may have already accomplished the goal of bending the spoon. If you did, wonderful. If not, don't worry for a single moment. This was just the first step.

Practice this exercise as often as you can this week. It is laying the groundwork for next week when we will make our first serious attempt to apply this technology.

Developing Certainty

This week's exercises should move you a step closer to developing the certainty you must feel to be a Spiritual Warrior. You would do well to find your own ways to open to this energy even further. For example, think of something in your life you are absolutely certain about. Perhaps it is the love you feel for your child or the confidence you feel in your career. Meditate on the feeling that is inspired when you focus on this. The way to develop certainty in other areas of your life is to know what it feels like. Find as many ways as you can to get in touch with this energy. It will be profound preparation for the next two weeks.

Giving Project

As you already know, the more you open yourself to give these gifts to others, the more you will receive. If you want to get the most benefit from this course it is important that you dedicate yourself to this law. This week you are going to be asked to participate in a very special program that will help the children develop their abilities by coming together for retreats and international gatherings.

The staff of the Beloved Community has been in contact with the families of hundreds of psychic children who long to connect with others like themselves. Though some countries have extensive programs for these special young ones, there are very few opportunities in North America for them to come together, learn from one another and develop their skills. To fulfill this need, we have started a program called: "Indigo Scholarships." We have planned a series of retreats to connect these children, knowing that the greatest growth will come just from them being together. Trained teachers will guide the children in these camps, but the emphasis will be on the interactions of spirit. The programs will be free to any child who needs help attending. We don't want money to be a deterrent for anyone.

And here is how you can help the children. When we started the Cloth of Many Colors Project three years ago, we asked people to take a small swatch of cloth, hold it in their hands and feel the emotion of peace. That emotion would be imbued into the cloth, which would then be sewn into the whole quilt that ultimately grew to be over a mile long. We received tens of thousands of letters in the mail at that time, and I want to repeat that success. So, if you are so inspired and want to take the lessons you have been reading to the next level, take either a ten or a twenty-dollar bill (or the equivalent from your own currency) and hold it tight in your hands. Now feel how this small gift is going to help a child connect with other children so they can share their gifts and insights. Know with certainty that this is true. Then fold the bill in a piece of paper, put it into an envelope and send it to:

Beloved Community
PO Box 3399
Ashland, Oregon 97520

One hundred percent of this money will go to help the children connect and be together. Who knows what will come from this? The children already communicate with one another in spirit, but the miracles that might happen when they're together may be astounding. Thank you for helping.

Good luck with your practicing.

In Peace,
James Twyman