June 23, 2012 Edition


What we visualize in our mind
moves closest to us and we to it
until it manifests in our lives.
-- the Center of Light & Serenity

It's Time To Remember

For thousands of years, we've believed that in order to find happiness, we need to change the world around us ... a bigger house, more money, a healthier body, a more attractive or understanding partner. With these beliefs as our unconscious religion, we've spent our lives at war with the world ... trying desperately to get reality to match our stories of how we believe it should be ... and we wonder why we don't feel any lasting sense of peace.

It's time to re-member that the people who are the richest are not those who have the most, but those who need the least ...

It's time to re-member that we are at our strongest when life is at its worst, and at our weakest when life no longer offers a challenge.

It's time to re-member that it is wiser not to expect, but to trust, for in expecting we ask for disappointment, whereas in trust, we invite surprise.

It's time to re-member that unhappiness doesn't come from not having something we want, but from the lack of something inside that we need.

It's time to re-member that there are things to hold and things to let go, and letting go doesn't mean we lose, but that we acquire that which has been waiting around the corner.

Most of all ... it's time to remember who we really are ... UNLIMITED multi-dimensional beings of LIGHT and LOVE. As difficult as it is for us to get past the Ego to believe this, it's time for all of us to open up to the reality that we are not the "bubble of biology" which we call our body, and that it is only a vessel for us in the physical world to experience and evolve as Soul. As a reminder, you are invited to view a video of Anita Moorjani who learned this through a near-death experience and clearly relates this reality ... confirming everything you've been told in previous issues of Soul Soothers.
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Holding on to your current belief systems
is holding on to your life as it has been and is now.
Is this good news?
- Alexander Woollcott

Today's Poem
Life's True Yardstick
~ Author Unknown

Don't count your age
by the years you've known,
but by the friends you have made
and the kindness' sown.

For life is not measured
by the years you live,
but by the deeds you do
and the joys you give.

You get to control any outcome by
every choice you make along the way.
the Center of Light & Serenity

Exercising The "Golden Rule"
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

Today's 'Spiritual Insight' reminds me of a new social problem being born. Recently, I read a brief story about a woman who because of her age could no longer get around very well to clean the house, so she hired a lady to come in and clean her house once a week. One week when the lady came to clean, the old woman asked the cleaning lady to "sit down a while and lets talk." However, the cleaner replied that she was sorry, but she had work to do and really didn't have the time to talk. To this, the old woman replied, "Please, I will pay you for your time just to sit here and talk to me."

I find that really sad, don't you? Unfortunately, there are many older woman (and men too for that matter) in the world, even in our community, that are just starving for attention or simply in need to talk and spend time with someone. With better medical expertise, we are enjoying longer life expectancies and the number of our older people is increasing. However, with the longer lives, we have inherited another problem ... a thing called "loneliness." It is not just a problem of one or two people ... it has gotten so it permeates our society. What can they do? Perhaps a better question is "what can we do?" since there's a chance that we ourselves may be in a similar situation someday.

Why is this so? Well, people lose the company of friends and associates who have either passed away or are too aged to get around as they used to and as a result have lost purpose in life ... succumbing to loneliness and depression. Even if they have children, they are busy getting on with their own lives in raising families of their own ... too busy to think about their aging mom and dad. Then, like the woman in the story I opened this article with, there are those who become widows because their husbands die and they're left alone ... left without purpose in life and little to do. They're left living with the thought that nobody needs them, nobody loves them, nobody cares for them ... all adding up to another real problem in our society today.

These are problems that we all can help lighten the load on our society and those who are in these situations. Shouldn't we reach out and help those in our communities? They deserve our attention and care. If you know of anyone in any of these situations, why not take time out of your busy days to visit them and just spend a few minutes with them, or invite them to have coffee with you, or even lunch. Won't you join Sandy and me in exercising the 'golden rule' of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us ... do for them what you would like someone to do for you if you were in such a situation?

The shortest distance between a problem and a solution
is the distance between your EGO and the SOUL.
~ the Center of Light & Serenity/center>

with the Center of Light & Serenity
The Law Of Forgiveness

There is a natural law known as the Law of Forgiveness. Humans can lessen the load caused by our own wrongdoing by connecting with the pure love of All That Is (God).

If there is anyone in your life who you are not in complete accord, visualize them by projecting unconditional loving forgiveness through your heart chakra toward that person. When you do this, you will be cut free from the energies of those past mistakes which caused such lack in accord with the individual ... regardless whose 'fault' it may have been. By letting go of such imbalances between humans, we progress spiritually in leaps and bounds by forgiving all who have wronged us and by asking forgiveness from all we have wronged others.

