Cake Analogy
~ A Spiritual Recipe ~

We have friends who believe that there should not be a process that a person has to go through to achieve spiritual enlightenment or ascension. They believe that it should just happen naturally to them without any special effort on their part.

Spiritual growth and ascension are a process that has to be gone through step by step. This process can be likened to following a cake recipe.

People are like the flour that aspires to become a cake. On its own, without going through the process of adding ingredients, mixing, and baking, flour cannot become a cake. If you tried to put plain flour into a pan and bake it it will only burn and not resemble anything close to the cake it aspires to be. But in the hands of master chefs it can be transformed and achieve its purpose.

Just as flour has to have certain ingredients added to it in the proper order and under the right conditions, so too does a person on a spiritual path need to undergo the process of adding the right ingredients in the proper order, and under and right circumstances by the master chefs (the Higher Self and Guides). The flour also has to go through the processes of preparing the ingredients, mixing, and baking, (transforming with energy). The process of making the cake cannot be rushed, nor can ingredients or steps be left out to achieve the final goal.

Each step of the way the flour has to adjust to the ingredients being added to it. Each new ingredient brings changes and transformation to the flour. Sometimes the mixing process can be arduous and stressful on the flour, and the ingredient has to be added a little at a time. But with each step the master chefs give the flour time to rest and become accustom to its new state of being before continuing on with the rest of the process.

During the process the flour has to trust and give itself over to the master chiefs to make the leap of going from plain flour into becoming a cake. At times during the process the flour may start to fear that it will lose itself within the cake, and those fears have to be addressed and quieted before going on. The flour must always be reminded that it is the cake’s base, the main ingredient. It must realize that by adding the other ingredients and going through the energetic processes of mixing and baking it is enhanced and transformed and can now develop into what its true purpose and potential is.

There are many types of flour and many kinds of cake. What ingredients are needed and how much mixing and baking it requires depends on the flour’s attributes and what kind of cake it aspires to become.

All flour can become cake in the hands of a master chief.