The Important Role We Play

I never understood my place in this life. That is ... not until I began channeling a beautiful angel named "Tiamo." Now I do. But, do you know what? It is the same place occupied by all of us.

We are messengers. Each and every one of us. We are sending a message TO life ABOUT life every day, every hour, every minute. Life is a closed-loop feedback system. It tells itself about itself, and from this information re-creates itself anew.

Let me share with you a story about the morphic field. This is a term that scientist Rupert Sheldrake came up with to describe a phenomenon he has uncovered. Sheldrake found that sentient beings everywhere act in resonance with each other-whether they know it or not.

Ever hear of the "Hundredth Monkey Syndrome?" Well, there was an experiment undertaken not long ago in which sweet potatoes were left on the beach of a small island not inhabited by humans, but on which many monkeys lived. The monkeys came to the beach and discovered the potatoes and, of course, began to eat them. Then, for reasons not clear, one monkey decided to splash his potato in the surf, which washed off all the sand. Eating it, he found that he liked it better that way. He began to wash in the surf every potato he had chosen to eat. Soon, other monkeys were doing the same thing. Indeed, after a very little while, all the monkeys on the island were doing this.

But now, here is where things get interesting. Scientists placed sweet potatoes on another island nearby, and the monkeys there began washing their potatoes in the surf immediately, before their first eating.

What made them do this? How did they know to even try? Sheldrake says it is through a phenomenon that he has called the "Morphic Field." He describes this as a field of consciousness surrounding all of life ... which is part of all of life ... and which contains the sum total of all the thoughts and experiences of Life Itself.

Into this resonant field, we send our every idea, thought, concept, choice, decision, and memory-experience. And it is into this field that we reach every time we "think" about a thing, or act "intuitively" or "instinctively."

We now know that our very DNA carries information to us about life, about our Selves, about everything around us. There is such a thing as cellular memory, and this memory is passed on through genetics to our offspring. There is also such a thing as collective consciousness, and this is less physical than cells or DNA. That is, it cannot be seen with the naked eye, or through a microscope, but it is no less real.

In the combination between the seen and the unseen, lies the wisdom of the ages. Everything that we think, choose, do, and remember is carried back to life in two ways ... (1) through your genetic code, (2) through the Morphic Field.

We each are messengers! We are sending a message TO life, THROUGH life and ABOUT life every single day, every single hour, every single moment.

Have you ever noticed how people who have been together for a very long time start to look like each other? Have you ever noticed how people and their dogs can start looking alike? Do you think that it is a coincidence that people of a particular culture begin to think alike?

Do you know that people who don't ever talk to each other start thinking alike? They come to the same conclusion about the same things and act in the same ways, because of the morphogenic field. Believe it. It's true.

Group consciousness can create collective experience ... without anyone even knowing what's happening ... or how.

We have more power to create collective realities than we may ever have imagined. The problem is, most people do not know this. And many of those who do are using it against us. They are moving forward their own private agenda, using the tools that impact collective consciousness, because they know that collective consciousness is where the power is.

My wife and I operate a holistic spiritual wellness center. We also conduct seminars and hold a bi-weekly healing circle class. Through these avenues, it has become clear to me that we are impacting collective consciousness every day. And even at the purely physical level, we are sending a message to life about life. In meeting with clients, I began observing myself and my wife and have noted how the people whose lives we personally touched were responding to how we touched them.

I saw, much to my surprise, that we were having a greater impact on how others around us saw and experienced life than I might ever have imagined. I have observed how people's whole mood changed, how their outlook shifted, how the vibrations of an entire room could be altered ... simply by the way we showed up in the space.

Yes, we are susceptible. Human beings are susceptible. We pick up the vibrations of whomever or whatever is around us. The vibrations from the kind of music we listen to can change the kind of person we are. So can the kind of movies we see, the television shows we watch, the people we hang with, the food we eat, even the clothes we wear ... these are all energy in one form or another ... and as such, they all vibrate at various frequencies.

Similarly, we send vibrations to others. And it is in this role that we play our most important part in the unfoldment of our collective future ... our role as messengers!