The Higher Self (Soul)

The Higher Self of each person is a multidimensional Being of Light - an angel. They have complete God Realization and they live and help co-create in many dimensions simultaneously. Each Higher Self participates in Creation (in part) by sustaining incarnations of itself on many planets, and up through the different spiritual dimensions that each planet is a part of. Living through the succession of different spiritual levels associated with each planet prepares the individual incarnations to finally return to the Higher Self, having experienced and learned all that was desired through that aspect of the Higher Self.

Between physical lives each individual becomes cognizant of their Higher Self and their purpose. They have knowledge of their past incarnations and who they are as a spiritual being. They live an existence of Love and fuller God Consciousness, which helps to prepare them for either their next incarnation, or for moving on to their next level of spiritual attainment.

It is most often the case that a Higher Self will have multiple incarnations on a planet at the same time. Seth called these simultaneous incarnations "counterparts". Usually these incarnations are from all different perspectives: different ages, different races, religious beliefs, and degrees of spiritual awakening. A Higher Self does this to experience and contribute to a time frame in history in multiple ways.

Copyright (c) World Light Fellowship
Excerpt from Ascension: The Doorway Home, Volume I, Revised Edition.