The Masters of Light
~Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters~

The Earth has always been surrounded by Beings of Light - Angels. They have always been here to help us from an unseen position. Angel is a term that we give to Beings of Light who are here in service to the Earth. They don't really have wings, they were not created specifically as angelic beings, and they are not a separate species from us. Working as an angel is what they have chosen to do as a part of their life and service. Each person's Higher Self is a Being of Light and can choose to work in ways we think of as angelic, such as acting as a Guide, or interceding in a dire situation for a loved one on the Earth. Most angels who work with the Earth have many incarnations on the Earth. This is why they understand what it is like to be human so well and can work as Guides - Guardian Angels - without judgment. They know from personal experience how hard and challenging it can be.

Angels (Beings of Light) are not separate from God. They live in full God Realization and have virtually unlimited love and wisdom as a conscious part of God. There are no "fallen angels". That is a myth to explain humankind's fall from full consciousness (our angelic state) into the ensuing illusionary state of seeming separation from God. This "fall" was meant to happen, for it is the only way that we could (and can) experience being separate from our Higher Self and God to fulfill God's plan for Physical Creation.


Archangels are very advanced Beings of Light who help with the overall process of maintaining the Earth and the rest of Creation. They act as master teachers and messengers of God for the world. They are here to help everyone and everyone can call upon them in times of need. Archangels can and do incarnate on the Earth to serve the Divine Plan.

Physical incarnation is a gift from God and a type of experience that can be chosen by any Being of Light. It is not a lesser form of Creation, or meant for "newly created" Beings. It is a challenging undertaking committed to after great preparation by advanced Beings of Light.

Guardian Angels ~ Personal Guides

Most angels who work on the Earth assist people as personal guides - Guardian Angels. It is their chosen work and joy to serve people, God, and the Divine Plan in this way. They work in unison with each person's Higher Self and they can help to intercede in situations that the Higher Self does not want their incarnations to experience. This is God's buddy system. Each person incarnates with a Guide, an angel, who they know and love on a Higher Self level. These beings are a part of the person’s spiritual family and the relationship is always very close, loving, and timeless. Many times the same angel will be with you in many, if not most or all of your life times. Guides know you intimately on a soul level and know what you have learned in other lives, and what you have to live and learn in this lifetime. They do not judge you while you are on the Earth and working here from such a small portion of your full consciousness, seemingly separate from God. They know that you are here to learn and grow in specific ways and that there will be some bumps along the way that you have agreed to live through as a part of your life's overall Higher Self Plan.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are Beings of Light (angels) who have chosen to have many Earth lives that are very focused in helping with spiritual evolution in the physical realms. Most saints, Yogi masters, and other spiritual masters are incarnations of Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters ascend in consciousness, if not in body, while they are on the Earth. They live outside of the normal range of human capacity. Many of them demonstrate some of the abilities that Jesus did. Many of them can heal people with a touch, raise people from the dead, bi-locate (be in two places at the same time), instantaneously create objects out of Divine Energy, and do other things that would be considered miraculous. One of the most famous people on the Earth today who does all of these things is Sai Baba in India. Tens of thousands of people come to see him every day and witness his miracles. While Sai Baba does demonstrate all of the abilities of an Ascended Master, he is more properly called an Avatar. He is an incarnation of the Christ, here preparing people for the Second Coming.

One of the most well documented Ascended Masters of the past is Saint Germain. He lived from the early 1700's until the mid 1800's, never aging past 40. A good book on his life, which includes personal letters and newspaper clippings about him, is The Count of Saint-Germain by Isabel Cooper-Oakley.

Masters of Light

We use the term Masters of Light to denote all of the Archangels, Angels, and Ascended Masters working with the Earth. They are all masters at their chosen Light work. The term “Light” is for the Light of God, the Divine Consciousness, Knowledge, and Energy of God. Light brings Enlightenment and reunion with God, our Higher Selves, the Masters of Light, and our Spiritual Families.

Copyright (c) World Light Fellowship Excerpt from Ascension: The Doorway Home, Volume I, Revised Edition