A Hawaiian Chant
For Manifesting

Enjoy this beautiful Hawaiian Chant. Use it each morning to begin your day. It is a chant for manifesting ... Begin your day with 20 minutes to yourself to create the day you desire and give life and energy to your heart's desires.

May I suggest that you light a candle, and find a comfortable place to relax and just be with yourself ... where no one or nothing will disturb you.

Imagine what you would like to manifest for yourself today and imagine it real

Hold that in your energy field and feel the feeling of your desire already real ...

see it, feel it, believe it, trust it

Begin now chanting the following words softly to yourself:

E Laka E

E Laka I ka Leo

E Laka I ka Loa'a

E Laka I ka Wai Wai

Me ka Mahalo ihi

Hint: E is pronounced like the long vowel sound of A

I is pronounced like the long vowel sound of E

O is pronounced a long O

A is pronounced a short A