Awakening From The Ego

Let him go ! YOU house him, YOU feed him, YOU make his bed, YOU give him power of attorney over you, so YOU must let him go. Indeed, the Grand Trickster will offer you dominion over the world, yet what you want dominion over is not the world. You want, dominion over yourself. We must maintain a constant vigilance unsurpassed by any attention in the deepest contemplation. A constant preoccupation of alertness and Mindfulness is of paramount importance. A seeming insurmountable task, though a must to continue Awakening. The Journey upon the Path of Awakening can not be taken lightly. For when your guard is down, the Grand Trickster will be there to help you keep it down. Every Moment, your Full Attention must be AS that Moment and nowhere else, for the Grand Trickster will never be found AS the Moment. AS the Moment is the one place that the Grand Trickster is not.

Wise but bold, that FEW have been able to enforce. Well worth the effort to enforce, but do not think it an easy task. Spiritual Icons of yore as well as some in the news these days (and some not in the news yet), with large followings, have succumb to the will of the Grand Trickster. For us, mere Students On the Path, we must maintain a constant vigilance unsurpassed by any attention in the deepest contemplation. A constant preoccupation of alertness and Mindfulness is of paramount importance. A seeming insurmountable task, though a must to continue Awakening. I do not say this to discourage, but rather to Point out that the Journey upon the Path of Awakening can not be taken lightly. For when your guard is down, the Grand Trickster will be there to help you keep it down. Every Moment, your Full Attention must be AS that Moment and nowhere else, for the Grand Trickster will never be found AS the Moment. AS the Moment is the one place that the Grand Trickster is not.

May I offer in clarity, there is no right or wrong in the Awakening observation of errors. Rather, errors being that which impedes or stands in the way of Awakening. That is, the Open Honest unconditioned observation of the conditioned notions Veiling Awakening and the expression to another of such. No right, nor wrong, nor good, nor bad, nor judgement, simply the observation of What-IS. What-IS, without projecting our conditioned notions and/or opinions into/onto that which is observed. So the errors would apply to anyone and everyone who's thinking and behavior is erroneous relative to Awakening. The wise, as you aptly expressed, would receive the expression of such unconditioned observations as treats to nourish them. On the other hand, the Sleeping would *react* in defiance because the Grand Trickster wants the strings to his puppets to remain intact.

Go with the flow of what ? The world as we are conditioned to perceive it ? With it's hate and greed and conflict and Suffering ? For to let go of the Veils that continue our Suffering, the Causes of our Suffering, we must engage in the most fearsome struggle we will ever encounter. For the Grand Trickster will not give the control and manipulation of us up very easily. As Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita displays so astutely. To dally in one's Awakening is to give momentum to the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind. Awakening is the persevering persistent relentless pursuit of ourself. And if we give the Grand Trickster a millimeter he will take a kilometer. The Grand Trickster is a fellow that we must be very Mindful of ALL of the time, or he will have us wearing rose colored glasses or such.

In short, instinct is the basic autonomic inclination to survive. Which is the foundation of evolving manifested form. This could be applied to the Grand Trickster as well, in that it is instinctual for the conditioned mind to react when it's survival is threatened by the Realization of Truth. Intuition is the greater refinement or potential in the Unfolding of Evolution/Involution. That is, instinct brought to fruition through continued Direct Experience in Understanding whatever it is that we Directly Experience.

We have come to *think* that instinct is our natural state of BEing and that intuition is a tool of divination. We are told to develop intuition to replace instinct. But the autonomic reaction of the organism to continue can not be replaced otherwise the organism would not continue. Instinct must stay intact but remain with the foundational inclination for the organism to survive yet Unfolded to more of an Awareness level as our potential of Awakening Unfolds. The so called intuition of the Sleeping is nothing more than the instinct of Sleeping to survive.

That is, we do have to go through an un-learning process in our Awakening. The un-leaning of the conditioned notions that we have learned throughout our life that stand in the way of our Awakening, then re-learn that the only way to Realize Truth and Reality is to Openly and Honestly Observe without projecting anything of ourself into that Observation. One thing that we will Realize is that the Inner Child is not ego, but rather that Divine Spark that was us BEFORE we were defiled by all the conditioning that we have been bombarded with since our birth.

We are born fully Awakened Masters of Truth and Wisdom. Then we spend all of our life trying to *be something*, only to find out that we have gotten further and further away from ourSelf. So then we have to struggle to get back to the very Divine Essence that we were when we were born. When we Return to that Divine Essence with the skills and knowledge acquired throughout our life, then and only then can we use those skills and knowledge to *respond* (not react or project) to the ever-renewing Moment from Moment to Moment. THAT is Awakening.

Yes, Sleeping feels different than Awakening -- laying down feels different than standing up. It sounds like a Revelation, that must be investigated further. Only after we Recognize this difference can we Truly Understand why we are struggling to let go of Sleeping in the first place. It is a lot of trouble and a lot of work to Wake-Up, because we have to let go of some the most cherished of beliefs (that comforted and appeased us).

