February 25, 2017 Edition


I'm sure you realize how much is said about love in these pages.
I'm sure that you also realize that there are so many books,
and songs, films, poems, roses, candy, even days have been
dedicated to it, but what do you really understand about it?
Where do you really find love and what forms might it take?
Who, what, and why do you love? That is the question.

And so it is!

the Center of Light & Serenity

To Awareness
Awareness Of Love

We all take part in love throughout our lives, but there is no safe investment. To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly even broken. If we want to make sure of keeping it intact, we must give our heart to no one, not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements; lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket ... safe, dark, motionless, airless ... it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable. The alternative to tragedy, or at least to the risk of tragedy, is damnation. The only place outside Heaven where we can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is Hell.

Lemony Snicket in "Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid" said: Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby ... awkwardly, and often with a great deal of mess. Susan Sontag, whose illustrated insights on love were among last year's most read and shared articles, in "As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980" said: "Nothing is mysterious, no human relation. Except love."

Charles Bukowski, who also famously deemed love "a dog from hell," in this archival video interview: "Love is kind of like when you see a fog in the morning, when you wake up before the sun comes out. It's just a little while, and then it burns away ... Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality."

Then there was Shakespeare who said much about love ... like "In A Midsummer Night's Dream: Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind."

It's not uncommon to find yourself wondering if you've found true love. After all, you may have intensely strong feelings of affection and adoration toward your partner, but how do you know if these sentiments actually qualify as true love? Fortunately, there are eight key indicators that can help you determine if what you've found is true love or if it's too good to be true.

What does true love really mean? In order to figure out if you've found true love, it's important to first understand what true love actually entails. Essentially, true love means that you have an unwavering, unbreakable and unparalleled fondness and devotion for your partner. It's also defined by an emotional as well as physical connection with him or her that runs immeasurably deep, and life without your significant other would be practically unthinkable.

What are the signs of true love? If you're unsure that what you're experiencing is in fact true love, it's important to look for these eight essential indicators.
1. You care about this person unconditionally. A tell-tale sign that you've found true love is that you absolutely and undeniably adore your partner with no strings attached. In other words, no matter what circumstances may befall you and through good times as well as bad, you support and deeply care for this person. Unconditional love is at the very heart of what true love means and entails.

2. You fully accept your partner. An additional indicator of true love is that you understand and accept your partner for the person who he or she truly is. You're not trying to change your mate, fix him or her and/or turn him or her into a different person. Rather, you fully accept, appreciate and adore your partner, flaws and all.

3. You can talk about anything. When you've found true love, it means that you can candidly and honestly discuss anything with this person. True love implies that you're completely truthful with your mate, aren't holding back different aspects of your past and are able to fully open up to him or her. You share an intimacy that's emotional as well as physical, and your loving connection is stronger because of your willingness and ability to be open and vulnerable around each other.

4. You're completely yourself with this person. When you've found true love, you're able to be totally authentic with your partner. You're not pretending to be someone you're not, feigning interests, passions or pastimes and/or acting in a way that doesn't reflect the real you. Being yourself in your relationship is essential to experiencing true love.

5. You respect each other. In order to experience true love, it also means that there's a high level of respect, kindness and compassion between you and your partner. You can empathize with one another, see each other's point of view and are able to resolve conflicts and squabbles in a way that's constructive and respectful of each other's well-being.

6. You have similar values. In order to experience true love, your morals and values have to be aligned with those of your partner. While you may have your differences, such as where you grew up, your religious background or simply your obsession with football, true love means that you're on the same page when it comes to distinguishing right from wrong. In a word, having similar principles is a principle component of true love.

7. Your happiness levels feed off of each other. If you're wondering if you've found true love, it's important to pay close attention to your true feelings and emotions. Does making this person happy make you happy in return? Does surprising him or her or doing favors for your partner give you a rush of joy as well? When you and your partner both have a mutual desire to bring happiness and contentment to one another, you should be happy to know that you're experiencing true love.

8. You're a team. When you've found true love, it means that you're fully committed, dedicated and devoted to each other. With true love, you and your partner work together as one unit to enrich each other's lives for the better. And rather than behaving in a selfish or egotistical way, you think in terms of "we" instead of "me." When it comes to true love, your mate is really your teammate.

Sonnet 116
by William Shakespeare

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:

O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.

Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom:

If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.

