October 6, 2018 Edition


There is only one thing that surpasses
the love of the Christ Consciousness
and it is that of the entire Christed
energy, and the use of it in expression
.... for all is Love.

And so it is!

the Center of Light & Serenity

To Awareness
The Protecting Power Of Love
A woman in Kansas City protected herself from assault by speaking loving words. One night she was walking down a dark street near the old Unity Society building on Tracy Avenue, when a man stepped out of the shadows and put a gun in her ribs, saying, "Give me your purse or I'll shoot you!" She turned and looked him right in the face, and said, "You can't harm me, because you are God's child and I love you." After twice repeating his threat, each time getting the same reply, he finally shook his head, mumbled something about "this crazy woman," dropped his gun, and fled. This woman had met an extreme situation in an extreme way through the expression of love.

Recently a lady wrote me of being approached by two young robbers. She started sending them thoughts of love. Not only did they not rob her, but they departed quickly.

Declare often: "There is protecting power in words of love. Therefore, I call on the protecting power of love often by declaring words of love, both for myself and others. Yes, I rejoice in the protecting power of love at work in my life now."

The Great Emotional Attractors
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

"Fear" is one of the great human emotional attractors, and it brings to us precisely what it is that we hope to avoid. This is because fear is the strongest emotion (energy-in-motion) next to love and it is the vibrational strength of an emotion that produces or attracts the results we don't want to experience in our lives. While there is shame, guilt, and others up the ladder of low vibrations, and compassion, kindness, gratitude and others which reside in the higher vibrations, humans of low awareness and consciousness tend to reside in the great attractor of 'fear', while those in awareness and higher consciousness reside in that vibration of 'love' as we move through our human journey called 'life'.

The place of fear is a very real place, but it is always the lie about us brought from that separator we know as the Ego. The lie is that we don't have anything at all to fear, and the truth is that in God's great Universe, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. This was announced a number of years ago by President Franklin Roosevelt as the United States entered World War II. He said: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." That statement has become famous throughout history from the time it was spoken. When we fear anything, we make known our announcement that we do not believe in the goodness of All That Is (God). It is fear which attracts and produces results of a negative nature in our lives. The best way for us to get rid of the fear that we are carrying around is to move instantly and at once to a place of gratitude for all the goodness of God in all the miracles that we see being performed all around us every day.

Accept that the Creator is the most wonderful being in the Universe, and someone who would never do anything to harm us, his children. Deeply understand that even the negative experiences in our lives are gifts and to be treasured ... opportunities for us to be and to decide what we're supposed to learn from them. How do we avoid living in 'fear'? Simply by not acknowledging it as real and by moving immediately into gratitude. One of the most wonderful prayers I have ever heard is the following: "Dear God, help me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me."

This is a statement of such pure truth and wonderful faith that, if repeated often enough with regard to a particular problem or condition, it cannot fail to produce positive effects. A great affirmation that Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations With God) created to assist people in moving through fear is the following: "All that I once feared, I now embrace and heal. All negative human experience which may come to me in my life, I now see as a gift and a blessing” a treasure to behold” and a glorious opportunity for me to declare and to announce, to be and to decide, to express and fulfill Who I Really Am."

I hope that these few words, as well, will be of some benefit to you. These two truths must exist simultaneously in the same space in order for you to deeply understand the entire dichotomy which is all of life itself.

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Balancing Life

Knowing how to create and keep balance in life is not something we learn at home or school automatically. Some find it a difficult thing to achieve throughout their whole life, but balance is an extremely important topic if we are to learn how to be healthy and know how to be successful during endeavors and encounters endured.

We need to understand exactly how to lead a healthy balanced life in every applicable aspect concerning love, work, family, finance and home” physically and energetically, for nothing in this life is separate, all levels co-exist and interact in ways that we seldom realize.

Balance” according to the dictionary means ”an even distribution of weight or amount; a steady position; the balance of power; a condition in which no country or group is much stronger than another; the balance of one’s mind, one’s sanity; the difference between credits and debits; to consider by comparing; to balance one argument against another; to be or put or keep (a thing) in a state of balance; to have things equal; taking everything into equal consideration!"

