(a channeled vignette)
Universal Energy ... Self-Empowerment

Many of you who are beginning to connect with the new energy that has been coming into Earth since December 2004 and using it on a more direct basis. Those of you who do, will find that you have capabilities like never before. For all you are doing is connecting through your own higher self to the universal energy when you do this. As you tap in through the higher self and as any energy comes through that connection, you feel it as passion ... you feel it as joy.

For that very reason, you are re-minded that your success in the higher vibrations of the new Earth is directly proportional to the amount of joy and passion that you can experience on a daily basis. You are simply trying to find ways of using this new energy in a constructive manner ... where you can use this energy on a practical level. Know that this is where the magic is for humans right now ... for the empowered human will inherit the Earth. No, not in the sense of taking over the Earth, but to naturally inherit the Earth. You will inherit it from your leaders, for leaders will no longer be needed in the same fashion that they once were. As you step further and further into the fifth dimensional attributes of empowerment, each one of you will understand that you have the power to create your own reality and with that power comes the responsibility of creating the highest reality for yourselves first.

Please take that responsibility seriously and help others to begin creating something in their lives that they are passionate about ... something that makes them happy ... something that creates energy for them that allows them to be of greater use to the universe. When you create the passion around yourselves, is when you become the highest use to the universe that you can be ... this is when things will effortlessly manifest for you.

There is much ahead, for as you have now passed the second stage of the harmonic concordance, there has been an activation process that has been well underway. Know that it will certainly continue for a while longer and that as you look back upon this time, this will be another pivotal point in all of humanity. One of the activations that this energy is being sent to do is the clearing of your own blockages and restrictions ... and that is your personal connection to this new energy.

That is the thinning of the veil that is taking place now. Ah, but you live on the planet of free choice, do you not? So, you have a choice in your world of plurality ... to use this new energy for "good" or use it for that which you label "bad". It is entirely up to you what you do with this and we on this side of the veil have no attachment to what you do. Please understand there is no right or wrong, for those illusions only exist in your third dimensional duality.

So understand that whatever you choose is your choice and all choice is honored, but also understand that if you wish to step forward and you are feeling restrictions, it is because you are choosing to feel the restrictions from that which you can benefit. So, find the benefit in that ... find the gift in the restriction and it no longer becomes a restriction, but a gift instead. As in all gifts, it can then only be kept as it is given away. This is when the mastery process takes place ... this is when you begin using things that have been negative energies in your life for positive purposes ... this is when life gets magical and it is there for you now.

You stand on the brink this very day of using this new energy for the good of all. You will now see opportunities to touch other lives. Yes, some of you will call it absolutely miraculous ... some of you will call it art work ... some of you will write books. Some of you will tap into only being there, to be the cosmic connecters that happen to be in a perfect place and time to touch another human being with just the right word, phrase or touch to give them confidence.

Since this activation process began, new things have begun as well. So let me provide some clarity of this, for it is important that you understand the rest of these connections. If you are now feeling as though you are in a pressure cooker or in intense energy ... feeling much stress ... remember, you are adjusting to a higher vibration and you will eventually adjust. Old patterns, behaviors and beliefs are also being pushed to the surface. There is a lot going on inside of you! A feeling of disorientation, confusion, not knowing where you are, a loss of a sense of place. This is because you are not fully in 3D anymore, as you have moved or in the process of moving into the higher realms.

There are many other symptoms ... unusual aches and pains throughout different parts of your body ... waking at night at 2, 3 and 4 a.m. for these are the "cleansing and releasing" hours ... memory loss with difficulty accessing words ... "seeing" and "hearing" things ... loss of identity ... feeling "out of body" ... periods of deep sleeping ... heightened sensitivities to your surroundings; crowds, noise, foods, TV, etc. ... dizziness, loss of balance, back and neck pain, ringing in the ears, "gritty" eyes, blurred vision, insomnia, and heart palpitations with difficulty breathing ... headaches ... feeling like crying about anything, whether wonderful or sad ... difficulty in remembering what you did or who you talked to a day or sometimes just an hour before ... feeling like doing nothing and just being alone ... an intolerance for lower vibrational things (of the 3D) reflected in conversations, attitudes, societal structures, healing modalities, etc. ... a loss of desire for food ... a sudden need to rid yourself of friends, activities, habits, jobs and residences ... days of extreme fatigue ... a need to eat often along with what feels like attacks of low blood sugar ... weight gain ... especially in the abdominal area ... experiencing emotional ups and downs; weeping at times over nothing ... feeling you are going insane, or must be developing a mental illness of some sort ... anxiety and panic and feelings of hysteria ... depression ... vivid, wild and sometimes violent dreams ... night sweats and hot flashes ... your plans suddenly change in mid-stream and go in a completely different direction.

