The Reality of Happiness

We see a lot of unhappy people in the world. They are sad for various reasons, but do you know what the main reason is? They are unhappy because they don't know who they are, why they are in the present situation and are stuck in believing what their personal set of authority figures have educated them to believe in and/or against.

This is what controls our happiness. Happiness begins when we happen to think for ourselves in the light of the truth regarding people, places and conditions. We are unhappy when we let other people do our thinking for us. It may look otherwise when you doubt your own psychic ability to think well of yourself in relationship to others. Nevertheless, it is true. Take teenagers for example. They may act big, bad and brave. In truth, they are not. People who have their act together, truly so, don't try to prove anything to anyone for any reason whatsoever. They are calm, cool and collected. These people don't get caught up with peer pressure ... not in high school nor in the world at large. Legitimately, they are their own person. They think for themselves in the light of the truth, knowing within themselves that they know more about themselves than anyone else.

The individual who is inspired by sanity is well aware that what is junk to one, is treasure to another. Likewise, what's considered good to one, is evil to another. Remember, we live in a relative universe! I've seen someone happy with 50 dollars to their name. I've also seen people miserable with 100,000 dollars in the bank. Monetary happiness is relatively the same as everything else in our universe. All is relative. All is light. Einstein reported to us that matter and energy are one. Each is the composition of the other ... they are as inseparable as the Sun and sunshine.

Light and darkness, good and evil, joy and sorrow, love and fear are the same except they are at different ends of the spectrum. Through the process of mental adjustment, we can transform unhappiness into happiness. Why not? We have been endowed with the power to change our minds. It is our prerogative to change our mind.

Know that there is a higher self within. We don't have to get caught by the human condition. The human mind can become unconditioned as easily as a bird takes flight. We can soar into the heights of the divine by arising in consciousness. There isn't any power upon earth to stop us. By freeing our mind, we free our bodies from the negative attitudes imposed upon us by believing in false ethics and morality. Good morale is the moral code of the brave and courageous at heart. Loving self is simply energizing the moment to inspire the thinking of an uplifting thought benefitting ourselves in relationship to others. All it takes is a perception shift.

If you've turned happiness into unhappiness, then you can just as easily turn things around for a change ... a positive change. It is simply a matter of desiring to do so. By taking our attention off of the negative picture of what we don't want to experience and putting it on the picture of what we are renewing as the experience, positive change can then come about quickly, simply and easily. Why? We're no longer blocking ourselves by upholding a bad feeling through negative visualization. Unless we are inspired to desire such a change, we will not change as long as we stay head strong. We can't, however, change the polarity of fear until love is experienced. We can't change what we didn't do, but we can undo what we changed by lightening up, letting go and letting love have its way ... for in reality, there isn't anything we can't change with love.

Very simply, we all need a reality check. Checking into reality once in a while can't hurt, but can help us begin to renew, restore and regenerate until the well being of interacting with others properly is a healthy, wealthy and wise thing to do for safe keeping. We can begin by first sitting our body down. Next, we can wait until our mind is still. Then we will be able to reflect upon our motives. Know too that we can't be loving towards others if we aren't first loving towards ourself. If we're hard on ourself, then we will be hard on others. If we expect too much of ourself, this will cause us to expect too much of others. You will be amazed after a good look at yourself how you will find yourself desiring to be different in your outlook.

If the world is going to be a better place, then we better place in the world a conscious effort to arise in consciousness until we see clearly that everyone we meet is a mirror of where we stand with ourselves. We will learn that people are great as long as they have the opportunity of expressing the greatness. Those who once appeared to be our enemies will truly be our friends. We'll find that we didn't notice this in the beginning because we were our own worst enemy. If we had been our own best friend, we would have seen things differently.

If you are sensitive to the fault of yourself reflected by others, I challenge you to take the time necessary to sit down and take a load off your mind. When you do, you'll be glad you did. Until you do, you'll continue onward foolishly thinking you don't need to.

Make a vow to yourself right now ... a vow to find out who you really are. Only then, my friends, will you realize the reality of true happiness.