May 12, 2012 Edition

Happy Mother's Day!


"Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love ... time is eternal.
the Center of Light & Serenity

Your Angel
~ Author Unknown

Once upon a time there was a child ready to be born. So one day he asked God: "They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?"

God replied, "Among the many angels, I chose one for you. She will be waiting for you and will take care of you."

"But tell me, here in Heaven, I don't do anything else but sing and smile, that's enough for me to be happy."

"Your angel will sing for you and will also smile for you every day. And you will feel your angel's love and be happy."

"And how am I going to be able to understand when people talk to me, if I don't know the language that men talk?"

"Your angel will tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, and with much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak."

"And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?"

"Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray."

"I've heard that on earth there are bad men. Who will protect me?"

"Your angel will defend you even if it means risking its life."

"But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore."

"Your angel will always talk to you about me and will teach you the way for you to come back to me, even though I will always be next to you."

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from earth could already be heard, and the child in a hurry asked softly:

"Oh God, if I am about to leave now, please tell me my angel's name."

"Your angel's name is of no importance, you will call your angel ... Mommy."

The real healer resides within
each of us ...
As a healer, we simply help
people get in touch with
their own wholeness.
Just as in a garden
we do not "grow" the flowers ...
rather we create the conditions
in which flowers can grow...
So it is with people.
the Center of Light & Serenity

A Mother's Love
~ Jill Leming ~

There is no love, like a mother's love,
no stronger bond on earth...
like the precious bond that comes from God,
to a mother, when she gives birth.

A mother's love is forever strong,
never changing for all time...
and when her children need her most,
a mother's love will shine.

God bless these special mothers,
God bless them every one...
for all the tears and heartache,
and for the special work they've done.

When her days on earth are over,
a mother's love lives on...
through many generations,
with God's blessings on each one.

Be thankful for our mothers,
for they love with a higher love...
from the power God has given,
and the strength from up above.

From this week's MailBag:

Dear Sandy and Mike ... I received a little gift with the poem below from my 11 year old son for Mothers Day. The gift was each thing mentioned in the poem. It was the best gift anyone could have ever given me. It's a gift that holds true not only on Mothers Day, but everyday; so I am sharing this gift with you in hopes that you will share it with others. With Love, Kelly.

Mother's Survival Kit

An Erasure, so you can make
all your mistakes disappear.

A Penny, so you will never
say "I'm broke."

A Marble, in case someone
says "You've lost all your marbles."

A Rubber band, to stretch
yourself beyond your limits.

A String, to tie things
together when everything falls apart.

And Kisses to remind you ...
I will always love you!

Our true character is revealed by what we do
when no one is watching.
the Center of Light & Serenity
Responsibility And Self-Empowerment

~ by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

Perhaps one of the many characteristics discussed in these articles is that of "judgment" and the need for us to move to 'unconditional love'. Yet, out of the correspondence I receive from subscribers, I am continually struck by how difficult it is for people to simply apply the principle of personal responsibility. People blame me, Soul Soothers, their past, their family, their financial situation, their heritage, their race, other people, Republicans/Democrats, conservatives/liberals, big business, and many other things outside themselves, for whatever they don't like about a particular situation.

If you've learned anything from these articles in Soul Soothers about responsibility and self-empowerment, what's most important is understanding that our experiences in life, in every detail, is created by us. This means it is NOT created by other people, or various circumstances. These things can be a stimulus, but the response that creates our experiences in life comes from us and only us.

Too many of us give lip service to the idea of personal responsibility, or the idea that we each create our own reality, but when faced with a specific situation where we do not like what is happening, we have trouble taking responsibility for the fact that our response to that specific person or situation comes from the perceptions produced by our belief systems. It is only in each specific situation that our awareness of this principle can have any beneficial effect on our life. A general rule unapplied is of no use to us.

