July 14, 2012 Edition


"Being and becoming are the yin and yang of our lives. One inner,
one outer. Today, we value becoming to the exclusion of being ...
we applaud human becomings. The secret is balance."
- Unknown source

To Awareness

Awareness Of Your Love Of Others

The 'awareness' I bring you today is that it is more important than ever that we do all we can to Love others ... to Love each and every person that comes into our surroundings.

If you do not 'like' someone, that's alright because we don't have to like certain things in this world of opposites that we are not in harmony with. However, if that person has a lot of imperfections that we call 'faults', Love him or her for who he or she is as 'soul' ... an unlimited multi-dimensional being of love and light who is as much a part of us as our arms and legs are a part of the bubbles of biology we call our physical bodies.

Discover that person's qualities that comes from the soul, and recognize that you attracted that soul and that it attracted you, which, more than likely, did not happen by chance. Whatever it is that you came to do on earth, you came to do it together in one way or another ... either with or apart from each other.

It is always best to do the things well that we came here to do ... with harmony and sincerity. Love people for who they really are as souls ... help them to give up their resistance and open the way to acceptance. Make a personal alliance in which you both gain something ... in which you can both see yourselves achieving something.

And always be aware that there is no soul that does not desire harmony, and that there is no soul that does not desire Love; for that is who we really are.

Desire ... The Fire Of Our Intent
The key that ensures our success in any endeavor is "intent".
If we want something bad enough, we are sure to get it if that is our intent.
If we are willing to pay the price, even the circumstances
in our life will change in order to bring to light our intent.
The reality of our intent is created by the commitment we make.
When the flow of our desire is big enough, our intent will externalize itself!
the Center of Light & Serenity

Today's Poem
Self Control
~ Author Unknown

I've heard it said don't go to bed
while hanging on to sorrow,
you may not have the chance to laugh
with those you love tomorrow.

You may not mean the words you speak
when anger takes its toll,
you may regret your actions
once you've lost your self-control.

When you've lost your temper
and you've said some hurtful things,
think about the heartache
that your actions sometime bring.

You'll never get those moments back,
such precious time to waste,
and all because of things you said
in anger and in haste.

So if you're loving someone
and your pride has settled in,
you may not ever have the chance
to say to them again...

"I love you and I miss you
and although we don't agree,
I'll try to see your point of view,
please do the same for me."

"When we blame, we give away our power."
-- Greg Anderson

Bankrolling the Entourage: Divinely Inspired Confidence
by Delayne Sander
Copyright (C) 2012 Delayne Sander
All rights reserved.

"bankrolling the entourage,
swimming in the money and
creating divinely inspired confidence within oneself"

There I was, 16 years old counting nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars for over an hour on the coffee table after school. Total profit today, one hundred dollars, multiplied by about 180 days of having classmates sell candy for me at school this year, not bad. Enter my dad, "With all that money you should be paying me rent," my rebuttal "Dad I'm 16, none of my friends have to pay rent."Ě "I guess you're right," he says before laughing and walking into the kitchen.

How did I end up with piles of cash on my dads coffee table? My band needed money for equipment and transportation so I decided I was going to make money somehow. While brainstorming ideas about how to create the revenue I needed I noticed that some of my classmates were selling candy to raise money for their school clubs. Seeing this opportunity I decided to take action and try it out for myself. Long story short, I started asking classmates to sell candy for me and all I did was collect money from them for the whole school year.

With up to 15 kids selling a box every day or two, I was the richest self-made kid at our high school. Lacking any sort of financial discipline, I blew all the money on going out to lunch and dinner with friends, taking trips, buying things for myself, paying for the band, and bankrolling my high school entourage for a couple years.

After 2 years of endless profit from a school wide monopoly on candy sales, something bad happened. Apparently, the school clubs could no longer raise money for their various activities because everyone at school only bought candy from my dealers. This led to a new no tolerance policy at the high school toward anyone selling candy for profit. Damn institutional regulations!

