November 3, 2012 Edition




Don't spend your precious time asking
'Why isn't the world a better place?'
The question to ask is 'How can I make it better?'
To that there is an answer.
U.S. citizens can do that now,
but to be heard, you've got to vote!
While we will not show our political view in Soul Soothers,
we favor he who has not promoted the low vibrational energy of fear and untruths, but is for the greater good of all. As a member of our spiritual community we encourage you to cast your ballot accordingly.
the Center of Light & Serenity

To Awareness

There are two kinds of people who never amount to much ... those who cannot do what they are told, and those who can do nothing else.

How do you relate to people in authority? Depending on your character and upbringing, you may react defensively or meekly to those you perceive to hold more power than you.

Hierarchical power dissolves in the presence of authentic power. Our true personal power has nothing to do with status. It is determined by how attuned we are to all aspects of ourself and to the needs of others.

In any exchange with a person ‘in power,’ if we focus our attention on meeting our mutual needs and the relationship will be both equitable and fruitful. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateways to personal empowerment.

Answer the life long question “Who Am I?” To understand life, we must first understand ourself. Uncover different aspects of who you are and where you are going in life. Bring clarity to your life through self discovery. The fact that you are reading this Soul Soothers article means that you are on your way!

Our life is what our thoughts make it.
As we alter our thoughts toward things and other people,
those things and other people will move towards us.
the Center of Light & Serenity

Tiamo ... Our Angel Teacher Guide
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

Tiamo is our friend who is there in good times and bad;
Someone who brings love to the heart
He is from a world we are yet to re-member,
But one which is not far apart.

Tiamo is a friend who is there in happy times and sad;
Someone we can just call on ... any time at all.
From the Angelic realm where he is, he will come right to us
To Love us and make sure that we don't fall.

Tiamo is a companion to take with us wherever we go,
To help teach and guide us in our life.
Someone we've become very close to and feel in our heart
No matter if we are in peace or in strife.

We know what he will say,
Cause we've heard him before.
He is always there for us,
As he opens every door.

Of a heart so filled with love,
It comes from him you know.
For he is our Angel of Love,
And will be there wherever we go.

Teacher guide as he is called,
To teach us love and protect us from pain
Angel that he is,
To be there again and again.

Love is what he has,
It is this that he gives without cost.
Happiness and joy is what he offers,
Tiamo, our Angel,
without him we would have remained lost.

"I'd gone through life believing in the strength
and competence of others ... never in my own.
Now, dazzled, I discovered that my capacities were real.
It was like finding a fortune in the lining of an old coat."
~ Joan Mills

Understanding The Astral Plane
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

During the height of the religious and New Age beliefs in the '60s, there was a belief of an astral plane that was filled with "low level entities", or that it was prevalent for evil or immature spirits to communicate with people. These were very old beliefs that most had arrived at by way of trying to explain things that we had little understanding of or control over.

Evil spirits or evil forces were blamed for illnesses, hardships, bad weather, natural disasters, and punishment for the misbehavior and cruelties of humans. Unfortunately, these kinds of fears and beliefs were, and among some still are, a part of the mass consciousness of the Earth and are still very deeply ingrained in many people.

These beliefs are still being perpetuated today through books and spiritual teachings from many different belief systems; primarily those found in the "gloom and doom prophecies" of 2012 and the Mayan calendar. When someone who has deep seated beliefs of this kind attempts to channel spirit, for example, they are much more likely to have bad experiences because they are in 'fear' that they will be opened to contact with "evil spirits or beings" of some kind ... it's in their belief systems.

Many schools of thought about learning to channel, teach that one first has to call in the white light for protection. Then, we are taught that we have to go up through the astral plane to reach our Higher Self, guides of Light, or a master teacher. In other words, right from the start, we are taught to be ready to battle our way through negative or evil beings and unfriendly planes to reach our own Higher Self and personal spirit guides! This alone sets up a high potential for fearful and misunderstood experiences because we have now come to understand that we experience our beliefs.