We Are Energy Fields Of Awareness

If our reality is an illusion or a Dream, what is Real? ~ For those of you who are new subscribers to SOUL SOOTHERS ONLINE or beginners entering the path to awareness, this article was been written for you. This means that it is very detailed with a lot of repetition; making it very lengthy. For those just entering the path who don't really understand exactly what life in the physical world is all about, I'm sure you will find it very interesting. While the author of this writing is unknown by us, we did find it to be quite a detailed explanation/description of what we humans consider as 'reality'.

What is Reality? Reality is everything we experience, and what we experience is different for everybody. We all create our own perception of a collective created energy that forms our environment or surroundings. Reality is Truth and Truth is Change! Yet, there is a general consensus. Without a general agreement, life on Earth would be impossible. Also, happenings or experiences occur to all of us all the time! By this, I mean they happen to us at night in our dreams, they happen if and when we are abducted, and they happen in the day time when we think we are awake.

We are figments in our own infinite dream ... I say "when we think we are awake" because, in actuality, human life can best be described as a dream. We are figments in our own infinite dream. Also, we are not necessarily consciously aware of all the things that are happening to us. We either forget or never notice some things that are happening. All this becomes very complex and semantic, but for now, let's leave this alone and continue with the main article and try to figure out how reality comes about, and whether or not we create some of this reality ourselves.

Who creates what...? For many years now, millions of new age people have been telling us that "We, as human beings, create our own Reality"! I do not completely agree with this. We only create our own perceptions from the cosmic energy vibrations that surround us and which we are influenced by, and created by, many Beings. Not all of them are Human! These are my thoughts on who creates what!

Now, let's see what's happening and deal with what human beings create and what others or the Infinite Creator creates. (At a higher level, we all are One with the Infinite Creator). A little warning here ... many people are surprised at the reality- statements here on who creates what.

We are perception creators ... We create our perceptions from the energy of our beliefs of what is out-there. We are "perception creators". We are aware of most of our perceptions, but we do not create them consciously! What we see and recognize happens automatically. Our senses, brain and conscious mind takes care of this. For example, we do not say to ourselves: "Alright, I am going to look outside now and create myself a basket of perceptions." As a matter of fact, the perceptions we receive and the meanings we have given them are self-taught through others.

For the most part, we get everything second or third hand ... We have learned the names and meanings of our perceptions from other people, and most of the time, unconsciously. They have taught us since we were babies. In other words, we get everything second or third hand, and when we perceive things, we put our memory to work and we remember the names that we were given. Look here, that's a mouse. Look here, that's an elephant. Look over there - Girls! Holy Moses look at them - do they wear skirts or what? Can they get any shorter? Wow ... now they're fashioning them so they are see through and worn without bras. It's how we pick up on what language to talk from the time we learn the words "mom" and "dad"!

Now, pay attention ... We teach ourselves the names of the perceptions we receive and we call them our reality. Remember, however, the reality we think we experience is created by our perceptions! Others have different perceptions. Now, pay attention ... we have come to what is out-there and from which we individually create our own perceptions. What is out-there is an infinite mass of cosmic-energy-vibrations and it is from this infinite mass that we each create our own perceptions. Some people call this infinite mass of cosmic-energy-vibrations; the quantum holographic matrix that surrounds us. The following question still remains - what is this vibrating mass from which we create our own perceptions? Darn good question? Most of us know this as the mass consciousness ...

We do not create the movie ... So, let's say that we are watching a movie and then think of the saying - "we create our own reality". Saying that does not mean that we created the reality or the filming of the movie. It only means that we create our own perceptions of what is shown to us. Well, this is the same when we are watching the scenery of nature or any other happenings out there. We do not create the movie, we do not create the scenery, and we do not directly create other happenings we experience. In the mean time, many people become confused these days, because the all wise Dr. Phil tells us that there is no reality and that there is only perception. Well, Dr. Phil is very good, but he is not always right! His own reality and effectiveness is a lot more than perceptions. So, let's analyze what reality actually is and hit a few soft spots here and there.

We live in the Creator's Mind ... What we accept as our perceptions, we accept as our environment and we call this our reality. Also, we think that we live in a physical world or in a matter environment. This is not so! There only 'appears' to be a physical or a 'matter' world. We live or exist in an infinite mass of cosmic-energy-vibrations and this infinite mass is actuality the universe of the Creator's Mind. This Mind surrounds us and it is infinite! We live in Universal Consciousness and we are Universal Consciousness. Consciousness is not some kind of individual mixture of thoughts or dream-stuff.

