December 29, 2012 Edition


Miracles come from your LOVE energy.
The degree to which you are open and loving,
to yourselves and others, is the degree to which
miracles will come your way.
Miracles are synchronistic events
that will occur when you let go of
your attachment to the illusions
of physicality and duality, and trust that
reality is your inner Self.
Miracles are the result of reaching
inward to your soul ... nothing more, nothing less.

And so it is!

the Center of Light & Serenity

Happy Golden Age
and the Newest of New Years

"We should all do what in the long run gives us joy,
even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry."
--E. B. White

To Awareness
Taking Time To Be Still

Work is not always required ... there is such a thing as sacred idleness, the cultivation of which most of us have fearfully neglected up to now. Think about it ... when was the last time you did absolutely nothing?

Our world is so addicted to productivity that we feel guilty if we're not doing something every minute of our day. But taking time daily to be still and inactive opens us to the spacious present. It nurtures and restores balance. That's what today's awareness is that we want to pass on to you ... to give yourself a regular gift of inactivity.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time.

Explore different meditation techniques to overcome anxiety, stress and mediocrity. To gain all those beautiful things promised in this new age of peace and love, it's important that we attain more balance and harmony in our lives.

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.
We have guided missiles and misguided men.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Experience Of Joy
~ Author Unknown

The stream sings its song of joy
The waters dance fervently around rocks and fallen trees
Leaves float downward eventually finding rest at the bottom
The waters call us to release ourselves and be free.

Let our fears too float downstream and find rest at the bottom
Find rest in the gentle waters that flow joyously to the sea
The stream is not bothered by the rocks or fallen trees
They are merely obstacles that guide the waters in another direction.

As this applies also to our lives, we must do likewise.
The stream does not stop to ponder or fill itself with worry
It keeps going joyously flowing worry free
It knows who it is and what its purpose is
It does not stop to question why.

It knows it is the lifeblood of Mother Earth
And the blessing of the Creator
It gives without asking
It purifies the Spirit and brings hope.

Its message to us is simple
Go with the flow ...
Live without fear and
Let your heart sing only songs of joy.

"The true secret of giving advice is,
after you have honestly given it,
to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not,
and never persist in trying to set people right."
-- Hannah Whitall Smith

What Is This World Coming To?
~ Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

I find it amazing at how many emails we've received since the violence that Newtown, Conn. experienced with the killing of innocent children. Even the discussions that ensued with friends and neighbors all led to find blame for atrocities as this ... the primary one being the absence of control/laws regarding "guns". While I can understand this to a certain extent, the difficulty I have with it is where humanity finds itself at this time ... at the beginning of a new cycle in our evolution where we have entered the Golden Age of love, peace and joy. That is, it's not about "guns". or "bad people", but about where we've been at in our human consciousness as 'human beings'.

This is what it's all about ... about humanity 'waking up' and letting go of the low energies of fear which have led us to hatred, anger, judgement and violence among one another ... it's about letting go of this and moving into this new age of love, peace and unity of Oneness consciousness by each of us as individuals taking action. Only until we do will we remain in 3rd density and these low energies. As you have learned through these issues and these articles, this is about our choice as individuals at this time, yours and mine.

Like you who choose to rid our society of guns, so would I. However, although I'm opposed to 'guns' and their purpose, I must confess, and perhaps from a different perspective, that I find myself agreeing with those who are for 'guns' and have said that it isn't the guns that kill people, but the people who use them. So, if we wish to live in the 3rd density of duality and are looking to blame anyone, we must blame ourselves just as much as the people who use the guns because this too is a choice of everyone in our world of free choice. The question now is: "Do we wish to stay in this level of density where we've been promised to receiving increased chaos, conflict and violence? or do we wish to be out of it by taking the necessary action as individuals to move toward higher consciousness?"

I am thankful for those who have shown us the way, especially through the acts of kindness that have been reported as happening during these holidays ... acts of "love" where individuals have been noted as anonymously paying other's lay-away balances, passing holiday greetings to strangers at malls by giving cards with hundred and two hundred dollars in them, by the beautiful actions taken to memorialize the children of Newtown, and many more. This is what is meant by taking action toward moving to higher consciousness.

