January 15, 2018 Edition


The consciousness or soul that we are envisions a world
in which every human being has awakened to the knowledge
that we are the Creative Force in Human Form. When this
is realized by all of us, understanding is the result.
Understanding is Love. Love is what We Are! Knowing this
from the depth of our soul will change the world into
Greatness and Splendor... 

In a few years, every human soul in unity consciousness will
experience and understand that we are One Family, One Being
and have One Purpose ... which is to share our abundance
among ourselves and love the Self that We Are in Human Form.
This means bringing Heaven down to Earth. We all are the same
Divine Energy differently!  Please be aware - that I am another
You and You are another Me...

And so it is!

the Center of Light & Serenity

To Awareness

Day Dream Your Way To Creating Your Desires
Have you ever driven to get somewhere perhaps like your work, and arrived without a conscious memory of your commute? Do you tend to let your mind wander while sitting in a meeting or even while watching a not-so-good TV program? If so, don’t chide yourself for being a day dreamer. New science is proving how day dreaming keeps our mind sharp and actually helps us turn our goals and dreams into reality. One of our colleges recently published a study showing that people who day dream are smarter than their more focused peers. Scientists have also shown that the brain processes a day dream the same way it does a memory. This means that when we day dream, our subconscious is storing this as memory, a fact. Once we get an idea or a belief into our subconscious, we can bring our goals from the dream state into real time.

Our subconscious mind is a tricky thing though. We have no control over what gets stored there. It’s designed to protect us which means we tend to store things in our subconscious that are charged with strong emotions. The highs and lows of our life get stored here. Memories that are rooted in strong emotions such as fear or joy get stored in the unconscious. Metaphysics has taught us that we can change the inner programming of our subconscious through repetitive affirmations. While this does work, it takes a lot of time. The problem has always been getting our subconscious on board in a timely manner. Many of us have tried to “retrain our brain” only to be stopped by old tapes rearing their ugly head in the form of limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

How many times have you started the new year with great resolutions and then stopped a month or two later when you hit a road block or two? Your subconscious mind loves to tell you what you can’t do by playing and replaying old tapes, old memories, of your past “failures.” If we can replace these old memories with positive future memories in the form of day dreams, we can remove these subconscious blocks.

The subconscious is where we tend to store our limiting beliefs and negative messages we received as a child. “You can’t make a living as an artist” or “You’re not smart enough for that degree” and all that nonsense. The main ways we’ve learned to reach the subconscious have been through accessing the theta and alpha state. This can be done through deep, serious and consistent meditation. But now science is showing us that it can also be accessed through the simple act of day dreaming.

When the brain is allowed to freely day dream, it activates an area of the brain called the Default Mode Network or DMN. We aren’t even aware consciously of this happening. We can’t control when the DMN is activated, but we can control the thoughts and day dreams we have to program our DMN with positive images and goals we’re working on. Daydreams are an inner world where we can rehearse the future.” The DMN is where we get our sense of self. How else can we become a co-creator with the Universe if we don’t first understand ourselves as the source? Daydreaming is defined as “imagining situations in the future that are positive in tone.”

Most people spend about 30 percent of their day lost in thought. However, most of this mind musing is spent on pointless thoughts, worries and anxieties. But when daydreaming is a focused action, it allows us a direct connection to our subconscious which is where true change and creation occur.

Science also has proven that day dreaming allows us to find solutions to problems and creative insights that otherwise wouldn’t be available to us. Neurologist Marcus Raichle says, “When we daydream, we are at the center of the Universe.”

Our subconscious mind is in continuous contact with the subconscious minds of everyone else. Our individual mind while in the daydream state is our personal control console for this collective subconscious.:” The collective subconscious does not speak in words. It doesn’t recognize English, Swahili, or French. The subconscious speaks through emotions and pictures. The subconscious also cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy nor does it differentiate between past, present and future. Everything is real and everything is now. When we day dream, we are programming our subconscious to create the reality we’re envisioning in the day dream. When we day dream with the emotions we’ll feel when these goals are coming true, then we’re really firing up the power of the subconscious.

What we imagine most frequently is what we create. We are manifesting all the time. The only problem is that many of us are so caught up with worries and fears that this is what we manifest rather than the positive life we’re striving for. We must learn to harness this power with positive images and emotions or our life will continue to be a continued roller coaster of positive and negative experiences.

