Article Guidelines

Articles should be @ 300 to 3,000 words in length. They should be related to the categories and topics mentioned. The author should include his/her by-line and any specific instructions for reprinting. If you feel you have an enthusiastic interest or expertise in one of the categories listed, and would like to volunteer to write a weekly column as PR or to get published free and get noticed, then please email us at:

Article Categories

1. Business ... articles relative to spirituality, success, metaphysical, and positive principles applied to business

2. Parenting/Family ... articles relative to spirituality, self-help, spiritual (non-religious) and positive principles to parenting and family

3. Earth Ways ... articles relative to environment, organic farming/gardening, herbs, gaia, other alternatives utilizing natural products of the earth, spiritual paths reflective of a respect for Mother Earth

4. Inspirational ... articles, quotes, inspirational thoughts, poetry and short vignettes that inspire the human spirit

5. Self-help ... articles relative to promoting self help in the arena of spirituality, health, growth, mental and emotional well-being, and more

6. Prosperity ... articles relative to the discussion and ideas in prosperity. Specifically, in the arena of spirituality, metaphysics, and new age thought applications.

7. Relationships ... articles relative to the area of dealing with, living in, improving of relationships with the application of spirituality, metaphysics, and new thought principles. However, appropriate articles dealing with relationships could be accepted.

8. Spiritual ... any article relative to spirituality (non-religious) that maintains the themes of respect, dignity, and compassion for those on spiritual paths

9. Light ... articles relative to lightwork or energy work.

10. Health/Healing ... articles relative to specifically to alternative or complimentary or spiritual health and healing techniques.