An important thing to remember when it comes to forgiveness is that one cannot be held guiltless before All That Is if one does not willfully and consciously attempt to forgive wrong doings of others (as well as self) unconditionally and therefore become a harmonious expression of Christ Consciousness.

To understand the heart and mind of a person,
look not at what he has already achieved,
but at what he aspires to.
- Kahlil Gibran
Just A 'Wee-Bit' More Clarity

I am here to provide what you would call just a "wee bit" more clarity on what is ahead for you and the majority of humans in the near future.

There are many, many ways for souls to have experiences in the world of physicality. Some seem to be gifted with everything that makes life comfortable, but it's important to remember that it is still only an experience. What is important to understand is what you do with your life and how you treat others is a key factor in determining your understanding of life, and how you choose your next incarnation as it could quite easily be a complete contrast. Poor man, rich man, what does it matter except that you learn about yourself and others in uplifting your level of consciousness.

All of you are benefiting in one way or another from a whole series of lives, and it is the diversity of your experiences that are reflected back into your society. When you look at your last 200 years or so of enormous industrial progress that has been made, there is little evidence that light has grown very much among you. You have had two World Wars and numerous other ones that have created so much negative energy that the Light has had difficulty in shining through. However, I am pleased to tell you that in the last two or three decades, it has been those like yourselves who are reading this that have changed the balance ... even though the Light is yet to be found all around the Earth. It has taken a lot of effort to achieve that which has and much help has been given from the spiritual realms. That is why your rise to the level of Christ consciousness is now a certainty when it once looked very doubtful ... and it has all to do with those of you who have been proactive in raising your vibrations with the help of the energies that we have been sending to Earth since your year 2000.

As 12-12-12 approaches, know that all is in place for a wonderful finale, so do not be too concerned about the lack of evidence being shown to you, as you are assured that behind the scenes a great deal of work is going on. To say the least, there will be a few surprises along the way which will produce what can best be described as an exciting period in your lives. It will take little or no time to realize that there a tremendous involvement by those of higher consciousness.

Please also know that people of good intent will be equally ready for elevation to the higher levels of consciousness as those who have been living it for many years. You do not have to belong to any group or practice any particular beliefs, but rather the degree to which you have been able to treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. If you have a love for your fellow Beings and put it into practice, then you are certainly a Being assured of entering the higher levels of consciousness with others of like mind.

Once you have awakened to your true self and your purpose in life, progress in your evolution will go forward in leaps and bounds. Most of you will have been subject to some period of religious teachings, and in many instances resulted in a belief in All That Is which you refer to as "God." That was a good starting point to a greater understanding ... providing you allow for a different concept of God to come forward than what you have been taught. Those enmeshed into the low energies with rigid mind-sets of wealth in a materialistic society filled with fear and hate are likely to be stuck in such surroundings ... clearly an indication that they are not ready to expand their understanding, but rather to remain in the same 3D vibrations as in environment they find themselves in now.

Evolution is about your soul and its progress towards the higher dimensions from which you came. Every soul is bound to reach a point of Self-realization when they awaken to the truth of who they really are, and though it is often preceded by a great deal of soul searching, it is not necessary by all. At such stages, you are accompanied by a number of Guides who do all they can to uplift you. Often, they are part of your spiritual family and have been with you over several lifetimes and take a personal interest in your progress. It is also likely that, on occasions, you meet them during out of the body experiences when you are asleep, but normally remembrance of it is difficult to recall. Such meetings can give you so much help and confidence that you awake refreshed and happy, without realizing the reason why. Sometimes they seem as dreams, and you may suspect there is more to them than you can recall.

Your travels in the astral regions can seem unreal, as there are different laws at work and you seem do things that are looked at as impossible on Earth. You are beginning to understand that your experiences are far more extensive than you imagine. When you ascend, they will grow even more and you will enter a completely new life to be experienced quite unlike what you are used to now. Just your abilities to instantly create that which you desire will result in so many changes, but it is your elevation into the higher vibrations and levels of consciousness that will act on you personally. We in the Realm of the Absolute that you look up to so much are an example of what you will be like in the near future in terms of possessing the knowingness of having infinite abilities, and it will not be long before you walk with many like us as equal and respected partners.

A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next week ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May you learn to admire but not envy,
to follow but not imitate,
to praise but not flatter,
and to lead but not manipulate ...
And may each day bring you its own individual wonder.

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

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