There were many reasons for the successful accumulation of money in this story. There was the ability to see a niche in a small market and act on it. The ability to see that a box of candy bought wholesale at $7 becomes $20 once everything in the box is sold at retail. The ability to see that the profit margin was around $15-18 after all overhead expense. The ability to see that an average $17 profit per box multiplied by 10 boxes per day sold by 7-12 people per day ends up being around $170 per day profit.

All the reasons I just wrote about for the success of this endeavor were all very important for the process of creating money in this context, but all these steps and reasons would not have occurred if I had lacked one very important spiritual/emotional component. This component was and is the catalyst for all success that comes with ease, joy and perfect unfoldment. In this story, the ease in which money flowed came from a divinely inspired confidence. Without this confidence, all the necessary steps and actions that were necessary would not have occurred because the level of consciousness needed to see these opportunities would not have been there.

Divinely inspired confidence is the feeling of wholeness within oneself. When channeled correctly, it can drive one to act with miraculous resolve. When this feeling becomes dominant, there is no longer a driving force, it is just how you are and it becomes effortless. Learning to build this feeling within oneself is the most important attribute to have for attracting abundance and happiness in ones life. This is true because divinely inspired confidence is the foundation that fuels all the other abundance attracting attributes.

Divinely inspired confidence activates faith, intentionality, visualization and perfection. It creates faith in oneself, which drives one to action. It allows you to believe in the possibilities and puts you in a position where intending what you want is easy and achievable. It allows you to see in your mind and imagination the visual attributes of what you want to happen in life. It attracts people who connect with your divinely inspired energy and want to help you in your endeavors.

Most importantly, divine confidence brings into your consciousness the belief that everything can be perfect. In this state of mind, it is possible for ones life to be perfect in every aspect, for one believes perfection is inherently ones true nature. In the previous story what created money so quickly was the fact that I had up to 15 classmates doing all the sales work for me for nothing. They didn't want money. They wanted to merely be a part of something with a positive energy.

Now, its is easy to fool oneself into believing this isn't possible. Your mind might say "I canít do this because..." or "it is impossible to achieve" or even worse "I could do that if I wanted to (the lazy persons justification."

Everyone is constantly faced with making choices between that which is positive and that which is negative. We all have the choice to be a rock star or to be a beggar, and the more ones energy level is tipped to the positive side of the energy spectrum, the easier it becomes. The only problem is the sheer tenacity of our own ego. Our ego is that which we identify ourselves with. And the more we reinforce a certain idea behind that which "I am", the harder it becomes to change. But, this reinforcing habit creation can be used beneficially when that which one constantly identifies oneself with is a very powerful positive or divine energy.

So continuously choose to expose yourself and your loved ones to positive energy. Energies such as beauty, aesthetics, humor, laughter, love and compassion. When one becomes fused and dominated by these energies, life becomes quite easy because divinity hands you everything you could possibly want based on the fact that you want it for the right reasons.

Trying to attract money through the energy level of greed is going to be much more painful and harder than attracting it through love, self love, charity or positive self empowerment. When your energy level and intentions become fused with divine energy, bankrolling your own personal entourage becomes natural.

About the Author: Delayne Sander is a writer, entrepreneur, and consultant. Inspired by a yearning for understanding truth and experiencing a life dominated by ease, happiness and fun, Delayne has created businesses and investments solely for creating a life of little work and maximum income. If you would like to learn more about the Permanent Vacation or are interested in a Permanent Vacation consultation with Delayne, please visit:

"If we take an active responsibility for helping to create our
present situation, this empowers us with the recognition that we can change it."
-- Dan Millman

with the Center of Light & Serenity

Science Proves The Power Of Love
Is it possible for you to transform circumstances at a distance? Yes, now there is scientific evidence to support this powerful claim.

