The Voice Of The Ego

Do you know what Self-love is? No, it's not that which the ego would have you believe ... selfishness ... that's self-love with the little "s". Self-love with the big "S" is learning to develop your inner strength to combat your own negativity. I'll tell you something, there is not one soul alive who does not have some negative voice inside that prevents them from doing something good. And you know that voice, too. That's right ... it's 'the voice of the Ego' and we've all given it more power than it deserves. It's that voice that comes up and says "Oh you can't do that", "Oh you'll never do that", "Oh, this will never happen for you." And you owe it to yourself to find out where that negativity comes from, and put it in its place. And the more you develop your Self-love, the more you cultivate it, the more you nurture it, the more you allow it to grow, the quieter that voice of negativity is going to become.

The more you learn to love yourself ... who you really are ... you start listening to other voices, so it's not just that voice of negativity that's in your head, because for so many people out there, they have the one voice which is their wants and the other voice which is their NEGATIVTY! And the wants are so weak, and the NEGATIVITY is so strong and as you develop Self-love, the wants get stronger.

As you feed those wants, those wants start to become more reasonable: "Yeah! I think I want to go into that store", "I think I want to take myself out for dinner", "I think I want to have a better job", I think I want to have a better relationship." And as you move towards that, that negativity that says, "NO YOU CAN'T" -- suddenly, you have this other hand that you are drawing from that says "yeah but, I didn't think I could have these other things and I have these," so how strong is that voice of negativity, really?

Ultimately, you are going to find out that it is only as strong as you allow it to be. But you are the one who is responsible for combating that voice of negativity. And in order to do that, you have to recognize it, right off the hop. And you'll recognize it because that voice doesn't want you to do anything. It doesn't want you to change, it doesn't want you to give into what you truly want. Because as you give into what you truly want, that negative voice becomes weaker. And that, my friends, is what it fears the most.

Negativity - fear.
Positivity - love, openness, kindness, appreciation, and above all, acceptance.