The Angelic Self – Your Angelic Self

Everyone in Etheric Creation can choose to incarnate in Physical Creation. It is a way of participating directly with God and other divine beings in the co-creation of the Physical Realms. The decision to incarnate is a huge undertaking and is not done lightly. It is only done by angels who are truly ready for the challenge. It is something that is never done alone; each step of the way is always supported by parent beings, extended spiritual family, and Christ. Each angel who decides to incarnate also is assigned mentors who are very well experienced in navigating Physical Creation. With the help of this loving support system the Angelic Self prepares for incarnation. When the time comes it segments a small portion of its consciousness to be placed in the fetus or newly born child, whichever the Angelic Self prefers. The Angelic Self – the angel - never leaves the Etheric Realms. It stays consciously and energetically connected with its incarnations through the chakra system, the auric field, and on all levels of consciousness, which includes the subconscious and superconscious. Over the vast millennia of time that angels have been incarnating they have become very adept at creating and maintain incarnations of themselves. Most angels who incarnate maintain many incarnations simultaneously. Most angels have several simultaneous incarnations on at least one planet, if not several simultaneous incarnations on several planets at a time.  


When a Angelic Self has more than one incarnation on a planet at a time the incarnations are known as counterparts. Each individual counterpart stays within its own line of successive incarnations on that planet until complete reunion with the Angelic Self is achieved at the end of the incarnational process. Each individual will see itself as separate from its counterparts until it is completely reunited with the Angelic Self.