As this new energy continues to move forward, the thinning of this veil between you and the universal energy will continue. You will see a movement and great increase in vortex energies and how you relate to them. Mother Earth is experiencing this now ... aligning for what is ahead. This is the reason that there has been increased seismic activity on your planet along with increased volcanic and storm activity. Know that this will continue for a short time as Mother Earth herself acclimates to this vortex energy.

Fear not, for there is nothing to be feared. No, you are not doing anything wrong. It is Mother Earth acclimating herself to the new connection that she has as well to the universal energy. Remember, you are part of Mother Earth and she is a part of you. Yes, we speak of her as if she is a living, breathing sentient being, because she is, just the same way that you are. This energy is that energy which binds and connects all things together, including you with Mother Earth. So, if your own connection with the energy becomes stronger, your own connection with Mother Earth herself will become stronger as well. All the beings that are a part of that connection will now have a stronger connection to you. So please reevaluate your own connections here ... reevaluate the possibilities of your interactions on these levels ... for they will mean new things to new people.

Know and understand that you are changing .... changing much more rapidly than you can possibly imagine ... for you are being catapulted into the field of being a human Angel. It is your own choosing that has set this into motion. Yes, you have been given ideas of what to watch for ... ways of connecting to others who are experiencing similar things ... and now you are asked to share it with others at every opportunity and to work with each other any way that you can to make this easier and more comfortable for others. In reality, you are traveling away from linear time to live in the NOW moment. This is what is meant by the "end times" ... the end of time as you know it; not the end of the world.

That is how you see life because it is how you measure time. In this hallway, there is a past, present and a future. Know that the entire hallway is an illusion because there is no hallway and no division of past, present and future. It is an illusion that was necessary for you to play out your part as a human on the third dimensional planet. But now that is changing, and yet, here you are with capabilities to go anywhere you wish to go and any possibility of everything you would like to do, but yet you still believe you are stuck in the same hallway. So, now is the time to watch for some of the new attributes of the hallway. As you are moving down this hallway, you will see new possibilities, you will see things that you do not quite understand. You will see a new relationship to time. And as you try to figure them out, you apply your old attributes of linear time to them. Just understand that your own human evolution is in progress and these are the signs of change.

Let me give you an illustration. As you move down this hallway, you will think you are going down to the very end of the hallway because that is the direction of the travel that you are moving as you go from past to present to future. You actually travel backwards in the hallway, for you can very clearly see your past. If you are cognizant, you can be aware of your present, but you cannot see your future. So in reality, you are walking backwards down this hallway. As you walk down the hallway, you will soon become aware that there are beings passing you going in the opposite direction.

Take that in, breathe it into your being, do not try and analyze it ... just let it be ... accept and allow; for you will very quickly learn to walk in 'no' time. It is a gift that you have earned through your new connection to the energy of All That Is. It will require you to rethink your beliefs about time, but it will also be a tool for you to create your reality very quickly.

As time has sped up greatly in the last two years, many will now begin to see much of your world changing very rapidly as your relationship to time changes. You will find yourselves going through very rapid change with more ease than ever before. With this new relationship to time, be aware that your thoughts will manifest that much faster; so become mindful so that you won't create that which you do not want, but that which you desire.

Part of the Angelic realms’ responsibility has been about quietly directing people toward that of your greatest good. Many times you start a creation and you do not know where it is ... you do not know where the highest possibilities are contained ... so you ask Spirit to lead you. That is what is called the "overlight process," for we Angels gently overlight you with our light of gentle guidance. We simply shine our light over your shoulder which helps to guide you. That is the process of overlight ... a gentle guidance system.

