"What You've Always Wanted To Know About God ...
But Were Afraid To Ask"
by the Center of Light & Serenity

Those of you on the religious path might ask: "Everything I need to know about God or have wanted to know in the past is available through the Bible (or some other religious tenet). Why would I want to attend such a seminar?" Well, because of your beliefs, you probably really wouldn't be interested in such a seminar. However, if you're on the spiritual path, this might just be what you need. Now, some of you might also ask: "What is the difference between being on the religious path and being on the spiritual path?" Well, one who is on the religious path is probably one who faithfully practices one of the religions and has a firm belief that their particular dogma or religious leader can answer all of his/her questions through the Bible or other religious document followed by their religion. On the other hand, a person who is on the spiritual path is seen as one who is not necessarily disassociated with religion, but perhaps like many of us simply follow a religion that our parents practiced and not necessarily one of our own choice and may have conflicting thoughts about that which they practice ... or questions about certain dogma that just doesn't feel right ... or has an interest in more metaphysical beliefs or beliefs in the Natural Laws of the Universe ... or simply has often wondered if there is more to life than you're experiencing, why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, who you really are or what your purpose in this life is. If you fall outside of the above defined religious path for whatever reason and still have questions, then this is the place for you to come and ask them ... whatever they may be.

As you might suspect, this seminar is an interactive session where you in the audience ask the questions, and we try to provide the answers. In doing so, we do not present ourselves as all-knowing, but rather we seek to share that which has been given to us. We want to make a clear distinction, however, of what we mean by an "interactive" seminar and that is that this is not to be misconstrued as a forum for debate. If you are a conscientious theologian, clergy practitioner or religious follower who wishes to debate our beliefs, we will be happy to engage in such debate with you privately or in another forum, but for the sake of those others in attendance, we will not entertain such debate during this seminar.

So you may ask "What are the beliefs that our answers are based upon?" First and foremost, they are not beliefs based on any religious dogma and should not be misinterpreted as dogma which we wish to have you accept as your beliefs. The answers we provide are based on our truths which you may accept or not as your own. We ask you to accept only that which resonate within your heart; for we believe that anything that doesn't shouldn't be accepted as it just isn't meant for you at this time. To further clarify this answer, a little background of who we are, what we do, and how we got there might be of help.

Back in the early 90s, my wife and I, who are former practicing Catholics, came upon a Spiritualist Minister who was a medium that gave prophetic readings as part of his ministry. His readings were so accurate, claiming that they were being provided by spirit, that we decided to visit one of his church services. One visit led to another and another and another ... because we found his preaching of an unconditionally loving God to be so different than the God we were used to hearing about. After having attended his services for approximately 3 years and many classes and demonstrations involving spirit contact and paranormal events, this Minister (who we choose to call our mentor) died in his sleep at the age of 53.

His death, though it came as a tremendous loss to us and his congregation of followers, did not come as a surprise because two months prior to his death, he predicted it and described to us exactly how it would happen ... with him sitting in his rocking chair with his cat on his lap. What was a surprise was what happened as a result of a dream I had about him 3 months after his death. I dreamt that while I was home one day, he came to me as spirit and informed me that I was the only one that he was able to contact from the congregation that he led and that he came to give me a message for his Assistant Pastor who had taken over the church after his death. He told me that this message was of great importance and the continued success of the church depended upon the new pastor and the church council following the instructions provided in his message. If this message were so important, I questioned my ability to remember it accurately and so he asked me to get pen and paper and write every thing that he told me exactly as he would dictate it to me. In this very vivid dream, I did as he instructed and proceeded to write it on some yellow notepad paper.

When morning arrived and I awoke with my wife beside me, I mentioned to her about the very vivid dream that I had just had about our mentor. As I described it to her, she asked: "What was the message?" As I began to tell her that it was about certain specific things that the pastor and the church council had to do in order to avoid the falling of the church, I realized that I didn't remember the specifics. However, as I happened to look at the night stand next to my bed, I noticed some yellow notepad paper laying there. I picked it up and to mine and my wife's astonishment, there it was ... the entire message (in my handwriting) that was written exactly as I remembered writing it in my dream!

This was the beginning of almost a daily occurrence of my mentor channeling information to me. However, instead of coming to me in a dream, he came to me in spirit. Oh, I couldn't see him, but there was no question about my hearing him because his voice came to me through my physical ears just as if it were anyone else talking to me. I asked him why I could hear him but not see him and he told me that this was something that I would come to understand through future channelings ... the purpose of which would be to teach me so that I could spread the word to others. There is much more that followed this experience with these channelings that lasted approximately a year and a half before he left me and was replaced by someone greater than he ... a Master Angel of Love called Tiamo (which means Love in Italian) and with whom I have channeled for the last 12 years or so.

So, to answer the question of where our answers come from, they come from spirit ... and as a result of this experience, my wife (who also has come to channel Tiamo and spirit) and I were urged to open a healing center known as the Center of Light & Serenity at our residence in Yellow Springs, Ohio ... home of Antioch College. We are both Reiki Master Teachers for those of you who are familiar with this ancient healing modality. We are both ordaining Priests of the Order of Melchizedek, and Sandy is also a registered Nurse, certified Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, and Hypnotherapist where she practices and admisters same at our center. As may also be obvious to you, in addition to teaching Reiki, Aromatherapy and Reflexology, we do spiritual counseling, lectures, workshops and seminars like this one all over the country.

Future classes, seminars, lectures, etc. can be found at our website www.CenterOfLight.net.

If you or someone you know would like to sponsor this seminar in your hometown or anywhere in the country, you can schedule a session with us by either calling us at our home site at 937-767-7097 or by emailing us at CtrOfLight@aol.com. Depending upon where the seminar is to be held, the cost per person varies from Love Donation ($5 minimum) to $20 per person. Sponsors of this seminar are required to provide a place for the seminar, provide an introduction of my wife, collection of fees and have a minimum of 10 paid attendees. In return, sponsors (and their spouse) are eligible for free admission along with 6 friends, relatives or associates of their choosing along with a 50% reduction inf admission fees for 6 additional people.