October 27, 2012 Edition




To Awareness
Letting Go Of Ignorance

Did you know that enlightenment is nothing more than letting go of ignorance? That's right! Wisdom encourages a process of thought that in gaining greater knowledge we effortlessly gain enlightenment. Be assured that by letting go of ignorance ... lack of knowledge ... we gain wisdom.

We should see this gain as effortless. Although it may seem unlikely, the words "let go" actually increases our intellect. Be assured, that by subtracting, we can gain. Ignorance means ... lack of knowledge or information.

What generally happens when we consider that we have a ėlack of knowledge"? We seem to have a few facts, a few bits of information; but rather than appear ignorant, we fill in the gaps with assumptions. It is this habitual response that can cost us dearly, both in our profession and personal life. Removing ignorance allows access! Knowledge is not an act, physical or mental ... it is all about revealing something hitherto unknown.

QUOTE: Uplifting teachings cleans the mind by removing ignorance which leads to unrighteous and
harmful actions, and removes the ignorance of self which leads to stress and sorrow. Cleansing the mind
is enjoined through listening to the teachings (wisdom-reason) of sages and saints and wise people so
that the mind may have an altruistic outlook on life. Discover, by removing ignorance, the mysteries of
mind and how to handle destructive thoughts and emotions.
(An excerpt from Egyptian Yoga)

Wisdom recognizes that some people touch base with reality more often than others, but it would appear that most other times they are in some form of illusion.

Here is the illusion: My philosophy is good and has taken my lifetime to develop. I use this philosophy to prosper.

Here is reality: My emotions control whether I use my philosophy or not.

What appears to happen to most of us is that we develop a philosophy that would guide the most ambitious intellectual, spiritual and religious person through life. But for some strange reason, we don't always use it. Generally speaking, the dipping in and out is controlled by our emotions.

Have you ever been accused of "cutting off your nose to spite your face?" Where was your philosophy then? Of course, you were caught up within some turmoil or other and your emotional stability was poor. Your philosophy was completely ignored.

Removing ignorance is the fastest way to restore calm and confidence.

Assuming the circumstances warranted it, how would you respond if I said to you, "Stop being so angry and cruel." Perhaps the most likely event would be that you'd defend your corner and in some wild and wacky way say that your actions were justified. You'd be living in an illusion. The reality is that your emotions are preventing you from following your philosophy.

Removing the ignorance here would be to pause and recognize that you were tempered with anger; and in doing this would remove the tangled web of emotion and allow you to connect back with your philosophy ... ending with a good resolution to your dilemma.

So wisdom is not teaching you new tricks, but in effect, being used on this occasion to clear away the illusion, or as the title of this article suggests ... removing the ignorance.

The single most influential action that helps allow this connection to return is "discipline". Discipline removes ignorance like no other action.

What you must discipline yourself to do is to recognize the moment your emotions are controlling your actions. In doing this, you remove the ignorance that prevents the direct connection to your philosophy.

"In the universe, there is an immeasurable,
indescribable force which shamans call intent,
and absolutely everything that exists in the
entire cosmos is attached to
intent by a connecting link."
Ė Carlos Castaneda

My Abundance
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.
(© 2004)

I've been given children all in good health.
It matters not if I have not wealth.

I have a home, a dog, and a cat that I love very much,
I need not fame and fortune and such.

I have great friends and a wife that's a honey,
And relations and grand kids I'd trade for no love or money.

I have two ears to hear what I may.
And a voice to echo whatever I need say.

Not to mention two arms to hug and caress one another,
And lips to spread kisses to cheeks of others.

I have two hands to grasp things and to write,
And eyes without glasses that give me my sight.

Two legs to walk on or run,
A bed to lie on when my work is done.

I even get love from those I adore,
What else can I possibly ask for?

So there's nothing worthwhile that I am without,
Abundance is mine ... and it is without doubt.

You can change your beliefs so they empower
your dreams and desires. Create a strong belief
in yourself and what you want.
~ Marcia Wieder

Yet More Clarification On The Ascension
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

Well, it seems that there's no stopping the emails from subscribers who continue to be confused about the Ascension Process. Therefore, I'm including this clarification for those of you who may be experiencing the same confusion. Hopefully, for those of you who may be getting as tired of reading these clarifications as I am of writing them, this will be my last attempt. Please recognize that I know that the process, how we get there and what it will be like when we're there is confusing because it's never occurred before and therefore it is not only difficult to explain using words, but just as difficult to imagine due to our having been experiencing only the process of duality and accepting 'illusion' as our reality for so long a time. But anyway, here goes!

Let me begin by repeating something I've said many times now in Soul Soothers articles. I've talked about the 'ascension process 'being exactly that ... a process that will result in a fairly long (several years for most) transition.' It's an evolvement to higher consciousness and not a physical ascension that I, along with others, may have misled or confused you into thinking as a result of previous descriptions. I say this because we are not going anywhere physically, but transitioning to a higher consciousness which will, in effect, include a transformation of our physiology along with that of what becomes our 'reality' in the higher dimension.