Many of you will see your life's work change. Many will see your locations change as this overlight process takes place. And many of you will see changes in relationships. All of a sudden, a new door will open up and you become confused. This is a time to let yourself be and let Spirit guide you ... for there are possibilities of creation beyond your understanding at this time and in order to find those places of creation and happiness, it is important that you do not try too hard ... just feel the light over your shoulder and you will be guided to your highest passion.

You have asked Spirit to guide you. You have asked your own connection through your higher self to play a more direct role in your life and you now know to loosen the grips on the reins a little bit. What is important to understand is that you are in charge at all times, and yet, if you wish, Spirit will overlight you until you learn to create in the NOW moment. If you accept it to simply come allow yourself to grasp hold of this, you will find opportunities to create with this energy like never before. When you look back upon it, you will say “Spirit led me here." Yes, it will happen to you.

Now is the time to take that which is important to you and create it in your new world. Create the opportunities for you to see yourself as an empowered human by placing yourself first in all things. No .... this is not selfish ... it is Self-ish with a big "S". It is time for you to take the energy of Merlin and use it on a daily basis, for then, and only then, will you understand your true attributes as soul ... a Spirit Of Unconditional Love.

These are times when you will be given the opportunity to see yourself completely. It will allow you to connect through your own higher self in ways that you have never connected before. It will allow you to trust the energy as it starts to come through and to express it in whatever form that takes. If it is teaching, then so be it. If it is writing, then so be it. If it is counseling, then so be it. If it is healing in any form, then allow that to be so. Set it into motion this day through your spoken intent. State your intent to move forward, stand back and watch as you begin total self-empowerment and you will see the truth of who you really are. Do not try to think it through or understand it all, then just let it be a part of you and it will happen. That is all possible now more so than ever before.

Know too that you have ascended into the higher vibrations and that you are already in the fifth dimension. It's not in another place or time outside the illusion, you are in it now. Yet, what happens is that every morning when you wake up, you think about what you did yesterday and imagine yourself starting your day in the same manner and therefore you create exactly that ... the same things you did yesterday and the day before and the day before that you did in the 3rd dimension. As a matter of fact, you end up creating a third dimensional reality inside the fifth dimension. You are so imaginative and powerful. Take that energy, create for yourselves first. Open the opportunity for you to feel something new and magical ... whether it be healing a physical disease or ailment ... or whether it is to manifest that which you desire most in this life. Stand back with it and feel the objective sensitivity, because that is a part of who you are and that is a part of your new tools as an empowered human. Take the responsibility that comes along with that empowerment and start with your own responsibility to create your heart’s desire.

You are responsible to be happy here on this planet. You are responsible to create a lifestyle that is comfortable for you. You are responsible to find and be in your passion even if it is only in small ways at first. Do that, and you will engage the objective sensitivity and it will no longer be a hindrance, it will be a positive tool that you can use, for that is the mastery process. That is the act of becoming a human Angel to help others.

Watch for those new doors that will open, dear ones, you will find them opening faster than you can imagine. Each and every one of you will have the opportunities in the days ahead to see unusual things that you have not imagined, because the shift on Mother Earth herself is changing the entire time line. That is the reason that there has been so much vagueness about your calendar year 2012 and when and what is exactly going to happen, because you are still in charge of changing that time line. The more you who allow yourselves to walk past time, the more you will begin to understand of what I speak. Simply allow it in and allow yourself to understand that concept, because that is what will set it into motion.

There is no ritual that you need to do. There is no state of elevation that you need to reach. These are only in the illusory world. You are already there. All you have to do is believe it ... trust it. Claim it now for yourself and watch for the light over your shoulder. Take the responsibility to use it in a way that will empower you and others. As each one of you steps further into your own life lessons and empowerment, you will gift it to others.

You are the magicians of the world of physicality ... the world of illusions. You are the chosen ones. Choose well and take that energy and turn it into something magical. Know that you are creating Heaven on Earth every step of every day. Go forward now and create ... create the world that you have dreamed of.
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