Most people know nothing about this Mind ... Now, again, we only experience and 'think' that we live in a physical matter e nvironment! In actuality, physical reality is a 'specific energy density' of the Universal Mind with a limited range of vibrations. We live in the Universal Mind and most people know nothing about this Mind. This includes me. However, we are here to take it apart, thought by thought, and most likely we will still know nothing about it when we run out of thoughts. This does not mean that we should not try.

We are a lot more than human bodies ... What our awareness normally includes, is what we think or accept ourselves to be and what we think we are capable of. This includes our intellectual and intuitive awareness. For example, we know that this is considerable for some people. In any case, we are human beings and seem to exist in a physical reality. Well, all this is true, but we are a lot more than just human beings. We are unlimited multi-dimensional Beings of Light and Love. My point here is that we are a lot more than human beings. We are Spiritual or Cosmic Energy Beings that have human experiences. In the mean time, we exist in other densities simultaneously! In order to live in human bodies, we as Souls have incarnated into these bodies. However, we 'are' not our bodies. We are a lot more than these bubbles of biology that we call our human bodies. What this amounts to, we are going to deal with below. Put your seat-belt on before you lose yourself.

There is no within or without ... First of all, we need to understand and remember, that there is but One Mind. Everything in the universe is an aspect or a characteristic of this One Mind! This means that our human mind is actually a specific aspect or event of this One Mind. We also need to remember that we, as an aspect, are not fully aware of the One Mind. In addition to this, we as Souls in bodies, are mostly and only aware as physical human beings. In other words, our Mind is infinite, but it is limited to but the human awareness it has gained up to now. Our potential is unlimited however! Since we are looking from within our body towards what is outside of it - we conclude that there is a Within and a Without. This is not so ... as I said earlier, this is part and parcel of Duality and subject only to the physical world that we make around us - where we originate as spirit is the Realm of the Absolute without duality.

We are an aspect or event of this Mind and dwell within it ... Being human means that we are subjected to an illusion that is created by the body we live in. In other words, there is no Within or Without. There is no Inner and Outer! There is only one thing or energy and we call it Mind or Consciousness. We are an aspect or event of this Mind and dwell within it. This One Mind is our very Beingness or Activity and it is what we actually are! Meanwhile, we are an aspect of this One Mind scaled-down to human size and we are subjected to 'human awareness' and its limitations and illusions. We are deceived by our own body and because of this, it is very difficult to understand that there is no Inner or Outer ... except that it is a part of the Law of Duality which provides the contrast between 'what is' and 'what isn't'.

We are the Creator and we stepped outside of ourselves ... We are aspects of the Creator and we live in this world in order to experience the human conditions that make us understand our all knowingness as Souls. We are Souls in Human Bodies. We are aspects of the One Mind and we descended into our creation and seemingly became human beings! We are the Creator and we stepped outside of our real selves and we became human beings who think that we live in a reality of matter. We find ourselves looking around at the world and say: 'that's a beautiful world we live in.' Others say: 'Holy Smoke, look at this mess, people are killing each other ... what a world.

Love is its Nature ... Some of them say or ask: if God is Love, how can this happen? What happened to all that Love? Well, the Love of God or the Love of the Creator is Love that expresses itself. That's what the Creator did ... it expressed itself out of Love for itself. The Universe is Love expressed! It expressed itself and it became You and Me and all the rest of Humanity. This also means that the Creator lives within us! As a matter of fact, there is no one else anywhere.

The Creator is not a conscious aware being ... Therefore, all 'Things' and 'Beings' in the universe are merely the Creator's Expressions. Very important now - wake up! The Creator lives within its expressions and we are both! You are the Creator and as a human being you are one of the Expressions. All Things and Beings are Thoughts of the Creator. The Creator is "Consciousness" or "Mind" or "Thought" and it is, and forms, Creation. This "Consciousness" or "Mind" or "Thought" we should see as a 'Subconscious Force' - a 'Sub-consciousness' in other words. As I see this - the Creator Itself is not a conscious aware being! Each and everyone of us is an aspect or event of the Creator's 'Subconscious Mind.' We are this 'Subconscious Mind' or Soul and we slowly become consciously aware by means of living in human bodies under the Law of Duality. Hello Soul or Sub-consciousness - how are you? I hope all these words make you more consciously aware.

We are seemingly but very tiny fibers ... We, as human beings, are only aware of an infinitely small aspect or event of our own universal Mind. There are millions of other levels in our Mind and we are not aware of them. No doubt, they exist somewhere, but we do not know where or what they are. We as human beings then become and are very limited. We are seemingly but very tiny fibers of an infinitely billowing Mind of Awareness. We could even say that we are insignificant, especially when we look into the starry sky. However, we are not insignificant. We are the entire universal Mind! We are only "aware" of a very small aspect of our own Mind presently! We do not know much about ourselves because we live in a very limited human body right now. We limited ourselves on purpose. We are 'The Infinite Light' but for now we are limited versions of ourselves or miniature equals and seemingly live in human bodies ... which we as humans accept as real and actual.

