All About Balance

Often in our lives we perceive opposites. Night/Day Spring/Winter are just a couple of examples of polarities that we witness. In order to find balance we have to come to a place where we fully understand that both are necessary. If the sun shone constantly, we would burn up and cease to exist. If the darkness never ceased we would suffocate. Life does not exist without the balance and harmony of the two. Neither one is totally "bad" or "good", but both are necessary components for life to continue.

In our inner worlds also comes a lot of duality. We tend to accentuate all the things we deem acceptable while trying to deny the other aspects of ourselves, either by repression or denial. In this fashion we seek to deny the "darkness" we perceive within our own souls believing that we are only "good" when we turn away from the negative emotions of anger/fear etc. The truth is we are comprised of both "light" and "dark" for a reason, all are part of the rich human experience. The key is to take the best from both sides and find our center, the place where we are able to maintain balance.

Look at some of the areas of your life that feel out of sync or off balance. How can you incorporate all sides of the situation, both the "negative" and the "postive" to make a complete circle? The key to "perfection" is learning to move away from extremes and into the middle ground. This is so with all things in our world of physicality and the sooner we all learn this, the sooner we shall reach wonderment.