Through such teachings, the mind is put in a precarious position and feels unsafe and insecure in the situation. Under those circumstances, it can easily go into a mode of voicing its fears and concerns and when that happens, it is mistaken for outside contact. They hear scary information, verbal abuse, or controlling comments and think that it is coming from another being, when really it is their own mind (ego self) overreacting or putting out these perceptions as a result of their beliefs.

Again, as a result of these old teachings, the astral plane and astral travel are greatly misunderstood. The astral realm is no more than an inner level of consciousness that is used by us and our Higher Self and spirit guides to explore and exercise deeper concepts of the mind. It is not a physical place that exists on its own, common to the Earth and beyond. Even though that is the case, we can tap into and use information from the mass consciousness of both humankind and some of the higher dimensions through our Higher Self while exploring within the inner realms of our own consciousness.

The "celestial realm"ť is not really dangerous because there is nothing there that exists outside of ourselves ... it is a part of our own consciousness. But our fears and nightmares can be projected there and we can seemingly "meet" with so-called dangerous beings. These are temporary manifestations of our own consciousness that are merely expressions of our beliefs and subconscious fears. They have no duration beyond the time of the experience of them. If this situation arises, we have the opportunity to understand it for what it is and overcome our fears by seeing them as illusions and under our control. We can learn to deal with our unexpressed fears and move beyond them when we know that we have ultimate control over them. If one continues to believe that the astral realm is a concrete place that is filled with undesirable beings that are outside of us, then one will never be able to fully master control over this state of consciousness.

Some people can use this state of consciousness at will and others only reach this state when they sleep. It is a very important state of consciousness and our Higher Self and spirit guides can and do use it to interact with us and to teach us. It is the same level of consciousness that is reached when we meditate and see visions, go out of body, or have any other experiences of that nature. It is just described or thought of differently when it is used in that way. Usually, when meditating, it is much more under the control of our rational mind because we perceive that we are safe and with our Higher Self and guides ... we understand that we are not in an unknown realm that is filled with a plethora of undesirable beings and scary things that we might run into.

Even though many people who "astral travel", or go out-of-body, think that they are out of body in the 'celestial realm'ťalone, this is never the case. Our Higher Self is always there with us helping us to navigate and learn from this inner state of consciousness. The Higher Self can have a much easier time of interacting and teaching if we understand what the astral realm is, who is really there with us, and that everything that we see and experience is a projection of our own consciousness/belief systems, or a projection of consciousness that our Higher Self or guides are helping us with. It is only scary when we don't understand what it is, and we take our fears there and allow them to be expressed freely and out of control.

It's important to learn what is a projection of our own fears and beliefs and what truly exists outside of ourselves. Understanding, taking control, and clearing belief systems that have no basis in the greater reality is needed in order for us to advance spiritually. Now that we're reaching that time when we will ascend to higher consciousness, it's more important than ever that we realize that we are highly creative beings and understand where our fantasies end, and where true co-creation in a concrete and lasting way begins. Why? Because our thoughts will be manifesting as we have them ... in an instant.

Our guides can only co-create with us in ways that have any lasting effect when we choose to create things that can be sustained in love for our greater good and that of others. As long as we stay in illusion and fear, we will not be able to create what we want in an effectual way. Our guides and angels are ever present with us, helping to support and sustain us through the illusions and work with us to bring us to a fuller state of consciousness and realization.

What lies behind us and what lies before us
are small matters to what lies within us.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

with the Center of Light & Serenity
This Is Your Wake-Up Call!

Whomever feasts their eyes on this message ...

