March 15, 2018 Edition

To Awareness

How Doe's One Listen Better?
Someone asked "How can I listen better?" The answer to this is that it depends on whether one means 'physically' or 'spiritually'. To listen physically means you step back, still your mind and actually pay attention to hear what’s being said by your higher Self. When you’re busy doing other things and only half listening to the answer, is only getting a diluted version of yourself and your energy.

Sometimes personal empathy kicks in (thoughts, feelings, long term memory attachments and opinions) and brings to the fore similar situations we’ve been through ourselves which we instantly try to share. In the force of that flow, we talk over one another, sometimes then breaking the thread of their outpouring, of words needed to be said to disperse, leaving them still unheard, unrecognized or again overlooked.

From the inside step, pause, listen, hear and then speak. There’s no need to infill what for now is their space to vent or bounce… Sometimes, to be heard is all that’s required to allow them then to regather and link to their next steps. Pass all that’s being shared to the universe. Ask for what’s needed to be given and that all that’s unnecessary recycled, transmuted (retrieved from you both) and given back as strength, insight, intuition, peace, clarity and love.

To listen spiritually, is different. Become aware of signals and signs being granted from every direction. The Universe, uses everyone and everything to reach you, often sending random sentences or words when least expected from all manner of external sources… Don’t deliberately look for signs and signals in everything, because there’s a fine line between truth, advice, worry, help and illusion. Just relax, live your life as you do, be you. But every now and then, something will grab your attention. Just notice, then let go and see whether it comes back to you later, and in what context in relation to what’s ongoing at the moment.

Notice your own thoughts and emotions. If you feel too wired up, you could be tripping into hype or illusion. Come back to balance. Send roots from your feet far into the Earth by visualization. Feel your connection and focus return. Send all back to Source, to the Oneness, and request clarity. Life wants your success, indeed it needs it – as it then supports and links with you always, coaching, aiding, guiding…

DIVINE GUIDANCE ... Attracting Abundance

Notice all happenings around you, times when all falls easily into place, when unexpected offerings, gifts and windfalls show up. Abundance appears not just as forms of riches but gifts, health, compliments, rewards, love, connections, like many things which come together unexpectedly, a deepening of friendship, comradeship etc… Abundance is life working with you, uplifting and supporting your needs, even if only at the last fence, the last minute when you’ve had to pull strings and it worked. It can come in the form of ideas and inspiration, in making unexpected connections at less obvious junctions and turns.

It can be others delivering what was agreed without hassle on time in the first place, a bill that couldn’t be paid, but you did it. An idea when you thought all was lost. Every part of life should connect and slot into another. When these systems run smoothly, we are in our abundance and as we increase recognition, more will show up. Increased recognition and gratitude creates an attraction for more of the same, because your energies are open, receptive and fertile. Life mirrors what you give out to it.

Recognize and resolve that you are YOU. (I AM I) is always fertile. Creation and creativity is unending … You and I are part of that system. Don’t take for granted your ability to rise or fall back. You own this live gift yourself. When you feel lost, let down or stuck, that's what you attract. So, shake it all off. Know that life is cheering you on. It needs your best energies, best intentions, clearest and highest instructions – not your worst. Nothing holds you back – not even karma when you know you can beat it or that it’s waiting for permission to release.

Life is waiting for us to recognize us being home because there really isn't anything else and all that which is here is "illusion" … that there is nothing more to fight for or lose. We are where we are!  All is already in place for joy and abundance to kick start. Believe and know this completely. Life itself will issue to you sure proof.  Be safe, well and happy. Be all that you search outwardly for ... live the rest of this journey in the "I AM I"

The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.
~ Albert Einstein

Broken Toys
~ by Ben Hildner

As children bring their broken toys, with tears, for me to mend
I brought my broken dreams to God because he was my friend.

But then, instead of leaving Him in peace to work alone
I hung around and tried to help . . . with ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried, "How can You be so slow?"
"My child," He said. "What could I do? You never did let go."


A Defining Moment
A thought or decision can certainly redefine our direction in life and in love. There's a lesson in every experience. However, one usually doesn't figure out the lesson until well after the experience. For example, we always heard when we were children trying to hurry up and reach adulthood that our youthful years were the best years of our life. Some people have to live with the knowledge that only after losing someone did they truly realize what they had. Or how about the choices we make that we feel are best for us, or when we consciously decide to do something only to later realize we chose wrong.

What is a "defining moment"? I describe it as a point in time where one gains clarity about something that has long eluded them, when one consciously chooses to do something or stop, or when something becomes so obvious as the nose on our face. There is no set course for when we reach these places in our lives. They appear almost "out of the blue". The funny thing is that when we have these moments we usually say to ourselves, what were we thinking?

Perhaps some of it has to do with settling or choosing too hastily. Here's an example: I know I tolerated a marriage that wasn't all that I wanted it to be for at least three years. Ironically, some of our "defining moments" aren't necessarily self-realized. It took my husband saying he no longer wanted to be married, for me to accept I was living a life that made me depressed. Imagine being married and lonely.

