Isn't It Time For A Change In Your Life?

In this busy stressed-out world, most of us eventually begin to wonder, "Why am I living this way?" We discover a hunger inside ... a hunger that there should be more to life than this! But how do we choose to live differently? That is the million dollar question because at this point we feel that we are doing what everybody is doing, but why aren't we satisfied?

Well, many at this time turn to motivational courses and books written to inspire. We make a conscious deliberate effort to improve our lives by getting rid of some of our "bad" habits. And for a while, it seems to work. But then we begin to slip back to our old ways. We find ourselves stuck in the same situations, and doing the same old things. Why? Because we've only changed on the surface ... inside, we haven't changed.

Yes, we altered our routines for a while, but inside we remained the same because no one has told us how to create change that lasts. Eventually, it happens to all of us, and when all those books and courses don't work, we think that the problem is in us ... that we are flawed and inadequate somehow. But there is nothing wrong with us. The truth is that we just don't have the information to make sense of our life.

There's a saying "When the student is ready, the teacher will come." Well, that's apparently what happened to my wife and I. Through a friend ... and in the most unnatural way ... we were introduced to a spiritual person and that was the beginning of a drastic change in both our lives. No, it wasn't a coincidence ... we simply were both ready.

Now we both have the information to make sense out of our lives ... and in what better way than together. And even better, we know how to apply that information to create lasting change inside ourselves. And our life has been transformed into a peace and serenity that is beyond anyone's expectations ever since.

We all have the power to create what we want! If you are as disillusioned, take heart. We don't have to struggle. We all ... yes ALL ... have the power to create what we want in life ... self-confidence and success ... supportive relationships ... wealth ... radiant health ... meaning and purpose.

You are using this power at this very moment ... you are just not using it consciously or constructively. The 'secret' is in finding the key ... the information and the tools ... so you can direct this power to serve you! Once you get that key, I promise your life will change forever ... permanently ... inside and out! It happened for us. It has happened for countless others. And it will happen for you. So please continue on reading and discover for yourself how you can create a life you love ... a life free of fear and pain ... a life full of love and joy ... the sort of life that is your birthright.

We are inviting you, right now, to take just one small step ... a tiny step that will literally transform your life. We want to introduce you to a very easy way of getting started. No, we're not selling a motivational course. Through a mentoring and coaching program, we will show you how you are creating the conditions of your life ... but you are doing so unconsciously. This is why so many people never live the lives they earnestly desire. We too were once unaware of how we were creating our world until we learned how to consciously take charge of our lives ... to achieve the results we want ... to go for bigger and better dreams.

That's why you're reading this today... because we asked the Universe to bring you here. Our service through the Center of Light & Serenity is to help people become the very best they can be. And we believe that you will find our one-on-one sessions ... to be a rare and amazing tool for accomplishing this.

First, we will give you compelling information that you have probably never heard before ... a bigger picture of who you are, of the power you hold to create and of the natural laws of creation. We will give you the vital information that is missing from our formal religions and any other development programs available to us in the normal day-to-day treadmill. Second, we will enable you to experience the truth and power of the knowledge that we will share with you. You will discover yourself being more ... more powerful ... more creative ... more aware and intuitive. It will feel right. And you will begin to see and experience the sheer beauty and magic of the process of awakening ... the process of discovering who you really are.

Release your inner power and direct your future. What has happened to us and to countless others who took that first tiny step, can also happen for you. Are you prepared to take that small step? An easy step that will only mean spending a couple of hours with us each week. Are you ready to turn the key to unlock your real potential? Remember if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!

Isn't it time to finally achieve the dreams and unfulfilled ambitions which have eluded you all of your life? Then I urge you to firmly grasp this opportunity and refuse to let go ... because your first small step starts with grasping an essential secret to success. And we will tell you what it is. We're going to share with you a little known secret of success ... how to build your own new world from the inside out! Very few people know this, but it is vital that you understand this natural law if you ever want to achieve success and keep it. Success is not a result of doing the right things or being in the right place at the right time as the saying goes. No, success comes from being the right person. We attract to our lives not what we want, but what we are!

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner beliefs about your self worth. And here's the best part! As you notch up your self worth, you automatically attract better and better things into your life. As you begin to understand who you really are and begin to love yourself more, so will you attract more love to you.

Apply the natural laws of success! Here's how you will benefit:

- You will understand how life really works. And more importantly, how to create the life you really want.

- You will learn how to dissolve the barriers that have always held you back from the happiness, prosperity, health, loving relationships and success that you truly desire and deserve.

- You will find your own unique purpose in life, and with that, you will awaken meaning and passion in your life.

- You will develop your intuition and inner wisdom.

- You will experience your own inner power that will unlock your creativity and open up your true full potential ... your unlimited potential to achieve whatever you desire from life.

- You will learn how to attract love, happiness and abundance.

- You will experience inner peace and exhilaration! But most of all, you will discover a remarkable inner peace ... that wonderful magical experience of knowing that you are, at long last, living your life the way you have chosen. The rewards will be greater than anything you ever thought possible. If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten! So why choose to stay where you are??? It's as simple as changing your mind ... and as you do, you permanently change your life.

Your mind holds your power. Like it or not, your mind is a vehicle of habit. And habits are very difficult to change. You are literally 'set in your ways' by the patterns of your subconscious mind ... controlled by embedded beliefs of which you are probably completely unaware. And so you allow your life to be steered by an autopilot that navigates with faulty programming.

How do you break out of these patterns if your life isn't all that you want it to be? Well, a typical self-help book or course isn't the answer. It just doesn't provide enough stimulation to force your subconscious mind to permanently change these faulty habits. And that's why spiritual counseling with us is so unique. We impress new positive patterns directly into your subconscious mind. It changes the habits that have been leading you down the road to nowhere. And it changes them permanently.

Here's what we'll do:

- We will share with you affirmation techniques to embed new habits deep into your subconscious and long-term memory.

- We will share with you about life enhancing tools like meditation, visualization, repetition and progressive mental exercises that will improve your concentration, awareness and intuition.

- We will share with you ways that show you how to actually create your own results.

- We will share with you how to use your conscious thought to gain the huge benefits.

- And there's more. Much more.

One of the most remarkable and everlasting benefits is that what you learn is a life long resource ... knowledge that you will eagerly use over and over again and you will never want to go back to that state of sleepwalking ... that state of unconsciousness.

We all learn in levels. We learn and absorb information at one level before progressing to the next. Unlike an educational course, there is no set length of time that this takes. How long this takes is up to you!

Well, now that you've read this far, I'm sure that you're wondering "What is all this going to cost me?" Here's another surprise for you ... the introductory one-on-one session with us is on a love donation basis ... "Whatever you feel it was worth based on what you can afford." From there on, the cost is a love donation with a minimum of $50 per session (unless you are in "scarcity" (not in abundance and simply cannot afford it.)... we will never deny anyone counseling because of the ability to not pay. How much less expensive can we make it? Each session is 2 hours with two coaches/mentors at a time and frequency of your choosing Monday thru Fridays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.(Evening sessions can be accomodated at a slightly higher fee). Each session concludes with a Reiki healing treatment (a non-evasive energy balancing technique) lasting from 30 - 45 minutes.

Our main interest is to provide spiritual awareness and to help your spiritual growth. Accordingly, we will not turn down anyone who cannot afford even these low prices and are willing to work something out with anyone demonstrating a sincere interest. What could be fairer than that?