December 22, 2012 Edition



Merry Christmas
To Awareness
Journey Of Self-discovery

There's a native American saying: "Look at things with the eye in your heart, not with the eye in your head." Whenever we're thinking, our experience is being filtered through our minds. For example, when we say to ourselves, “What a beautiful sunset!”, we are not fully experiencing the sunset because we are involved with the words in our mind.

When we explore letting go of the thoughts, the words, and connecting directly with our experiences, we tune in to the silence and the sensations in our body. This is truly living in the present moment, because we are being aware of the spaciousness that this brings.

Being present doesn't mean that we have to abandon thinking entirely. That's not feasible, of course. But we can experiment with what it's like to stop thinking once in a while! Just as only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted, only in a quiet mind do we get adequate perception of the world. It's all about awareness!

Awareness is the key to all change. Begin to trust yourself more deeply as you uncover new dimensions of who you are. Go on a journey of self-discovery.

Peace on Earth will come to stay,
When we live Christmas every day
- the Center of Light & Serenity

What Do We Love About Christmas?
—By Joanna Fuchs

What do we love about Christmas;
Does our delight reside in things?
Or are the feelings in our hearts
The real gift that Christmas brings.

It's seeing those we love,
And sending Christmas cards, too,
Appreciating people who bring us joy
Special people just like you.

Peace on Earth will come to stay,
When we live Christmas every day
- the Center of Light & Serenity

"Why Is There Still Something Missing?"
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

OK, so you're at the point of anxiously awaiting to ascend, and you can't understand why it hasn't happened. You want it badly and have been focusing your intent on ascending, but it still hasn't happened ... and you ask: "Why? Is there still something missing?" To understand the answer to this question, I will share with you what that invisible force is that shapes the response we get to our requests for manifesting our desires. While it's not at all difficult to understand, it is difficult to put into practice because of having been on 'auto-pilot' ... sleep-walking most of our lives. It's like those bad habits that are so difficult to let go.

As you have read here or elsewhere and have come to know by now, everything in the universe is energy and it's at the frequencies at which it vibrates that determines the form. So, the effects of energy depends on its' vibrational frequency and except through microscopes, we cannot see this energy outside the form that exists. It is through these vibrations how this energy is transformed from one substance to another.

So, vibration equals energy. Place with this knowledge, the knowledge that we know two things for sure ... (1) that we are not all blessed with the same amount of energy or vibration, and (2), that we have different qualities of energy or vibration. The other thing is that it is very difficult for us to maintain the same quality of this energy or vibration day-in and day-out ... let alone from one moment to another.

The fact is that this quality depends very much on our own thoughts and our inner mental and feeling world ... all of which are made up of energy, I might add. If, for example, we lack 'self esteem' ... feel inadequate and short changed by life itself ... we tend to withdraw inwards, wallow in self pity and develop a negative inner dialogue. This negative inner dialogue is all of low vibration which then controls our life as it manifests on the material level with negative results. So, no matter how much we seek happiness or aim for success in anything, it remains out of reach leaving us frustrated and wondering why ... forgetting that it is our inner world that ultimately leads us towards or away from our goals and dreams.

Often, as we work hard towards achieving a certain thing (through visualization, for example), whatever that may be, and we seem to be doing all the right things that are required on the outer level (the physical level), but the goal still eludes us, it's only natural that we sit there annoyed and distressed; wondering what went wrong. We complain, sink into a depression and blame others and circumstances; totally ignoring and forgetting about our inner world ... the real world that we live in ... that inner world that consists of our intimate thoughts, our inner dialogue or self-talk, our intentions, our real secret desires ... all of which is the that energy which fuels manifesting that which we think we want at that moment, but is being fueled by these low energy emotions which are going to create that which we 'don't' want.

Don't you see? The truth of the matter is that everything that is visible in the physical world, first has to be completed on the etheric level ... the thought or mental level ... before it can materialize in the physical world that we live in. Artists, architects, cooks, gardeners, writers and all creative people on any level know about this procedure. Here's a simple example. We cannot have a clear quality photograph without having the perfect negative first, so the negative for our physical goal ... the blueprint ... has to be complete first on the mental plane ... in our 'thought' world. The more detailed, the clearer and perfect that this picture is, the better and the stronger chance it will have to manifest in our physical world. Therefore, the bottom line is for us to be sure to know where our current thoughts are coming from ... inner thoughts of lower energy vibrations or thoughts that will fuel what we really want. For this, it's important to be mindful/aware of our thoughts.

I think I've made my point here as to the answer to the frustrations that many are either going through or will go through as we try to ascend into the higher dimension of consciousness ... when and why there may still be something missing! No matter how much of a show we put on of being positive to impress others, or to fool ourselves, if we have an inner negative dialogue ... a dissatisfied unhappy insecure subconscious self ... the outer will remain what it is ... a fake. The energy of this negative vibration of our thoughts and feelings emanates from our every cell that makes us up, whether we like it or not.