Broken Toys
~ by Ben Hildner

As children bring their broken toys, with tears, for me to mend
I brought my broken dreams to God because he was my friend.

But then, instead of leaving Him in peace to work alone
I hung around and tried to help . . . with ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried, "How can You be so slow?"
"My child," He said. "What could I do? You never did let go."

A Defining Moment
~ by Tracie Ann Robinson

A thought or decision can certainly redefine our direction in life and in love. There's a lesson in every experience. However, one usually doesn't figure out the lesson until well after the experience. For example, we always heard when we were children trying to hurry up and reach adulthood that our youthful years were the best years of our life. Some people have to live with the knowledge that only after losing someone did they truly realize what they had. Or how about the choices we make that we feel are best for us, or when we consciously decide to do something only to later realize we chose wrong.

What is a "defining moment"? I describe it as a point in time where one gains clarity about something that has long eluded them, when one consciously chooses to do something or stop, or when something becomes so obvious as the nose on our face. There is no set course for when we reach these places in our lives. They appear almost "out of the blue". The funny thing is that when we have these moments we usually say to ourselves, what were we thinking?

Perhaps some of it has to do with settling or choosing too hastily. Here's an example: I know I tolerated a marriage that wasn't all that I wanted it to be for at least three years. Ironically, some of our "defining moments" aren't necessarily self-realized. It took my husband saying he no longer wanted to be married, for me to accept I was living a life that made me depressed. Imagine being married and lonely.

The "defining moment" was in the discovery that I had placed too much importance on what my husband thought of me and what he wanted, instead of relying on myself for my inner happiness and esteem. I had lost who I was. I was living life but I was out of touch with the life I really wanted. Like I said, the lesson often presents itself after the experience. It's important to be aware of what works and what doesn't for each of us without being too eager to change who we are.

I think some of it is that we all want to achieve contentment. But we don't always look beyond what is immediately available. We tend to live in the here and now with a strong desire for immediate gratification. I now look within to define what I want. I am working towards defining who I am. There's enormous strength and clarity in this effort. I also think that it increases our odds of achieving the happiness we are seeking. I no longer settle. I don't look at how I can make something fit when it really doesn't. I also pay much closer attention to the way I perceive things and how my moods can certainly affect my processing.

It's about being true to oneself. I take the little things that happen in my life and draw upon them. I see beyond what's around me and what's right in my face. I breathe. Funny, I know. But do you know how many people don't really breathe? The best way I can sum it up is "stop and smell the roses". Add quality, not quantity, in your life.

Defining moments in my life are now something I enjoy, even though I know I will falter from time to time. I pay closer attention to them and respect them. For the way we choose to define the moment can either bring pain, disappointment, or that contentment we so eagerly crave. Letting go of the need to always know where we are can change our outlook.

I take risks now because I trust myself to know that the choices I make are ones that I've given considerable thought and energy too. Defining moments define who we are, who we become, and they create history.

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed."
-- Sister Corita Kent

About the Author: Tracie Ann Robinson is a woman on a mission of self discovery. She was recently divorced having been married her whole adult life (at the time this article was written she was 31). She is a professional woman and writes part-time with the goal of sharing her relationship experience and insights.

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Civilization and Truth
~ by Paul Johnson

'Hell.' wrote Thomas Hobbes, 'is truth seen too late.' Survival is falsehood detected in time.

The essence of civilization is the orderly quest for truth, the rational perception of reality and all its facets, and the adaptation of man's behavior to its laws. So long as we follow the path of reason we shall not move far from the lighted circle of civilization. Its enemies invariably lie among those who, for whatever motive, deny, distort, minimize, exaggerate or poison the truth, and who falsify the processes of reason. At all times civilization has its enemies, though they are constantly changing their guise and their weapons. The great defensive art is to detect and unmask them before the damage they inflict becomes fatal. 'Hell.' wrote Thomas Hobbes, 'is truth seen too late.' Survival is falsehood detected in time.