Is it worth it ? Is the Pease of not dwelling in the past or future worth it ? Is the Calm of no plaguing thoughts and memories worth it ? Is the Freedom from another's control and manipulation worth it ? Is the Direct Experience of the Wonders of Life (manifested form) worth it ? Is the sense of Well BEing experienced that is AS the Moment worth it ? Is Reaching with mental Hand and Touching the Face of God worth it ? Is knowing thyself worth it ? Is not being tethered to the transient forms worth it ? Is Clarity of mind and BEing worth it ? Obviously, by looking around at the bulk of humanity, most do not *think* it is worth it.

We must take responsibility for our actions and inactions. Likewise, on the other hand, we can not take responsibility for another's actions or inactions. The burden of supporting the world is on Atlas' shoulders and not our's. When we can keep our own head above water, we have accomplished much in this sea of everyone always wanting to dump their responsibilities on us. For we do not have to accept their responsibilities, though many times it is hard to determine the fine line between of our's and another responsibilities. But the first step in realizing where that line lies is realizing that "everything" can not be our responsibility -- unless, of course, we live alone on an island in the middle of the Pacific, THEN "everything" is our responsibility (discounting weather conditions of course). Otherwise, as the saying goes, "it takes more than one to tango".

*Transcend*. Though we do work through and work out our many fallacious Illusions of conditioned thinking and behavior, our recovery is an Unfolded Realization of our *actual* responsibilities not only to others but also to ourself and not merely a compromise. So we rise from the ashes of our Illusions as the Phoenix, rather than learn to live with the ashes.

There is no self-esteem in Awakening, nor is there any self-glorification of any kind -- for there is no self to esteem or glorify. There is only What-IS, and our observations of What-IS, and our expressing What-IS. The interpretation of such by the Sleeping, and their resulting *reactions* of anger and self-importance, only brings a smile to the face. For we must be Compassionate and "forgive them for they know not what they do". Thought there is no proselytizing in Awakening, we can not hide our Light under a bushel either. That we offer the Insights of our Awakening observations is all we have to do yet never try to convince anyone of anything, for "those who have the Eyes to See will See".

It IS the Grand Trickster who judges. For the Grand Trickster does not want to face What-IS, he does not want to face the possibility of not being able to judge. The Grand Trickster's *evaluation* of the Grand Trickster is of God status -- there is no truth higher than the Grand Trickster, according to the Grand Trickster. So when the Grand Trickster is observed and revealed, it is an act of war to the Grand Trickster and all forces of judgmental reaction are brought forth. But alas, when he gives a war and we do not participate by not recognizing that we must judge, that we must simply observe What-IS without any judgement and express it as such, the Grand Trickster is left holding the bag with egg on his face. For we are already in the next Moment of observation.

An unconditioned observation is an observation without judgement, as an unconditioned expression of that unconditioned observation is also without judgement. Though it is rarely *judged* as such. The Key is not projecting our conditioned notions into/onto any given observation and/or resulting expression of that observation. To do THAT, we must let go of our conditioned notions. And to do THAT, we must Openly and Honestly observe them without the Grand Trickster's help in rationalizing them. And to do THAT, we must establish a Silence of mind, a Meditative State of mind, Mindfulness.

Were you meditating, or were you simply dwelling with the babble in your mind. It does take time, and it does take NOT following the thoughts as they arise. When we sit in silence and block out that which is outside us, dwelling Within, many thoughts will arise. Take a non-committed stance on the thoughts and simply watch them come and go. That is, as they arise do not think about them, recognize that they have arisen and continue concentration on the Silence. See that they are there, but then turn away from them, contribute no thought or energy to them. It is sometimes helpful to concentrate on an image to focus concentration so that arising thoughts are of no consequence. They will never get tired of pestering you, but you will Realize much Peace by being stronger than they are. And eventually they will not arise at all (perhaps out of shame for not distracting you).

The *Mirror of Truth* is the Open Honest Observation of YOU. That is, YOU Observing YOU -- your conditioned ideas and images and meanings and how they control and manipulate your thinking and behavior. To *Look Into The Mirror of Truth* is to see the conditioned and programmed automaton or robot you are and vowing to yourself to do something about it. We think we are free and independent human beings, and it is painful to truly recognize that we are nothing more than a trained puppet to do the bidding of others. Most refuse to accept that and turn away, and continue on their deluded life being controlled and manipulated by their beliefs and attachments and emotions.

Through meditation, Silencing the mental chatter of the conditioned mind, Truly Listen, be Open and Honest with yourself in Observing your actions and reactions and thoughts and emotions. That is how you Look Into The Mirror of Truth. And do not let the hideous creature you see in that Mirror frighten you, it is YOU. Embrace it as the monster you have become and work to change it to the Divine Nature you ARE. That is, Uncover the Divine Nature that you are by letting go of the conditioned robot you have become.

No organization, religious or otherwise, will be of much use in one's Awakening. *Wake-Up* from the slumber of conditioned thinking and behavior, of judgement and attachment to what we *think* is so, beliefs in systems that control and manipulate us. Which are the very Blinders that prevent us from Recognizing Truth when it is right there under our very nose.