This then, is the real reason why we cannot constantly fulfill our every wish or desire. It's not because we are not the 'unlimited multi- dimensional beings of love and light' that we truly are. And it's not because we're "bad", it's because we have yet to reach that point in our evolution where we can ascend and stay in that higher level of consciousness, and having ultimate control of our vibrations every moment of each minute every day.

So, now that I've shared with you why we don't always get all of the desires we visualize and work on, does it mean that we can't get there? Of course not ... WE ARE UNLIMITED MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS OF LOVE AND LIGHT! But, being at this point in time in our evolution as human beings, it takes a lot of work ... work that most of us still don't understand, or are too lazy to do ... regardless of the wonderful results that await us.

This, dear ones, is life, but we also are the masters of our lives. After all, we have been given the gift of free choice. So whenever you notice your mischievous 'chattering' ego mind wondering off to negative thoughts, reminding you of all the 'lacks' and what's not possible, force yourself to think of positive thoughts instead. Use the power of gratitude and focus on all the good points you have in your life and be grateful for them, no matter how small. Focus and concentration is a major key to getting there. Focus on what you want and not on what you don't want.

Above all, work on balancing your vibration level. Do whatever pleases you, be it meditation, walking in nature, hiking, reading, movies, books, music, attending workshops, a hobby, singing, and laughing. All of these things raise our vibrations. And if you can't do it on your own ... if you can't discipline yourself ... then get a coach to help and guide you, but do it all with joy. Joy is another key along with Trust. Each of these steps is a step nearer to getting what you really want in life. This is what we need to master first, with little achievable goals before embarking on the larger ones. So, you might be faking it to begin with, but in time, you will be a natural and that's when you can expand your horizon to achieve and ascend to the 5th dimension of higher consciousness.

To sum it up, remember that it's those of a high energy vibration level who are drawn to each other as bees are drawn to honey. Usually, such energetic dynamic people have a love for life itself and they attract people, money, and success effortlessly. It's having a low energy vibration from things like anger, shame, low self-esteem, fear, of unhappiness and lack in life that attracts nothing but unhappiness and lack of love and lack of money to us. So work on balancing your vibration level by letting go of those lower energies at every chance you can get.

I will close by re-minding you of this ... "E-motion" ... energy-in-motion ... is also a big part of the answer. Move, be active, be energetic ... get your heart racing ... sing, sing loud, stomp your feet, get excited, get enthusiastic, be passionate, be interested and give thanks for the good stuff that goes on around you. As Henry Ford once said: "If you think you can, and if you think you can't, you are right!" If you expect to get the best, you will get the best ... if you expect to lose, then you will surely lose. It is all OUR choice ... it is how the universe works.

The Christmas Heart is a giving Heart,
a wide open Heart that thinks of others first.
Underneath all the bulging bundles
is this beating Christmas Heart.
Let's not use it only for this one day ...
But for every day of the year!
~ the Center of Light & Serenity

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Being Present

Being 'present' ... in the NOW moment ...on the spiritual path always has a double meaning. There's 'present', as in here, in attendance, and there's 'present', as in a moment of time. What is the spiritual practice of being 'present'? Being here and now.

The world's religions all recommend living in the moment with full awareness. Buddhism especially is known for its emphasis on "nowness." Hindu, Taoist, Jewish, Moslem, Christian, and other teachings urge us to make the most of every day as an opportunity that will not come to us again.

Also under teachings of being 'present' is the traditional spiritual exercise called being in the presence of God. This means recognizing that God is here now moving through our everyday activities, no matter how trivial they might seem.

The contrasts to being present are living in the past and living in the future. We do the former when we hold on to regrets, constantly reviewing things that have already happened, trying to explain someone else's actions in our own terms. Often this kind of thinking leads to guilt or blaming.

We live in the future when we make assumptions or worry about what could happen and then become attached to those expected outcomes. This habit usually results in disappointment. Whether we are consumed with positive expectations (optimism) or negative projections (pessimism), we are not living in the moment.

When you find yourself constantly reacting to your experiences in one of these ways, when you always want to be otherwise and elsewhere, it is time to move and be 'present'. Know that the companion of this practice is contentment.

Unlike you may have been taught,
Jesus' gift was not his dying for our sins
His gift was that of pouring into a sick world
the healing medicine of LOVE.
It is this LOVE that He came to teach us
love which has transformed all manner of hearts
for almost two thousand years.
~ the Center of Light & Serenity

Spiritual Insight
(A Channeled Vignette)
Energy ... All That Is

Have you ever stopped to think about the world you live in? ... really stop to think how it works and what your contribution to it is? ... how it all comes about? Most humans do not understand how it actually comes about moment by moment. In fact, very few understand how each moment is created. Understanding how your world comes into being, and your exact role in it, is what will get you out of the trap of limitation and scarcity and into freedom and abundance.

