How Abundant Is Your Harvest?

How abundant is your personal harvest this year? Each year around this time, it's good to take stock of how much we have changed and rearranged our consciousness over the last year.

NOW is a good time for each of us to slow down and ponder such questions as:

. Did we grow a lot of delicious crops to feed our body, heart and soul? Or is our cornucopia a bit empty this year?

. Did we find ourself in new situations doing different things without thinking about it? Or are we the same as last year?

Don't let your ego mind answer these questions or decide what is the answer. Instead, notice and feel the sensations that are jumping around in your heart and body. Or sense the lack of sensations, which is an equally important observation.

The ego mind will always say everything is just fine and yet our energy field is not sending loving vibrations out into the world.

Perhaps there really are some areas in our lifes that need a little more sunshine and rain. Perhaps we could grow better corn, taro or bananas! It does not matter how much we have grown in the past ... the question is how many bananas are on my tree this year?

For those of us who seek peak experiences both at home and at work, we have to step outside of our conscious mind to find them. Vibrant moments are composed of real energy in the physical flesh.

Personally I think the best way to measure our harvest ... our riches ... is by:

. How much we are enjoying our life.
. What new aspects of our authentic self are being expressed.
. And how many vibrant moments are we having each week.

It does not matter how much money we have or how many success stories we can tell.

So, as you take stock of your year and harvest, be kind and gentle with yourself as you note the areas that could use a little more attention, love or energy. Then focus on all the ways that you have grown and celebrate each and every one. It is important to recount your harvest as the days pass. In other words, remember your riches often (count your blessings).

For example ... Feel good about the times that you exhibited the courage to face a fear ... notice the powerful results of when you let go of a judgment against humanity ... love yourself, even more, for stepping outside your comfort zone into unknown territory ... be proud of all the times that you were honest about something that was difficult.

Celebrate your harvest, no matter how big it might be ... it is yours. Praise yourself for all the ways that you have grown this year. Congratulate yourself and Honor yourself just like you would do on any other sacred holiday.