Death, Ghosts, The Ouiji Board and Communication

The Ouiji Board:

The Ouiji board is a safe tool to use for communication with your Higher Self, personal Guides, and the Masters of Light. It is very similar to channeling in that it can be operated with the help of your Higher Self. In a way it is a form of channeling because your Higher Self or Guide can direct your hands when you are using it. This is the same for the pendulum.

The Ouiji board, like the pendulum, can also be influenced by your subconscious mind. You may get very weird, fear based, or nonsense answers. In those cases it is your own subconscious mind directing the pointer, or swinging the pendulum.

The Ouiji board can also be used in some cases to contact loved ones who have left the Earth through a death experience. In some cases these people will be able to talk to you and help guide you. They communicate with you with the help of both their Higher Self and your Higher Self. They love you and will always act in your highest good.

There is much misunderstanding about people who have died. It must be understood that they are transformed after their death experience. The “veils” are lifted to a very large degree. They are in very conscious contact with their Higher Self, and they see themselves for who they are in a much more expanded way. They know all of their incarnations and relate to themselves as a Being of Light much more than as a human being. While they have probably not ascended back to their full Higher Self, they live in a state of unconditional Love and have regained their higher dimensional abilities to a very large degree.

Even though they have gone far beyond the role that they played for you in this incarnation, they can still relate to it and you completely. They also see you in a much more expanded way. They know all of your past lives and your Higher Self and see you for who you truly are beyond this one lifetime too.

It is most often the case that they will play the “role” they had with you on the Earth for your comfort and ability to relate to them. They still have great love for you, and are in a position to realize that love on a much greater scale. They are not limited to the personality that they were on the Earth, and they are not subject to the limitations of understanding, or the physical, mental, or emotional problems they may have experienced in that lifetime. When they interact in your life, either consciously or behind the scenes, it is from a state of greater wholeness and love and it is always in your highest good. Loved ones who have passed on have much greater input in people’s lives on Earth than is realized. They can be there to offer guidance and give their love and support to their loved ones still incarnated here. They do this in the dream state, and on a subconscious and superconscious level.

There is no such thing as spirits who are “stuck” between worlds. When a person dies they are taken Home very lovingly and the process of transformation to their spiritual self, the way they exist between lifetimes, is begun. Most near death experiences (NDE) testify to that fact. In some rare instances people have bad experiences or bad memories surrounding a NDE, but that is a conscious experience that the mind creates as a result of a fearful religious belief system, and/or feelings of guilt, shame, or even bewilderment or feelings of rejection about being sent back that they are unable to deal with at the time. Their human mind creates some “extra” dreamlike experiences upon their return that are not truly a part of the actual NDE proper. Because of this the joyful and loving experiences may not be completely remembered, or remembered at all as a result of the fearful experiences at the end.

There are no ghosts. As stated above, no one becomes stuck between dimensions, and it is not allowed to “hang around” on the Earth plane after dying. There truly is no desire to do that. Once a person is surrounded by Love and taken Home there are never any regrets and a yearning to return. Their Higher Self helps them to feel complete in that lifetime and accept their return Home.

There are many misunderstood experiences and phenomena that have given rise to the belief in ghosts. In some cases the person who has died visits a loved one on the Earth and the visit is consciously or partially remembered. In some of these cases the subconscious mind will create fearful thoughts or experiences in reaction to the visit because it has a hard time accepting it, or because of religious or superstitious beliefs.

Everything is made of Divine Energy, including thoughts and emotions. The energy of highly charged thoughts and emotions can linger in an area. In many cases when people sense or perceive a “ghost” or feelings of dense emotions in an area they think that they are actually coming from a person who is stuck there, when really it is only energy that was left behind like a finger print. Many people will do rituals to “exorcize the ghost” and send it to the Light, or do energy work to clear the area. This does help in that it helps to clear the residual energy patterns, which is good. The unfortunate part about it is that the fear-based misunderstandings surrounding the situation are perpetuated due to the false perceptions of what is really taking place, and the seeming success of the “exorcism” or clearing.

The residual energy patterns, especially when interacted with in a highly energetic way, such as when it is being transformed or cleared can show up on camera, or seem to emit sound. This phenomenon has helped to perpetuate the belief that the energy is an actual being. Please note, too, that the addition of the highly charged energy, thoughts, and emotions of the people interacting with the residual energy pattern, usually in a fearful way because they believe that it is a conscious being, contributes to and colors the experiences that they have, and acts to heighten the detectability of the energy.


This is a greatly misunderstood phenomenon also. The movement of objects is usually done by the person experiencing the situation, or someone in the house with them. Humans have a latent ability of telekinesis. Sometimes this latent ability is inadvertently and unconsciously used, especially in times of emotional stress or during times of large leaps in spiritual awakening.

There truly are no beings that exist within the realms of the Earth that want to cause you harm or interfere in your life. All beings that have the ability to contact you are a part of your Family of Light, love you dearly, and only have your best and highest interests at heart.