This is the time of Magic! It is a time of TRANSFORMATION ... a time to transcend that which no longer serves you. In the time it takes to close a door or watch a cloud pass over the moon; that is how quickly CHANGES can occur in YOUR life ... AND how QUICKLY YOU can make a change in another's LIFE! This is a new TIME, the MILLENNIUM of the AGE of AQUARIUS! A TIME to RECOGNIZE the MAGIC and newness only YOU can CREATE! This is a time the UNIVERSE has awaited for a very long time ... don't waste a moment from here on out!

Learn and SHARE the POWER of YOUR SMILE versus the scowl, or muttering of your annoyance to each presence who somehow crosses you! GIVE to all who ask for help ... welcome equally both princes and beggars ... for you never know who wears the mask of the beggar-man. GREET all presences that the tides of time wash into your daily path with GREAT JOY ... spending your energies on ALL ... Be they wretched or resplendent ... and NEVER simply pass by the poor. For when you believe you have nothing to offer, offer your hand...

Know that we are all the faces of God. He/She said we were made in his/her image and likeness ... and that says to me that God has a many faces ... observe as you begin to share more of yourself ... for you will begin to GLOW with a new INNER LIGHT!

Know too that no matter how many inspirational messages you read or the number of seminars you attend, if you do not move forward and partner with Spirit ... your Higher Self ... you will not succeed in this time of transformation.

WELCOME to the SIGNS OF THE TIME! Share the MAGIC and POWER of YOUR LOVE towards MANKIND ... for to share the true meaning of LOVE is the BEST WISDOM you can learn to carry within you EVERYDAY. Practice how when GOD measures a person, the tape is placed around the HEART only.

So in your travels on this day and the ones to follow, take the time to share a hello or a smile with those you encounter along the way. Take a couple moments to tell a long lost friend you care. Stop and help someone who needs a little inspiration to make it through the day. Let someone special know just how special they are. And most of all, give a hearty 'Thank You' to those who have been there for you along the way ... after all, without them you wouldn't be the person you are today.

This is your 'WAKE-UP CALL ... so begin today ... practice, live everyday, as though there is no tomorrow ... print this message ... carry it around for a spell ... perhaps read it when you think you need a nudge...TRUST US it won't hurt not even a little! If you believe you are reading this by accident ... please remember "there are no accidents."

There is a reason why you are reading this out of all the people in the world! IT WAS YOU! I hope you can know why the problems of mankind are pointing right at YOU ... they are real and want YOU to become part of the solution. And the solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother's need as the measure for your actions ... and remember, GOD LOVES YOU SOoooooooooo Very Much.

Miracles are waiting to happen in each of us. May this be your day to receive HUGS from above!!!

Now go and touch many lives.....

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space ...
everything else is opinion.
~ Democritus of Abdera

(a channeled vignette)
A Time To Remember

For thousands of years, you've believed that in order to find happiness, you need to change the world around you ... a bigger house, more money, a healthier body, a more attractive or understanding partner. With these beliefs as your unconscious religion, you've spent your lives at war with the world ... trying desperately to get reality to match your stories of how you believe it should be ... and you wonder why you don't feel any lasting sense of peace.

It's time to re-member that the people who are the richest are not those who have the most, but those who need the least ...

It's time to re-member that you are at your strongest when life is at its worst, and at your weakest when life no longer offers a challenge.

It's time to re-member that it is wiser not to expect, but to TRUST, for in expecting, you ask for disappointment, whereas in trust, you invite surprise.

It's time to re-member that unhappiness doesn't come from not having something you want, but from the lack of something inside that you need.

It's time to re-member that there are things to hold and things to let go, and letting go doesn't mean you lose, but that you acquire that which has been waiting around the corner.

Most of all ... it's time to remember to use your dreams as a way of knowing yourself better, and as an inspiration to reach for your star of divinity ... your soul.


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Until next week ...
A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...

May you come to know and understand that in all of our days,
our lives are always changing ...
and that to enjoy a rainbow, there must be some rain.
And may you accept and know that ...
it is through our life experiences
both the ups and downs ...
that we learn and grow.

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

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