June 30, 2012 Edition


"Do not worry about tomorrow. God will take care of your
tomorrow too. Live one day at a time."
-Matthew 6:34

The Gift Of "Being"

They are here ... the lazy days of summer ... I mean that time when the weather is warm and the days are long ... slow, easy and unscheduled. Right? Wrong! Slow, easy, unscheduled ... are you kidding? Now it's how do we work 10+ hours, pick up the kids from soccer camp, make the Little League baseball game, get to the organic fruit market and make sure the check is ready for the lawn guy who's coming to trim the hedge in addition to mowing the grass this week?

We've become such a society of doing, doing, doing ... we should be called "human doings" instead of "human beings". We almost feel guilty about taking some time to simply BE, as every message out there says, you have to keep doing, producing, participating, or you're not keeping up.

How successful are you at taking a summer afternoon nap? If you are like most, you don't even think of taking a nap! Or do you go ahead and lie down, but spend the time thinking about everything you could be and should be doing with this time when you are supposedly "napping!"

Yes, we can be a little awkward with the slowing down time ... what if we don't start up again, or what if everybody else who's out there and not slowing down, gets ahead of us?

But resting is an important part of the creative process. Just like an artist doesn't paint all the time ... there has to be that fallow time when the creative force pulls back in to rest, to be re-inspired, rejuvenated in preparation for rebirth and re-entry into the world to share and express the new gift, the new creativity. It's important to remember that the resting time is a natural and vital part of the cycle of life, the cycle of nature.

In order to be fully present in the moment, to do our best work, give our best fruit, we require down time, hibernating time, resting time, just like fruit trees in the orchard across the street. They are wonderful reminders of the creative process. We watch them grow all spring and summer. They produce beautiful, juicy fruit. The fruit is picked, and then they start to rest and go to sleep for awhile. This is also how the very wise fruit tree survives the harsh weather in the winter ... the cold and the wind, the increased darkness. All its energy retreats inward. For it is in the dormant time where its life rests and regroups for that bursting forth again in the spring.

All the energy is focused inward at the center of life, so it looks like nothing much is happening on the outside. But that inward focus is vitally necessary to the tree's life process. And so it is with us. If we don't give ourselves the necessary down time to rest and regroup to meditate, contemplate, be still and know, we short-circuit our cycle of growth and evolution. We rob the cycle of creativity; we stunt our ability to bear fruit.

The kingdom of God is within ... experience your own beingness ... don't miss your truth thinking you have to be out there all the time. Your power source is inside you ... take some time each day to go within, out of the rush, out of the noise. You can tape whatever's going on out there, and watch it later. If you don't go within, you go without.

It is said that the master Jesus performed most of his miracles on the Sabbath. I have realized that there is a huge message there. I don't think he did that just to make the Pharisees angry! The message here is ... take some time to stop, breathe, relax ... take a sabbath, a rest period. It is during the time when we are resting and expanded that the miracles can occur. We are open and receptive rather than closed and constricted with our heads down and pushing forward. There's no room for inspiration, for creativity, for possibility when we are constricted. The energy cannot flow easily through us when we are tight and folded up, pushing through each requirement on the day's list.

So we have to include some rest time, some quiet time, time to breathe deeply and expand to balance our daily experience and make room for the possibilities ... the miracles.

It's summer ... yes, the weather is great and there's lots to do, but let's remember to include some resting time along the way. Find time to wander into a lawn chair for a snooze in the shade ... or, how about 10 minutes with eyes closed, breathing and listening to the birds singing?

There are many gifts ... make sure one of them is taking time to enjoy some quiet, restful moments everyday ... time to simply BE ... in that moment of NOW.

"We know too much and feel too little. At least, we feel too
little of those creative emotions from which a good life springs."
-- Bertrand Russell

Today's Poem
Brighten Your Corner
~ Author Unknown

We cannot all be famous
or be listed in "Who's Who",
But every person, great or small,
has important work to do.

For seldom do we realize
the importance of small deeds,
Or to what degree of greatness
unnoticed kindness leads.

For it's not the big celebrity
in a world of fame and praise,
But it's doing unpretentiously
in an undistinguished way.

The work that God assigned to us,
unimportant as it seems,
That makes our task outstanding,
and brings reality to dreams.

So do not sit and idly wish
for wider, new dimensions
where you can put into practice,
your many good intentions.

But at the spot God placed you
begin at once to do,
Little things to brighten up
the lives surrounding you.

If everybody brightened up
the spot where their standing,
By being more considerate,
and a little less demanding.

This dark old world would very soon
eclipse the evening star,
If everybody brightened up
the corner where they are!

"Wonder is the beginning of wisdom."
-- Greek Proverb

Spirituality ... A "Growing" Process
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

If we spend our life putting things off until we are 'happy', 'rich' or even 'healed', then we are missing out on the very purpose of all our experiences in life ... both the creative and destructive. As a publisher of this ezine, serving to help you on your path to awareness is what I do, but it is not all that I am. For the entire time that we exist on Earth, we are having experiences. Integrating these experiences into our very being in a way that enriches us and helps us move forward through life with greater confidence and joy is the purest form of growing and evolving to higher levels of consciousness. So although I offer ways for you and others to grow spiritually and emotionally, it is how you and they integrate that experience with me that will determine how you are transformed by it.