Scientific and spiritual evidence proves that you are at cause for everything in your world ... and that you can change the effect at any time. Beginning as far back as your 1920s, many physicists have proven beyond a doubt that the physical world that you reside in is one large sea of energy that flashes in and out of being in a fraction of a second ... over and over again. It's really all an illusion ... nothing is solid as you see and feel it with these senses. I know, I know, you've read or heard this many times ... but no one has ever really explained it in terms that you could understand. You have a saying that "seeing is believing". Well, it isn't! It is exactly this 'belief' that makes your reality an 'illusion'. You see, you have it a little backwards ... it should be "believing is seeing" ... and that's the truth!

Well, it's not all that difficult and I will try to show you in just a few words. The world of quantum physics has proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the "objects" that you see through your physical eyes. So why do you see a person instead of a flashing cluster of energy? About the best way to understand this is to think of a movie reel. A movie is a collection of about 24 frames a second. Each frame is separated by a gap. However, because of the speed at which one frame replaces another, your eyes get cheated into thinking that you see a continuous and moving picture.

Another way to understand it is to think of television. A television tube is simply a tube with heaps of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, creating the illusion of form and motion. This is what all objects are anyway. You have 5 physical senses ... sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. Each of those senses has a specific spectrum. For example, a dog hears a different range of sound than humans do; a snake sees a different spectrum of light than you do ... and so on. In other words, your set of senses perceives the sea of energy from a certain limited standpoint and makes up an image from that. It is not complete, nor is it accurate ... it's just an interpretation.

Your thoughts are linked to this energy and these thoughts determine what form to place that energy in. This explains things such as positive thinking, prayer, faith, creativity, goal-setting, disease, visualization and much more in a very scientific way. Your thoughts are literally shifting the universe on a particle-by-particle basis to create your physical life. Look around you. Everything you see started as an idea ... an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed, until it grew enough into a physical object through any number of steps which you relate to "manufacturing" or "growth".

What it all amounts to is that you literally become what you think about most ... what you focus your attention ... your energy on. This is why "visualization is so powerful" or why there is the truth that "you experience your beliefs". Your life becomes what you have imagined and believed in most. The world is literally your mirror, enabling you to experience in the physical plane what you hold as your truth ... until you change it. You know this to be true internally, and so do most humans, and that is why people know instinctively that which you call 'positive thinking' works.

Quantum physics shows you that the world is not the hard and unchangeable thing it may appear to be. No, it is a very fluid place, continuously built up using your individual and collective thoughts and states of being as a family, society, country, planet, solar system, or universe. You have begun to uncover the illusion.

Einstein tried to explain it many years ago. Everything is energy. As you become more accustomed to thinking this way, many doors will open and you will better understand the things that surround you and the things that you experience in this life and the various forms that this energy takes place in your lives ... forms that are based on the rate of frequency at which that energy is vibrating. The lower the frequency at which energy vibrates, the denser the form ... and vice-versa ... the higher the frequency, the less dense the form ... light being the form at the peak rate of frequency at which energy vibrates.

Look at it this way ... what is your body made of? Tissues and organs. What are tissues and organs made of? ... Cells. What are cells made of? ... Molecules. What are molecules made of? ... Atoms. What are atoms made of? ... Sub-atomic particles. What are subatomic particles made of? ... Energy? No. They are not made of energy ... they are energy. You are one big "chunk" of energy ... and so is everything else in your world.

It is a combination of your Spirit and Mind that puts together this energy into the physical shape you are used to seeing with your limited set of senses. If you go into a high-tech lab right now and ask them to let you see yourself under a powerful electron microscope and conduct other experiments on yourself, you will discover that you are made up of a cluster of ever-changing energy in the form of electrons, neutrons, photons and so on. And so is everything else that surrounds you in your world of physicality. Quantum physics tells you that it is the act of observing an object that causes it to be there, where and how you observe it. An object does not exist independently of its observer!

Energy is the sub-atomic particles that come together to "make up" atoms, which come together to "make up" matter. Matter is energy vibrating at a low frequency. Matter is not converted energy ... it is energy. Have you ever heard of Einstein's equation, E=mc2? What it means is that any piece of matter of mass 'm' is energy that can be calculated by multiplying that mass by the speed of light squared (what a large number!). So, you are literally made up of light, the same stuff light is made of ... hence your Bible and many other spiritual texts tell you that light was the first thing to be created. Scientifically speaking, this energy exists as frequency waves spread out over space and time. Only when you exercise 'observation', do these waves become particles localized as a space/time event ... a particle at a particular "time" and "space". As soon as you withdraw observation, they become a wave again.

So, as you can see, your observation, your attention to something, and your intention, literally creates that thing as a space-time event. This is scientific. Even your relationships with other people are governed this way by the unfailing "Law of Life" ...


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A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until we meet again ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May this new evolutionary cycle bring you love, peace, and all that you desire!
May all our dreams of a peaceful and beautiful world be realized!

Love and Light, Mike & Sandy

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