November 18, 2017 Edition


One of the main impediments to success, is that many of us have been taught to,
suppress our passion in favor of the logical arguments we hear from others about
what we 'should' do. Because of this, many of us become confused trying to
separate what we really want from what we have been taught we should want. When
our desire for something is a reflection of our authentic sense of self, we can
focus on achieving this goal in a way that maximizes our ability to achieve it.

And so it is!

the Center of Light & Serenity

To Awareness

the Center of Light & Serenity

Attachment is the food of the mind. Attachment is the anchor of the mind. Through attachment the mind anchors to many things in this world.

Such a mind is a jailed mind. Where there is attachment there is no freedom. Where there is attachment there is no love. The attachment you feel to a particular outcome is like a vehicle. Let the vehicle take you on a journey but when you arrive, you must leave it outside the door and enter the destination alone.

Some have become unhappy with attachment so they decide to practice detachment. This detachment is but another face of attachment. It is based on control.

The stem of attachment has given rise to the sprout of detachment. Both stems spring forth from the root of ego.

You may have given up outer clinging. You may practice spiritual austerities. But have you given up the inner clinging? The clinging to enlightenment prevents the transformation you so desire.

You cannot force open the flower of spiritual freedom. It blooms on its own accord. If you force it, it may appear to bloom. But in reality it is already dead.

Where there is attachment, there is no awareness. Give complete attention to your attachment. Apply your whole body, mind, and emotions to it. A space will open and that attachment will drop by itself like a mature leaf drops to the ground.

The answer is CHOICE. The word choice reminds us that our free will is what gives us power. Every day we are presented with numerous choices, each one effects us and those around us.

The wise recognize the immense responsibility involved in decision making and choose carefully. They weigh the outcome of their decisions based on how it effects everyone ultimately. Use your immense personal power to make the best choices. At any given moment, one wise decision might bless yourself and many others.

Recognize that choice also brings about challenge as well. When we make decisions to act in haste without careful consideration, or when we choose not to act at all and be passive, or when we knowingly make choices that are harmful to ourselves or others ... our personal power is made destructive, by our own hands.

Choices determines whether our power is used for growth or for destruction. Choose wisely; take note of the effect of your decisions. Your choices may carry more weight than you realize.

Be aware of the power in your decisions. Be careful to weigh the outcomes of all choices you make, even the seemingly small. Are there any decisions you have been putting off? Work through these, what is causing you to delay action?

Are your choices healthy ones? How have your choices affected both yourself and those around you? Reflect on the above in your journaling.

In My Prayers
by Terri McPherson

As you make your way
through a fog of tears,
a landslide of heartache
and multiple fears,

I'll remember you
in my prayers.

While God holds you safe
in the palm of His hand
and sends His angels
to help you stand,

I'll remember you
in my prayers.

Each minute you long
for peace and rest,
courageously fighting
this willful test,

I'll remember you
in my prayers.

When a ray of hope
pierces the night
and your faith is renewed
by the heavenly sight,

I'll drop to my knees
and thank the Lord
for the grace of prayer
and your spirit restored.

~ by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

Since beginning publishing SOUL SOOTHERS, I have read and heard many views of what being spiritual actually means. I'm writing today's article to share with you my beliefs and therefore the truth of what it is.

Perhaps above all, I believe being spiritual means living as our Native American friends believe ... as close to nature as we can get, while accepting that the physical world has its imperfections, because it is through our mistakes that we learn and grow. It's about accepting our life as it is. Though it's difficult, we must trust that there is a perfect plan for how the universe and our lives should work and the lessons life sends us are necessary for our soul’s growth.

So, I believe that being spiritual is also about learning tolerance, because all of our needs during our lives are completely different and it is impossible to know the hidden purposes motivating each of us, as we choose to live as we do. Being spiritual is knowing that we all have the ability to say ‘I Am’, and believe that we are. We all have an intelligent all-knowing voice within ... right from birth. This voice, which is of our true higher Selves, is there to guide, educate and comfort us throughout our journey of playing the part as a physical human being. Therefore, I believe that being spiritual means following the guidance of that voice within and going forward with complete faith into the unknown; remembering that this voice is the voice of our Soul that has incarnated to experience its all-knowingness and to whom our being truly belongs. It is when we have this trust and proceed according to our instincts, that we are truly present in our body.