This is what the Great Masters have done ... The starry sky and all the Time and Space in all possible universes, plus the infinite amount of their expressions, represent and 'is' our very own Mind doing its thing. WOW: The Creator IS Creation! The Universal Sub-consciousness and its expressions mirror each other and are each other ... expressing itself is its Nature.

When we become more and more "aware", we eventually will slowly merge with this Mind. We need to infinitely widen our scope. We do this by means of evolution, by means of living. This is what the Great Masters have done! This is what Life is all about. It's about gathering "Awareness"! The 'Awareness of Self' or the 'Awareness of the One Mind'. Naturally, this is not all done in one lifetime. It might take thousands upon thousands of lifetimes. And then, being human is but one stage of it. There are many stages beyond the human stages. I have no idea how many stages there really are, but we could say that the human stages are in the middle somewhere.

There is but ONE Energy ... As human beings, we are aspects of the Creator and temporarily we have accepted a very minor position within creation in order to experience it. Now, please read the following twice - here is the Big Deal! The Universal Mind or the Creator does not really come in aspects, it does not come in portions, it does not come in parts, it does not come in sparks and it does not come in Children of God either. It comes and is One Phenomenon! This means: We Are The Whole Thing... Period! There is but One Energy. There are no aspects, no parts, no portions, no Children of God and there are no "chosen ones" either. One by One we are the very ONE.

Welcome to the show Creator ... The division of this One Energy is an illusion. This illusion needs to be transcended. Well, yes, there are certain Energy-Nodes within the One Mind that have different functions. Naturally! This is what creates diversion and it creates the illusion that there is 'separation' and more than One. Welcome to the show Creator! Have a human seat for now! The Creator We Are looks out from the human eyes we call ours. We need to open these eyes and know what is.

It fools the Souls we are ... The perceptions we create from the vibrating-cosmic-energies are real to us. However, what we are looking at out-there is not really out-there. What's out there only appears to be out there! It is an illusion that is created by the body we live in. The body fools us! It fools the Souls we are. The body we live in is the body of God, so to speak - it's very crafty! We as Soul, however, we have ways to figure out things and that is what your doing right now. In any case and very simply, the way we perceive things is not really the way things are. What we perceive is an illusion that is made real by our body. The body is a Lens and it deceives us! Meanwhile, we all create our own independent version of this illusion and call it our reality.

The entire universe is a Mind-Game ... What is out there is cosmic-energy that we perceive as our reality. It is our "perceived" reality. We have no idea what other people perceive. Yet, there is a consensus! We have to agree at some level, because physical life without this agreement is impossible. The question arises then - what is real and what is illusion? I say, the one is the other. The entire universe is a Mind-Game for ALL happenings take place in our mind. There is not anything 'we think we see' out there. There is no objective reality! We see things that are not there.

The same thing happens when we watch a movie ... Reality is an illusion and the perception of this illusion is our reality. Again, what we think we see out-there is not really there. What is out-there is a mass of vibrating-cosmic-energy that we interpret into what we think we see or experience. The energy takes form based on the frequency at which it is vibrating ... the lower the vibration, the more dense the form; the higher the vibration, the less dense the form; with 'light' being the highest frequency of vibration. The same thing happens when we watch a movie in a theater. We look at still pictures and our body makes it into a movie. The same happens on TV - there are no moving pictures on TV! The scenes we watch on TV are literally electronically painted or projected on the inside of the boob tube - line by line and dot by dot. Our perception system makes them into the TV pictures or movies as we know them.

Most human beings are unconscious ... We are deceived by our own appliances and we do not even know it. Our senses, brain and conscious mind are too slow to see what's going on. All this means that the physical reality system we live in is a flabbergasting success! It makes it possible for the human-creator to watch its own show and be totally deluded by what it sees or experiences. In other words, it is fooled by its own creative abilities. Then, most human beings are unconscious of their creative abilities. They live unconsciously and things happen by default, so to speak! This needs to be transcended. We need to make our own unconsciousness - conscious! This is our Task.

