Book Reviews

Periodically, the editors of Soul Soothers Online will review new books that are published. If these books coincide with the intent of this publication, i.e., to provide a path to Awareness and Spiritual Growth*, we will add the review to our 'Recommended Reading' webpage with a brief description of our endorsement for a period no less than 30-days free of charge and as a service to our website visitors. We will also publish an ad in an issue of SOUL SOOTHERS ONLINE upon completion/acceptance of the review in terms of meeting our criteria for a small price of $15 in one issue. (Additional ads in follow-on issues will be made for a cost of $19.95 per issue or ad in 3 issues for a total of $49.95 (ad limited to 500 characters). All books sent for review become the property of the Center of Light & Serenity and are not returned.

* NOTE: "Awareness" and "Spiritual Growth" are not to be interpreted as books pertaining to a particular "religious" sect or dogma. All such books sent to us will be returned unopened and at the expense of the sender. Thank you!

If you are an author or publisher of such a book and you think that it meets this criteria, simply send us a copy of your book to:
Center of Light & Serenity
3508 Snively Road
Yellow Springs, OH 45387-9738

Authors/Publishers: Please provide a brief overview of the books content along with complete information regarding a brief bio of the author, copyright information, and how the book may be obtained/purchased. If you have a website, please also include the URL address that will provide further information about your publication.
All books/publications sent to us for review become the sole property of the Center of Light & Serenity and will not be returned.