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Recommended Reading

The following books are our latest recommendation of books to read ...

Passage To Oneness by Tom Stilley (Book's FORWARD) ... This book is a story of man who embarks on a leisure journey instigated by an unusual encounter with an unusual woman. While on the journey, the belief systems that have directed his life up to the time of his encounter with the unusual woman are shaken to the core.

He is challenged, guided, mentored, angered and awakened to feelings long ago forgotten. These experiences are results of coming in contact with people as varied as a sales clerk in a small boutique store to a Native American Shaman who guides him with spiritual visualizations.

Questions he did not even know he had about life get answered as he is exposed to the concept of oneness. Along with his awareness of oneness, his ability to see and appreciate both the subtle and dynamic beauties of life is re-kindled with a passion.

Robbie the Butterfly by Robert Larson ... An enlightening story of transformation! Robbie, a young caterpillar, dreams of one day transforming into a butterfly. The trouble is, the caterpillar world sadly no longer believes in the transformation journey. This book is an excellent resource for children ages 7 to 11.

Other books:

MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood... You don't need any abilities to work with the energies to bring about healing (physical and emotional). This book details a simple method for self-healing in the privacy of your own home and without the need for the intervention of others. I've been using it for weeks now and I can certainly recommend it for those who are stuck in the same thought patterns. Their Calibration process helps to move blocks and shift the energy so you can move forward in life. This emotional relief is worth the cost of the book alone. Book Review

Heal Your Body A must have book for anyone on a spiritual path. Louise Hay gives the metaphysical reasons for various illnesses and the affirmations to help overcome the dis-ease of the body by changing our thought patterns. I use this book often. It is a great reference guide. I have rarely found an occasion where her description of why the illness manifested could did not have some truth in it. For example, a friend of mine has a son who started wetting his bed at age 8. There was no physical reason for this. We looked it up in the book and discovered it could have to do with being afraid of the father. She sat down with her son and had a long talk with him and reassured him that she would protect him and that he had no reason to be afraid of his father or anyone else. She re affirmed her commitment to him over the course of a few days and the bedwetting stopped. This is only one of many, many examples where Louise Hay's information has helped to eliminate illnesses.

Animal-Speak : The Spiritual & Magical... An excellent reference manual to use for looking up the meanings and messages of animals, birds, reptiles and insects. I use this book often. It gives me valuable information for understanding life path events.

The Tellington TTouch : A Revolutionary Natural Method to Train and Care for Your Favorite Animal Using a simple special therapeutic massage technique, you can help to heal your pet. Used on cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and horses. Helps with illness and emotional blocks.

Getting in Touch with Your Dog: How to Understand and Influence Behaviour, Personality and Health Another Tellington TTouch book.

Getting In TTouch with Your Cat Another Tellington TTouch book.

Getting in TTouch: Understand and Influence Your Horse's Personality Another Tellington TTouch book which focuses on horses.

The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Cats A Tellington TTouch video. Great for those of you that would rather watch a movie than read a book!

The Tellington TTouch for Happier, Healthier Dogs A Tellington TTouch video. Great for those of you that would rather watch a movie than read a book!

Other books and movies that will help you on your healing and spiritual journey...

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth The 5 exercises in this book are supposed to increase and balance the chakras for increased energy and overall fitness. The exercises also help to bring out cellular memories that need to be cleared (karmically speaking).

Are You Really Too Sensitive? If you are a sensitive (see things in Spirit, hear voices from Spirit, pick up people's feelings, simply know things) then this book is a must. It gives excellent explanations for what you might experience because of your sensitivities. This book was able to bring me "peace of mind" and explain so many of my childhood behaviours.

Autobiography of a Yogi This book is specifically for those of you who are really God oriented. It describes the life of Yogananda and his journey of faith. Inspiring for those of you whose life path is one of tests of faith.

Born to Heal A must read for those of you interested in healing. This is the story of Mr. A, a healer of unusual skill and talent. The first time I read this book it filled me with such emotion that it brought tears to my eyes and I felt a desire and yearning within my heart that is hard to describe.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Healing for Cats and Dogs Feed your cats and dogs a healthy fresh diet for a longer life and a strong immune system. Also has alternative health care suggestions for various ailments. I have two cats and their meals are made using the recipes from this book. I use it as a reference manual quite often. Very hand to have on hand.

Journey to Ultimate Spirituality No matter how much we have or how loving our partner is, most of us still long for a connection that we canít seem to find. We search in jobs, relationships, our children, even noble causes to find a purpose for our lives. Sometimes we even get lucky enough to find some satisfaction in these forms. However, deep down we yearn for something more. Itís like our spirit is thirsting for a fulfillment that we simply must satisfy. Journey to Ultimate Spirituality will not only show you what you are truly looking for; it will also teach you how to get there. Through Journey you will discover Synergy. Journey to Ultimate Spirituality will not only change your life, it will show you a vision of yourself you never dreamed of.