The reality we create is the reality of our perceptions which come from our Beliefs ... What other people see or experience when they observe what is seemingly out-there, is bound to be different than what we experience. We all have different perceptions and beliefs from whence they come from, different brains and different conscious minds. We all live in our own body and we are all brainwashed and hypnotized differently. The reality we create is the reality of our perceptions! Now, here comes the sticky point ... we do not necessarily create the "mass of energy-vibrations" or "Quantum Energy Matrix" that is out-there, and what our perceptions are based on. The energy-vibrations out there are created by many co-creators. The energy out-there is interpreted by us as our reality.

Thinner than a puff of smoke ... We are all watching a different version of the world and our perceptions are projections upon the screen of our "awareness". We all have different screens! Also, what is out-there are not material objects! We experience them as real and solid however. Matter is 99.99999% emptiness. So what we see or experience is thinner than a puff of smoke and yet we call it a solid material world. The world and its objects or people are not solid at all. In other words, what we see and experience is not really there. We are fooled by our own body continuously.

All Energy-Fields make up the One Mind ... How is all this possible? Well, here are some of the clues. All things in the universe and the world are Energy-Fields and there are no solid objects anywhere! Please read that again - there are NO solid objects anywhere. There are only Energy-Force-Fields! Since we as human beings are aware, we are Aware-Energy-Fields! In addition to this, whatever else is "anywhere" are Energy-Fields. So what is happening? Since there is no out-there or in-here, and since there are only Energy-Fields, all Energy-Fields together actually ARE the Universal Mind. In other words, all Fields make up the One Mind! We live or float in it and are it.

We are actors in a Play ... As the master Shakespeare said: "All the world's a stage and we all the actors." All Beings and Things are Energy-Fields and they all exist in the One Mind. All these Energy-Fields are able to interact with each other and create a specific reality or recognition within themselves - by themselves - of what they encounter. In other words: they recognize other Energy-Fields and some of them look like human beings living in a world of sticks and stones that are not there either. One of these Energy-Fields is Mr Push. Everybody recognizes that Energy-Field, but only a few know him for what he is. He plays the role of the Bad Guy! We are actors in a Play and we create perceptions of what we think we see and experience in this play. We live in our own Dream and maintain it by dreaming more of it, day by day, minute by minute, second by second. Human Life is a Dream and all of us create the reality that is perceived by our perception mechanism.

We are Energy-Fields with human "awareness" ... Evolved Energy-Fields like human beings are aware and have memory! In the mean time, what we become aware of, or sense, is different for each human being or Energy-Field. So, at the moment, we are Energy-Fields with a specific or individual human awareness. By means of individually created perceptions, we are able to become aware of what we think is seemingly out-there. The cosmic energy out-there however, is not necessarily all created by human beings.

Please read this again ... Now, here it comes Sister New Age Soul - We, as human beings, do not necessarily create all of our own reality! We only create our perceptions and we possibly might contribute to the creation of the vibrating-cosmic-energy on which our perceptions are based. Please read this again: we possibly might contribute to the creation of the vibrating-cosmic-energy on which our perceptions are based. We will discuss this later.

These walls are our created perceptions ... Again, we are Energy-Fields and we exist within the Energy of the Universal Mind and float within it! This floating is limited naturally, because we mostly stay in one spot. This spot is determined by the level of our awareness. Meanwhile, we have divided our universe into galaxies, solar systems, planets, countries, houses, walls, rooms and all this dividing gives us a false impression! All galaxies, solar systems, planets, countries, houses, walls and rooms are actually within The One Mind - this One Mind is seemingly divided by the artificially created concepts of our perception. These walls are self-created limitations and illusions.

They do not actually exist as we see them ... They seemingly separate us from all other Energy-Fields that make up the One Mind. However, we never left The One Mind in which the partitions are realities created by our perceptions. These walls, houses, worlds or galaxies are our perceptions and they do not actually exist as we see them. They are but fluffy vibrating-cosmic-energies that we have accepted as our reality or happenings we experience. They only exist in our own mind which is actually The One Mind.

We all exist in the same Infinite Container ... The material world or walls, including our body, do not really exist because the Within and the Without are illusions. We are different expressions or "nodes of vibration" of the same Energy looking at each other. We all exist in the same Infinite Container we call The One Mind! This is why we are able to change our dream or the so called Outer World. The Outer and the Inner are self-created illusions! What's out there is What We Are! There is but One Mind or One Energy - we live there and we are it. There's no outside or inside to it - it's One.

We have the power to change things ... We are the One Mind or the One Consciousness. What we see or experience is the product or activity of our own awareness - it is our own human mind at work. We are able to change this activity by means of the Aware-Energy- Fields we are. We have the power to change things and create a different world for ourselves. We are the Creator in Human Form and create according to our wishes and desires - based upon our beliefs and emotions.

