March 24, 2012 Edition

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To Awareness

Is This All There Is?

Have you yet to ask yourself the question, "Is this all there is?" Eventually, all of us will reach that point where we will ask this question. Even if the job is going well, the bills are getting paid and the family is getting along, some still reach that point where this question will arise. So what's missing?

Why would we ask this question anyway? Could it be that we're not living a life of fulfillment or living true to who we really are? Could it be that the material things in our life ... those things that come from outside of ourselves ... aren't fulfilling the hopes and expectations that we had?

Remember the movie, 'Pretty Woman', staring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? It's a story about a prostitute who is picked up by a wealthy businessman and spends a week with him being transformed into a beautiful, sophisticated young woman.

At one point, she talks of her past and explains that her mother used to call her a 'bum magnet' because "if there was a bum within a fifty mile radius, she was attracted to him".

Julia Roberts also said in the movie, "When people put you down enough, you start to believe it". Even when Richard Gere gives her a compliment, she states how "The bad stuff is easier to believe".

So what's your view of yourself? Is it clouded by comments and opinions of others? Have you taken on the limiting beliefs of others to become your own and to cloud your vision?

In case you have yet to see it for yourself, I won't tell you the end of 'Pretty Woman,' but I would like to remind you that each of us has our own dream ... our own 'fairy tale'. The question is ... are we willing to 'settle' for a life of limitation or do we want to experience more?

Look back at your childhood. What were your dreams? Why haven't they been fulfilled? and why are you continuing to do the same things that you've always done and are willing to get the things you've always gotten?

Aren't you ready to rid yourself of the limiting beliefs and labels you've acquired through the years ... aren't you ready to realize your full potential? If you are, there is much that you can do today to awaken your vision. Know now that it can be as simple as drawing a picture in your mind's eye or quieting your mind by looking at the night sky. Even if you are not be able to express yourself through your career, you may be drawn to experiencing your dream through a hobby, by faithfully reading articles here in SOUL SOOTHERS each week or by volunteering your skills to help others in some way. The possibilities are endless.

Reflect on this for a moment ... think about what you really want and take action today to capture that feeling of getting more out of this journey called "life." Take action now!

I'm sure that you have heard this before ... "today is the first day of the rest of your life" ... so why not begin now to create your own fairy tale and live your dream?

"Everything has a time to rise, and a time to fall. Whatever
rises, falls, and whatever falls shall rise again; that is the
principle of cycles."
-- Dan Millman


Turning Thirty
~Sharon Yates Lyerly

I dreamed of being sweet sixteen
Then magic twenty-one
But suddenly I'm twenty-nine
And seeing thirty come.
My baby sitter calls me "ma'am"
It makes me feel quite numb
How can I think of me as old?
I've always been so young

Once I could name the "top ten" songs
Played on the radio,
And now I turn the rock groups down
Or hunt for something slow.
Now there are lines around my eyes
I thought would never show.
And pounds that used to be above
my waist have sunk below.

The boy I worshipped as a teen
Now lies beside me snoring.
His middle's thicker -- so is mine,
And he is not so adoring.
He used to worship at my feet;
now mostly he's ignoring.
I once clung to his every word,
Now sometimes he is boring

I was depressed to see how fast
My youthful days could flee,
and then I met a fine old man
His age was eighty-three.
His hair was white, his walk was slow,
And he could barely see.
He called me "child" and said he wished
He was as young as me.

Most of us think we need more money
than we really do,
yet, we tend to settle for a lot less
than we could get.
- the Center of Light & Serenity

Are You Praying For Rain?
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

Has it been your experience in life that things just seem to ... 'work out'? You know, like maybe your car breaks down, it's two weeks until payday, your credit card's maxed out ... and an unexpected IRS refund check (including interest) shows up in the next morning's mail? and ... magically, there's just enough of the check left over for lunch at McDonalds while your car is being fixed? It's amazing, isn't it? Such things happen and they happen a lot. When they happen for the little stuff, we call them 'coincidences'. When they happen for the really important stuff, we call them ... 'miracles.'

Just what seemed like yesterday, I overslept. It was 8:30 a.m. and I got up, had a cup of java and a couple of Girl Scout cookies. The weather was a balmy 68 degrees (on February 29th no less). I set out around 9 or so to do some small shopping and before I knew it, it was going on 10:00 a.m. and all of a sudden it dawned on me that the cable guy was going to come at 10 sharp to install cable for my kitchen TV. Now here I was at least 20 minutes away from home and there was no way that I could be there by 10.