In closing, I want to let you know that this short lecture is for myself as well as you who remain in materialism; for to a certain extent I can see where I too have been doing less than I could toward this same end. I promise, however, that like you, I want no further part of 3rd density and duality and will be more aware of letting go of the lower energies while continuing to encourage others to do so also. Please commit yourself to joining me now that we both have been reminded as to 'what's this world coming to'!

"No birth is an accident,
no experience is without meaning,
and no life is without value."
~ Gary Zukav

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Can't See The Forest For The Trees
by the Center of Light & Serenity

This article is actually a follow-on to the previous article. Have you ever been in that experience where you couldn't see "the forest for the trees?" ... where something was so obvious but you couldn't see it? It seems like that's where humanity is at this time and why we need these wake-up calls to get our attention.

Here is a dictionary definition ... "to be unable to understand a situation clearly because you are too involved in it."

In wisdom, we humans simply cannot do two things at once successfully. One has more success than the other. So when we're supposedly trying to resolve an issue, but still thinking about an argument from the night before or having separate thoughts on a different subject come to the fore, we're not likely to resolve the issue successfully.

It's important for us to BELIEVE that dealing with one job at a time is the only way.

One morning comes to mind when my significant other asked "Would you, if you have any spare time, clean your computer room today?" This, I might add, was in complete contrast to what I had planned for the day.

My immediate thought was that "this new task would be intruding into my day." I somehow justified that thought by thinking that "my mind wouldn't be in on the task, and as a consequence, I would do a second rate job."

We try to teach our grandchildren to share, so in doing this little bit of house cleaning, I wouldn't be sharing my time with my grandson. Such thoughts as 'I needed to drop this deliberation, prioritize my tasks for the morning and pay full attention so that I achieved more in a shorter period of time. I then needed to allocate two hours in the afternoon, without the thought that I'm wasting this time on some trivial task. I then would become centered on the one task and do it successfully. Of course, we know that's what should be done, but do we always do it?

Today's title of this week's "On the Path ..." is "Can't See The Forest For The Trees" and it has been used to help illustrate two scenarios:

First ... "how we often get tied up with a task and float off into that automatic pilot mode." Does this sound familiar at all? It should! It's like saying today I'm going to focus my thoughts on the intent to raising my consciousness ... and then we go into 'auto pilot' and getting into the lower energies vibrations. In other words, we do duties and tasks habitually without giving proper thought to them. Allowing ourselves to go into this type of automatic pilot is okay in a situation that doesn't matter, but to do it during an important task like raising our consciousness always produces a poor result. And as long as we treat it like everything else in our day-to-day busyness, we'll remain in 3rd density and the lower energies.

Secondly ... "becoming too involved" with the task at hand is a poor excuse for "trying" to do too many things at once. If you have a busy hour after picking your kids up from school, and I'm sure that many of you personally know this feeling well, perhaps you begin cooking the evening meal, start to open your daily post, catch a few moments of news on the television, start the washing machine after you've just filled the dryer ... all while all the time keeping your eyes on your children. All one big whirl of busyness! And then, on top of that, you need to fetch your groceries from the car, but you can't find your car keys. Rather than suggest for a moment that you've mislaid them, you criticize the children for moving the keys.

As this busyness trundles along for a further hour, you're still no nearer to finding the car keys. After several frantic mood swings and blaming the children, you find the keys practically right under your nose.

I wear glasses at times to help read the small print, and on at least one occasion in the past, I've searched for these glasses with an eagerness of intention, yet more strangely, I ultimately find that I've been wearing them all the time. Proof, I would say, that a frustrating situation can engulf our normally disciplined way of thinking. If we can't control it, it will embarrass us at the drop of a hat.

Rather than trying and fighting our way through our busyness, we must learn to simply pause and focus our attention on the present moment. Philosophy does not recognize peer pressure as a suitable component to assist in becoming wise. Yet, we seem to be attracted by its supposed fullness. If at your workplace, you see a fellow employee trying to juggle six jobs at once, the attraction is appealing and thus infectious, and if they happen to be higher up the career ladder, we tend to copy their antics.