The "defining moment" was in the discovery that I had placed too much importance on what my husband thought of me and what he wanted, instead of relying on myself for my inner happiness and esteem. I had lost who I was. I was living life but I was out of touch with the life I really wanted. Like I said, the lesson often presents itself after the experience. It's important to be aware of what works and what doesn't for each of us without being too eager to change who we are.

I think some of it is that we all want to achieve contentment. But we don't always look beyond what is immediately available. We tend to live in the here and now with a strong desire for immediate gratification. I now look within to define what I want. I am working towards defining who I am. There's enormous strength and clarity in this effort. I also think that it increases our odds of achieving the happiness we are seeking. I no longer settle. I don't look at how I can make something fit when it really doesn't. I also pay much closer attention to the way I perceive things and how my moods can certainly affect my processing.

It's about being true to oneself. I take the little things that happen in my life and draw upon them. I see beyond what's around me and what's right in my face. I breathe. Funny, I know. But do you know how many people don't really breathe? The best way I can sum it up is "stop and smell the roses". Add quality, not quantity, in your life.

Defining moments in my life are now something I enjoy, even though I know I will falter from time to time. I pay closer attention to them and respect them. For the way we choose to define the moment can either bring pain, disappointment, or that contentment we so eagerly crave. Letting go of the need to always know where we are can change our outlook.

I take risks now because I trust myself to know that the choices I make are ones that I've given considerable thought and energy too. Defining moments define who we are, who we become, and they create history.

"Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed."
-- Sister Corita Kent

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Civilization and Truth

'Hell.' wrote Thomas Hobbes, 'is truth seen too late.' Survival is falsehood detected in time.

The essence of civilization is the orderly quest for truth, the rational perception of reality and all its facets, and the adaptation of man's behavior to its laws. So long as we follow the path of reason we shall not move far from the lighted circle of civilization. Its enemies invariably lie among those who, for whatever motive, deny, distort, minimize, exaggerate or poison the truth, and who falsify the processes of reason. At all times civilization has its enemies, though they are constantly changing their guise and their weapons. The great defensive art is to detect and unmask them before the damage they inflict becomes fatal. 'Hell.' wrote Thomas Hobbes, 'is truth seen too late.' Survival is falsehood detected in time.

Civilization ... is the rational pursuit of truth within a framework of order. The discovery of truth, of course, is part of this ordering process, the way by which man located himself in the universe. This is a very long, complicated and cumulative process. Man needs to orientate himself in time, by discovering and perfecting chronology; in space, by acquiring geographical and astronomical knowledge; in nature, by discovering its laws and using them to master his environment. He is also engaged in a continuous effort of moral and social orientation, reflected in his attempts to improve his designs for civil government, for legal and ethical codes, and his image of what a just society should be. There is, likewise, a process of moral ordering, in which man seeks to discover his worth in relation to other men, and to the potentialities of his surroundings. Human beings need to know where they stand in all these matters, for such knowledge is an essential element in their security, and... their happiness.

Your mind will answer most questions
if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.
~ William S. Burroughs

Spiritual Insight
(A Channeled Vignette)
The Center Of Oneness ...

Oneness is where you bring together all aspects of consciousness into the very center of your being. It is here where you exist in the perfection of creation with the knowingness of all truth. It is here where true reality lies ... where your God/Goddess or All That Is is creating and evolving in and through all of creation.

There are many pathways to this inner totalness of being at one with everything and for those paths which you have not chosen, you must still respect them as the choice of others. No matter which path you chose, it is important to understand that you have traversed over many eons ... over many lifetimes of experience and upon many dimensions of manifestation. Regardless of which path has been chosen, the important thing is that you know that whatever you have focused your consciousness on through these experiences, all have become a part of you and a part of that Oneness that is your ultimate destiny.

As you enter the center of your being, you will find that all those outer attachments that were part of separation ... a part of the illusion ... are discarded. These external attachments will no longer hold the meaning that they once had in your assumed reality of existence. Nevertheless, they were a part of the pathway that you chose and therefore were experiences that served as stepping stones to your destination into the inner reality of Oneness.

As you become centered with your soul, you will also release and let go of everything that was holding you back up until now ... all those attachments and beliefs that formed the boundaries and limitations along your path. All of the drudgeries of your day to day activities in this illusion are transcended as you experience the different feelings and insights of freedom and awareness of every step taken along the way.

In achieving this state of Oneness, you will be in a position to view all of your experiences ... all of the events of your lifetime in what you would term in the physical as a brief moment of time ... all from a macro perspective ... escaping and going beyond the three dimensional boundaries and viewing all that is, was, and will be from an elevated, extended, unlimited and multi-dimensional point of view.

You will have entered into the light of creation that animates and gives energy to all that you are. And as you pass through and blend with the light, you become the center most part of Love and experience Love in its totality ... you experience Love as the pure energy of creation ... you experience a beauty, harmony and peacefulness that is beyond words ... you feel and experience the timeless and spacelessness of the total essence of All That Is ... the consciousness of Oneness.

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle ...

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