is dedicated to those who feel that they have done it all, but find that ...

There Is Still Something Missing!

Every day you have thoughts. You have feelings. Things happen to you. How much is caused by you and how much by someone else? How much is fate, destiny or the result of invisible forces you know nothing about?

Who are you ... really? Why are you here on this Earth? Is there a purpose for your life and for the lives of everyone else you see? or is everyone and everything the result of accident and chance?

These are important questions. No matter what you want in life ... from the smallest goal to the most grand or dramatic dream ... you must have practical and usable answers to these questions. Otherwise, it's like trying to get around a strange city without directions or a map.

So many times we look to what we call the "surface" world, the "visible" world, or the "physical" world for answers to these questions. But we don't find them. We don't find them because they're not there. The answers to these questions are beneath the surface ... they're behind the scenes ... they're invisible to the naked eye.

Our libraries, bookstores, mail order catalogs, the Internet and the speeches of our public speakers and trainers are filled with suggestions, formulas and techniques on how you can change your life, get more of what you want and become more successful.

If you take all the really good success and personal development approaches and boil their messages down, they all pretty much say the same thing. "You have unlimited power and can create anything you want if you just use 'X' technique."

Then you're taught how to change things by using techniques like goal setting, visualization, affirmations, subliminal tapes, self-hypnosis tapes, neuro-linguistic programming, meditation, prayer ... the list goes on and on.

Every time you use a self-help or success technique, what you're really doing is asking "God," "the Universe," "the Source," "All That Is" or "your Higher Self" or some other part of yourself to help you produce a specific "outcome." The problem is that even though these ways of asking are supposed to be magical (and they do seem that way sometimes), they don't work a lot of the time, or the changes they help you make don't last.

I believe we kid ourselves a lot. We want to believe in shortcuts, unlimited power, and magic so badly that we sometimes ignore the obvious things that stare us right in the face.

Think about your personal history. Do your best to add up the things you've asked for using self-help techniques. How many of them did you actually receive?

I've been through phases in my life where I got just about everything I asked for. I've also been through phases where I didn't get a single thing I asked for.

If you look closely and you're honest with yourself, I think you'll see that in general, you receive a very small percentage of the things you consciously ask for in your life.

The same is true for me and everyone else, including the world's most successful people.

People say what you focus on you create. But take a close look again. Think about all the things you focus on every day - the things you want, the things you don't want, the things you're afraid of, the things you expect.

Do they all show up in your life? Again, if you're like me, and most of the people I've worked with, you'll see that only a small percentage of what you focus on actually shows up in your life.

The question is - Why?

Why do you achieve some goals and not others? Why do self-help techniques work sometimes and not other times? Why do they work for some people and not other people?

Why do some of your thoughts, beliefs, fears, and expectations show up in your life, and others don't? In other words,

What really causes the things that happen to you every day?

There was a time in my life when I was curious about the answer to that question, but I was just curious and that was it.

Then I went through a very painful period in my life where everything fell apart, where it seemed like I had the reverse of the Midas touch - where everything I touched fell apart.

I was so confused, angry and desperate; I had to find answers that made sense, and could help me stop the pain of my downward spiral.

So I started an incredible journey. I committed an awful lot of time and energy to finding answers.

One of the first things I realized is that whether it's you or me or someone else, when we use self-help techniques, it's the same person asking the same way every time, isn't it?

So if you receive some things and not other things, the techniques work sometimes and not other times, the techniques work for some people but not other people, or you get some but not all of what you focus on, then something else must be going on behind the scenes.

When you ask for something, or you focus on something, there's got to be some hidden but very powerful force at work - some invisible force that shapes the response you get to your requests.

I figured if I was going to change things in my life and stop the pain, I better find out what that force is, and how to work with it.

And you know what? I found out what the invisible force is, and I learned how to work with it, not just to turn things around, but to actually make my life and finances "bigger and better" than they were before I crashed and burned.

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