June 24, 2017 Edition


To get, one must give ... to accumulate, one must scatter.
To make yourselves happy ... you must make others happy.
To get good and become spiritually vigorous ...
one must do good and seek the spiritual good of others.

And so it is!

the Center of Light & Serenity

To Awareness
A Time To Become Consciously Aware...

With all that's happening in our world, from terrorist's threats by ISIS to threats of war by North Korea and the Middle East, we have reached a moment in history where it is urgently important that people everywhere speak out to protect our peace and well-being along with the peace of our united nations and the world ... a time to become aware and awaken to the negativity contained in the collective consciousness and create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

NOW is the time more than ever before to awaken from our sleep-walking and become aware and use this awareness to speak out and caution leaders who generate fear through talk of endless war or the final conflict.

NOW is the time to appeal to our leaders to consider that their own bellicose thoughts, words and deeds are reshaping consciousness and can have an adverse effect on the masses. When one person thinks fight, he or she finds a fight. When one faction thinks war, a war starts. When one nation thinks nuclear, it approaches the abyss. What then, of one nation which thinks peace, and seeks peace?

NOW is the time to know that neither individuals nor nations exist in a vacuum, which is why we each have a serious responsibility for each other in this world. Each of us is a citizen of a common planet, bound to a common destiny. So connected are we that each of us has the power to be the eyes of the world, the voice of the world, the conscience of the world, or the end of the world. And as each one of us chooses, so becomes the world.

NOW is the time to open our spiritual eyes to the fact that the splitting of the atom for destructive purposes and the compartmentalized thinking of 'us versus them' is a split consciousness that dichotomizes the thinking which spawns polarity and leads to war.

It is the time to see that the proposed use of nuclear weapons pollutes the psyche with the arrogance of infinite power ... that it creates delusions of domination of matter and space ... and that it is dehumanizing through its calculations of mass casualties.

NOW is the time to overcome doom-thinkers and sayers who invite a world descending and disintegrating into a nuclear disaster.

NOW is the time with our world at risk, to find the bombs in our own lives and disarm them. Listen to that quiet inner voice which counsels that the survival of all is achieved through the unity of all.

NOW is the time to overcome our fear of each other, by seeking out the humanity within each other. The human heart contains every possibility of race, creed, language, religion and politics. We are all ONE in our commonalities. Must we always fear our differences?

NOW is the time that we overcome our fears by not feeding them with more war and nuclear confrontations. It is the time that we ask our leaders to unify their people in courage. It is the time to create a new, clear vision of a world as ONE, of people working out their differences peacefully ... a new, clear vision with the teaching of non-violence, non-violent intervention and mediation, where people can live in harmony within their families, within their communities, and within themselves ... a new clear vision of peaceful co-existence in a world of tolerance. In this moment of peril, NOW is the time to move away from fear's paralysis. This is a call to action ... a call to replace expanded war with expanded peace. This is a call for action to place the very survival of our planet on the agenda of all people, everywhere. As citizens of a common planet, we have an obligation to ourselves and our posterity.

NOW is the time for the leaders of the world to demand that all nations put down the nuclear sword ... and when peace is not on the political agenda of the leaders of our governments, then it is the work and the duty of each citizen of the world. NOW is the time to organize for peace ... to promote new thinking among the nations of the world ... to conceive of peace as being not simply the absence of violence, but the active presence of the capacity for a higher evolution of human awareness ... to conceive of peace as respect, trust and integrity among each other ... to take the infinite capabilities of humanity to transform consciousness which compels violence at a personal, group, national or international level ... and to develop new compassion for yourselves and others.

NOW is the time to achieve permanent security ... to work for peace by being our brother's keeper; to work for total nuclear disarmament, particularly when nuclear arms do not even come close to addressing the real security problems which confront our nations ... witness the events of September 11, 2001. It is the time to create new structures to help create peace in our homes, in our families, in our schools, in our neighborhoods, in our cities, and in our nations.

NOW is the time to create conditions for peace within, and to create conditions for peace worldwide. It is the time to consider the conditions which cause people to become the terrorists ... issues of poverty, scarcity and exploitation. It is the time to make outer space safe from weapons so that humanity can continue to pursue a destiny among the stars. We can achieve this vision of peace, only if we are ready to work for it.

