Our Fire Within

The western part of the United States is experiencing some of the worst fires in it’s history all across the western states, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, etc..  As the fires rage and crews come from all over the US to help battle the fires, there's a  metaphor here that can apply to our lives.

Weather conditions, lack of rain and above average temperatures, have created explosive conditions in the forests and grasslands. Dry hot conditions have produced many lightening storms which have sparked fires across these states.

In nature's scheme of things, forest fires are a natural occurrence.   Forest fires purify, clean and renew the forest by burning forest floor debris, underbrush, dead standing trees, and  thinning trees that are too close together. One species of pine tress need fire to burst the pine cones so they open and release the seeds. The fire creates fertilizer from the ash (potassium) which helps new grass and vegetation flourish after a burn. 

Those who live in forested areas know that they must manage their forests if they don’t want the destructive, yet natural, forces of nature to take their course.  They thin the trees, clean up the forest floor, cut down fire hazards, store wood away from buildings and rake up pine needles, twigs and leaves.  They are constantly doing maintenance.

Think of the forest in comparison to our lives ... In our lives, we often let e-motions ... anger, resentment, taking things personally, judgment and fear ... all energy-in-motion that become a tangled mess within the landscape of our spiritual self.  If we do not manage these emotions by becoming conscious of where they are really coming from and what's behind them, we start to create explosive situations that are very attractive to natures clearing devices.   For us as humans, our soul purifies, cleans up and renews our “unmanaged forests” not by fire, but by attracting situations into our lives that bring a crisis big enough for us to have to take stock in where we are and what we are doing with and within our lives.  This can take the form of illness, loss of a significant relationship, job or financial  security or even creating similar unwanted events over and over. 

Like a fire sweeping through a forest, these occurrences should cause us to re-group, re-think and  re-evaluate our lives and ask  “What am I needing to learn, who am I, where am I going and what am I here for."  If we don’t take time to notice what is going on and get present with our spirit ... our soul ... rather than nature, will step up the clearing process by making life even more uncomfortable.

Like the phone commercial where the guy asks “Can you hear me now?”, our lack of consciousness ... our limiting beliefs and fears ... will attract more and bigger uncomfortable circumstances into our lives until we start to pay attention to what our body or life circumstances are trying to tell us ...  our soul's nudges turn to pushes and finally cosmic 2x4's.

The body may start feeling some pain and begin having physical problems.  It is the soul’s way of asking “Can you hear me now?”.  If we ignore it’s call for dealing with the underlying emotions and fears, it will create increasingly worse physical conditions until we begin to listen and hear what our heart and soul are trying to tell us.  It is unfortunate when we have to undergoe a cosmic 2x4 where a major surgery is performed to try to rid the Self of the inner pain that is causing the outward manifestation.  Even worse is the person who ends up at the brink of death or actually losing life because they would not or could not look at what is really going on in their emotional lives. 

It is not by accident that the word dis-ease describes a very clear picture of what is going on within.  Dis-ease within the spirit is caused by not becoming consciously aware of the true Self and it’s needs.  Like a forest fire, these situations in our life are meant to wake us up, not destroy us, and are a natural occurrence put in place through our creation and for our awakening.   Like a forest fire, when drama, trauma, or illness sweeps through our lives, it can cause fertile ground for new beginnings and growth if we will allow ourselves to face what is behind it and are willing to look at the lesson to be learned from it.  Our attitude determines the degree of destruction or enlightenment.

Most of the fires out west were started by lightening this year.  Lightening is created by energy building up to the striking point.  Negative emotions and thoughts in our lives also create a build up of energy that has to be released somehow.  We literally attract negative situations, people, and physical illness because we do not clear our energy by staying in tune with our spirit/true Self/Heart. 

Like a forest that has become dry and vulnerable to fire, our lives become dry and vulnerable to attracting negative things when we do not put caring for ourselves first.  As humans, we experience dry conditions when we do not water our lives with plenty of Self nurturing and Self honesty.  When we take things personally, harbor resentments, form judgments, let anger rule us, or let our ego rule over our spirit, we create a dryness of life that leaves us open to negative energies and situations.  .We can keep our lives from becoming dry by:

. Being impeccably  honest with yourself and others.

. Keeping our word.

. Not taking anything personally, not making assumptions.

. Living in the moment, doing your best in each of those moments.

. Taking time to meditate, gain clarity, know your purpose in this life.

. Staying connected to your true Self by listening to your heart and following it.

. Putting yourself and YOUR needs first ... otherwise, you start depleting your spirit.  It also means that no one else receives anything of much value from you, because you are not fulfilled and are actually giving from your own deficit and neediness.

. Taking time daily for yourself to connect to your spirit through nature, yoga, dance, art, music ... things that add to your spiritual growth.

. Taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life ... stop blaming.

. Eliminating stress from your life, (yes, it is possible when you know your true Self and staying true to that Self)

. Taking extreme care of your health by dealing with the underlying cause of your emotional states.  Get to the bottom of things that are occurring in your life, relationships, job and health, finances.

. Taking care of your physical body through proper nutrition and exercise will help tremendously, but  will not keep you well if you are not listening to your soul and staying in touch with your true Self.

Like a forest, our lives can be a beautiful place of abundant growth and beauty to ourselves and others if we would but maintain and nurture that life.  If we do not maintain and nurture our lives ... like the forest ... it will become dry, overgrown and a hazard to us and everyone else in our lives path. 

How managing your “forest”?