Civilization ... is the rational pursuit of truth within a framework of order. The discovery of truth, of course, is part of this ordering process, the way by which man located himself in the universe. This is a very long, complicated and cumulative process. Man needs to orientate himself in time, by discovering and perfecting chronology; in space, by acquiring geographical and astronomical knowledge; in nature, by discovering its laws and using them to master his environment. He is also engaged in a continuous effort of moral and social orientation, reflected in his attempts to improve his designs for civil government, for legal and ethical codes, and his image of what a just society should be. There is, likewise, a process of moral ordering, in which man seeks to discover his worth in relation to other men, and to the potentialities of his surroundings. Human beings need to know where they stand in all these matters, for such knowledge is an essential element in their security, and... their happiness.

(a channeled vignette)

Physical Conflicts

In our last communication, I mentioned how many of you have been having challenges ... many of which are related to your physical bubbles of biology. Whether they are large or small challenges, physical or environmental, whatever it is, these major shifts of energy have taken much of your energy over the last several months and represent the root cause of the toll it's been taking of you. This is understandable for many different reasons. We also tell you dear ones that you basically had to clear a lot of the energy from the past. Many times, those of you who have walked forward willingly to step into new energy have left things unsettled. It is not absolutely necessary that you always go back and fix everything in your past. That is not needed. What happens, dear ones, is that it builds to an energetic level almost as if you can carry it in your physical being.

In other words, what takes place is that you may have an interaction with someone that you love, and perhaps you say something that hurts them. Then you do not get the opportunity to talk to them or clear that energy, so that gets stored somewhere in your body. You usually focus all sorts of energies in your physical body. This is why you have so many healers on your planet — to release some of those things. But without even going to a healer, the planet has started to shift in a new way.

As I have mentioned before, at the heart of your Milky Way Galaxy is a rather large black hole that has started to feed again. In reality, all of this time you have been clearing and settling energy. This is the reason many of you have had setbacks, challenges or could not see the future or even talk to your guides in many cases. You felt that you could not make your manifestations work, no matter what you tried and regardless of what had worked in the past. It is as if you are out of kilter just a half degree and you seem to miss everything, but that will be shifting for every human on Earth. So, celebrate it not only with your fellow humans, friends, and loved ones. Know you will be clearing a huge amount of debris from your past, which you will not have to carry forward into your fifth dimensional living. You will say that it was worth it, when you come Home and can see the larger picture of things ... Dear ones, please take my word and take your mind off of that which is ailing you and causing you pain, you will understand it at that point, but until then, just know that things will get better for everyone.

I am not telling you that all the problems of the world are solved, all the manipulations of the world have stopped, or that everything can settle its own energy. That is simply not true, for you still have more setbacks coming in several areas. Most we have already clearly spoken about, to let you be aware of ahead of time in order to make your decisions about where you wish to be. I have told you about the economic re-set and the Earth changes that have been and continue to take place. The planet is adapting herself so that she can hold empowered humans. You have done this before, dear ones, when most of you were there in the days of Lemuria. Oh yes, you re-member the Atlantean ones more easily than the Lemurian ones, which almost seem too simple. There was no major wresting of huge problems of how to house all the people or how to make an empowered society. You were successful at that, which is where Earth today is going: the exact same place. You have an opportunity to change everything on your planet; including those things that you continue to be concerned about on almost a daily basis. Will it all happen all at once? No, of course not. It will happen in small segments, with three steps forward and one or two steps back. You experience that on a normal basis anyway, for it is part of the beauty of who you truly are.

You now have the ability to start new things. It is a perfect time, dear ones, to start a new project such as that book that you have always had in the back of your thoughts. You have wondered if you would ever have the time, or whether you would be good enough. We tell you, dear ones, you are good enough, absolutely. And we are waiting to watch the profound effect that you will have on your planet. Many of you have been doing it already. You hold the energy of love. You are workers of the light who have decided to ground that energy not only in the planet, but in your surroundings, environment, and friendships. These are magical for all of you.

We tell you, there is so much more ahead. You have great capabilities of touching each other’s hearts. That is what we ask you to do with this. Your luck will start to change, even though it may not all happen at exactly the same moment, so watch as your energy starts to shift. Are we talking about all people on planet Earth? Not all—some, like yourselves, are on the degrading cycle. It is mostly those of the light who are moving in this direction. One is not good and the other is not bad, as you will see at some point, because you need the balance of all of it. However, for those of you who have worked in this energy and wish to prosper and work in this area where you can spread your light, you will find things getting a little easier.