I want to add that because there has been so much published about 2012, some have been very informative, while some also have been equally misleading. The use of the December 21 date has led many to view this date as an 'event' that is going to happen on that particular day (such as an ascension en mass) when it is merely that date when the Mayan's said the evolutionary cycle of so many years would end. The fact that this was not followed by a 'beginning' of a new cycle come December 22nd, has contributed to all the confusion. In summation, the date implies that ascension is a rapid instantaneous change in consciousness with no outside changes, and that we go to that 'place' in a particular instant ... a time, if you will, where we would all physically ascend to another place (the 5th dimension).

Well, as I've tried to clarify on previous occasions that it doesn't involve such an event to take place, but rather a 'process' that has been taking place since the beginning of the millennium and will continue to take place over the days, months and years to come. It is a gradual awakening toward moving humans to a higher level of consciousness ... a time when a lot of changes will have come to us and mother Earth both physically and consciously. And lo and behold, this happens to everyone by what can best be described as the result of a total wave of love energy that will be sweeping the planet through our collective consciousness (mass consciousness) coming into alignment with the higher energies of love and away from the lower energies of fear.

So, with that, I'll close with what I hope is the final chapter on this subject and that it sufficiently provides the clarification needed by most. It is also important to understand how we, you and I, and those like us who have been on the path, will help others to rise in consciousness, not only through our vibrations, but through the many gifts we will be able to show them as they come from moving to this higher consciousness. I'm speaking of gifts that are far greater than those we learned from using the Law of Attraction through the power of our thoughts/visualizations.

Until then, please know that the Golden Age will really be 'golden' for us, our children and grandchildren. Be assured that the great Beings who plan for our evolution are full of love for us, and every soul is held in unconditional love. No soul becomes lost or is deserted, and that applies even to those who we term as dark ones; for all will be given the opportunity to free will choice.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is,
What are you doing for others?.
--Martin Luther King Jr

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Going With The Flow

While some of our experiences resulting from a change in our life may feel unsettling at times, if we choose to gently relax into what is happening, instead of following the well-worn pattern of inner turmoil and stress, it will be a beautiful gift to give to ourselves and will form part of our commitment to living our life spiritually ... moment by moment.

You will learn much about your natural biorhythms and how there are certain times each month when your creativity dips and you are called to fill your cup from deep within the inner well of the infinite. You will also learn that when you attempt to ignore this natural flow, there are painful repercussions. Inner urgings are meant to be listened and adhered to.

Following your heart instead of your mind means facing your fears and seeing them for the smoke and mirrors that they actually are. It means embracing changes with welcome arms and becoming familiar and in tune with traveling through virgin inner terrain.

What Iíve discovered in my own journey and in having the privilege of being a companion to a significant other who is following the same path, is that mapping your inner terrain can be a wild adventure or treacherous trek, depending on your point of view. Once you unhook from fearing the unknown and begin to trust the flow of Universal energy, the journey still takes incredible twists and turns, but each one is anticipated in a rush of joyful adventure ... although oftentimes through your spouse's re-minders.

Setting intentions and having a clear vision for oneself and the world is a basic recipe for living a conscious life full of awareness. This kind of framework allows you to move through transition and change in ease and positive expectation, with the full knowledge that what is happening is part of what is bringing your vision into form.

Transition is often the falling away of the old to make way for the new. It is the sloughing off of old energy to allow you to move to higher vibrational ground.

How well do you navigate times of transition? Do you resist change? Are you comfortable in unknown territory or do you seek to hold on to whatís familiar? What small step could you take today to create the life of your dreams?

It is funny about life:
if you refuse to accept anything
but the very best you will very often get it.
- W. Somerset Maugham

(a channeled vignette)
You Are Evolving To Higher Consciousness

You have come looking for answers, guidance or a nudge in the right direction ... one that would give you validation and let you know that you are doing exactly what you should be doing. Well, know this .... many of us from this side of the veil have stepped into your realm of expectation and have found that much of your life from this point forward will be without some of that validation.

It is important to understand that for those of you seeking such validation, it is because you have thus far taken relatively few steps towards higher consciousness that it makes it very difficult for us to provide same. But, know that the further you move into it, the more comfortable you will become with and through your abilities to create. That is what this is all about. Thus, what we wish to bring you this day is a view of yourself from another perspective, one that you probably have not considered before.

You see, you are evolving through these different levels of what we are calling humanity. Throughout your own history you have documented so many evolutions, but this particular one has many different levels. This particular evolutionary process you are experiencing not only involves the physical being, but it is actually the first time that you have evolved to a point at which you can carry more of your own soul and light. These changes that are happening right now, even with your own physiology, is starting to shift on levels that you are unfamiliar with. For example, though not mentioned up to this time, the Vagus nerve will become very important for many of you, as you start to understand that it is your interaction with the rest of the world. Through this nerve, the physical body both feels other spirits and exudes yours, making these connections.