To Nature, balance simply means the ability to keep all aspects of life itself in correct working order for the well-being of the planet, greater universal life and of course evolution and consciousness as a whole. It’s a state in which two opposing forces or factors are of equal strength or importance, so that they effectively support or cancel each other out to maintain stability; a state in which various parts form a satisfying and harmonious whole and nothing is out of proportion or unduly emphasized at the expense or well-being of the rest” hence all aspects of human, animal, plant, mineral, fungi and bacterial kingdoms should remain perfectly in balance and in sync” for optimum efficiency, stability and health..

In needing to understand how to find balance in life, scholars and doctorates of divine/higher knowledge have agreed that all existing phenomena may be categorized into grades or kingdoms, progressively classified as mineral, vegetable, animal and human; each of which possesses its own degree of function and intelligence.

When we consider the mineral, we know through first hand application that each different type possesses its own consistent, unique, uninterrupted signatory vibration, life force and power.

The vegetable possesses the qualities of the mineral kingdom plus the virtue or power of growth, so it’s therefore accepted that the vegetable kingdom is superior to the mineral. The animal kingdom in turn possesses qualities of the mineral and vegetable plus the five senses of perception, where kingdoms below it are lacking” as so too is the power of memory. All planetary systems must remain balanced and in sync but all must work together to formulate the well-being of the whole bio sphere – commonly called Earth.

At this moment in time in the scientific world, there are more than four kingdoms representing the phenomenal world. If it’s assumed that the laws of the mineral world apply to all phenomena not living or biological, then there are still five more kingdoms within the world of biology and micro-biology. For example, protozoan life is not classified as an animal or plant because of being only a single celled organism. Likewise, all fungi and bacterial have their own classifications separate from that of the plant, animal and human kingdoms.

Humans are here again classified separately because of their ability to exclusively have free will and a higher conscious integrating intelligence capable of overcoming original birth programming, limitations and understanding, creating the ability to evolve far further/higher than any other living specie upon Earth.

For Humanity, knowing how to live a balanced life affects not only ourselves individually, but everyone we interact with along our journey” whether right now or in the future.

All we do independently – whether consciously, subconsciously, automatically or deliberately, adds to, subtracts from or overwrites the greater programming of behaviors and real time daily systems, live structures and scripts playing out. We actively compound or dilute what’s taking place in reality through what we think, believe or do, which in turn equates to us helping or hindering life on personal or greater scales” simply from what occurs within our own time line unfolding each day. Yet, we rarely consider connections between tasks we are doing and thoughts we are thinking whilst doing them” affecting what’s going on all around…

Understanding how to balance our lives must begin from within. Even now, close your eyes and in your mind's eye see an old fashioned set of pannier scales standing (or hanging or floating) in front of you. Are both sides equal? If not” then adjust the weights visible until they are…Worry, stress and the mirage of ailments and conditions that surround words or emotions such as these clearly indicate that you need more balance in life.

The channeled material we have here will help you quickly and effortlessly find what you need from the very first time that you use it, regardless of where you are and what is uppermost presenting in your time line.

Living a very fast pace of life in the 21st century, we understand the need for balance: Financial balance: Dietary balance. The importance of exercise, play and hard work: But do we consider or understand the importance of balancing the ‘food that we feed mind?’ We program our life with thoughts, wants, needs and beliefs through all that we freely give focus and attention to; yet all day, every day, we are bombarded with information and influence, most of which is completely irrelevant or unnecessary to our daily affairs, efforts and life focus. Even when resting, we're still highly switched on with smart technology, looking things up, catching up, or whiling away free time on games that we think ‘relax’ us – having almost forgotten the importance of quiet time and quiet space to let go. How long has it been since you sat with yourself and spent even 5 minutes alone with you, just happy to be thinking or doing nothing?

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO BALANCE YOUR LIFE? There’s no need to make rash changes, choices or decisions to make life work better for you and to re-balance your personal reality. Where you are right now and how things look” is exactly how they should be. It’s just your attachment to these things and more that requires a little tweaking” that’s all!

Every single day is a new day. It’s a new chance to re-create and to re-draw. Each day has its own vibe, its own agenda, requirements and pressures, and how you approach or overcome what comes up momentarily – means everything!

Begin to focus on your ‘now’. Come back to the basics. Take all that occurs just one step at a time and let life and the information we've downloaded help you do the rest… It really is as simple as that.