These thoughts are not necessarily our own thoughts ... We change or create things by means of our thoughts. What is seemingly out-there are thought-projections from which our perceptions are arrived at. To change, these projections must be done by changing the thoughts that created the perceived energies. However, these thoughts are not necessarily our own thoughts! For all we know, the thought-projections we encounter could be artificially created. We could live in a virtual reality.

Did we created a flat world at one time ... Maybe it is a Matrix of Energy in which we live and have our tea. Also, our thoughts and perceptions could be influenced by other Beings. The Earth itself, for example, flat or round, and the billions of Galaxies out- there and their planets were not created by human thoughts. Did we create a flat world at one time because we thought that it was flat? I do not think so. Our own thoughts therefore do not necessarily create our reality.

Let's say that for now ... As a matter of fact, we do not even consciously know what these Galaxies or Planets are all about. How could we possible (consciously) create them? Well, you guessed it - there goes: we create our own reality. Our day to day world of sticks and stones including all Solar Systems, Planets and Galaxies we can think of - are not created by human beings and their thoughts. They are created by Co-Creator-Energy-Fields which are more powerful than the human consciousness for example. However, these Co-Creators are The One Mind as much as we are! Most likely however, they are more consciously aware than we as humans are. Most human minds are not consciously aware of their own unlimitedness. The human thinker or creator is but a beginning apprentice in creating things or realities. Let's say that for now... we only create our own perceptions.

Human co-creators create articles, emails and their own perceptions ... In no way do we as Humans consciously create the vibrating-cosmic-energies or the arrangement of them needed to give us our perceptions. The billions of galaxies, stars and solar systems in the universe are created by Beings that are enormously more powerful that the human co-creator. They are Energy-Force-Fields in and by themselves. They float in the one Mind like we do. Meanwhile, since we all live in the same Mind, we are able to see or experience the energies that hit our screen of awareness by means of our perceptions.

Created by immature human minds ... Among other things, human co-creators create articles, emails and/or their own perceptions of what is seemingly out there - like misery and violence created by immature human minds. Naturally, the more aware we become as Aware- Energy-Fields, the more we will be able to influence The One Mind or Energy in which we have our being and shape it into Energy-Fields of our own liking.

He is a conscious creator ... This is what Satya Sai Baba does for example. He does this consciously. He is a conscious creator! What he creates is formed by means of his conscious thoughts (Energy Fields). His thoughts shape the Aether or Quantum Energy Fields into certain vibrations which people perceive as brooches and then proclaim - Holy Moses, look at this Man! He creates miracles in front of our eyes! Not really. They are miracles to us, but not to him.

It lives within us ... In the mean time, we are not just Human Souls living in human bodies, our Universal Energy extends itself into all other Beings and Co-Creators. We are multi-dimensional Beings and we are Thoughts within Thoughts within Thoughts and then some! Collectively we make up The One Mind. This One Mind has different "nodes of vibrations" and we as humans are one of these nodes. We could say that human beings are student-creators and The Infinite Light (TIL) is the Energy or Consciousness we create with. It lives within us! TIL or the Creator is Creation and it is All of Us. We are the Creator and the Created simultaneously, because Time is an aspect of the illusion we spoke of and need to transcend.

God or the Creator is Creation and the God is Humanity ... The limit of our human awareness is what stands between us and the full 'Awareness' of the Great Masters. Meanwhile, the Creative Force, the Universal Mind has no self-awareness at all. Its awareness or its self-awareness has lost itself in Creation. The Creator IS Creation! The Infinite Light (TIL) or the Infinite Subconsciousness - The IS - is busy creating. It is not pre-occupied with who or what it is!

Saying I create my own reality is deceiving ... As far as I am concerned, experiencing the inside of a room by means of our senses, brain and conscious mind and then say - I create the reality of this room is deceiving! We only create our perceptions of a certain room that was built by some carpenter. The same goes for worlds or galaxies. Great Co-Creators are these Galaxies! You and I do not create them! Yes, we are these Co-Creators in Spirit - but not in a conscious manner.

Who or what is the Creator ... All we actually do is live in a certain world or room and create the arrangement of our furniture and our individual creativeness is just that - the arrangement of the furniture! It gives us the perception and pleasure of that room and the esthetics of it. So, who or what is the Creator? The Creator is all Beings and Co-Creators capable of creating and this includes human beings. The Creator is all creative thoughts combined. Thought is the Creator.