The "wow" is a bit difficult to explain, for the Awakening it is simply What-IS, it is simply a day in the Life, it IS Life. Nothing awesome about Awakening, for Awakening everything is awesome. For Awakening is who we ARE without artificial masks and embalming conditionings. Without pride and conceit and superiority we ARE humility, so being humble tends to be superficial. Without the conditioned notions of ego and self-importance and selfishness we ARE selfless, so being selfless is the superficiality of the Sleeping.

The "how" is easier to explain, for it is a simple matter of letting go of our conditioned ideas and images and meanings. Though letting go of our conditioned ideas and images and meanings is not a simple matter. In fact, an almost insurmountable endeavor -- an endeavor that may take the rest of our particular incarnation. I would say many, both of yore and of today, though the Sleeping project their own self-esteem onto those Awakening making it difficult to imagine the lack of self-esteem. To the Awakening, self-esteem is an interesting *concept*. As Awakening is an interesting consideration to the Sleeping, Sleeping is an interesting concept to the Awakening.

But Awakening is not about going off to a cave or monastery to Dwell Within, Awakening is about manifesting that Awakening into every aspect of your life. Every aspect of everyday life. The daily grind is not a *chore* but rather a means of Meditation. When you dust, only dust and do not think of anything else. When you vacuum or wash dishes or whatever, only vacuum or wash dishes or whatever without thinking of anything else. BE what you DO, whatever that doing is. Instead of a diversion from Awakening, make it a tool of Awakening. Sing and dance as you vacuum, turning the task into a Cosmic Ritual of DOing. And do it with all seeming *chores*.

But alas, that body and circumstances are the very ingredients for you Awakening. Do not simply *do* your chores, BE your chores. They must be done anyway, so why not use them as a tool in your Awakening. I would only add that if your seeming awakening is not the very tasks at hand (house work, family, job, money matters, and the like), then it is not Awakening. I do not advocate "drop your life and follow me", but rather "pick up your life and follow no one but your own Awakening". All I ask is that you Listen, and try it for yourself. No one Saves us but ourself, no one can and no one may, others can Point to the Path, but we ourself must Walk the Way.

Wonder not -- DO it and find out for yourself. AS the Moment there is only DOing and BEing. No Hopes or Dreams or Desires, just DOing what must be done and BEing as we must BE. Do not "hope", BE. IF we allocate 100% of our energy to Awakening, we fine that we have 200% of our energy for everything else.

The fact is that most are controlled and manipulated by their emotions and desires. If there was no deceit or ulterior motive in this misunderstood four letter word love, there would not be so many broken relationships or marriages. There are many who say "follow your heart" and "love makes the world go around" -- such as the corporate moguls who love money, and the war mongers who love war, and the selfish who love possessions, and the Grand Trickster the conditioned mind who loves to control and manipulate one by their emotions and attachments. No, one can not get to Truth through that portal. Truth is not within the *known*, and though can be Recognized and Realized it can not be understood. Can not be found or held or given or received, and delude ourself when we *think* that Truth is a commodity that can be possessed.

Love is a convenient word to mean just about anything we want it to me, and it rarely has anything to do with Truth. If love did have anything to do with Truth there would not be so much misunderstanding between us when we use the word. There is no real universal definition, for we all have our own conditioned notions about it. If you want to know what love is, look into the eyes of a mother who has just delivered a new born who is being handed to her to hold for the first time -- THAT is love. And in the Recognition of THAT expression not even the feeble four letter word love is adequate for there is a lack of motive in THAT love. THAT love is True. The word is not that which we give the word to. All other uses of the word are means to control and manipulate another through emotions, or to express a like or desire. Openly and Honestly look around at the myriad uses of the word and you will see a gross misunderstanding. And in such Observations I would say that Truth is far afield of the use of the word (save, of course, the example sited of the mother).

So I would say the "the heart" and "love" is the simple quick-fix seeming solution that has as of yet, over thousands of years, made no headway toward Truth. Even in the use of the heart chakra (as it is called) that quality of energy must be first Pure of conditioned notions before it's Vital Force can be used correctly -- which is Compassion. It is a state of BEing, in that we ARE Compassion. Which is a resulting aspect of our Realization of Truth, and not the other way around.

So buying into the *love is truth* concept, I would say, has led humanity astray for some time now. Not only in so called Spiritual matters but also in the everyday interactions we are all involved in. Perhaps humanity has missed the True Understanding of what Wise Sages and Teachers of yore tried to impart to us. For I would say that they did not mean to "love our car" or house or job or paycheck or the other physically oriented uses of the word.

After the fear has passed we see that all we have to fear is fear itself, that nothing else is really worthy of being afraid of. Nothing, not even life itself, is worth the destruction of our *Peace of Mind*.

*Daily Meditations*
There is nowhere else but HERE right NOW Dear Friend
Unless of course we have a clone who is at another End,
If the Path you're on is a struggle you're on the wrong path
ALL effort ... ALL doing is in confronting the conditioned Rath.
-- Yogajyotii