Despite the fact that there are so many alternative approaches to spirituality and finding ways our truths are available to us, many are still left wanting ... the void is still there and the longing is as strong as ever. I can only offer you an experience and then you must make of it what you can. Perhaps an experience will help provide a resolution for a particular situation, but so long as we live, one such experience will not be the answer to everything. And it is not meant to be the answer, it is an ongoing process. So long as we live in this physical world of duality, we will encounter things that challenge us, and depending on how rounded and grounded we are as a human, we will have various options open to us to meet that challenge. And therein lies our next experience and another opportunity to continue in our growth.

And that's what our experiences are all about ... growing spiritually. As part of my own experiences, I have and continue to live with a dis-ease that fills me with physical pain at times. Because I've taken action to visit physicians who have provided medication for same, it does not mean I will never go through the pain again, but having integrated what I have learned from them into my being, I am much better equipped to deal with these episodes when they arise each time. The same is true with spirituality and our exposure to awareness, it is this preparation ... the tools we are given and the knowledge of what to expect of the likely outcome that allows us to continue to rise in awareness and higher consciousness. It becomes a part of our makeup and thus releases our fears of the unknowns that we will continue to face in life.

That is 'growing' and 'evolving' in action and it is an ongoing process that involves not just one or even two lessons, but as a continual process that ultimately leads us to an understanding of our all-knowingness as Souls. If we can embrace change as a constant, and see it as an opportunity to change ourselves through continuously adapting to new challenges, we will find the opportunity to consciously walk our path. To do that, we need to develop new inner world choices and resources. We can teach ourselves, for instance, to expect the unexpected, and be delighted by the surprises it creates in our life. We can do that by becoming an observer of our thoughts ... by being watchful ... ever mindful. It's important to understand that many of the inner processes we experience that hold back spiritual connection operate out of our awareness. By bringing them into conscious awareness, we begin to create choice in our inner world where none before existed. So, an essential first step is to become a student of our own inner process. This is 'spirituality' and how we grow and evolve as souls.

The finest thing in the world
is knowing how to belong to oneself.
the Center of Light & Serenity

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Using Color To Re-balance
by Amanda Calderon
(Copyright © 2012 - All Rights Reserved)

Color can be used to balance our emotions, health and well being. It exerts a subtle, yet potent influence on us all. By allowing ourselves to be drawn to the colors that speak to us the most, we will bring about balance and harmony within. This will also facilitate balance and harmony without. There are so many ways we can use color therapeutically. We can wear it, eat it, visualize it, wear a crystal in it (or place one in a pocket), do color breathing, gaze at it, etc.. I would like to share with you some color tips that I have discovered that can be used to bring balance to our lives.

Bring more violet into your life when you need to: This color can be used to recover from an episode of grief or loss of some sort: maybe bereavement, a divorce, or a severe accident. Convalesce after illness, or calm over-active conditions of the body or the mind. Prepare for major life change ahead, or recover from one that has already happened.

Bring more indigo into your life when you need to: Indigo brings more power and effectiveness into your communications; feel the confidence and strength that other people sense you have, and which you may not yet have felt able to access. Get in touch with the masculine, authoritative aspect of yourself, no matter which sex you are, and your ability to know your own mind so that you can take full control of your life. Bring your dreams to earth!

Bring more blue into your life when you need to: The color blue will make you feel stronger and more independent, and know your own mind. Communicate peacefully. Feel protected and nurtured, particularly during times of change, and develop a deeper sense of faith and trust. Calm over-activity of any sort, in the mind or in the body & when there is pain or soreness anywhere.

Bring more turquoise into your life when you want to: Turquoise helps with feelings of freedom when you would like the feelings of the heart and thoughts of the head to meet. When you need to work out who you really are, what your heart really wants in life, and feel able to express it. It is useful in helping us to voice our feelings rather than cough or splutter, palpitate or stammer.

Bring more green into your life when you want to: Soothe and heal a battered heart; breathe more deeply and cultivate a feeling of trust with the color green. Rid yourself of dogma or conditioning and discover your own truth. Also when you want to take important decisions involving the heart as much as the mind; or release suppressed feelings. Let go of cycles of behavior and patterns of thought that are no longer useful Ė outmoded belief systems, for example, or destructive relationships, or negative ideas about your own value.

Bring more magenta into your life: When old feelings no longer apply. Magenta works on these unwanted emotions, allowing you the freedom to let go of them and to grow and change. To embrace the future bringing hope and acceptance that all is the way it should be. It is good for balancing hormones and fluid retention.

Bring more yellow into your life when you want to: Think of all the things that you have in your life that you are grateful for ... things that bring you joy and peace, rather than focus on things that make you feel powerless. Thus raising your vibration and making you once again feel empowered. This will of course also attract more abundance into your world.