How to balance life more successfully is as natural as breathing and blinking and you'll find that it can be the same for you too” when you know how!

(a channeled vignette)
Your Chance To Be The Real You ...
[this Insight was channeled for a specific person ... Is that person you?]

Do you continuously seek more and more stuff in order to feel worthy and complete as a person? Are you one whose conditioning is so strong that you don't feel worthy unless you have the latest car, the best clothes, the biggest house, the largest bank account? This doesn't mean that there is something wrong with having all these things and more. No, everyone deserves to have what they desire in life ... to feel happy and secure. But, guess what? What is "wrong" is simply your lack of awareness ... being aware that these things are really not bringing you the happiness that you have always thought they would. It is being aware that all they do is bring you feelings of 'pleasure' for a moment or two, but then you start all over again.

I assure you that such awareness will eventually come in time. The question is 'will it come before it's too late?' ... when you will find that success, material wealth, and false friendships no longer have the same meaning they once did ... when the dreams you once had have been fulfilled and yet there is a yearning for something more ... when you finally and lastingly become aware of that knowing deep within that you are more than your business, your house, your cars, your casual friends, your investments, etc..

This will be a time when these things no longer satisfy the void that's within you ... when that feeling of emptiness inside gets stronger and stronger ... a feeling that there is still something missing that is needed to make you feel whole and complete. When you finally begin to realize that you must let go of those things in your life that no longer serve you and when you get on with being the real you who has been fighting to emerge ... this will be your time of awakening.

As humans, you all have the desire to be accepted, appreciated and acknowledged as a person ... you want to feel responsible for your own lives. The problem is that while you are deeply aware and demand this for yourself, you must also become aware that those who come into your life to manifest these desires also share and deserve these same desires. Like yourself, they too desire to make their own choices and be responsible for their own lives ... like yourself, they want to feel they have the power to guide their lives in the directions they choose and not be controlled and tossed about emotionally by the attitudes and actions of others. Like yourself, they simply want to create the life they imagine they can have ... like yourself, they want love and serenity. You and they desire love, but it seems that the harder you try, the more resistance you get. It appears to you that the rest of the world is happy and so why aren't you?

You have been going along your merry way playing out the roles you have been conditioned to play since childhood. Your personality, your social mask, hasn't changed much, yet, there is something that is pushing you to change, to mature, to be more real and to stop acting the part which you have been acting ... without even knowing you have been acting. You have learned your part so well that you react to others in the same way every time you are with them ... without being the least bit aware of it. But usually, afterward, you think about the experience and you wonder why you said what you said or did what you did? At times, it's difficult to believe that who you think you are and who you act out to be are two different beings.

Is this possible? Could there be two parts to you? Is there a part that you show to the world, a part that changes continuously, and another part that has never changed and never changes. Of course there is and change is certain in life ... you can't avoid it, no matter how hard you try. Yet, is there a part of you that never changes? ... one that is wanting to be heard ... one that is breaking out of its shell and wanting to experience a life of love and contentment for the first time?

Before it's truly too late, explore the different ways and means you can bring birth to this new you, but it's important at the same time to honor who you have been and who you are now ... this is called 'self-love' and it is healing ... which means to make whole. Become that whole person that you really want to be deep down inside. Listen to this voice within you that is prompting this search for wholeness ... become aware of it before it's too late because time is indeed speeding up and there is little time left for you to come to this realization.

There is nothing wrong with you now, nothing you have to do, nowhere you have to go, nothing you have to lose, and yet you have so very much to gain from just becoming aware. This is your opportunity to give birth to a brand new you! Know that your life will be so much richer when you are that whole person you are meant to be ... when your outside world is a "true" reflection of your inside world ... that real you that you will accept, appreciate, and acknowledge for the rest of life.

Lastly, become aware that your last opportunity to let it all go is about to end. View it as having been given a second chance in this incarnation! Listen to what that still small voice within has been trying to tell you for some time now ... know that you and the voice within are one, not two ... that voice that seems to have been whispering in your ear. Stop for a moment ... really listen to it ... it's the voice of your all-knowing soul that is speaking. It's the real you wanting to come out to claim the joy and happiness that is your birthright if you'll only let it. Shed the Ego's mask once and for all and then there is nothing you have to do but just "BE" ... the real you!

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle ...

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