Of course, however, we must learn to identify between the voice of the Soul and the voice of the Ego if we want to be on the path of our greatest good. But this isn't difficult, because the voice of the ego is always fear-based ... it usually warns us through fear that something is 'bad' or 'wrong'; especially when it feels that it is losing 'control'. The accompanying feeling is one of constriction, a tightness in the chest ... one of discomfort ... as opposed to that from our Soul which is comforting and satisfying.

I believe this because it makes sense that our Soul guides every step in our life because it knows and loves the physical bubbles of biology we call our bodies and will never put us through any experience that is not for our greatest good and not ready to undertake. At times, we may endeavor to go faster than our Soul knows is best, and therefore, there may be cause for failure and delay. To me, being spiritual also means that we know that, in addition to the Soul, we all have many friends in spirit who help us go through the worst times of our life ... we call them "sprit guides".

Likewise, being spiritual also means that we believe that nothing happens in our life by coincidence or by accident, but rather that our Soul prepares us for the experience we truly need for our growth. What we make and do is less important than the attitude with which we do it. We have plenty of time to do whatever we wish to do in order to fulfil the plan we came here to achieve. Spirituality helps us to understand that growing into wholeness entails going through many types of experiences scattered over many lifetimes, so there is nothing we cannot handle. As a spiritual person, I believe that there is nothing we are not allowed to know, but at the appropriate times. Although we experience nothing in a logical order, we learn to deal with every kind of situation without having grudges and bad feelings hanging over us.

I also believe that being spiritual is knowing that love is the power that binds particles together into the forms of like nature. Things that we manufacture rapidly with machines quickly perish because very little love, patience and devotion goes into the making of most consumer goods on which we totally rely. Clothes that we make (or used to make) for our families have loving and comforting vibrations, which don’t wash out. It's the same with home-cooked meals served with love ... they are usually much more nourishing and very satisfying than meals eaten at restaurants.

Spirituality is also about learning of our birthrights as souls, like that of 'Divine Creativity' where we can create situations and objects that we wish to manifest, and we can have living thought creations around us, such as angels and guides to protect us. And, of course, being spiritual means believing that everything is possible and nothing is impossible to create because of who we truly are ... 'unlimited multi-dimensional beings of love and light'.

Society believes that as we grow older, we shall inevitably look and feel older, develop certain physical defects and prepare for death. All you have to do is look at some of the greeting cards we publish, like "Over the hill at 50" covered with black balloons. We follow and publicize statistics about beginning to lose memory at 50 or so, our eyesight is not as it used to be, our faces become wrinkled and our hair becomes gray ... all signs of old age and what we will become. And we develop our beliefs accordingly, and so we fall subject to diseases and established trends. In this way, society influences our beliefs through the behavior and progress of others according to statistics and societal decisions as a whole; ergo these practices and beliefs become what we know as the "mass or collective consciousness".

It is through the Law of Abundance and the Law of Free Will that our birthright of Divine Creativity allows us to experience that which we choose to 'believe' because each perception that we hold is derived through our belief systems. Knowing this, why would we instill the belief in anyone else that they are going to become old, ill, wrinkled, weak and ugly, but we do! In reality, we are all capable of remaining as young fit and beautiful as we wish, so we should always be conscious to project an image of our future self as the person we wish to be, and not the image that the mass consciousness insists is the normal way for society to follow.

Stop and think for a moment. It is a scientific fact that every atom and every cell of our physical body is constantly renewing itself. Why then, do we need to be so conscious of time and the imaginary effects it has upon us? If you can accept anything that I have written as a belief in this article, accept and believe that you can create yourself to be beautiful, and live for as long as you want. Insist that you deserve to receive the rewards that will come to you as you follow your spiritual path, even though society in general (through the mass consciousness) may think you a misfit.