We perceive a lot but create very little ... Let's talk about the rooms we live in - most of us did not create the furniture and neither did we create the rooms or houses we live in. If we are the creators of the furniture and the rooms and houses, we would not have to pay for these things? Our own creations are free of charge. In the mean time, our Creator-Self is our very sub-consciousness to which we have unlimited access when we have learned how to do so. This is where the great Co-Creators have access to! We as human beings need to work on this process. We need to get closer consciously to our Real Self - the Creator or The IS. We need to establish conscious contact with our Creator-Self, this is our ultimate goal. Only then can we say we create our own reality. Therefore, at this very moment, we perceive a lot but we create very little.

This means changing ourselves ... To sum it up - our reality is a "We"-Thing! The reality we experience, all around us, is created by the collective mind of mankind in combination with the Minds of the great Co-Creators who determine the curriculum for humanity. Guess who has more influence? We as members of humanity are not here to change the curriculum, except in our own living room and in our own life. This means changing ourselves! Changing ourselves means learning and gathering knowledge and awareness.

We need to see through 3D reality ... From knowledge - Love flows uninterruptedly because we understand. In the mean time, it is most important for us to see through the scenarios we are subjected to in our 3D reality. Knowing what 3D reality is really all about is a prerequisite before we are ready to go higher consciousness before we understand that our present worldly 3D reality is an absurdly futile Play and its only purpose it to make the actors within this Play gain 'awareness'. We need to see through 3D reality and only then will we be able to leave it behind.

Thoughts penetrate the All of All ... Since the reality we experience is a We-Thing, Mankind in general has influence upon the conditions we experience. We influence the weather and the energies that create the Earth itself. Our thoughts project themselves throughout the Universe. Thoughts cannot be stopped, for they penetrate the All of All. All things are created by the collective creative energies we all project, consciously or unconsciously. This is why the great Ones make adjustments for what we unknowingly disturb.

We are well taken care of ... The great Ones are like parents to mankind and sometimes they need to straighten out the messy rooms we live in. Ordinary people do not necessarily notice these changes, but they take place nevertheless. Our Cosmic School is well maintained and the necessary teachers appear at the right time in the right classes. We are well taken care of and will evolve in spite of ourselves.

We live and act in unconsciousness ... We are expressions of The Infinite Sub-consciousness - The IS. We live in ignorance of Our Infinite Self! We live and act in unconsciousness and commit all kinds of horrible acts that in the long run awaken us to the infinite Beings we are. (Think about the BP Oil Spill here for example. If not stopped it could kill all Life on Earth). Sometimes it seems to us that The Infinite Love of Creation does not trickle down upon this Earth and its people. However, it does so in abundance, for it sustains creation throughout the Universe. We are here to learn the lessons of self-responsibility.

Humanity on Earth is a very young species ... We as humanity are just beginning to awaken to what and who we actually are - Love for Ourselves that expressed itself into all we see around us - awakening to itself. In the mean time, humanity on Earth is a very young species and we are in the process of promoting ourselves to a higher density level of The One Mind We Are. It's called the Ascension Process. This takes time and effort. Meanwhile we must excuse those who do not know this. The world is full of them.

We are here to become an Observer and a Knower ... No doubt there is a lot more to understand, including the realization that we are not here to follow one specific teaching. We are here to become free of all that! We are not here to become a follower or a believer. We are here to become an Observer and a Knower! We are self-inquiring Authentic Beings on a Soul-Quest. This automatically projects us into a higher density level, because our awareness has risen to the occasion to complete the last obstacles of our 3D journey.

We have a long way to go ... In the long run, we must become fully realized Buddhas or Christs by means of our efforts. We have a long way to go. Therefore, let us go forward in Peace and Gratitude towards the ONE We Are. Let our thoughts dwell upon the Expressed Love of the Creator or The One Mind we seemingly left in order to experience our Creation.

Oh yes, one last thing ... Since our reality is an illusion - who or what is Real? Well, that's an easy one to answer - We Are Real! We are the Essence or Light of Creation. We are The Infinite Light in Human Form! We live in all Things, Creatures and Beings. We are the One who is Real! We Are The Only Real and Absolute. The Real is the Essence We are! We live in, and are, all Beings and Things all throughout all other densities or dimensions. All realities are aspects of our Dream. Eventually, humanity will awaken to the One Dreaming Consciousness We Are. It is this that will return us to the Realm of the Absolute and it is called "The Christ Consciousness".