When people first hear about the amazing results of prayer ... visualization ... of our intent ... even more powerful through groups of individuals, they wonder how a technique that we all can personally use can have such a powerful effect on people and situations outside of ourselves. In the past, I have answered that question by saying, "I do not know how it works, but I am glad it does."†

Now, the research in the mind/body science has proven the power of this technique. In "Healing Words", Dr. Larry Dossey reports the results of his research on the effects of prayer, or what is now being called "distant intention". This is the ability of us to effect change at a distance through our thoughts.†

One of the most exciting results reported was in a double blind experiment with people admitted to a coronary care unit. Patients who were the focus of a distant intention had fewer complications and required less medication than the people in the control group who did not receive prayer (distant intention).

The following results of other research efforts have confirmed the effects of distant intention and demonstrate its inherent power of our "intent".

1. The effects of mental imagery (visualization) on distant others are comparable in strength to the effects of one's thoughts, feelings, and emotions on one's own physiology. Put simply, we can affect others with our thoughts about as powerfully as we can affect ourselves ... provided that it is not our intent to interfere with the Law of Free Will.

2. The ability to use distant intention is widespread throughout the population ... and it will work for you for you just as well.

3. Subjects with greater need for help seem to be the most receptive ... the more difficult the situation/person, the better the techniques will work.

4. The effects of distant intention can occur without the recipient's knowledge of the experiment ... your boss does not need to know you are sending love for the process to work.

5. No harmful effects have been seen ... without side-effects ... it is safe to use.

You can now use the power of distant intention to positively transform your life.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

(a channeled vignette)
Focus On Awakening

This time of your existence in which all creation is taking place at a rather constant, but what appears to be accelerated pace, is an era that demands that the focus be on the attention of awakening. While nothing more or less is happening than any other period of observation, it is just that the awareness of the process of awakening ... the awareness of the process of the infinite creative flow of energy ... is increasing.

What this amounts to is that souls are awakening to their potential, to their reality, to their true character and nature, so it appears as though there is much happening. It must always be known that there is a steady constant flow of creative energy. It is simply how that energy is manipulated, how it is manifested, and how it is interpreted, understood, and observed that makes it appear to be more or less of an energetic pattern.

For this reason, it is important that the awakening soul remain focused on what you might call the summit of a creative experience ... it is important that the awakening soul remain focused on what you might call the mountain top, the peak, or the apex of one's experience. There are many patterns of experience along the pathway of awakening that would draw one into the valleys, into the crevasses, into the depths of the transient moment that appear to be so real, but disappear and dissipate as the focus is regained and the summit of experience of awakening is observed.

There are many discussions about the soul having the mountain top experience. This is simply another way of saying remaining focused, remaining clear in the purity of intention and application ... it is another way of saying that within the depths of the awareness of the soul is the total perfection and reality of all that the soul truly is. It is within this center of being that the focus of one's attention is most important. This is the key to remaining on the pathway of awakening, the pathway of ascension. It is important to let all that is less than this perfected peak of awareness simply fall away, for it ultimately has no meaning other than being a transient point of observation that is like the rung on of a ladder.

It is simply encouraged that the focus remain clear and perfect, that the intention remains pure and directed, and that the application of all one says, one does, and one thinks be aligned with this focus and intention. This is a time, an era when the awakening process is indeed accelerating. Hold that mountain top in the center of your inner vision. Let nothing divert the attention or the movement of awareness toward the attaining of the clarity of understanding ... the clarity of knowing the truth that can only come when one rests on this apex, this peak, this mountain top of the creative experience.

Know and understand too, that you are the perfected being of that mountain top. You already are all you can be. Realize this truth and let that realization be the beacon that lights the way as you accelerate your movement in the awakening process toward attaining this peak of perfection consciously. There is only one Light that illuminates the one path. See that path clearly as you proceed to attain the perfected consciousness that is illuminated from within.

A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next week ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May your riches be untold
May you have all the joy your heart can hold.
May you have sunshine from above ...
But most of all may you always have love.

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

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