In summary, if we can accept and trust in a belief of who we really are as Souls ... immortal, indestructible, unlimited, pure love energies of love and light ... and endeavor to do whatever we ask of ourselves in perfect 'trust', it is my belief that we are being perfectly spiritual ... even if the majority of the unconscious society labels us as rebels.

with the Center of Light & Serenity
The Moment of "NOW"

In our experience, awareness is the key that unlocks the riches of life. We have all the answers we need to the questions of our lives right inside of us. All we have to do is to learn how to access our own wisdom.

We lose the power of the moment because we're so rarely in it. We're continually reliving the past or speculating about the future. We continue to believe that tomorrow's the day when well be more capable, more wealthy, more fit and more loving. Meanwhile, we're just putting in time, dreaming of better things but not making any concrete move to realize them.

When you find yourself thinking of the future or the past, bring your awareness into the present moment of NOW. Really experience how you feel and what’s happening around you ... without judgment. If we can treasure each moment, our lives will be rich, no matter what we have accomplished.

Awaken to new dimensions of who you really are. We have all the answers we need to the questions of our lives right inside all of us. All we have to do is to learn to access our own wisdom. This begins with awareness ... with focusing on and listening to our senses and our intuition ... with diving deep into our emotions to tap their sources ... with watching our thinking and how it creates our reality ... with discovering our deepest essence. Let go of living in the past and future, go to a level deeper in sensing your senses, feeling your feelings and thinking about your thinking.

The deeper we go inside of ourself, the more we will experience the essence of who we are. Open yourself up to a bigger picture of life, but let go of expectations to allow deeper experiences to happen. If we don't go within, we go without!

(a channeled vignette)
Our Evolution
We are an unfinished product ... an unfinished painting on the canvas of life! Our evolution is a natural process with infinite potentials for continued growth. In fact, the evolutionary process is infinite … there is no limit to the levels of evolution we can achieve, both as individuals and as a world society. Best of all, we have within our capacity the ability to guide our own development as "conscious" beings, and many of us are doing exactly that.

As a whole, however, humans seem to be limited by our own concepts of life and what is called "right" living. What makes matters worse is that rather than passing on the staff of hope to our children, we continue to impose these limitations on each succeeding generation.

Why is this so and what is it exactly that makes humans continue in this manner? Very simply, it is our ideas about progress, success and prosperity in general. It is our attachment to the material things in life that is getting in the way of our true development. We are in a period of balance in our evolution and it's now important that we must let go of this illusory attachment that has molded our lives and those of our children and grandchildren through the conscious display of love and peace in our daily actions.

We define "progress" in terms of building bigger and better churches, bigger shopping malls and bringing home bigger pay checks ... all things relating to the physical illusion instead of achieving the higher aspirations of the Soul. Ask yourself ... are these things really an authentic measure of prosperity? Do they really contribute to a happier successful living? Go within to the spiritual center ... the soul of your being ... for the answer to these questions.

It is there where you will find the vast and largely untapped potentials of the human spirit. It is through going within that you will gain a completely different perception of life ... one that has nothing to do with stock portfolios, club memberships, or what the Jones' are doing. It is there that you will find that the true meaning of life is far deeper than the corporate status quo will have you believe.

If you want to find where your natural intuitiveness, insight and flexibility truly lies, observe the children who freely use their minds before religious, societal and cultural inhibitions have been programmed into them. You will find that the natural reaction of a child to express love and friendship to a stranger is an automatic form of spiritual expression. Also observe the Native American people where you will find a reflection of the natural wisdom that comes from the knowledge and understanding of Mother Earth, plants, animals, nature, practical spirituality and a profound meaningful perception for the purpose of life. In all of these examples, the word "natural" is the key to understanding true human progress, for it is through natural laws ... spiritual laws ... that we learn the reality of this grand cosmos of which we are a part.

It's important that we do not let the physical structures or institutions that we build define humanity's progress. No, true progress is found not in our physical creations, but in our spiritual advancement. It is the creator within which must be fundamentally improved and elevated to that which is our divine birthright ... Self-realization. It is through such Self-realization that we will experience blissful joy, magnificent clarity and deep wisdom ... the true definition of prosperity. It is through Self- realization that we awaken to our Oneness and unity with all people and within the context of that which we call God ... for it is through such an awakening that we learn that we as a species, like nature, are governed and must adhere to the same universal laws of life, or suffer the penalty of extinction.

