Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is there a religious community or a sect behind your ministry?   

The founders of the Center of Light & Serenity and publishers of the SOUL SOOTHERS publication do not belong to any religious group, cult or sect. In their lives thus far, they are a husband and wife who were raised as Roman Catholics, have investigated a number of the protestant Christian religions and have done much reading and study of the various philosophies of life; especially that of Spiritualism, Eastern beliefs and Metaphysics. However, they attribute their "awakening" or present "awareness" to communications which have been channeled to them and to having found their own individual spiritual world view through a "Master Angel of Love" known as Tiamo (meaning Love in Italian). They also do not belong nor espouse to any political party/philosophy or any other organization/entity of this physical world.

2. What is meant by "New Consciousness"?    

Since the 1960s and the introduction of the "flower children," we can notice everywhere in our society how the consciousness of humanity as a whole is changing. We are beginning to see that everything in our world is connected, we are beginning to stop thinking in the categories of "right & wrong"and are learning not to judge ourselves and our environment any more, but to have more understanding, consideration and acceptance for others. More and more as each day dawns, we are moving more towards unconditional love and peace.

This new consciousness was lived for us by the Master Jesus Christ, Buddha and other prophets. So the "new world" or era mentioned in our SOUL SOOTHERS issues is exactly what is viewed as the second or new coming of the Christ. From the truths that we have come to accept, he will not return as a physical being, however, but as the Christ Consciousness returning through us and in us. Enlightenment of all human beings will then make it possible to create the paradise on Earth together. Similar ideas apply to many prophecies and predictions of other cultures about the return of the Gods or simply about the coming of a new era in our evolutionary journey.

3. What is meant by the Ascension?
When we speak of "ascending" or "ascension", we are talking about a process. It is the process which is going on right now in our world of physicality ... the 3rd dimension. It basically is the movement of all living things into the 5th dimension by way of the 4th dimension which is sort of a bridge. This includes Mother Earth and all of the animals and other species of life inhabiting Earth.

It is a process whereby all physical energy life-form which we call matter is elevated in vibrational frequencies to the frequency of light. It can be likened to Jesus Christ's resurrection as depicted in the Bible. As a matter of fact, it is our perception that this process, for the first time in human history, is when humanity as a whole will be offered the opportunity to ascend into a new world ... the world of light ... and be able to take their physical body with them.

The fact that it is called a "process" is emphasized, because unlike other concepts that depict it happening to everyone at the same time, it is a "process" whereby individuals ... while they may ascend as groups of people ... most ascensions will occur on an individual basis when that individual has attained the level of energy vibrational frequency to move into the light body. It is our perspective that it is not what we would call a mass ascension.

4. What does the number "2012" mean?    

This is the four-digit number of the year 2012. From our perspective, it is a key number on our path into this new era. It mainly comes from channeled messages from the angel and spirit guide realm and from the calendar of the Central American people of the Maya. These people left an extensive knowledge about our universe and its calendar ends exactly on 12-21-2012. This means in their imagination that at that time our present age ends and a new age begins ... an age of no-time ... an age when we will no longer need the physical tools of time and space and of duality ... an age when we will all live in the now moment.

However, we do not want to claim that the realization of this new age or era will take place exactly in that year because of man's "free will" and how we act and react to various experiences which will direct its manifestation. Therefore, this number is to be seen as a help for such manifestation, as a symbol so to speak, in which we can anchor this process towards a new human consciousness. The number "2012" is suited in an excellent way for this because among spiritual people, it is already known worldwide as a symbol for this process. Also, it is not connected to previous cultural or religious imaginations, like for example a pyramid or a cross, and therefore has a pure and light vibration.

5. Why do we phrase our vision in general terms only?

It is the essence of what the new consciousness represents for us human beings, that we want to express. The mass majority of us human beings want to live with each other and with this planet in peace and mutual understanding in the future. If that is in our thoughts and being visualized, it will then automatically result in the possible political, social and economical structures. On the other hand, if we try to visualize specific structures on how the new era will come about,our belief systems tell us that we then run the risk of not creating our life in the new world free from the previous old thought patterns ... and more significantly ... free from the limitations of the ego. Besides, we all have much too many individual ideas concerning this specific subject which cannot be used to form a common vision.

6. Do terrorist and other criminals also have this common vision in themselves?

Even those people who at present are spreading hatred, violence and terror everywhere in the world, carry the vision of a peaceful and harmonious life in themselves. Unfortunately, it is through their "unconsciousness" that such visions are fostered from less peace loving thought patterns and restricted more to visions of their afterlife. But nevertheless, it is there deep within them and therefore, it is important that we respect their visions and spiritual paths ... giving these people the chance to recognize this vision also in themselves.

7. If there are really extraterrestrials who are more advanced than us, why don't they present themselves and help us?       

Most are not aware, but such help was given to us in terms of technological advances early in the 50's ... but this is something that cannot be addressed here. The primary reason is related to the fact that Earth and its humanity are one of the few life forms in this part of the universe that live in a physical (materialistic)level of consciousness. Most of the star peoples, and with it the galactic star community, exist in a higher frequency of consciousness in which they are not visible for us with our physical eyes and our material technologies (for example electromagnetic waves).

Although we cannot see them, they are here in our system and they are watching us. At the moment, they cannot do more than watch us because they are not allowed to intervene in our inter-planetary affairs without our permission because we are governed by the Law of Free Will. For this, the majority of the human beings must ask for their support. Until that happens, they can only transmit messages through medial contacts such as channelings, thought seedings, dreams, feelings, etc. which are meant to help us realize their existence and the coming new era.

Note: I would like to ask those who at the moment do not know how to handle this "extraterrestrial" happening and in connection with this the last paragraph, to not be disturbed by it, and for now just leave the subject " contact with extraterrestrials" as it is. You will know and come to understand it all when you are ready. As the saying goes ... "When the student is ready, the teacher will come!"