I experienced a situation with a relative who, though not really on a spiritual path, so obviously does not understand this principle, nor would he be at all open to it if I were to approach him with the idea. Very simply, everything that happens in his life is caused by everything and everybody! Why do some people have so much trouble taking responsibility for their experiences, and why is it important to place emphasis on this principle? First, let's look at why people blame something outside themselves for their experience of life.

While most of this is due to narcissistic tendencies, the main reason this happens is because most of us are responding to whatever happens around us unconsciously and automatically. Based on unconscious programming picked up by osmosis during our childhood, we develop beliefs that are either true as our own or false resulting from those unconsciously accepted into our subconscious which place certain meanings on things which cause us to automatically respond to those meanings as if each of them really were intrinsic to the thing in question ... when they are not. When we are on automatic pilot in our response mechanism, it robs us of 'choice,' because by placing a meaning on something, we MUST then respond as if that meaning were real, when in fact nothing really has any intrinsic meaning. This is a recipe for suffering if there ever was one. Wouldn't it be more fun to be able to choose the response that created the most happiness and inner peace, rather than having our response dictated by unconscious beliefs we did not choose to begin with?

The solution to running on automatic pilot is to regularly perform some kind of psychological or spiritual practice, one that brings what was unconscious into conscious awareness ... what spiritual growth is all about. Although there are many ways to do it, reading Soul Soothers and meditating on various metaphysical principles that we cover each week does this more powerfully than most. Whatever we do, we must learn to see how and why we respond the way we do, decide whether our current responses give us the experience of life we want, and if not, choose something else.

We cannot, of course, do this if our premise is like that of my relative ... that things outside us cause our experiences. In that case, our only hope would be to change those things outside ourselves to be the way we want them to be. And to that I say ... good luck!

The second reason people have trouble applying this principle and exercising choice in their responses is that when we run on automatic pilot where it really SEEMS as if those people and situations outside of us ARE creating our response. But things are not always what they seem. That things outside of us cause us to have certain feelings and behaviors is nothing more than a mental illusion and we don't have to believe it. In fact, believing it is a major cause of suffering. Why would we want to believe something that creates suffering?

Just because we are not aware of where a response is coming from (which happens because the response is automatic and coming from an unconscious part of us) does not mean it isn't coming from something inside of us. Luckily, we don't have to evaluate each response, one by one, to see where it is coming from (which would be very tedious), because it's all coming from US. This simple fact takes all the guesswork out of life!

The third reason some of us don't take responsibility for our experience of life is we mistakenly think that blaming something outside of ourselves is somehow an easier way to live. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case. Taking full responsibility for every feeling, every thought, and every action is the easier way, and blaming something outside of us is actually the hard way. Why? Because once we take responsibility, if we don't like the results we're getting, we can do something to change them. But if something outside of us is to blame, what can we do? In that case, we're stuck, just a victim of whatever is happening around us ... unless we've come up with a way to control other people and the rest of the world (if you do figure this one out, be sure to let me know).

One thing I've noticed over the years we've been helping people through the Center of Light & Serenity is that those who blame their experience in life on something outside themselves continually experience problems, dramas, and suffering, while those who take full responsibility live lives that are smoother, easier, and happier. Why? Because once we take responsibility for everything in our world, we automatically begin to do whatever is necessary to make things work. As long as it's not our fault, we just blunder along, bouncing from one drama, one mistake, to another. Not taking responsibility creates suffering ... taking responsibility creates solutions.

So the reason I place so much emphasis on this principle of responsibility as empowerment is that without it we are powerless, and we suffer all the consequences that automatically flow from being powerless (and there are quite a few, none of them pleasant). On the other hand, when we take responsibility, we are all-powerful ... we become creative and we automatically begin to exercise that creative power to create the life we want.

