Spoonbenders Course
Class 1

"Don't try to bend the spoon,
because that's impossible.
Just realize the truth,
that there is no spoon."
(From the movie, "The Matrix")

It is important for you to decide why you are taking this course. Is it because you want to perform miracles? Do you want to feel more powerful than you have ever allowed yourself to be in the past? If these ideas approach the reasons you are reading this right now, then it would be best for you to stop. Turn off your computer and find something else to occupy your time. You will not achieve these things if they are the goal you seek. However, if you are reading this because you have decided that you are on this planet to be an "Instrument of Peace," and to heal the world by healing your own mind, then please continue. If you open your heart and mind to these four simple lessons and dedicate yourself to this mission, then you will achieve it. Guaranteed!

And here is the paradox: If you do seek these higher ideals, to love and to realize that you are already whole and enlightened, then the miracles will surely follow, and you will realize yourself to be more powerful than you have ever allowed yourself to be in the past. They are not the goals, but they are the products of a higher goal. You are here to learn how to apply the force we call LOVE. It is as easy as learning a certain technology that has been known by the mystics of many spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Now it is your turn to learn it, then apply it to your life.

Are you ready to leave the box?

You have been asked to believe certain laws that make up your experience of the world. These laws define a box that you are asked to exist within. The walls of the box limit and define who you are or what you can become. "You" are what lives inside the box, while "You Are Not" what lives outside. Thus was the ego born, the concept of separation, and the whole thought system you have used to live and exist in the world.

The object of this course is to break down the walls of that box so you can realize a larger concept of who you are. The ultimate goal is not to learn how to bend metal with your mind, but to learn certain tools that will help you bend the whole world toward peace, including your life. Most people believe that neither of these things are possible. It is impossible to apply the energy of one's mind to act upon the physical world in such a manner, they say. Likewise, creating a world of peace in the midst of so much conflict and chaos is also impossible. But what if these two things are related, and dispelling one illusion automatically releases the other?

A Course in Miracles says that there is no degree in difficulty in miracles. In other words, large miracles operate under the same laws as small ones. Learn the technology that allows one, and the other becomes just as possible. Jesus said that if we had sufficient faith that we would be able to move mountains. That's a big miracle. He also said that we would be able to perform greater things than even he performed. Do you think he really meant those words, or was he speaking in metaphors? Your answer to that question will influence how open you are to reaching the goal of this course. Are you capable of allowing miracles into your life?

Allowing as opposed to Creating

Notice I used the words "allowing miracles" rather than "creating miracles." There is miraculous energy around you right now. You don't need to create anything, you just have to allow it to flow into your life. Most of us spend the majority of our time blocking the flow of this light, and we are blind to what has always been ours. This is the moment you have decided to open your heart and become a miracle worker. It is the reason you are here on this planet.

Here is what you should be able to accomplish by the time you are finished with this four-week course:

1. Master the beginning stages of bending metal with your mind.
2. Learn how to work with energy more skillfully to produce miraculous transformations in your own life.
3. Apply this same technology to bending the whole world toward peace.

By opening your heart to the information in this course you have taken the first step toward becoming a Spiritual Warrior. The world needs warriors for peace today. A warrior is someone who is so dedicated to something that they are willing to give all their energy in order to realize it, even their lives. This must be the level of commitment you have. It will fulfill you in ways you cannot imagine now. This course is ultimately not about bending spoons, but realizing why you were born.

Once you accept this role, you will be asked to participate in special missions. These missions will involve using what you learn in this course to heal the whole planet. We will work together to accomplish this. The goal is to apply this technology through massive vigils of peace to bring about profound transformations in our own consciousness and for the whole of humanity.

Simply stated, we are here to heal the world. Are you ready to accept such an important mission?