Bring more orange into your life when you want to: Loosen up and bring more freedom into a relationship where one or other of you is too needy. Get in touch with your gut instincts and wisdom, perhaps after a period when you have been subject to an overdose of authority from outside. Connect with your inner voice when you feel uncertain about a course of action. Rebuild yourself after a divorce or separation, or detach yourself if you have fallen in love with the wrong person. Attract real love into your life.

Bring more peach into your life when you want to: Foster more kindness and cooperation with peach. When you need to face issues from your past and decide how you will move forward. It gently eases the symptoms of shock, depression and grief and helps with breathing problems such as asthma and bronchitis. Peach brings the revitalizing, enthusiastic and friendly energy of orange, but in a gentler form. Encouraging rather than demanding, it brings clear communication in all our relationships. It makes us feel safe and secure and teaches us that our best is always good enough.

Bring more red into your life when you want to:

Facilitate judgment and enhance activity. It increases the pulse rate, stimulates inhalation and keeps us alert. It can be oppressive and tiring when dense and strong though. Decorate in red in activity areas and passages. Not in offices, bedrooms, factories or stress areas.

On a spiritual level, red reminds us that no matter how spiritually inclined we may be, we are dependent on the survival and well-being of our physical body as a tool with which to express that spirituality in the world. Wearing red, eating red foods, exercising, releasing our strong feelings and occasionally acting on impulse, all reaffirm our connection through our bodies to the material world.

These are just a few ways color can help us. There are of course many more.

Disclaimer: The techniques, ideas and suggestions made in this article are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment, but as complementary to it. Any application of the techniques, ideas, and suggestions made is at the userís sole discretion and risk. Suggestions made do not constitute any form of advice, recommendation or representation and are not intended to be relied upon by the user when making any health or other decisions. Appropriate independent professional advice should be obtained before making any such decisions. All guidance is given without any warranty of any kind, express or implied & no liability is accepted for its accuracy, or for any loss or damage caused by a userís reliance upon it.

About the Author: Amanda Calderon is an East Devon (UK) color therapist and artist who uses color to help boost the health and well-being of her clients. For those not familiar with color therapy, it is a complementary therapy encompassing things such as energy healing, crystals, color breathing and visualization, color psychology, counseling, feng shui and the therapeutic use of color in dress and decor. As Amanda points out in today's article, color therapy can be used to bring balance to moods, emotions and to any form of dis-ease in bodies or in lives in general. If you would like to find out more about this technique, you can find more information on her website at - (plus lots more tips on how you can use color).

Our whole life is a teaching.
Everything that we think,
say and do instructs another.
the Center of Light & Serenity

(a channeled vignette)

Human beings are wondrous creatures. You think, you dream, you speculate about the nature of the universe, you hope, you pray. You have definite ideas about your lives .... definite ideas or expectations that frequently have been generated by the influences of your upbringing. For example, what American female child raised in the Fifties or Sixties hasn't been exposed to the fairy tales of Cinderella, or Snow White. You know! The poor, ordinary girl who is eventually swept off her feet by the handsome prince with whom she lives "happily ever after."

How many women are looking for, or hoping to meet prince charming, and are disappointed when the man they eventually marry falls short of that mark ... that expectation? How many of you have set up standards and goals for the various stages of your lives? Expecting that, when you arrive at such-and-such an age that you will be, do or have some specified something. Then what do you experience? ... what do you feel when the designated age arrives and your life circumstances do not meet the expectation? And then, how often do you apply the same process of thought to your spiritual life? ... envisioning that you will be, do or have some particular thing, situation or event as a result of seeking your spiritual path, or waking-up, or finding your purpose, or becoming conscious?

Or maybe you expect that your awakening will contain certain experiences ... or bestow upon you certain powers? Then how do you feel when your expectations are not met in the precise way you intended/expected? ... and are those feelings in alignment with your spiritual practice? Expectation is a very human process. It is with you every moment of every day. You have a mental picture of how most of your moments in most of your days are going to be. Is it any wonder that you come to consider life to be a stifling affair? Little space is left for life's Mystery, for surprise, or spontaneity, and when it shows up anyway, you push it away.

If life is a mystery, and the nature of your personal spirituality an unknown, you cannot possibly have a direct experience of it while it is shrouded in expectation. It follows from this that an aspect of your spiritual practice, at some point in your development, has to be an intentional confrontation with your tendency to form expectations about everything. The first step is developing awareness of the process, and releasing the tendency to place value on it. The stability you crave must come from your inner being ... not external circumstances. The only thing certain about external reality, is the flow of change, which produces instability, and can tend to evoke anxiety. How you then deal with that anxiety determines what you experience as personal reality.

A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next week ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May the Light of your Soul bless you with the
love and warmth that we feel in our hearts for you!
May each dawn find you awake and alert,
approaching your new day with nothing
but peace, love, radiant health, joy, and happiness.

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

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