The Return of Christ
Article by Jeannie Weyrick with great help and input from Christ

Through our work with Christ and the Masters of Light this is our understanding of the Return of Christ...

Christ has been on the Earth many times as spiritual teacher and leader for many peoples, races, and cultures throughout time. As Jesus he promised to come again to help the Earth move into the Golden Age and to show the way for individuals to acheive personal ascension. We believe that we have entered into the preparation time for Christ's return.

We understand that it is in the form of Jesus that He will return again. Even though He will take the form of Jesus He comes to help all people on the Earth. The Return of Christ is not a Christian event, but an opportunity for everyone. Christ represents all major religions. In past incarnations He was Buddha and Krishna, as well as many other prominent teachers, remembered and unremembered down through history. Throughout time He has taught in ways that were needed in the cultures and time frames that He appeared in. At the base of every religion are the same messages couched in different words and understandings that resonated at the times they were presented, and still resonate with people today, thousands of years later.

Now He comes again. The messages that He sends before Him are very clear. This is a time of reunion, love, and hope. Humankind is ready to move foreword and accept more responsibility for its own spirituality, co-creation, and the custodianship of the Earth. That will be more and more evident as people on the Earth spiritually evolve and we move into the Golden Age over a period of many decades.

The Return of Christ is also a time for some people to culminate their Earth experiences and move on to the next level of their spiritual path through ascension, if they so desire. This is a wonderful opportunity to transcend the death experience and move forward with many other people on the Earth who are on their ascension path. Jesus said, “You will do greater things than I”. Everyone on the Earth has the opportunity to open spiritually and regain some of their HEavenly Realm (Angelic Self) abilities. Abilities that Jesus demonstrated 2000 years ago, and abilities that are demonstrated by Sai Baba in India today. It is all a part of the ascension process and the spiritual evolvement of humankind.

From our guidance we understand that the Return of Christ has a very high potential to take place between the years 2015 and 2025. At that time Jesus will appear and be on the Earth again, openly teaching people an advanced spiritual path and showing the way for ascension. He will be on the Earth for over 100 years teaching the Oneness of all religions, the Oneness of Humankind, and our Divine origins.

The doorway to ascension will remain open for all people who choose that path. There will always be ascended teachers on the Earth from that time forward, teaching ascension and the greater spiritual concepts so that the Light on the Earth never diminishes again.

It is hoped that humankind will let go of outmoded fearful beliefs about this time on the Earth and heed the new messages of love and hope. God, Christ, and a multitude of Angels are speaking directly to people on the Earth now, preparing the way, teaching new and greater understandings of the opportunities that this time holds. It is not a time to rely only on ancient teachings and understandings of thousands of years ago, teachings that were given to an ancient people through understandings, concepts, and ideas that they could relate to and accept for their own spiritual guidance. Teachings that have been inadvertently changed, or misunderstood through multiple translations and extensive editing. It is a time to open to your own guidance and the new messages that are being given that have much greater relevance to our own times today. God is ever present and available to the people on Earth, dynamic, Loving, and supportive. You can open to the living spiritual messages and teachings of today to guide you into a very beautiful future.

Christ - Jesus has been working through many people around the world to prepare the way for His Return. Thousands of people all over the world work directly with Him, see Him in visions, talk to Him, and commincate his messages. Some people work with Him to bring new messages to those who are open to that, and some work from a traditional perspective building a bridge between the old teachings, and how people have come to interpret them over time, and the new teachings and perspectives that He wishes to share today.

He is ever mindful of the people who accept Him as Jesus and believe deeply in the Bible. He has taken many steps to give new life to his past teachings as Jesus, and to offer new understandings of them. For example: Jesus appeared to Glenda Green, a famous portrait artist, and asked her to paint his portrait.

He appeared before her every day for 4 months while she painted Him. As she painted He spoke to her and gave her volumes of information explaining some events in His life as Jesus, and clarified some of His teachings in that lifetime. The teachings that He offered are dynamic and can resonate both with people who accept the Bible completely and those who have differing understandings.

Glenda put Jesus’ teachings in a book entitled Love Without End... Jesus Speaks. He also presented new teachings in the book A Course In Miracles. These steps in ever greater and more relevant understandings will build over the years to help people to be more in line with the expansive opportunities and the beautiful reality of the coming times on the Earth.

They will also give common ground to people of many faiths so that people can see that there were never any real differences in the messages from God to His people on the Earth, only necessary differences of presentation and steps of understanding appropriate for the people of those times.

Jesus’ presence on the Earth and these new messages from Him and a multitude of spiritual teachers will make it possible for all people to work together to create a lasting paradise on the Earth, and open humankind to its full potential. It will also permanently open the doorway to ascension and Home for many, many people. Never again will the doorway Home be so hidden and so hard to attain from the Earth.

Note: To us the names Christ, Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are all synonymous. We use all of these terms to bring together all understandings of Christ. We believe that Christ is a direct emanation of God that has the overall responsibility for the spiritual evolvement and well-being of the Earth. Christ is a very vast Being, but at the same time can relate to people one-on-one through His innate connection with every person on the Earth and His ability to represent Himself to us in a way that we can understand and accept as humans.