Biblical Clarity

With all the talk by Evangelical-Christians and followers of the Bible (in particular, Revelations of the New Testament) about the second coming of Christ, the End Times, Apocolypse and Armageddon, I asked my guide for clarity.

Following are some of the terms associated with Christian "end-of-the-world" prophecy believers as interpreted primarily from the New Testament's Book of Revelation. Each interpretation is followed by the clarity that was channeled to me:

Evangelical-Christian Version THE ANTI-CHRIST: An evil figure who will plague the world and eventually be defeated by Christ in the battle of Armgeddon.

Channeled Version THE ANTI-CHRIST: It represents our Ego or lower-self (that which 'edges God out') represents "fear" in which we have given so much control of our life ... creating an imbalance between it and our Soul or higher-self ... eventually being defeated by the Christ-Consciousness upon re-membering who we really are ... "love."

Evangelical-Christian Version THE APOCALYPSE: From the Greek word meaning "revelation" or "the lifting of the veil" ... used to describe evangelical-Christian ideas of the world's cataclysmic end and the beginning of Christ's kingdom on Earth.

Channeled Version THE APOCALYPSE: The "lifting of the veil" of forgetfulness (ego)... the re-membering of who we really are. This is actually what is known as the "Ascension" ... a period in time when we are given the choice to resurrect the body and soul to the 5th dimension through the reaching of the Christ Consciousness ... where the energy of our "physical" bodies reaches the higher vibrations of the "light" body. This is a time when we embrace the Christ-Consciousness and ascend into our light bodies to the 5th dimension ... the ultimate awakening to who we really are! In reality, this is the period called "Transformation."

Evangelical-Christian Version ARMAGEDDON: The final battle between Christ and the AntiChrist. Christ's victory over the forces of evil ushers in his 1,000-year reign.

Channeled Version ARMAGEDDON: This is where the actual struggle between our Soul and the Ego takes place ... a time when we are given the choice to listen to the nudges from our Soul or the false promises of the Ego ... the battle that rages within for us to awaken and move out of fear and into love ... a time of letting go of anything and all that is no longer for our greatest good ... a time of coming into balance.

Evangelical-Christian Version THE END TIMES: The period during which the Apocalypse will take place ... the end of the world as we know it.

Channeled Version THE END TIMES: This is a period in which "time" (as we know it) will come to an end ... the transition to the world of the absolute where "time and space" as a continuum does not exist. It is said that time will continually speed up until there is "no time" ... a necessity as we move from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension.

Evangelical-Christian Version THE FINAL JUDGMENT: When Christ, as ruler on earth, resurrects the dead and consigns the righteous to eternal life and the evil to eternal damnation.

Channeled Version THE FINAL JUDGMENT: When we resurrect to the state of Christ-Consciousness ... letting go of "our final act of judgment" ... a move from "conditional love" to "unconditional love."

Evangelical-Christian Version THE MILLENNIUM: Christ's 1,000-year reign of peace and righteousness on earth.

Channeled Version THE MILLENNIUM: The ascension of Earth and its inhabitants to the 5th dimension ... the final movement into Unconditional Love where we will all live in peace and joy in harmony.

Evangelical-Christian Version THE RAPTURE: The act of Christ's lifting up to heaven all living true believers.

Channeled Version THE RAPTURE: This is a "state of Being" ... the experience of a state of blissfulness (a state of joy and happiness that has been unknown to us in the physical 3rd dimension) that will occur upon the ascension to the 5th dimension of all who have awakened from their unconsciousness and have moved into the Christ-Consciousness.

Evangelical-Christian Version REVELATION: The last book of the New Testament and the primary source of evangelical-Christian belief about the end of the world.

Channeled Version REVELATION: A period of "Awakening" ... a period that one goes through where one awakens to the "revealing" of ultimate truth and recognition of reality ... the real you ... and the illusion ... the ego and its attachment to the material world. It is a time when we are given the choice to proceed to the ascension process or stay in the 3D world of materialism ... a time when we go through the ultimate experience of our belief system ... a period where one is on the spiritual path to work out of his/her fears of judgement and move into unconditional love toward unity and oneness

Evangelical-Christian Version THE TRIBULATION: A period of seven years of disaster that will end with Christ's defeat of evil at Armageddon.

Channeled Version THE TRIBULATION: A period of time for those who do not choose to ascend, but remain attached to the Ego and the 3D (material) world ... a choice that lets one go through a period of the trials and tribulaton of remaining in the 3rd dimension ... it represents a time of the destruction of all that was experienced prior to this time (a total absorption into "time and space", "duality" and materialism) ... a movement into total "fear" and away from all true "love" that was experienced and lived prior to that time (destruction phase). This is the time when one embraces total absorption of the Ego (complete immersion into the ego), but not for long, because it is the pain that is caused by this immersion that ultimately serves to awaken them.

NOTE:  The Christian Bible depicts each of the above periods/phases as occurring for everyone at the same time. The channeled version, however, recognizes that we are all at different levels from a spiritual standpoint and therefore, we each will experience these phases/periods in our life at various times. The ascension process is as if all of humanity were on a ladder, but on different rungs of the ladder ... with each rung representing a phase/period. Therefore, though we may all be on the ladder, some may be on the first rung (phase), while others may be on rungs all the way to the top rung of the ladder ... the ladder representing the 4th dimension.