I am not even going to say three months this time because that would be very easy to do. You are not quite finished with the last several three-month segments I have given you, but this is a breath of fresh air. Yes, that is the way to think of it — go outside and you inhale. Most of you are very hesitant, so you take small steps to test everything in front of you and make sure it is what you wanted. We ask you to just open the door and breathe. Open the door and take it all in, then step forward into it as often as you can. If the timing is not right for you, or if some of the issues you have been clearing are not quite released yet, you will know it. Fortunately, you will have opportunities for it to come right up in your face, which is the perfect opportunity to release it. Let it go and make conscious decisions to move forward into the light, for times have changed. Your world has shifted tremendously; the rules by which you have been living have also shifted. You are finding so many things, dear ones. It is just magical for us to tell you that this is causing a huge area of interest throughout the universe, as more eyes on planet Earth than ever before.

Let us speak for a moment about another planet, which has found Earth. They have discovered you — we have spoken of the planet for the last couple of years. They have found planet Earth, but they do not quite know what to do with it. They understand that there is probably life on planet Earth due to the surroundings. They can see somewhat of the ionosphere, the blueness of the water and some of the things that can be seen from far away. Although they do not have the technology to reach you, they have recently done a few things to get your attention. We tell you there are many opportunities, dear ones, so watch the planet 486 found by Kepler, which that is how they are getting the messages to you. You will see anomalies, things that cannot be explained.

Actually, you have already seen a few so watch for more. Share with others when you see evidence of them and celebrate. Do not slip into fear, for it is exactly the opposite of what they have intended. Those who see you out are a great race of beings. Are they ahead of you in any way, in evolution or technology? Well, in some areas they are slightly ahead of you and in others  are behind. In many ways, they are actually very well matched for your evolution. What will be interesting to you is that they also do many of your same rituals. Would you like to speak with them? Simply go into a meditation and open a channel, for they are waiting to respond and would love to do nothing more than to bring some of the energy in from their planet to yours. Do they have all the answers? No, of course not. Dear ones, the reason I have to limit much of the details on those things that concern you, you are holding many of the answers yourselves and it is you that has to find the answers. That is why I have been reluctant to provide you detailed answers to you concerns and have told you that you are giving your powers to those like your close friends. Open this bridge of communication energetically at first, and later you will be able to actually meet some of these beings which will be a grand event indeed.

As I have said, Earth has also been going through some fairly major changes and shifts. The cycle has been sped up so greatly by the pollution of planet Earth and the industrial revolution itself. The fossil fuels that you constantly put into the air with carbon pollution, is now on a spiral that is moving faster and faster. It is very difficult to predict when these events will take place, but all of you can help to calm this down. You are the beings of light. You hold the energy that comes through you, which you can ground into the Earth. Work in harmony with her in any way you can. You have learned to recycle certain things and to live more in harmony with the planet in some areas. Teach it, spread it around. Share the need for it and communicate with her directly for she is in a major transition. It is actually her transitions that cause some of the opportunities to help you clear your own past. That is really what is taking place.

The core of the Earth, the very center piece of the planet which is solid, is basically moving within the molten sea. The core is moving at a different speed than the outside of the Earth, which is actually what creates the planet’s magnetism. The process works well until it starts to degrade, which is what is happening now; causing all this change in your weather patterns. We will share more of this with you as we go forward. Dear ones, we encourage you to work in harmony with Earth, because right now you can make more of a difference in some of these areas than you ever have before. It is almost as if a wind has blown onto planet Earth, clearing many of the clouds and allowing you to see much further down the path than you ever thought possible. Do not be discouraged by the small things. What are the small things? They are the big issues you have been dealing with—at least what you thought were your big issues over the last several months. Are you ready to step past them? That is what is taking place. Inhale a deep breath of fresh air, then do so over and over again. This simple act will fill you with light, love and energy that you can not only bring to the Earth, but to your fellow man.

You are spirits pretending to be human in a physical bubble of biology. You are learning to use that spirit, how to place it up front and center, with the energy coming from it in different ways. You are the magicians. We honor you, dear ones, and ask you three things only: To treat each other with respect, to nurture one another at every opportunity and do not forget to play well together.

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