Human Evolution

You are an unfinished product ... an unfinished painting on the canvas of life! Your evolution is a natural process with infinite potentials for continued growth. In fact, the evolutionary process is infinite there is no limit to the levels of evolution you can achieve, both as individuals and as a world society. Best of all, you have within your capacity the ability to guide your own development as "conscious" beings, and many of you are doing exactly that.

As a whole, however, humans seem to be limited by your own concepts of life and what is called "right" living. What makes matters worse is that rather than passing on the staff of hope to your children, you continue to impose these limitations on each succeeding generation.

Why is this so and what is it exactly that makes humans continue in this manner? Very simply, it is your ideas about progress, success and prosperity in general. It is your attachment to the material things in life that is getting in the way of your true development. You are in a period of balance in your evolution and it's now important that you let go of this illusory attachment that has molded your lives and those of your children and grandchildren through the conscious display of love and peace in your daily actions.

You define "progress" in terms of building bigger and better churches, bigger shopping malls and bringing home bigger pay checks ... all things relating to the physical illusion instead of achieving the higher aspirations of the Soul. Ask yourself ... are these things really an authentic measure of prosperity? Do they really contribute to a happier successful living? Go within to the spiritual center ... the soul of your being ... for the answer to these questions.

It is there where you will find the vast and largely untapped potentials of the human spirit. It is through going within that you will gain a completely different perception of life ... one that has nothing to do with stock portfolios, club memberships, or what the Jones' are doing. It is there that you will find that the true meaning of life is far deeper than the corporate status quo will have you believe.

If you want to find where your natural intuitiveness, insight and flexibility truly lies, observe the children who freely use their minds before religious, societal and cultural inhibitions have been programmed into them. There you will find that the natural reaction of a child to express love and friendship to a stranger is an automatic form of spiritual expression. Also observe the Native American people where you will find a reflection of the natural wisdom that comes from the knowledge and understanding of Mother Earth, plants, animals, nature, practical spirituality and a profound meaningful perception for the purpose of life. In all of these examples, the word "natural" is the key to understanding true human progress, for it is through natural laws ... spiritual laws ... that you learn the reality of this grand cosmos of which you are a part.

It's important that you do not let the physical structures or institutions that you build define humanity's progress. No, true progress is found not in your physical creations, but in your spiritual advancement. It is the creator within which must be fundamentally improved and elevated to that which is your divine birthright ... Self-realization. It is through such Self-realization that you will experience exquisite joy, magnificent clarity and deep wisdom ... the true definition of prosperity. It is through Self- realization that you awaken to your Oneness and unity with all people and within the context of that which you call God ... for it is through such an awakening that you learn that you as a species, like nature, are governed and must adhere to the same universal laws of life, or suffer the penalty of extinction.

What do you need to do in order to overcome your obsession and attachment to materialism? You need to become children again and apply yourselves to the fundamental principles of living that do not recognize ethnic differences, international boundaries, religious dogma or political philosophies. You need to get back to the natural laws which are void of the petty judgments of courts, popes, emperors, kings and presidents; in favor of the fruits of universal truth.

Know that you cannot accomplish this real purpose of life and enlightenment while materialism is still the foremost world religion ... that you cannot truly become one with All That Is, find your own souls and real prosperity as long as you worship the illusions of physical world. It is time to awaken to the fact that you are destroying each other and the Earth to gain these such temporary things. Ask yourself "What good material possessions and an empire of monetary wealth, if your minds are poisoned with an attitude of self righteousness and dominated by fear and scarcity?"

You are a reflection of a vast, intelligent and creative universe and the time is now for you to culturally redefine what prosperity and progress really mean. It is time to let go of hatred and war as a means for gaining the love and peace that the majority of mankind desires. This method has failed time and again and it's time that to learn once and for all that war begets war as hatred begets hatred, and that it is peace that begets peace and love that begets love. It is time to transform your world of material ideals to a new world of spirituality that is focused on natural laws rather than upon biased man-made laws.

The majority of the human race is tired of the archaic and ill-conceived notion that "might is right" and is more ready than ever for change. As an intelligent evolved species, it is important to take your power back as a free people and begin living beyond the cultural norms and expectations of the money worshiper minority. It is important to embrace the truth that you are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits of love having a human experience. It is important to let go of the notion that nature and Mother Earth are resources for material exploitation, but like your human bodies, are sacred temples for spiritual growth.

As a people, let go of be defined in terms of your credentials and resumes, but as that who you really are ... centers of consciousness capable of performing miracles. As a society, let go of being defined as a united nation of warring states, but as a global collective entity inseparably united in Oneness. It is indeed through such a realization by mankind that you will experience the nourishing power of love of your fellow human beings every moment of every day.

The stress of unnatural living in the modern world today is your greatest foe. When I say unnatural living, I am referring to the worship of money and material things that are far and above your real need. Your greatest priority today is what you as individuals do about this world crisis, and the only remedy is for the populace to embrace a change in lifestyle ... one that moves you away from materialism and back to nature ... a lifestyle of spiritual goals instead of material goals.

Such a lifestyle change calls for you to reject the materialistic world society in which you live, and move to the precepts of natural law, thereby dedicating your lives to the greater evolution of Self. It is one of inner transformation and your outer revolution rests squarely on the advancement of this inner evolution.

Every single thing you do and the manner in which you do it depends upon your state of consciousness at that moment. This is why meditation is emphasized, because it is your greatest tool for self-change. In meditation, you realize that you are not the thoughts, images or feelings that run through your being, but that your true identity is that which creates those thoughts, feelings and images ... that the creator within is none other than consciousness itself. Know too that all of nature is also composed of consciousness, and in meditation, it is the realization of your I AM presence that spontaneously arises at a critical point in spiritual practice. This is Self-realization ... and when this happens, you realize that the consciousness within, is the same in essence as the consciousness in all persons, all life and in fact ... all existence. With this reality comes the truth that you are not only in contact with God, but that you are truly a part of God, just as cells are a part of your body.

Make no mistake, it is a scientific fact that your thoughts, emotions and intentions carry an ocean of electromagnetic impulses just as readily as radio and television waves. Clear your minds through "watchfulness" and you can direct these waves to transform the collective consciousness in which you live and are guided by. Just as your thoughts are a tool for you to self evolve ... expand your consciousness ... this same tool in a group setting with a common theme can create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than any one individual. This is because it is a natural phenomenon that the resulting force generated from the combining of like minds is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts.

It is through this force of combined spiritually oriented consciousness that you can reshape the agenda of future social events. As you expand your individual consciousness by altering your personal vibrational field from one of hatred and judgment to one of love and peace, and simultaneously change your lifestyle from one of materialism to one of spirituality, there is literally nothing that you cannot be and accomplish.