NOW is the time for people worldwide to meet about peace and nuclear disarmament and to let go of past perceived harms and for people worldwide to visualize and to pray for peace ... the time for people worldwide to connect with each other on the Internet for peace, love and joy to enter our lives as whole. It is the time to become aware that war does not work and is not a solution, for it is profoundly uncreative in its destruction, and it is important to find how peace-making can be deeply creative ... to communicate with each other the ways in which we work in our communities to make this a more peaceful world.

NOW is the time to think, speak, write, organize, march and take action to create peace as a social imperative ... as an economic imperative ... and as a political imperative. As the hymn says, "Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me." It is time for the human family and freedom loving people all over the world to demand governments and non-governmental actors alike to put down their weapons ... time for the human family to respond in this moment of crisis, to protect the planet and all life within it ... re-membering that we and all people of the world are interconnected, and that we can achieve both nuclear disarmament and peace.

NOW is the time to know that we can accomplish this through upholding a holistic vision where the claims of all living beings to the right of survival are recognized. It is the time to finally realize and understand that nuclear disarmament and peace are the sign posts toward the uplifting path of an even brighter human condition wherein we can, through our conscious efforts, evolve and re-establish the context of our existence from peril to peace ... from revolution to evolution. And, as you will see in today's featured article, it is time for we humans on the spiritual path to awareness to WALK OUR TALK!

Wounded Childhood
1995 Charlene Ryan

Conditioned from childhood - Now that's a scary thought
Molded shaped and rounded - Fitting in a slot
Learning about conditions - Tally up the score
Wounded little children - Who never knew what for
Adulthood heavy armored - Battles fought galore
Never really winning - Losing all the more

Age brings wisdom - Armor left in past
Rich with vulnerability and uncertainty - I walk slower not fast
Waiting and watching every little cue
Encore of this messenger - In service just for you
It comes through me - Few doors block the way
The message is simple - love another way

Not like childhood taught - but flowing circling freedom
That heals the wounded past

Walking Our Talk
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

In light of yet more violence relative to terrorists and what's going on in the Middle East, I think that, more than ever, it is time to reach out to you, as well as myself, to begin walking our talk. As an editor and publisher of this newsletter, I have learned some important lessons about life ... not only from the madness that we so-called humans are embarking upon, but also from the numerous emails and contacts from you subscribers who are questioning today's happenings and who are looking for our experiences and lives to improve. As an editor, it is my job to "talk my talk", but as a Soul, it is my service to myself, you and humanity to "walk this talk." Likewise, the same applies to you as a subscriber to this ezine.

I'm sure that you are no different than myself ... wanting to live life to its fullest potential as a human being ... and I have come to understand that true fulfillment comes from the heart ... from reaching out to others ... that none of us are the center of the universe, but a magnificent part of it. Life is hard and it hurts sometimes, but life can be good too!

In short, its all of our business ... yours, mine and everybody's ... as to what is happening "out there". People are often shocked when crime hits their community, but it's high time that we learned that none of us are immune from tragedy, immune from danger, immune from life. The fact is that we are all human and even though our actions may indicate otherwise, those of us on the spiritual path cannot deny that we're more than just a body with parts.

When are we going to take the responsibility that goes along with this knowledge? When are we going to accept the two major laws of life? ... the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction. As clarity of these laws were brought to me during a recent deep-sleep, I feel that such clarity ... no matter how well you think you understand these laws ... must be repeated to you! The Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction are immutable laws, just like the Law of Gravity here on Earth. That is, when we throw something in the air, we KNOW without a doubt that it will come down. The Law of Cause and Effect likewise tells us that the act of being or doing (the cause) will result in a reaction (the effect) and the Law of Attraction is what determines the type of effect ... like attracts like. Therefore, a "negative" act always results in a "negative" effect, and vice-versa.

It's time that we learned that hate and ignorance will never be solved by more hate and ignorance ... for hate and ignorant acts will produce more hate and ignorance to result. Therefore, tolerance and respect must to be taught early in life and incorporated into home life, as well as part of school training, if we are to create that which we all desire in our lives. Actions speak louder than words, and if our children or grandchildren hear us say one thing, but we speak or do otherwise, an important message is sent ... and an important message is lost too.