I frantically called the cable company to tell them of the situation and the rep responded "Well sir, I'll have to cancel and refer the technician to another job, but I'm sorry, you'll have to call back and reschedule for another visit and there won't be another opening for 2 weeks." "Great, now what!" But then I caught myself. After all, things always have a way of working out. So, I smiled and still headed home but perhaps at a much slower pace than I would have. When I pulled into my driveway, I noticed a panel truck pulling in behind me and as I got out of my car, the young man came up to me and said: "I'm so, so sorry for being late for my 10 a.m. appointment as I'm running behind this morning. If you don't mind, I will work extra fast to get your cable installed."

It's all in the knowing ... but back to the question ... do such things happen for you? Maybe you never really gave it much thought. Well, think about it. If you do (or already have), it's a cinch to see that your expectations most always equal your outcome. The 'secret' resides within our 'confidence,' our 'knowing', our... 'faith.' It's like a direct link ... a pipeline ... to the 'magic' of the universe. Expect something good and wonderful ... that's exactly what we get. Expect something bad, and, well ... you know the rest. Call it providence, call it 'coincidence', call it luck ... call it whatever you like. What you call it matters not. It's simply the way things work ... we become what we think about, and it all works along with the law of life ... 'what we put out is what we get back' ... you know ... 'cause and effect'!

Even though I know there are many of you out there that know what I'm talking about and you've been there and done that, but I'm really writing this for the benefit of a friend of mine who appears to be quite depressed over the world situation and the doom and gloom prophecies of 2012. So, dear friend, think about it. Put your desires, your wishes, your dreams out there. Lay them before you. Lay them before God. Then ... go forward. Abandon the "why not's." Forget about "how". Simply listen, pay attention, and put one foot in front of the other each day. The details will take care of themselves. Lose the 'adult' reasons, rationalizations, and excuses. Be like a child ... take your next step with bubbling enthusiasm ... with confident 'knowing'. For the big things ... for the small things ... the results will be incredible. And, by the way ... remember to smile and say 'thank you' as each piece of your journey unfolds before you.

I titled this article "Are You Praying For Rain" as a reminder for me to tell you about 'being like a child again' above. A few years ago, a drought took hold in the mid-western United States. Following a particular Sunday morning service, a church congregation assembled outside to pray for rain. They all gathered 'round in a large circle to hold hands.' All, that is, except for one small boy, who stood amidst the others ... holding an umbrella.

How can I get what I *really want* in my life?"
The answer is found in this one powerful word ... TRUST!
- Center of Light & Serenity

with the Center of Light & Serenity
Trust ... How Do We Do This?

How do we Trust? Begin by asking yourself this powerful question ... "If I had no FEAR, how would I live my life?"

Now imagine what you could create in your life with the unshakable belief in your own success. Take a moment right now to do this for yourself.

1. Stop what you are doing, and take an inspirational break. Find a comfortable spot where you can relax for several minutes ... just with yourself

2. Allow your body, mind and spirit to connect by taking a deep breath ... BREATHE.

3. Now, Imagine your perfect day ... hint: imagine your perfect day with no fear, no limitations, only pure possibility ... imagine your day with the belief in yourself that you are infinitely successful.

4. Notice Yourself ... What are you doing? Where are you? What do your surroundings look like? Who are you with? What are you wearing? What is the expression on your face? How do you FEEL? How are you experiencing YOU?

5. Breathe deeply into this experience andcreate an image to best represent how you are feeling as your successful self. Stay with this image until you feel it's essence throughout your entire body and deep within your every cell.

6. Gently say to yourself ... And so I am ... And so it is ...

7. Feel yourself SURRENDER to this experience ... and let it go ... let it go ... Knowing that You are the creator of your life ... and you have just created your reality and simply TRUST ... *SIMPLY TRUST*

Hint: you may want to practice surrender by using this simple visualization. Imagine letting your intention go by visualizing a large hot air balloon with a very special basket attached to it. Inside this basket lies your perfect day ... just as you've created it. See and feel yourself letting go of the strings that attach the balloon and basket to the ground.

See the balloon/basket begin to float up up and away ... carrying your intention out into the Universe. Feel yourself surrender to letting go ... and feel the TRUST begin to fill your Heart as you repeat to yourself

"I trust my intention has been received and that it is manifesting as I speak these words ... I am grateful and I am at peace ... I Surrender and I TRUST," and then say "I AM in the moment of TRUST"

Remember one of the most powerful principles to manifesting ... 'surrendering to the moment of Trust'

Have you ever noticed a baby bird in springtime as it gets ready to learn to fly? There is hesitancy at first ... and then there is a most profound moment of surrender, the baby bird lets go and surrenders into the splendid TRUST that when it leaps it will flutter its wings and fly.

