Blessings of Love and Light

You may be familiar with the common salutation at the bottom of your e-mails, letters, notes, etc. stating "Love and Light."   I have had an interesting quest in finding out the difference between love and light.  When my teacher Angel started channeling through me a few years ago for people to "use the light" and "send the light" I really didn't understand what this really meant. "Why not just use love or send love?, I thought. Isn't that the highest form of assistance we can use?"

Usually, when I raise a question like this in my mind, sooner or later I receive clarity through a future channelled message. Well, this was no different. While sitting at my computer doing some work last week, to my surprise my Angel finally explained the difference of the words in this new energy:

Love is a noun ... Love has substance ... it is what humans strive to attain.  To be perfect love is the ultimate goal of each soul. For once attained, we will be absorbed into the one source of All That Is. So, in reading that which follows, remember that it is the movement of light that spreads the love that we hold in our hearts.

Light is a verb ... Light has movement. It is the power that pushes our thoughts into being different things. When the Universe was first made, a word was spoken and the word was "Light!"  Where there is light, no darkness can be ... for darkness cannot occupy the same space. This "Light" created everything into being.  

When we send love to someone, that is a wonderful feeling ... very calming and peaceful.  When we send light to someone, we are giving them the opportunity to create change ... we are enhancing their ability to create change. Yet, we are not intruding on their free will by doing so. We are helping them see more clearly what their options are.  And we all know that in difficult situations, clarity is key. Do you remember the saying "hindsight is wonderful?"  Well, we will be enabling them to see what they might have only noticed afterwards. What a great family member, friend and co-worker we'd all be if we could send love and light every day ... to our friends and loved ones ... to the whole of humanity!

Here is an explanation of how to send someone or yourself light:

. Simply imagine (thoughts are things) that you have a beam of light, either coming from your heart and/or flowing through your hands.  And you tell the light to go to whomever you are thinking of. 

. You can call an Angel forth and tell the Angel to send light to so and so. 

. You can surround yourself with a beam of light coming down from the heavens "center of light" and up from the earth. 

Here are some situations where you can send someone light:

. Visualize sending a person light if they are ill or in the hospital. This will help clarify the situation that was created. If someone crosses over after you send light, it doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It simply means that you assisted with making their transition easier that was going to occur anyway. The decision is made by the soul when to leave, that is not a choice decided by others on the earth plane.  Send light to the medical staff so they use the highest integrity and care. (You don't need to know the names of the people; it is your intent that sends the light.)  Send the family and friends light to enlighten them so they can assist in the situation from the highest level. 

. If you know someone who is having difficulties in their life with choices, work, family, friends, etc. send them light. 

. If you know of someone who is working on their spiritual insight, sending them light empowers them to reach higher heights.

. And by all means, be sure to send light to the soldiers and all the people in Iraq, Palestine, Israel and the whole of the middle east ... or the world for that matter.

Do these as often as you can because we cannot ever send too much light. And the more light that we send, the less darkness there will be.

Many Blessings of love and light,
from all of us at the Center of Light & Serenity