Belief and Certainty
It has been said that unless you believe something, you cannot experience it. There are courses available designed to heighten your belief in a thing, for example, the possibility of bending metal with your mind, and then use the energy of that belief to make it happen. It is important that you understand something right from the beginning: This course is not designed to make you "Believe" anything. It is designed to increase your "Certainty" that you already have everything you need to be a miracle worker. You are here to KNOW, not believe. This is the source of the energy we will use to bend the whole world toward peace.

When you believe something, you are using the faculties of your mind. It is the action of thought, not spirit. When you know something to be true, you are employing action of your soul. Guess which is more powerful? Your soul is eternal and still possesses all the spiritual knowledge you have ever achieved. More than that, it has access to all the knowledge in the Universe. Your mind and the power it is able to generate is considerable, but limited. If we are to achieve the goal of healing the world, you must KNOW it is possible. Better still (and here is the whole focus of this course), you must be certain that it has already been healed.

By the time you are finished with this four week course, you will be Certain of your ability to bend metal with the energy of your heart, directed by your mind. Better still, through this Certainty, you will KNOW that you can bend the whole world toward peace and compassion.

The Course

There are three main goals each week in the Spoonbenders Course. The first is to give you the philosophical foundation you will need to understand why this is important; the second is to offer exercises and meditations designed to open the necessary energy centers in the body and mind that will allow you to bend metal without physical pressure; and the third is to suggest ways for you to give back to the world in order to keep the energy flowing. These will be called "Giving Exercises." You should be able to have some success bending a light spoon (which are usually easier than forks) with your mind after the third lesson. It is suggested that you only take one lesson per week since each one requires a certain amount of practice. It is up to you if you feel you need to take more than one week for each lesson.

Let's begin with the first lesson.


As you already know, the goal of this course is to teach you an ancient technology that will allow you to perform feats some would call miraculous, then apply that technology to healing the planet. Since Uri Geller first attained international prominence in the 1970's, millions of people have been fascinated by the idea of bending metal with the mind. We have therefore chosen this as the demonstration most people should be able to achieve with a little patience and practice. There are dozens of other ways to apply this energy, but bending metal supplies the necessary drama that will help us move to the next level. In other words, if you are able to do this (which you will) then you will be extremely excited, and this excitement will serve you well as you apply this energy to demonstrations that are much more important.

When you have successfully bent a spoon with your mind, you will realize that you are not bound by the common laws of the physical universe you have followed till now. You will realize that everything is a choice. You have chosen to follow these laws, and you can choose to transcend them. This is what the world often calls a Miracle Worker.

Until now you have only believed these things are possible. The shift you must now make is in KNOWING it is real. When you are CERTAIN that miracles are natural, then you will begin experiencing them everyday, perhaps every moment.

The goal isn't to bend a spoon with your mind, but with the energy of your heart directed by your mind. It is this combination we are seeking. It is an ancient process that uses the Divine Flow of energy to create harmony. Unfortunately most of the texts that referred to this process were destroyed around 300AD when the Christian Church tried to establish a canonical bible at the expense of any written information that did not fit neatly into the chosen pile. They were destroyed and burned, and only a few skillfully hidden collections found their way into the light in the mid twentieth century, most important being the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hamaddi Library. (For more information on this subject I suggest Gregg Braden's books, "The Isaiah Effect," and "Walkng Between the Worlds.") These texts described "Feeling that the prayer has already been answered." Instead of asking for something to happen, they recommend creating the emotion that it already has, thus attracting the energy of completion rather than lack.

Let me say that again. TO CREATE THE EMOTION THAT THE PRAYER HAS ALREADY BEEN ANSWERED! That is the key to creation, in this world and the next.

