March 17, 2012 Edition

Happy St. Patrick's Day


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To Awareness

Come To Remember Who You Really Are

We will never resolve our problems or life issues until we know and understand who we really are! How can we relate well to others without first having a deep relationship with ourself? How can we know what to do if we do not know who we are? If we hope to understand life, should we not first understand the one doing the understanding? All growth arises from the ancient truism ..."Know Thyself." The more we know and express our authentic self, the more meaning, joy and fulfillment we will have in our life.

It's been estimated that 80% of what we do, think and say is unconscious. As we start to become conscious of what is now unconscious, we gain the awareness we need to make sense of our life. How well do you know yourself? What unique gifts, talents and skills do you bring to this world? What specific issues represent your life challenges? How much of your life is controlled by your personality? by the expansiveness of your soul? What are the underlying semi-conscious motives that run your life? What gives you meaning and purpose in life?

We need to discover our life lessons and unresolved shadows in order to get a sense of our life purpose, soul essence and personality skills ... what to heal ... what to express and aspire to ... more awareness of how our personality and soul interact ... who we really are ... insights into what can be our next best growth step ... where we are going ... a new perspective on our spiritual journey.

This is what this issue and Soul Soothers as a whole is all about ... to help build an awareness in you through each article, quote and poem so that you can come to know who you are ... so that you can:

-- Gather Your Strengths and Uniqueness
-- Be Aware of Your Weaknesses and Challenges
-- Identify with Your Soul
-- Bring It All Together to Identify Who You Are

The inspirational short stories, quotes, special tips and thoughts in each issue are painstakingly selected, compiled and published to help you cultivate deeper understanding, discipline and clear intentions of who you are ... while at the same time you grow spiritually. Each issue is designed to help you identify your defenses, life themes, blocks to growth, victim statements, limiting beliefs ... to help you recognize and understand the messages from your body and emotions ... the values, qualities and virtues that come with connecting with your soul.

"It takes time and courage to identify
and grow into BEING who you really are."
- the Center of Light & Serenity


Our Life Responds To Our Beliefs
author unknown

Life is largely a matter of what we hold in our belief systems.
If we want to succeed, we must believe that we will succeed.
So, set your goals high.
If you begin with some wild beliefs
you'll succeed beyond your wildest expectations.

When we believe things will happen,
strangely enough, they do happen.
Belief energizes our goals and gives them momentum.
When we believe something good can happen, it will happen.

The dreams we believe in come to be,
for it is part of the Law of Free Will ...
that what we believe, we will experience!

The greatest revolution we can offer is to
change the inner attitudes of our minds ...
only then will we change the outer aspects of our lives!"
- the Center of Light & Serenity

When The Past Shows Up In The Present
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

During one of our classes awhile back, we delved into the subject of beliefs that really aren't ours ... those limiting beliefs that lie in our subconscious that we came to accept mostly at an early impressionable age; simply because they were introduced to us by our parents, school teachers, grandparents, religion, and society in general.

I'd like to expound on it here in this article a little further and perhaps in a more understandable fashion. The premise again is that we unconsciously accept limiting beliefs that become 'truths' for us. Pick one aspect of your life. For example, your health, your competence, your prosperity or relationships, and think back to when you were a child. What messages about any of these did you hear from adults at that time that are still playing on your subconscious tape recorder? ... messages like ... "Men can't be trusted." ... "Money doesn't grow on trees." ... "Money is the root of all evil." ... "You're not smart enough to succeed in business." ... "You're a bad boy/girl." ... "You'll never amount to anything!", "How stupid can you be?" You get the idea. Think about it and you will see how your world is reflecting these back to you today.from the beliefs that you formed.

The real truth is that we are unlimited multi-dimensional beings and the only limitations that we have are those brought to us by our beliefs. And this can come in other ways also. For example, there are many who suffer 'low self-esteem' in their adult lives as a result of things that were perhaps unintentionally said or done by parents, relatives, loved ones, teachers, or others that children normally look up to for caring and love ... things that lead to feelings of abandonment at that early age. For example, a child of divorced parents who was given custody to the mother with visitation rights by the father and for some reason, on perhaps more than one occasion, the father promised the child that he would pick him up and spend a particular day with him ... and then never shows up. Or, even in a case where the father is still married to the mother, but is a workaholic and either is too tired at the end of each day to play with his child, or never has the time because of his devotion to work to spend time with the child and fails on the same kind of promises. Children at that young age take on the feeling that they are not wanted or that they are 'bad' ... feelings that result in the most likely unconscious beliefs that they are not worthy of love. As a result, and until they come to this realization, they may spend their entire adulthood of low self-esteem.

Challenges like these that we meet in life hold the power to open us to higher consciousness. Every block is there to help us let go of the personal, limited viewpoint of our personality and open to the impersonal, unlimited truth of our soul. However, it takes more than positive thinking to heal life-long lessons. We must reveal and release such unconscious programming and build self-esteem, self-confidence and serenity by taking a spiritual approach to healing..

Life becomes both meaningful and joyful when we know the greater truth of who we are. And like it or not, going beyond positive thinking and working through problems is the only path to meaning, fulfillment and spiritual growth.

There are two types of people in the world ...
those who come into a room and say ...
"Here I am!"
and those who say ...
"Ah, there you are!"
~ the Center of Light & Serenity

with the Center of Light & Serenity

Ever wonder why you do some things? ... why you're being like you are sometimes? Could it be compulsion? Do you know the difference between something being habitual and something being compulsive?