Each of us bring our own uniqueness to this life. Rather than comparing ourselves to others, let's set our own standards. So, if we 'can't see the forest for the trees', one of the possible reasons is that we're influenced by peer pressure. We are our own person, yet at the same time, we are one with the universe. Because we see a successful person, it doesn't necessarily follow that the same techniques used will enhance our ability.

We don't need to try to be successful for a full day ... we need simply try just being successful in the present moment. That means being a success for only a one second period at any one time. If you get a buzz ... if you get a smile ... if you produce adrenalin, all from one second of pin-pointed attention, you'll appear to have the world at your feet. A good vibe, a good sense of well-being, a good feeling of inspiration ... all of which can be triggered by you remembering that your attention is needed in the moment and not elsewhere.


A mind too active is no mind at all.
~Theodore Roethke

(a channeled vignette)
The Spiritual Revolution

There are too many of you who lack in the trust that everything being experienced today in what appears to be a world in chaos, is not what's really going on. Instead of looking at the changes that are occurring around you, you are focusing on the same as usual experiences that have been happening throughout the ages ... those involving judgment, hatred, anger, war and all the old familiar situations associated with fear and the lower energies you are supposed to be leaving behind. This is likened to the media that focuses on that news which relates to fear and negativity because that's what sells. But, I'm here to provide you with the insight that 'change' has and definitely continues to be taking place ... change in the form of a spiritual revolution that is quietly and unobtrusively taking place all over the world during this new cycle ... albeit through small but multiple groups of individuals.

Why is it going unnoticed by many? It is a reawakening that is mainly taking place outside of the borders of your organized religions ... especially those of which predicted this time as the end of your existence. It is a different revolution that is cutting across socio-economic levels of achievement and status ... one that is transcending cultural, political, and even ethnic boundaries as well. It is a widespread movement that includes a growing revival of interest in the truths that continue to this day to be embraced by native Americans regarding the need for harmony and balance in your lives and through methods that gift you with the freedom and sovereignty to develop spiritually by becoming your own teachers, your own priests, priestesses or prophets ... enabling you to receive spiritual revelations from your higher selves as opposed to those wishing to maintain control over you.

Today's spiritual revolution is appealing to Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, and Middle Easterners alike because within each of you involved in this transformational community, you have come to know that it's possible to connect with the dimensional realities where all the mysteries, great and small, become a part of your reality. It is in this belief that you are led on the direct path to self- empowerment, self-awareness and higher consciousness ... all without the need of any particular organized spiritual structure to lead or do it for you. Unknowingly by neither them nor even yourselves, it was the organized religions of which most of you have experienced that have provided the firm foundation which is now allowing you to come to know what spirituality isn't; in order for you to finally come to understand the true nature of spirituality ... whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or Islamic.

Although it's possible to experience through the church, temple, or mosque the mysteries surrounding who you are and what you're doing here, the nature of humanities quest is not about clearing up these mysteries, but about making them clear! Therefore, it is in experiencing them directly that makes them your own ... and the challenge at large is to accomplish this out in the world of your everyday lives in your relationships with everyone everywhere ... at will and forever.

And so, it is this directness that will lead you to the ever expanding vortex of that known as spiritual enlightenment ... it is this progression that will profoundly change you forever more and that's what this spiritual revolution is all about. So, remove yourself from being on auto-pilot as in the past, the mundane, and enter the exciting world of change by focusing on this spiritual revolution that is taking place ... quietly, but ever so profoundly in the silence that surrounds it ... a process that only you can complete and attain the promise of a Golden Age ... one of being free from fear, judgment, hatred and wars with others, to one of joy, peace, love and oneness with all.


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A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next week ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May your purse always hold a coin or two;
May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May the hand of a friend always be near you;
May you have smiles when sadness intrudes,
and rainbows to follow the clouds.
And may your heart be filled with gladness to cheer you..

Love and Light, Mike & Sandy

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