How can you and I, or anyone in today's society, deny that today's problems are not a result of hate, ignorance, and a narrow-mindedness? It is time TODAY to stop the cycle of hate! And it is time TODAY to stop waiting for George to do it! (No pun intended.)

Stopping the cycle of hate is everyone's responsibility. We must all become more conscious of our own individual actions, for it is they that go into the etheric realm to form the collective consciousness as the beliefs we desire to experience. We can no longer afford to sit around complaining about a situation ... we must take constructive, not destructive, and decisive action. If we become more "watchful" of our individual thoughts which guide our individual as well as collective consciousness, we will find and create solutions, amid our pain, and in the process, we can heal and help ourselves to bring unity and love to our world.

It's time for us to become brave enough to confront our own mortality and ask ourselves what is truly important in this life ... what is it that we really hope to accomplish before we die and pass it on to our loved ones who will remain behind. It's time to not only preach kindness, we must practice it ... it's time we embraced life, and all it encompasses ... it's time to look at our differences, and stand proud ... it's time we put our fears aside and reach out to help someone who is hurting ... it's time to stop closing our eyes to the realities that are staring at us ... to look for ways to be helpful ... to look for ways to make a positive difference; not through "wars", but in ways that show we are our brother's keeper in Oneness.

We on the spiritual path have learned that we are Spirits Of Unconditional Love (SOULs), because that is what we were created from. This is merely the KNOWLEDGE that we have come to re-member as we progressed beyond the veil of forgetfulness. Just as the knowledge as a child of KNOWING that something is hot, we can truly only understand such knowledge when we EXPERIENCE it. Have you EXPERIENCED this knowledge yet? If not, isn't it time and don't we deserve to now experience and UNDERSTAND this being who we were meant to be?

We say we should treat each other with "unconditional love". Unconditional love is to respect the differences of others ... to really listen to what the other person is saying ... to come to understand the others beliefs. It is through our beliefs that we draw our perceptions and experiences in this life. The challenge of life is living in a world with many different people, different traditions, different tastes, and different feelings. It is through this that we evolve into higher and higher beings of light. As human beings in a physical world, we are separate individuals only through the EGO ... as Souls, we are ONE. This is one of the things the spiritual path awakens us to and if we truly believe this truth, then the thought of harming another becomes absurd and self-defeating. We must also remember that with free will comes choices and consequences, and since we cannot control the actions of others, we can look for ways to turn a bad situation into one of those life lessons that is for the greatest good of all; that makes us all stronger within.

We call America "the home of the free and of the brave." Isn't it time for us to use our bravery to end the temporary solution of WAR and take a stand to look for solutions that are permanent? I say it's time for us to be brave enough to practice some decent human kindness toward one another because we all have the same need ... no matter what color our skin, what slant in our eyes, what beliefs and truths we embrace ... the need to be loved and accepted for who we are.

If you haven't understood where I'm coming from through these words, then, let me summarize by saying it's time to understand the Laws of Cause & Effect and Attraction ... that they are real and apply to all of us ... that there is no getting away from them ... that it's time to leave the man-made rule of "an eye for an eye" which leaves us all blind ... time to stop responding to cruelty with more cruelty ... hate with more hate ... where everyone loses. It's time to become the best we can be despite what's happening all around us and this means it's time to stop talking our beliefs and truths and start walking the spiritual path of awareness. As the saying goes: "Talk is cheap!" What are you doing to make our world a better place?

with the Center of Light & Serenity
The Key Is Intention

In the article above, I tried to ignite a 'wake-up' call to subscribers as well as myself. But, how do we get serious about walking our talk? Well, that's what this article is about. As the title states ... the key is our intention through which manifestation of our desires come about. Your answers to the following questions will give you a pretty good idea about your intentions. What are your days like? Are they what you expect them to be ... what you desire? Look at the past year ... was it in alignment with your desires? If not, why not? Could it have been that you have not been very clear as to your intentions? Life proceeds out of our intentions for it. At the beginning of each day, are you at a place of absolute clarity about what you intend for it to be? Are you at clarity now? And so, it is this clarity that's needed to manifest what we want our children's and grand-children's worlds to be like.

