Lesson Three

There is a field of energy surrounding you that connects the Divine Flow of Grace with your heart and your mind. There are moments in all our lives when we are able to sense this field, then translate the information we receive. This may happen when you are in nature, or deep in meditation. Suddenly your heart opens and you simply “KNOW” something, or perhaps EVERYTHING. You have become accustomed to being unaware of this flow, for such is the numbing effect of perception and the world you created to hide from truth. Time now becomes the means through which you unlearn everything you created in that world, everything that has captured your attention until now, in order to experience the Constancy of Grace that is your real desire, and mine for you. This Divine Communication is the true goal of these lessons, and it is the function of your Sacred Heart. Now that you have opened this energy center you will be able to fulfill the Holy Task for which you were born. And what is this task?

To Know Who You Are!

What other reason could there be but to know the truth that has been held safe for you within the Mind and Heart of God? Once you know this, then you can give it. The ultimate goal is not to communicate with others that you perceive to be separate from you, but to realize that there is nothing separate from you. Once this knowledge is yours, then you realize that your role and God’s are the same. You are here to offer compassion to all beings by holding them in your heart. When this is done, Divine Communication is natural. It is not something you focus on achieving, but something you simply ARE. Now that you have opened and activated your own Sacred Heart, this is well within reach.

Communication is the key to Knowledge. It is important, however, that we are clear about the level of communication we are focusing on achieving. When human beings talk to one another there is no communication taking place at all. The goal may be a communion of minds, and yet the concepts you hold in your mind blocks the flow. This is the illusion of communication, for concepts cannot communicate with other concepts. At other times you attempt to communicate heart to heart, and yet the fears you hold still block what would set you free. (This is the reason for activating the upper heart, since it is not held captive by fear.) Communication is impossible within the world of perception, for in the end, it is a world you created to deny who you are. As long as you perceive yourself to be separate from anything, you have denied truth. Divine Communication, then, proceeds from knowing who you are, and this cannot happen within the context of this world.

And yet, there is another world where you can dwell, one where you are able to communicate as One Heart, fully conscious of the Divine Flow that runs through and around you even now. Your Sacred Heart is the bridge that leads from this world to the next, and though you will not seem to move at all, it is the step you must take if you are to communicate as God does.

That is your goal now – TO COMMUNICATE AS GOD. This may seem overwhelming to you now, but it is the only thing that will ultimately satisfy your soul. You have opened and initiated your Sacred Heart already, and so you have everything you need to fulfill this function. Now you must simply do what you came to do, and the Real World simply assumes its own.

It is time now to enter into the Heart of Peace.

There are two methods of communicating through your Sacred Heart. They are in truth the same, but we will separate them for the sake of practice. When you have become proficient with one then you will not need to make any distinction. I suggest that you practice them both, and share what you have learned. Practice is the key to strengthening the Sacred Heart’s function, which then becomes a whole spiritual path. As you learn to communicate with each other with this method, your ability to communicate directly with the source of your being will be realized.

Method One: Communication of Love

Choose a person that you will join with. Remember that you are not following the dictates of your mind, but of your heart which understands communication differently. Begin by laying aside all the presumptions you may have once held and come with an open mind. Do not carry any thoughts from your past for they will not serve you here. The heart that is opening to communicate love knows exactly what to do and how to succeed.

It is not important that the person you choose know anything about your action. It is a blessing you are offering, and so there is no issue of integrity, no need for them to be told unless you feel it is necessary. Close your eyes and imagine them standing in front of you. Imagine them in full Light, filled with love and vibrating with that grace. This will trigger a deeper opening in you for you cannot give something, especially the Peace of God, without receiving it yourself. See them as if they are in front of you physically and imagine a cord of Light that connects your upper heart to theirs.

As you do this, imagine a purple crystal hovering inside your Sacred Heart. You will see the flame of the chakra, and then the crystal either inside or around that flame. The next step is to take a deep, slow breath, and as you do, draw them inside the crystal. Imagine that person the same as they were before, but now they are within you, within your Sacred Heart. There is no space at all between the two hearts. They are the same. Two hearts have become one, and so Divine Communication within that Oneness is natural and easy. Know this. Feel this. You may feel waves of Light flowing through your heart. Whatever you feel, know that it is natural, and most of all, HOLY. The more you can sense this Holiness the more the Light, or the Divine Communication, flows to the other person. They will feel the love, though they may not know where it comes from consciously. It is not important. All that is important is that you know where it comes from. You are the source now. This is the function you chose before you were born.

Method Two: Communication of Thoughts

The second method will allow you to directly communicate thoughts with another person. The visualization is much the same as the first method, except that the other person is aware and is participating. It does not matter if you are in the same room or on the other side of the world. It ultimately doesn’t matter if you are practicing the exercise at the same time, though we will assume this for now. Choose a person as a partner who has read the three lessons, and find a time when you can both focus your energy together.

Imagine your partner in front of you as you did before. Take a deep breath and pull them into the crystalline heart. Before moving on, connect in the love that you share spending several minutes being present with one another. Then, when you are ready, choose a single word that you intend to give your partner. Let the word describe a particular gift you are willing to give, and which you choose to receive. Examples would be: love, joy, peace. Now imagine that word, and the feeling behind the word, traveling through the cord of Light that connects both hearts, and then know that the message has been received. This is very important for the more certain you are, the more energy you will put behind it. After some time you can practice sending whole sentences or ideas.

When you are finished with the meditation, call or contact your partner and compare notes. It may take a few tries before you are completely accurate, or you may surprise yourself and achieve profound success right away. Once you have mastered this technique with one person you will be more successful with others.

This gift you are offering to others is the gift I am offering to you. I have communicated with you in this way many times before, and now the Children are reaching out to you to help them complete their great work. You are part of it now, and yet the role you play will be greater if you are able to communicate as they communicate. This is the moment you chose to complete this.