Spiritual Insight
(a channeled vignette)
Evolution Of The Human Race

The turmoil is still occurring on Earth as those of the lower vibrations continue to make themselves known by their indiscriminate actions against innocent people. Naturally, karma is involved, but that does not in any way excuse one in particular by his ill intentions. It achieves nothing in furthering his cause, but alienates people on all levels. These actions can be brought to a complete halt and will be once a certain point is reached. In the meantime, you will continue to evolve as the vibrations proceed to lift you up, and will draw further away from the lower vibrations until you are ready to ascend.

The truth about the evolution of the Human Race is far removed from fact, and in the very near future, your history books will be re-written to reflect the truth. Those embracing the low energies have tried to hold you back by keeping the truth from you, but thus far it has been to no avail. Over a period of time, souls of the Light have been born to the Earth with memories intact of earlier experiences.

There is no way the truth can continue to be hidden, and there are now many sources ready to reveal it. It will release you from the false picture presented by both religion and your history books, and prepare you to take your place in the higher realms. There can be no misrepresentation of the truth of how the human race evolved, and from the higher levels if it is necessary, it is possible to travel back in time and see for your selves.

It is important that you keep focused upon on that which you look forward to come, and do not allow doubt to creep into your minds. With the things that are being done through the new U.S. President, the end times are inevitably quite volatile, but Light continues to lift up; leaving the lower vibrations to find their own level. However, everywhere changes are occurring and it won't be too long that the outcome will see the Light becoming the dominant force. The old has no place in the new age that has only just begun, and those souls that cling to it will stay in the level that suits their needs. It is a totally fair and acceptable way of evolving.

As I've said in previous communications, friends and even some family members may move to a level different to yours, but know that every soul will end up exactly where they are meant to be. Close families are most likely to have similar needs, which is why they often incarnate together. Whatever happens, every soul will find themselves exactly at the right level. Because you have freewill, you can of course, move back to an earlier stage, if that is necessary to further your evolution. One thing you cannot do is move to a level that is higher than your vibrations. You can, however, visit a higher level by accompanying a soul who is already of that vibration who will protect you.

There is a time approaching when all people shall have everything sufficient to live a life of comfort, and no one will go without. You will build up to that level helped mainly by Archangel Michael. You will be utterly astonished when you learn of the plans that were made millennia ago to bring you to this point in time. At times, you have felt that you are fighting a lone battle, but at all times you have been supported by vast numbers of helpers working for the Light, Love and Truth.

The changes will come in your time regardless of how many obstacles are placed on your path. They are already in the process of manifesting and there is an orderly manner in which they shall be announced. The priority is to bring your civilization to a point where the lack of essentials for a comfortable existence is overcome. It will take place speedily and efficiently. Once people are no longer bound by providing the essentials of life, they will have time to follow their own pursuits. The spirit of helping others less fortunate will return in full and co-operation will abound. You will eventually find that you are able to live in peace and feel safe in your own home. Once people realize that there are no longer threats against them, they will be able to relax and enjoy a level of life far beyond their present experience.

The changes may seem far away, but in reality, they are near to being announced. It is a matter of simply waiting for the safe and appropriate time to do so. Having successfully come this far, there is no panic or concern about the timing, as you may be sure all factors will be considered before proceeding. It is so advanced that from time to time, only minor changes are necessary as everything is in a state of readiness. Those of the lower energies are in retreat having lost considerable power and the ability to alter the outcome. They will hit out at anything to continue causing fear and commotion, but it will not achieve anything for them that will now alter the outcome.

If your Press/media was free to report the truth of what was taking place, you would keep up to date on the happenings. However, that position is also changing and attempts are being made to return to a free press. You have been deliberately mislead for many years and only fed the news that those of the lower energies control. The Internet has largely overcome that problem as there is a freedom to report matters as you find them. It is used to bring the truthful facts to your notice and you have a great advocate who works tirelessly to bring all matters into the open. Of course, those with a different agenda set out to confuse matters, but as long as you are well informed you will know what to believe.

Events are speeding up in spite of their outer appearance, but for the time being are overshadowed by those taking place on Earth that are causing fear and turmoil. Be assured that there are provisions in place to ensure that matters do not get out of hand. As a freewill planet, certain expressions have to be allowed for an individual's beliefs, but there are also limitations in place. There will shortly come a time when confusion will seem to have no end, but be assured, the forces of Light will take a hand in bringing about a speedy conclusion. They work according to instructions from higher Beings that oversee the destiny of Man. You already know that your future is assured and you need have no worries about a successful outcome.

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle ...

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