Now is a good time to check in ... to assess ... to see how things are going and to renew your intentions for today and the rest of the year. Another year will be here before you know it ... and then, before you know it, another year will have passed. How about then? Will you be any closer to your life's dream? Will you be any nearer to the realization of your life vision?

Take the time to sit down now and make a statement of the true visions that you desire in this life. In the world of physicality, it is the physical part of "doing" that we oftentimes feel we must take place in order for us to feel that we've actually had an imput to the result. And so, you may want to do so in writing. Make a declaration of what it is you choose. And be careful not to get into too much of the "doingness" because your ego will be sure to incorporate boundaries and limits. Allow your choices to be declarations of "beingness." All of life exists as an opportunity for you to experience being Who You Really Are. And Who You Are has nothing to do with what you are doing.

Many of us are still caught up in doingness. We imagine that happiness will come from something we are doing. Yet, happiness of any real variety can only spring from being. This is why we have been labeled "human beings" and not "human doings". It is what we are being that matters to our soul ... it is what we are being that brings forth more of the same in our life. If we want more Love in our life, then we have to BE Love ... if you want peace in our life, then we must BE peace ... if we desire the happiness and joy that is our birthright in life, then we must BE happy and joyful. For our soul is beingness at the highest level.

What are you BEING right now? If you are not that which you desire or are wanting in life, decide what it is you are trying to be. Is it your desire to be "loving?" Are you seeking to be "peaceful?" Are you trying to be "happy"? Are you yearning to be "secure?" Again, get clear about your intention, then move into the moment of NOW and prepare to fill that moment with your intention in action. "Do" only that which matches your intention and vibrate in harmony with it.

When we come from our intention, we will find that the behaviors that support what we don't want in life will tend to drop away. You will see a shift in your life ... a major movement ... a leap into consciousness at the next level. And that is what this, our present lifetime, should be all about ... moving to the next level of awareness.

(a channeled vignette)
The Power Of Your Mind

Take just a moment right now to think about all your troubles ... real or imagined ... those things that have gone wrong recently ... your health problems, financial problems, family problems, job problems, relationship problems ... all the things that are troublesome in your life. Pause right here to take this moment to really dwell on them.

Have you noticed how you quickly made yourself feel miserable by dwelling on your problems ? It's the power of your mind. But now, also stop and realize how easily you can change these perceptions just by your thoughts! Now, take this moment to look at your life differently ... at some of these same areas where things are pretty good ... think of all the good things in your life ... the beauty of the world around you, the love and support of those who care, your faith, your energy, your dreams, the joyful moments, the opportunities you have to make a difference. Pause and dwell on these for a moment.

Having done that, can't you see how easily you can alter your perceptions ... how you can change your feelings by changing the way you look at things ... how powerful your mind is. You all have the power to control these thoughts within your minds. You see, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. What you focus on, you create! It's called the Law of Attraction.

There is also the Law of Free Will which gives you choice in every situation that arrives in your life. As each precious moment arrives, you can choose to live in pain and sorrow, or in love and joy. It is by choice that you make things happen ... you can love and nurture ... you can innovate ... you can solve problems ... you can understand.

It is through these natural laws and others that a world of opportunity is available ... waiting for you to step boldly into it and make a difference. You have an old saying about waiting for opportunity to knock? Well, believe me when I to tell you that it never knocks. You can wait a whole lifetime, listening and hoping, and you will hear no knocking ... none at all ... because YOU are the opportunity and it's the door of destiny that you must knock on. You yourself must recognize that which is right before you ... that which you alone can make appear by changing your perceptions.

You can do it. Just think what thinking can do. Look around you ... everything you see, your house, your car, your computer, telephone, refrigerator, clocks, roads, books ... all these things and more originated in the human mind. No obstacle is too great ... no dream is too distant. Every moment is yours with which to work, to build, to create ... to live with passion and purpose.

The journey of life is great and you're a wonderful, effective, divinely creative person. Live each moment with that in mind. Your mind has no boundaries or limitations except those that you place in it! Just like your physical muscles, your mind becomes stronger the more you exercise it, the more you challenge it, the more you pay attention to it. You live in a world where your mind can take you anywhere you want to go. Use it for all it's worth, and think of the possibilities that you can bring into your life.

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