Most of us were taught to pray for what we want, or for what we think we don't have. What we don't realize is that there are certain Universal Laws that work without our conscious understanding, and if we work in unison with these laws then the universe supports us as opposed to working against us. One of these laws is that "Energy flows where attention goes." Here is what it means: Your deeper mind does not understand the specifics of what you are praying for. It simply follows the path of energy you establish, sometimes giving you what you don't think you want because it thinks you asked for it. In other words, when you pray FOR something, or in order to receive something, let's say peace, the underlying thought is that peace does not already exist in your life or the world. It is the "not there" that the deeper mind hears, and then amplifies it. The ancient technology of prayer tells us not to ask for what we want, but to feel as if it is already there…to become the completion of the prayer. Don't ask for peace…become peace.

In my first book "Emissary of Light," I learned something very similar from the one I simply called Teacher. He said:

"Lasting peace will never come to a world that thinks it has a choice between peace and war. The only choice you ever really make is between truth and illusion. When you choose truth you discover that peace is always present, regardless of your awareness of its presence. When you choose illusion it is like closing your eyes to what is right in front of you. And this is what it means to wake up from the dream of separation. It's like opening your eyes. Reality was never compromised by your dream. It remained whole and unchanged while you made up your own world where hatred and fear seemed to have meaning."

When you FEEL that peace is already present, or anything else you desire, and act as if this is true, then you create an energy field that literally pulls that thing into your life. Your feelings are the engine, but something needs to be steering the engine toward the goal. That is the job of your mind. Therefore, you will not be learning to bend a spoon with your mind, but with the energy of your feelings directed by your mind. Your mind focuses the energy, but it comes from your heart.

Ultimately, you will be feeling as if the spoon is already bent.

The Psychic Children tell us that their abilities are fueled by their acceptance of love. They don't put very much emphasis on the psychic skills, but on the force of love that is the foundation of it all. When you do the same thing, then miracles will flow in and out of your life effortlessly.

And so...

Our work in learning to bend metal with our minds begins with the feeling that we are not only capable of such a thing, but that we do it all the time. You may not perform miracles that are quite that dramatic, but as we said before, the technology is the same. We have all had days or hours in our lives when everything seems to flow perfectly and little miracles happen all around us. That's because you've activated the place within you that understands this technology, though perhaps unconsciously, and used it to attract miracles. You just didn't realize what you were doing. Now all we need to do is focus that energy and direct it toward what we want in our lives.

Know that you are already using this energy. Don't believe it with your mind, but FEEL it in your heart. This is the first step in applying it to the greater task of healing the world.


Over the next several weeks we are going to share a series of exercises that are meant to open up the energy centers we will use to bend metal with our hearts and minds. This is only one aspect of our training. Opening up these centers is only the first step. Without the deeper work we will do in consciousness, nothing will happen. Once we are open, then we can apply the essential ingredient: The force of love.

Most of you are aware that there are hundreds if not thousands of meridian points throughout our bodies that regulate the flow of energy. When they are open then vital energy flows freely. When they are blocked...it stagnates. Our goal is to open up the meridian centers we need to bend or move something with little or no physical force, then apply the CERTIANTY or KNOWING that produces the effect.

This week I am going to offer two practices that will serve as warm up exercises. We will build on these next week, then you will use them before applying this technique, either in trying to bend a spoon or promoting the miracle of peace. The first exercise is a chant that opens the higher chakras.

(These chants were developed with the help of a young psychic boy in Japan named Koya. Koya has been paralyzed since birth and uses a letter board to communicate. I felt his presence when I was meditating during a recent tour of Japan, then when I met him a few days later in Hiroshima he looked at me and wrote, "Did you feel the energy I was sending you?")

Patting Technique

In order to focus enough energy to bend metal, you'll need to awaken the meridian points in the arms and hands. Begin breathing deeply. You should have a tangible experience of the Light flowing through your body after only a few minutes. Then...

Step 1:

Begin with the left arm and hold it straight in front of you. With your hand facing the ground, begin patting your arm lightly, beginning at the shoulder and working your way down to your hand.

Step 2:

When you reach your hand turn it so it faces up, then pat the arm till you reach your shoulder. Repeat this process with the right arm. You will want to complete the whole cycle around ten times.