Mutant Message Down Under Take a journey into the Australian outback and embark on a spiritual discovery that will change the way you look at your way of life and what is important. Book Review

Painted Worlds Released in May 2001 by Paper Tiger Press. This full color anthology depicts the latest Jim Warren paintings as well as earlier work never released in print. It fully shows the broad range of styles Jim has incorporated into his work from the surreal to portraits. Fantasy, fairies, witches, dolphins, mermaids, families, cats, dogs and unicorns they are all here in the Painted Worlds of Jim Warren. Jim annotates each painting with insights about the thought behind each painting. Interesting words and pictures you will enjoy seeing again and again.

Perelandra Garden Workbook: A Complete Guide to Gardening with Nature Intelligences This book details how to have a garden that works in harmony with Nature Spirits. If you want to work closely with Nature and work with spiritual integrity, this method is the one to follow. You will be amazed at the results.

Qi Gong for Beginners : Eight Easy... Qi Gong offers the perfect solution to the frustrated millions who want to exercise but just can't find the time. Appropriate for young and old alike, these easy-to-learn 8 simple but powerful no-impact stretching exercises take only 6 minutes a day--and when practiced regularly are an effective and proven method to improve health and longevity. 50 photos & illustrations.

Talking to Heaven : A Medium's Message of Life After Death If you got a chance to watch Ted Danson in the 2 part TV special "Living With The Dead" and you enjoyed it, then you will want to read the book upon which the movie was based. And if you missed the movie, you should read the interesting account of James Van Praagh's experience as he discovers his abilities.

The Celestine Prophecy This is an excellent book for beginners in an adventure story format. Details some important concepts that have to do with spiritual development. When I read this book I had been studying and researching this field for a number of years. There wasn't anything in it that was of use to me (except that is was an okay story) however beginners usually find it of immense interest and a wealth of information. If you are just starting to study and develop your abilities, this might be of interest to you but if you have been studying for a while you would probably not get much from it.

The Language of Letting Go An excellent inspirational book - good for those times where you need encouragement as you work through your life issues. Each day has an explanation which helps you to understanding certain self-defeating behaviours and then an affirmation to help change your thought patterns. During the time I was doing healing of my past and inner child work, I would use this book on a daily basis - several people I know have used it in the same way.

The Laws of Spirit: A Tale of Transformation Millman's parable of a wise woman and laws of spirit which help to make life work smoothly contains gentle reflection and spiritual education for all who consult his title. The laws of spirit are at the basis of all religious traditions: Millman's outline documents their importance. Book Review

The Life You Were Born to Live This is a fun book that uses numerology to come up with a number to describe your life's purpose. Very informative and interesting, a great book to have on hand for social occasions - stimulates conversation. The first Christmas I had the family over everyone took turns looking up their number and we found everyone's was accurate.

The Story of Edgar Cayce: There Is a River A good beginner's book for someone who is interested in learning more about metaphysics in general Edgar Cayce was a very religious person. He would go into trances and channel information on all subjects (he was big on healing). All of his books (and there are many) make for interesting reading.

The Woman of Wyrrd This is a good book to read when you are nearly done facing your fears and have learned to trust and follow your intuition. It carries several important messages for understanding and is a good story to read as well.

Totally Tarot: How to Be a Tarot... An excellent book for those you wanting to learn to read tarot cards. Easy to read and understand. Book Review

Toxic Parents Excellent book for personal growth and self-healing. It explains how our parents actions affect our self-esteem and self-perceptions and thought patterns. This was one of the first books I read when I began my self-healing journey. It had a huge impact on the way I viewed my life and my family.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior An excellent book for any level - great for beginners - a must read. It explains a number of concepts that can give you a good foundation for the way things work. Very enjoyable.

Always (Widescreen Edition) A movie about the afterlife. Interesting to watch - romance type. Some of the concepts of the afterlife seem to match with information I have been given in meditations so it has obviously been "inspired" by those on the Other Side.

Drop Dead Fred This movie contains an important message about self-healing of the inner child. Elizabeth must face her worst fear - stand up to her mother and be true to herself. To help her on this journey, her make-believe friend Drop Dead Fred (a real troublemaker) shows up to help her heal. A very, very funny movie I actually bought a copy to have on hand for those days where I need to laugh.

Field of Dreams Trust what you know to be true even through others may think you're crazy is the message in this movie. This is a movie of about faith and trust.

Good Will Hunting This was an amazing movie with a significant message about how we blame ourselves for things that we were not our fault. It is about healing that inner child that hurts so much. It also demonstrates how we can hold ourselves back from reaching our full potential if we listen to those negative childhood messages.

Groundhog Day Want to know how you should be living each day? This is the movie to watch. Bill Murray lives the same day over and over again until he "gets it right".

The Green Mile (Collector's Edition) If you are a Healer or have an interest in Healing you must watch this movie. There is some violence in it and I certainly wouldn't recommend it for children but the miracles in it are wonderful.

What Dreams May Come An excellent movie to watch which demonstrates many ideas on how the other side works. An excellent example of how thoughts become your reality and the strength and the power of love.

Ghost A romantic movie with some interesting theories on "what happens when you die" and the whole good vs. evil idea. Very entertaining.