God and Creation

Many people have a limited and limiting understanding of God. They see “Him” as a personified (usually male) being and a ruler and judge over Creation.

God is All There IS, ever was, and ever will be. God is the Consciousness, Energy, Force, and Substance of all of Creation. Everything is a part of God’s Consciousness and Being. God experiences, Loves, and interacts with all of Its creation intimately and completely through the many expressions and forms that it takes. God is Pure Love and all of Creation is based on that Love.

The Family of God

This following piece is channeled from Archangel Raphael. It gives a very simplified outline of the Families of God and how Creation works.

The Hierarchy of Beings - The Family of God

We are all created in the image of God. This does not refer to physical likeness. It means that we are all a microcosm of the macrocosm. Each Being is blessed with the gift of creating. Every Being creates its Personal Reality, its life experience, drawing from Divine Energy and using its abilities of consciousness. It also co-creates with other Beings forming the basis of their Group Reality.

Because Beings of Light are reflections of God we can also create divisions of our own consciousness; forming different aspects of ourselves from our own consciousness to experience ourselves in new ways. These subsequent divisions of consciousness do not separate those aspects of us from God, or make them once removed from God, they only change the way we experience God, Creation, and ourselves. This process of division of consciousness is part of how and why Creation is ever expanding and growing, and why we are all One.

Think of God as the hub of a wheel with many spokes emanating from the center. Each spoke represents a Family of God. All of Creation on the Earth and the universes and dimensions related to them comprise one Family - one spoke. The Beings very close to the center of the hub are very vast Beings of Light with massive consciousness. They are direct emanations of God and help create and maintain Creation as we know it. In the Bible they are referred to as the Elohim. Just as God created the Elohim from a division of Its own consciousness, the Elohim created other Beings of Light from a division of their consciousnesses. The Elohim experience themselves both as the direct part of God that they are and as individuals. They also experience themselves through the divisions of their own consciousnesses in a whole new way, just as God experiences Itself through the Elohim in a whole new way.

The Beings that the Elohim created through a division of their consciousnesses know themselves as an aspect of the “parent” they sprang from, but they can never quite know themselves as their parent, or experience reality through the parent as the parent can experience reality through them, because the offspring is an extension of their own consciousness. In the same way, the Elohim can not experience all that God is, but God can experience all that the Elohim are, as well as all divisions of the Elohim’s consciousness down through all of Creation.

Continuing in the same manner, the “children” the Elohim created, and still create through divisions of their own consciousness, create “children” from themselves in the same way on down through a countless and unlimited number of generations.

Just as all Beings experience themselves as individuals, and can experience all of the divisions of consciousness in the generations emanating from them, so too does God experience directly through all Beings in this way.

This division of consciousness starting with God, and the ability to experience ourselves and each other through many levels of consciousness is a part of what makes us all One and able to co-create together so cohesively with Love and understanding. It also allows us to all share a common consciousness and base of knowledge and understanding. This vast body of knowledge is accessible to every being within the parameters that they are capable of understanding and using it for their own needs. Not all beings are capable of understanding all of the information that is available throughout all of Creation. For example, they would not understand, need, or use information from the dimensions above them, or even below them, that does not apply to their reality.

Each person’s Higher Self is a part of this Family of Light. Each Higher Self knows and experiences itself as both an individual and as a part of a group consciousness comprised of every Being in the universes, dimensions, and realms associated with our portion of Creation, our spoke of the wheel. Each Being of Light also experiences itself as a direct aspect of God and knows the Love of God and the Oneness of all of Creation.

Copyright (c) World Light Fellowship
Excerpt from Ascension: The Doorway Home, Volume I, Revised Edition.