What do we need to do in order to overcome our obsession and attachment to materialism? We need to become children again and apply ourselves to the fundamental principles of living that do not recognize ethnic differences, international boundaries, religious dogma or political philosophies. We need to get back to the natural laws which are void of the petty judgments of courts, popes, emperors, kings and presidents ... in favor of the fruits of universal truth.

Know that we cannot accomplish this real purpose of life and enlightenment while materialism is still the foremost world religion ... that we cannot truly become one with All That Is, find our own souls and real prosperity as long as we worship the illusions of physical world. It is time to awaken to the fact that we are destroying each other and the Earth to gain such temporary things. Ask yourself "What good are material possessions and an empire of monetary wealth, if our minds are poisoned with an attitude of self righteousness and dominated by fear and scarcity?"

We are a reflection of a vast, intelligent and creative universe and the time is now for us to culturally redefine what prosperity and progress really mean. It is time to let go of hatred and war as a means for gaining the love and peace that the majority of mankind desires. This method has failed time and again and it's time that to learn once and for all that war begets war as hatred begets hatred, and that it is peace that begets peace and love that begets love. It is time to transform our world of material ideals to a new world of spirituality that is focused on natural laws rather than upon biased man-made laws.

The majority of the human race is tired of the archaic and ill-conceived notion that "might is right" and is more ready than ever for change. As an intelligent evolved species, it is important to take our power back as a free people and begin living beyond the cultural norms and expectations of the money worshiper minority. It is important to embrace the truth that we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits of love having a human experience. It is important to let go of the notion that nature and Mother Earth are resources for material exploitation, but like our human bodies, are sacred temples for spiritual growth.

As a people, let us let go of being defined in terms of our credentials and resumes, but as that who we really are ... centers of consciousness capable of performing miracles. As a society, let's let go of being defined as a united nation of warring states, but as a global collective entity inseparably united in Oneness. It is indeed through such a realization by mankind that we will experience the nourishing power of love of our fellow human beings every moment of every day.

The stress of unnatural living in the modern world today is our greatest foe. When I say unnatural living, I am referring to the worship of money and material things that are far and above our real need. Our greatest priority today is what we as individuals do about this world crisis, and the only remedy is for the populace to embrace a change in lifestyle ... one that moves us away from materialism and back to nature ... a lifestyle of spiritual goals instead of material goals.

Such a lifestyle change calls for us to reject this materialistic world society in which we live, and move to the precepts of natural law, thereby dedicating our lives to the greater evolution of Self. It is one of inner transformation and our outer revolution rests squarely on the advancement of this inner evolution.

Every single thing we do and the manner in which we do it depends upon our state of consciousness at that moment. This is why meditation is emphasized, because it is our greatest tool for self-change. In meditation, we realize that we are not the thoughts, images or feelings that run through our being, but that our true identity is that which creates those thoughts, feelings and images ... that the creator within is none other than consciousness itself. Know too that all of nature is also composed of consciousness, and in meditation, it is the realization of our I AM presence that spontaneously arises at a critical point in spiritual practice. This is Self-realization ... and when this happens, we realize that the consciousness within is the same in essence as the consciousness in all persons, all life … and in fact ... all existence. With this reality comes the truth that we are not only in contact with God, but that we are truly a part of God, just as cells are a part of our body.

Make no mistake, it is a scientific fact that our thoughts, emotions and intentions carry an ocean of electromagnetic impulses just as readily as radio and television waves. Clear your minds through "watchfulness" and you can direct these waves to transform the collective consciousness in which we live and are guided by. Just as our thoughts are a tool for us to self evolve ... expand your consciousness ... this same tool in a group setting with a common theme can create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than any one individual. This is because it is a natural phenomenon that the resulting force generated from the combining of like minds is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts.

It is through this force of combined spiritually oriented consciousness that we can reshape the agenda of future social events. As we expand our individual consciousness by altering our personal vibrational field from one of hatred and judgment to one of love and peace, and simultaneously change our lifestyle from one of materialism to one of spirituality, there is literally nothing that we cannot be and accomplish.

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle ...

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