Breathing Technique
"Light Be in Me, Light Be as Me."

This is a technique I have been using for years, and which I have adapted for this purpose. It is meant to draw Divine energy in through the crown chakra, then extend it out through the heart chakra. This creates a powerful flow of energy that aligns the higher centers and opens the meridians. It only takes a little practice, and once you have mastered the technique you will be able to apply it to many other activities.


Begin by taking a deep breath, and imagine that you are pulling the Divine Light from Heaven, through your crown, and into your heart. As you do this think these words: "Light be in me." This short prayer is a way of drawing the benefits of this energy into your life. Now hold the air in your lungs for about three seconds, and as you do imagine that your heart is on fire with the Light.

Step 2:

Now exhale, and as you do imagine that the Light is flowing out through your heart. It extends from you and blesses all beings in the Universe. As you breathe out say these words out loud: "Light be as me." You are acknowledging that you are the Light. You are not extending something that is separate from you, but which is the essence of your being. Breathe in again and repeat Step 1. Continue this process for around five minutes.

Clapping Technique

In order to awaken the energy centers found in both hands, begin clapping them together in a rhythmic fashion. We will offer this technique in three steps, though you are welcome to play with it yourself and see what fits best. This exercises is not only meant to heighten the energy flow in your hands, but to prepare the mind for actual bending process.

Step 1:

As you clap your hands together, begin to feel the energy of the word "YES" flowing through your body. (Every word has an energy signature. You may want to identify what the word "YES" feel like to you before you begin.) You are now going to begin saying a word that corresponds with the feeling of "YES" as you clap. Instead of using the word in English, I recommend you use the Japanese word "Hi" (which, as you guessed, means yes.) I am choosing this word because it seems to have more energy than the same word in English. You can see for yourself. Say the word "Hi" with each clap with energy, and most importantly, FEEL THE WORD "YES". That's the main key. The word alone is not important, but feeling of the energy of the word "YES" is. Do this for three of four minutes.

When you have finished close your eyes and go back to the Breathing Technique for about two minutes. You should feel a powerful buzzing sensation in your arms and hands.

Step 2:

Begin clapping again and say the word "HU". This is the Sufi word for GOD, and once again was chosen for the impact of the sound itself. Play with it and see how it feels to you. As you clap and repeat the word, imagine that the "Power of God" is flowing into your whole body. Don't just say the word and clap your hands. Really feel it. The more you do, the greater the result will be. Once again, do this for three to four minutes.

Go back to the Breathing Technique for about two minutes.

Step 3:

Begin clapping again and say the word "Open." (Clap once for the sound of "O", and again for the sound "Pen.") As you do this, affirm that you are ALREADY open. You are not asking for openness, but are affirming that it already exists. (We discussed this earlier.) You should feel the three chants coming together as one: YES (or Hi), God (or HU), and Open. They create an energy field you will ultimately use to bend metal with your mind and heart.

These are the exercises you will use to warm up before applying the technology we will learn over the next three weeks. Practice them everyday if you can. You will feel yourself opening energy centers that you were not aware of before. Some of you may feel rushes of energy, especially in your hands or arms. Whatever your experience is, know that you are opening at the exact rate you need to.

Giving Project

Each week we will suggest a project that involves you giving back to others what you are receiving in this course. It is the best way to realize the deeper levels of this endeavor, for the only real teaching is that we must give what we most want to receive. This week's project will be very simple:

As often as you can, focus on the holiness of every person you encounter. When you pass someone on the street, send them a silent blessing. When you speak to someone at a store, or anywhere else you find yourself, know that you are speaking to the Christ or the Buddha. This is, in fact, literally true, for the Enlightened One is always before us. But we will not learn that we are the same until we see it in others. Therefore, even if it's for a few moments each day, give the gift you most want to receive. This will open the flow of miraculous energy in you more than all our exercises.

Good Luck,
James Twyman