January 14, 2012 Edition
that as a flower is forced to face the winter cold,
we too must face the hatred and fear in life.
but as a flower grows and blossoms with beauty,
we too evolve, grow and blossom with joy and love.
the Center of Light & Serenity

Young In Mind

We grow old only by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul.

We are as young as our faith, as old as our doubt; as young as our self-confidence, as old as our fear; as young as our hope, as old as our despair.

In the central place of every heart, there is a recording chamber. So long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, and courage ... so long are we young.

When our heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then, and only then, have we grown old ... and then, indeed, as the ballad says, we just fade away.
that there are two types of people in the
world ... those who come into a room
and say, "Here I am!" and those who
say, "Ah, there you are!"
the Center of Light & Serenity

The Ripple Effect
~Author Unknown

Drop a pebble in the water,
just a splash and it is gone,
but there are half-a-hundred ripples
circling on and on and on.

Spreading, spreading from the center,
flowing onward to the sea,
there is no way of telling
where the end is going to be.

Drop a word of cheer and kindness,
just a splash and it is gone.
But there are half-a-hundred ripples
circling on and on and on,
Bearing hope and joy and comfort
on each splashing, dashing wave -
Til you wouldn’t believe the volume
of the one kind word you gave.

Drop a word of cheer and kindness,
in a minute you forget.
But there is gladness still a-swelling,
and there's joy a-circling yet.
For you’ve rolled a wave of comfort
whose sweet music can be heard,
over miles and miles of water,
by just dropping one kind word.

that if we have a clear intent of what we desire in life,
and dedicate our energies to its pursuit
there is nothing that we cannot achieve.

the Center of Light & Serenity

The Power Of Feelings
by Michael Bonamassa, Sr.

Unlike most of us have believed up to now that science and spirituality are mutually exclusive ... that we have to either follow the path of science or the path to spirituality ... that we can't do both together, there is little difference between the two. This point of view is now changing in a big way and everyone is beginning to feel it.

Ask your friends and neighbors and I think you'll find that practically everybody is feeling that something is happening on our planet, but they can't quite put a finger on what it is. Well, I'm here to tell you that it's an underlying energy that is transcending countries and borders ... and people everywhere are feeling that something has changed or is in the process of changing. And it's all because of the emotions that transpired over the last 11 years following the beginning of the new millennium ... the emotions ... the energy-in-motion that we humans put out.

If you think that the change in our government, the actions being taken or not taken by our Congress is by accident .... that the stifling of our President's actions and attempts to 'change' in the old ways of leadership is a coincidence, think again my dear friend. If you think that the vast changes in the economic arena is happening only in the U.S. and that it is only a coincidence ... think again. What is happening here is something much greater and more comprehensive than most of us realize. Because of these feelings and goings-on, more and more people are shifting their thoughts to what is meant by the Myan calendar ending in 2012. What we don't realize is that all of this was brought about by the 'emotions' (energy-in-motion) that we put out in the last 11 years following the new millennium. What we are seeing today is the actual manifestation of this energy.

In 2005, a conference was held that brought scientists, engineers, philosophers, religious leaders and spiritual leaders together from all over the globe to consider the question ... "What's going on? Is this just early twenty-first century paranoia, or is there really something unique going on here?” The outcome of this question was so profound that the conferees dedicated the issue to the conference proceedings. In the symposium, six different scenarios were identified ... climate change, the threat of nuclear war, virulent and untreatable strains of viruses,revolutions in Asia, etal. ... any one of which, if allowed to go full-cycle, could forever end civilization and possibly life on Earth. Our ancestors may have dealt with one or two of these problems at different times, but what makes this time in history so unique is that we’re experiencing all six of these situations at the same time.

They concluded that if we were going to survive this time, we've got to figure it out and that the only way we were going to do that was to think of ourselves and our relationship to the world completely different than we have in the past. And that has to do with merging the best of scientific insight with the best of spiritual wisdom. This convergence of crises may really be our opportunity to redefine who we are, how we work, and what our role in the universe is. It comes down to the scientific question that occupied much of the twentieth century ... "Are we passive observers, insignificant specks with very little influence on the world? or are we powerful creators that play a significant role in the way that reality unfolds?"

Interestingly, the answer to both questions turns out to be “Yes.” It’s determined by how we choose to be ... by our willingness to accept the power that’s the birthright of each of us, to influence the quality of our relationships, the healing of our bodies, the success of our careers, and the peace between nations. As an individual, it’s easy to get into kind of an existential fear or anxiety about feeling insignificant. We’ve sort of adopted that “I don’t matter” stance on a societal scale. Since Sir Isaac Newton formalized the laws of physics, we have come to believe that we are powerless beings ... victims of a world where everything is separate from everything else and we have very little influence over any of it. It’s an unconscious conditioning that we all deal with to some degree or another. It filters into our approach to everything ... health and medicine, the economy, the environment, geopolitics ... and we're beginning just now to see how these play into it.