Compulsions can come in all shapes and sizes. Remember, it's not the activity itself but our need to do it that identifies whether or not it's a compulsion. And we can be fixated on anything. Ponder these possibilities: Are you obsessive about being right? To rescuing others? To seeking attention, security, autonomy or greener pastures? To withdrawing? To anger? To dependency, or busyness? To control? Yes, these can be compulsions, too!

How do you habitually avoid being fully present in your life?

We all have our preferred ways to distract ourselves from truly experiencing our lives. Why do we do this? Because deep down inside, we're in pain and we want to avoid the pain and feel pleasure instead. The trap is that the things we typically run to for relief are little more than short-term ... superficial band-aids that merely hide our wounds from us.

Why are we all in pain? Because we are spiritual beings who have been taught by society to seek fulfillment in a material world. And this doesn't work. Spiritual beings will only be nourished by spiritual qualities like love, freedom, honesty, beauty, truth and others. Until we consciously identify our need to experience these spiritual qualities, we will remain stuck with the unconscious band-aids and short-sighted compulsions.

Life is a spiritual journey. Belief that material things and ego satisfaction will bring us ultimate happiness is an illusion. We need to STOP and PAY ATTENTION to what we REALLY want when we compulsively react in any situation. A spiritual quality always lies hidden beneath our most obvious desires. A good way to get rid of a compulsion is to replace it with something that will bring more lasting satisfaction. So here are two questions to ask yourself:

1. What is the short-term benefit or payoff of the compulsion? Why do you do it?
2. What ideal are you searching for? What higher spiritual energy or quality wants to be expressed?

Most people seek some form of love or experience of their authentic selves. When we identify with the spiritual energy, converse with it, meditate on it or find other ways to express this ideal, the compulsions that rule our lives begin to naturally disappear.

Dialogue is one of the most popular and powerful journal tools. In a "Dialogue", you write down a conversation between yourself and a dialogue partner, and you make up both parts of the conversation. Your dialogue partner can be any of the following ... a person (living or dead), a problem, sickness, a body part, a thing (e.g. a car), an event (e.g. birth or wedding), Soul, God, a career, money, an emotion, a pet, an addiction, a bad habit, a value or virtue ... anything!

Try this exercise, have a dialogue with a COMPULSION. Just relax for a few minutes and go inside and reflect to identify something you do compulsively. Pick some habit you would like to understand more fully and release it once and for all.

First write down "ME" and a question you want to ask of the compulsion. Then write down COMPULSION (or the name of it) and answer your question as though you were the COMPULSION talking back. You make up the response. You do both parts of the dialogue.

Write as quickly as you can ... this will help you shift from your left to right brain. Let the words flow. Perhaps the COMPULSION will ask you questions! If you get stuck, really use your imagination. Make it up. Write down whatever comes to mind. Keep writing questions and answers for at least 5 minutes. When completed, read it over and write a short summary.

Some questions to ask might be: Give me understanding about ...? Why are you in my life? What are you ideally seeking? Tell me more about it.

Like water finds the shortest and easiest path down a slope,
it's your intuition that reveals the shortest
and easiest route to the successful completion of any task.
~ Tiamo, Master Angel of Love

(a channeled vignette)
Love Is The Gateway To All That Is

Whether you call it higher consciousness, universal consciousness or the Christ consciousness, it is all the same. It is when the Soul becomes aware of itself ... when it becomes aware of who it is and why it is as a Soul.

As you move from one level of consciousness to another, it is Love that provides the answers to all of your questions. If you allow Love to stay in your consciousness, you will never get lost. You will remain conscious when change begins to accelerate around you. You will know and feel the presence of All That Is with each breath and awaken to the unity of life.

Love is the fuel which propels you to higher consciousness. Love is the doorway ... the portal ... the gateway to your total awakening. Love is the Alpha and the Omega, for it is Love that you are. As you move into this awakening, you are fully aware that it is Love that ignites the flames of consciousness into the Oneness that you truly are.

It is in this consciousness where you come to feel the totality of the impulse of Love. It is here that you expand your being as the creative energy that you are ... expanding from the center of your being to create and multiply Love into the outer environment of where you are ... a Love that is emanating and exiting from the highest frequency known to the heart chakra to the entirety of that which surrounds you.

Love is the fuel that propels all things into a pattern of boundlessness ... limitlessness ... the wholeness and unity of Oneness in which you seek to return as Soul. This is the ultimate goal of your Soul. It is the journey which follows the path of experience to which it incarnated. It is here where you as Souls complete the experience, through the power of Love, the finality of separateness.

Love is what will bring your world of physicality into the Light ... out of the darkness of fear ... out of the limits and boundaries created by fear ... out of the realm of relativity and into the realm of the absolute. It is Love that will produce the buds of a new beginning there on Earth ... a beginning which will usher in a peace and beauty that heretofore could not be seen through the veil that has surrounded your world up until now. All this and more shall Love bring.

A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next week ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-

May your days be full of happiness and satisfaction, ...
May you enjoy little bite-size pieces of perfection ...
that give you the funny feeling that God is smiling on you
and holding you so gently because you are someone special and rare.
And may you and yours have
every day full of Peace, Happiness and Joy!

Love and Light,
Mike & Sandy

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