Do I always create the life I want? Nope, I don't. Yes, from time to time I still do things that give me results I do not want. I don't do it very often, but I have to admit, it does happen. But whenever it does happen, I am "aware" of the experience and instantly know who is responsible ... me! And as soon as I note to myself that I created an experience I did not want, I try to learn from it and stop doing it, because it really is true that we can only create something that isn't good for us if we do it unconsciously. In that way, I can only create suffering for myself for a very short amount of time, instead of day-in and day-out.

So, this would be a good time to examine yourself and honestly assess what feelings, behaviors, thoughts, and results in your life you have been fooling yourself into thinking are the result of something outside of yourself. Invariably, these areas of your life will be those that aren't working very well. This is not a coincidence! Take responsibility for these areas of your life and things will change ... I promise.

Keep reading Soul Soothers, since by doing so all of these principles will begin to mean something to you on an experiential, not just an intellectual level.

"There is a German proverb which says that
'Take it easy,' and 'Live long,' are brothers."
-- Christian Bovee

with the Center of Light & Serenity
It's All About "Balance"

In our lives in this dimension of physicality, we perceive opposites ... here/there, male/female, night/day, love/hate, good/bad, are just a few examples of polarities that we witness. In order to find balance, we have to come to a place where we fully understand that both are necessary. If the sun shone constantly, we would burn up and cease to exist. If the darkness never ceased we would suffocate. Life does not exist without the balance and harmony of the two. Neither one is totally "bad" or "good", but both are necessary components for life to continue.

In our inner worlds also comes a lot of duality. We tend to accentuate all the things we deem acceptable, while trying to deny the other aspects of ourselves, either by repression or denial. In this fashion, we seek to deny the "darkness" we perceive within our own souls believing that we are only "good" when we turn away from the negative emotions of anger/fear etc. The truth is we are comprised of both "light" and "dark" for a reason, all are part of the rich human experience. The key is to take the best from both sides and find our center, the place where we are able to maintain balance.

Look at some of the areas of your life that feel out of sync or off balance. How can you incorporate all sides of the situation, both the "negative" and the "positive" to make a complete circle? The key to "perfection" is learning to move away from extremes and into the middle ground. This is so with all things in our world of physicality and the sooner we all learn this, the sooner we shall reach that which we call "wonderment."

Feelings can bring us joy or they can bring us pain.
Only we have the power to control them.
They can be the reason behind our actions,
but they cannot be the cause of our actions
without your approval.
the Center of Light & Serenity

(a channeled vignette)

Listening To, But Discerning Your Feelings ...

Feelings are a part and parcel of your emotions ... where e-motion is "energy in motion" and emotion is a messenger. They help you understand yourselves and they help you to relate to the events, people and conditions that surround you.

For these reasons, it is important that you listen to your feelings ... listen to the message they bring from the inner depths of your being. In most cases, feelings are the media through which it is easiest for your soul to communicate its desires ... desires that are meant to bring you joy ... desires that are always for your greatest good!

Know, however, that feelings can also be manifested by your ego ... and in the most subtle and insidious ways. These feelings are not intended to bring in the emotion of "fear" in order that it may retain and maintain control ... feelings that can cause you pain. This is why it is important that you be able to discern your feelings ... to identify those to which you should listen versus those that you should act against.

It is equally important to make "feelings" a part of your conscious awareness as is watchfulness of your thoughts. If you strive for a delicate balance between the two, then you will manifest a life of joy and fulfillment. On the other hand, if you remain in a state of unconsciousness, it is then that you either promote a life that is given over entirely to your feelings ... ending up empty, unfulfilled and mostly in pain ... or a life that is devoid of feeling which is just as empty.

Through awareness and conscious discernment, you will always think and act with choice to experience and appreciate your feelings. Through a state of unconsciousness, you will continue to automatically react to all feelings and become the victim ... denying responsibility and blaming them for what you do ... and even worse, you will live in a life of fear instead of joy.

A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next week ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May you carry a Heart that Never Hates.
May you carry a Smile that Never Fades.
And may you carry a Touch that Never Hurts.

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

A Candle Loses Nothing By Lighting Another Candle ...



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