It is time to remove the veil and to see how connected you really are to each other. It is also a time to become in energetic harmony with all that exists in your surroundings in each remaining moment, for that is going to be one of the most important pieces that humans will have to learn to work with. How do two energies harmonize in some way? First, let's describe what we consider to be 'harmony' so you will understand the concept. If you repeatedly strike two notes on a piano keyboard that are very close together, you will be playing that which you call 'chopsticks'. Now, why do most find this tolerable but aggravating? It is because you have two notes that are so close together that they do not meet at regular intervals; they do not actually support each other. They are two unique notes that insist on being totally unique from one another. It is when you move to a comfortable distance on the keyboard that you can play what you call a chord where two notes overlap at regular intervals.

Not only do these notes support each other, they also create a third tone which you hear as the harmony. It is very magical when you listen to music, bringing in a tremendous amount of harmonics and overtones. In harmonies, you only hear the three notes that make up the harmony. The first original note is the first part of this harmony, the second note compliments the first, and the third note is what you hear. What this means is that your ears are only capable of hearing certain ranges. There are overtone levels of that harmony that you cannot hear, but we on this side of the veil can. There are overtone levels of this harmony that will reach out into humanity much further than you have ever experienced as an individual, and this is why harmony on this planet is becoming so important at this time.

Having described what harmony is, I will share with you some of the challenges in finding harmony where you are right now. Let us take a look at one part of humanity that has been with each of you over and over again. It is known as the one motivating factor for all of humanity. What is it? It is that called "pain" ... it is what you experience as pain ... and it is a great motivator. You have used it over and over on planet Earth to either do things or to not do things. If you look at your own lives, many of your daily structures are made to avoid a specific pain. As you start removing this veil and begin seeing the many ways you are connected, the first lesson you will discover is that pain is carried by the collective. Therefore, one may feel the pain, but it is not theirs to own because the pain is only the temporary carrier of the gift.

This is why you are often reminded to look for the gift in any experience. For when you find the gift, the pain is no longer needed. There is actually beauty in that darkness. Because you been living in a field of polarity, you have become so accustomed to judging everything as either good or bad. Dear ones, there is no 'good' and there is no 'bad'. It's all an illusion. In reality, everything is somewhere in the middle depending on where you choose to put it at that very moment. What is important for you to do is to find that beauty in the darkness, even in the pain that you still carry or experience.

Each and every one of you has a life pain that you have carried with you. Some of you have resolved the pain, yet it sits heavy in a bittersweet part of your heart. It is a huge motivator in your life. Consider the human expression of creativity such as music, poems and movies. Many are written from pain or painful experiences, or the unusual situations you get into. What you are being asked to do is to prepare yourself for this next level of humanity now, and do not wait to be faced with all of the pieces of it.

Take a closer look at the joyous pain that has been in your life thus far which has motivated you in some way or permanently shifted your direction. Even if they could be taken them from you in this very moment, you would not release them because you have paid for them in a way and that gives pain a real value. Find a way to give thanks for the pain as the carrier. If you know the benefit of that, you will gladly put yourself through that process as your spirit often does. It is the humanness within you, the reaction of the animal which you have blended with that sometimes repeats the same patterns over and over again looking for success on different levels. Many times when you move from one level to another, your truth shifts to a clearer understanding. These are many of the changes that all of humanity will be evaluating and searching for the answers.

The most important part is to keep in mind that you are building a new Earth, filled with the vibrations and the particles of dust you have all gathered. Your eyes are open and all it takes is your intent, your desire expressed as a thought. Those particles come together very magically and you have created a new Earth on which to live. Does that mean you will be switching planets? No. It will happen right here. The question I have for you is, 'are you ready to step into that Earth? Are you ready to be fully responsible for your thoughts? Are you ready to be the creator of your own destiny? Are you ready to remove the veil?'

That is what is taking place. With every step that you climb, the collective removes a little part of that veil for humans; no matter where you are in the bandwidth. It makes no difference whether you are at the very top edge of the highest vibration, or at the lowliest of low on planet Earth at this moment, you are all moving together and it is working. It is moving faster than the speed of love. It is moving faster, quite honestly, than anyone on this side of the veil had even anticipated.

Many are beginning to attract attention throughout your globe on different levels and demanding a better world, because this evolution is not only in the area of spirituality. It is touching every person on this planet. There are times when it is even necessary to ride through a wave of energy that can help all humans everywhere to alter and shift their vibration to the next level. This is currently happening with what you are calling dis-ease of various sorts. It is basically bringing possibilities to many people quickly. When you go through an illness, you are no longer the same person. Why? Itís very simple. You are vibrating differently. Does that mean every illness is going to take you up a level? No, but it means the illness is simply a part of your process. Illness is not always a sign of something wrong, although that is a typically human concept.

You must understand that you are healers. Many of you are helping other people to take these steps and acclimate to this new energy, to live in this energy and use it every day. This is the greatest wisdom that can be offered you as the healers of the light ... to hold your knowledge, to know that you are here on planet Earth for a purpose. It is also very important that you know that you have everything that you need to do your work.


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Until next week ...
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May the Light of your Soul bless you with the
love and warmth that we feel in our hearts for you!
May each dawn find you awake and alert,
approaching your new day with nothing
but peace, love, radiant health, joy, and happiness.

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

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