Nature has much to teach us. Remember Her secret ... TRUST in the moment that all is well just as it is, no matter what, we are provided for.

So in closing, lets bring closure with a powerful step you can use everyday, whenever you wish to re-connect with your Essence. Bring into your awareness Your Number One Desire ... imagine your desire already manifested! Breathe into the feeling of your desire already manifested. Breathe into the place deep within that Knows You are Successful in creating the life you desire. The place deep within that has no FEAR... FEEL the moment of TRUST

Remember ... this is the place of pure manifestation ... free of FEAR. You can journey to this place deep within whenever you wish ... it is in every one of us.

Don't confuse fame with success.
Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.
-Erma Bombeck

(a channeled vignette)
You Are But A Stone's Throw Away

Have you noticed how there seems to be a sense of foreboding all around the world as it is becoming obvious from outer appearances that all is not well? You, mankind, have taken this physical world as far as you can and are at that point where you are at the cliff of oblivion. It seems that with all that is happening with the many catastrophes, chaos, conflict and problems which seem to be getting worse and worse, that you are about to "stew in your own juice", so to speak, but even though the Law of Life (the Law of Cause & Effect) states that what you put out is what you get back, it is not meant that your Creator is a vengeance one who desires punishment in order for you to learn your lessons. For this reason, you've been given the choice of getting through this turmoil without needless suffering ... you have been given the option of that which has become known as the "ascension" process.

Those who have already entered on the path to spiritual awareness and growth need little guidance to follow this process through and are moving your consciousness to higher levels in order to lift yourselves out of 'duality'. Your awareness is such that you are already on the path that is taking you all of the way up to and through that which is called "the end times" and onto the next stages of evolution.

Yes, there will be those who are still sleep-walking through life and have decided to follow the Ego and outer world to what they see as resulting in joy and happiness. And yes, they too also have the choice of taking the same opportunities as anyone else. The same is true of the media which follows the path of 'money' and not of what is really going on in the world. However, very soon, events will cause them to take note of what is really happening on Earth and they will slowly arise to an understanding that the changes are going to be widespread and that they will be the means from which civilization can take a giant step forward. They will discover, along with everyone else, that they have a choice and that choice will determine the path that they will end up on.

So, every soul will equally have that chance to change their lives and set their sights higher, if they so desire. There is never going to be pressure put upon them, except that the happiness they seek is only temporary, but every help is there for them if they commence to seek the truth. You on the spiritual path will be instrumental in ensuring that the necessary facts are told so that there is no mistake where any of you are concerned when you seek the true purpose of life. Above all, you must all learn and recognize the Source of All That Is! It matters little whether you call it "God" or anything else. The important thing is the recognition that you are all ONE and All That Is and everything that happens in life is governed by Universal Laws ... laws that are "immutable" and are all certain to occur just as the Law of Gravity ensures that everything that is thrown up into the atmosphere must come down.

The life that you will enter during the ascension transformation will be far removed from that which you have been used to up until now. It will have purpose and will be able to fulfill your deepest desires ... not only from a physical standpoint, but way beyond ... such as giving you opportunities to explore the billions of different planets throughout the Universe and find that life abounds everywhere and that you truly are multi-dimensional beings of Light and Love and will also be able to move between dimensions. Words cannot do justice to what lies ahead for you, but be assured that you will never be disappointed, and you are now but a stones throw away it all.

As for Mother Earth, the cleansing will continue to take place and will increase in intensity. At the same time weather patterns are changing as conditions will become more temperate. The extremes that are normal to Earth will not be experienced in the higher levels that you are moving to, and that applies to life in general. Life will be pleasing and will move in such a harmonious way that will put an end to stressful experiences. Life will be pleasant, and friends will be but a thought away and respond to it. As is difficult to imagine, you have everything coming to you that will make life a complete joy, so forget the hardships and sorrow that you have endured upon Earth. They will soon be all but a distant memory to be replaced by more exciting and pleasant ones.

The vibrations on Earth are still rising with the expectation of the festivities that many are now preparing for. It is an energy that will remain and continue to grow as the grids around Earth become more powerful. There is no let up of the incoming energies, that continue to be beamed to you from many sources. The plan for your release from duality cannot fail and our presence from this side of the veil should remove any lasting doubts you might have.

A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next week ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May The Angels Teach You What You Need To Know
About Life Here And Hereafter.
May They Fill You Always With Their Love
And Give You The Gift Of Laughter.

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

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