Our entire civilization has been based on two false assumptions that are still being taught in our schools today. The first is that the space between things is empty ... that matter is at most at 4 percent. The second false assumption is that our inner experience ... our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs ... have no effect on the world beyond our own bodies. Both of these assumptions have been scientifically proven to be absolutely false and documented in scientific journals. This just hasn’t made its way into our high school and college text books yet.

We now know there’s a field of energy that underlies all physical existence. This field is so new in its discovery that scientists have yet to agree upon a single term ... it’s called everything from simply “the field” to “the mind of God” ... to “nature’s mind". In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, called it “the matrix.” We also know that we have the ability to “speak” in a language that resonates with this field ... a nonverbal language of seeing in our mind's eye and feeling it as a belief in our hearts. When we do this, we effect physical healing within our bodies’ cells. The key is to see (visualize) the desired result and feel the feeling (emotion) in a very precise way ... as if the outcome of our heart’s desire has already happened.

This sets into motion a response within our bodies where the chemistry matches that feeling. Likewise, when we create the very precise feelings as if our career is already successful, our relationships and our partnerships are already in place and we have just the right people to accomplish all of the goals in just the right way, this sets into motion a mechanism in this field that allows those things to come to fruition. Once we understand the mechanism, it becomes a technology, and we can do it consistently and repeatedly over and over again.

This approach is connected with mass prayer and the focusing of attention by large groups. The same principle applies whether with a relationship, healing the body, reducing crime, or manifesting peace between nations. If we want to influence the outcome, we can claim the feeling of it in our hearts, as if the outcome has already come to pass, rather than thinking we have to engineer the outcome step by step. It's called "heart-centered consciousness". If we’re building a space shuttle or cooking a pie, then we want to go step by step. In the external, physical world, sometimes we have to gather our ingredients and then go through a sequence, building toward a goal bit by bit. But in the quantum world of thought, emotion, and belief, these principles simply do not apply. In fact, it’s just the opposite ... we have to identify our 'intent', clearly and concisely, what we see as the 'outcome', because the universe can’t hit a moving target, so to speak.

We were brought up to think strategically and tactically. On that level, reality transcends these. Instead, we effect the result by starting with the end in mind. We still put everything in place for it to happen; we can’t just sit back in our armchairs ... but we’re shifting from a purely Newtonian way of engineering and solving problems, believing that everything is separate and we must work toward our goal, to a quantum way of thinking, where we strongly and clearly identify with the outcome. There's plenty of proof available. We’ve got powerful video documentation of just how quickly the physical world responds to this language. In one video, I've seen a woman who is diagnosed with an inoperable, cancerous tumor, in the presence of three practitioners who are trained in this language we’re talking about. Through ultrasound, I was able to see that tumor melt away and literally vanish from the screen. All this was not done through the power of their thoughts, but through their feelings ... such a powerful feeling that the tumor responds and dissipates in less than three minutes and never returns.

This is not a one-time phenomenon; they do this for brain and bladder tumors all the time in China. The same principle applies when numbers of people get together to feel peace in a broad geographic region, or to 'feel' the successful outcome of their project in a business. All our success literature uses the term “think" ..."Think and Grow Rich", "The Magic of Thinking Big", "As a Man Thinketh", the "Power of Positive Thinking" ... but thinking tends to be sequential. That’s a natural outgrowth of our male-dominated, schematically-oriented, technologically-based, left-brained society. It’s no wonder we would take these principles and try to force them into the realm of what we think ... that’s our conditioning. But here’s the bottom line ... our world is made of electromagnetic fields of information. If we want to change something in the world, we’ve got to communicate within that electromagnetic field.

Interestingly, science has now found ... and this has been published in peer-reviewed journals over the last few years ... that the human heart is the largest generator of electrical and magnetic fields in the human body. Our brains generate an electrical and a magnetic field, but they’re relatively weak, as compared to the heart. The electrical field of the heart is about 100 times stronger than that of the brain, and the heart’s magnetic field is about 5,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain. Our own physics textbooks say that if we want to change the atoms of physical matter, we have to change either the electrical field or the magnetic field. The heart does both ... change the magnet, and the iron filings follow its shape ... which is why emotion (feeling) is in some ways much more effective than thinking.

In our society, we’ve been conditioned to believe that feelings and emotions are ineffective. Men have largely been told not to have them, and women have been told, “If you’re going to have them, go have them somewhere else, where it won’t bother anyone!” But outside our society, in the monasteries in Tibet, for example ... we find quite the opposite ... they say that feeling is the most powerful force in the universe.

In asking the abbot at one monastery ... “In your tradition, what is the force that connects everything in the universe?” He answered with a single word ... “Compassion.” When asked ... "Is compassion a force of nature that connects everything in the universe ... or is it an experience that we have in our hearts?” He answered again with one word ... “Yes.”

Using the principles operating in the monasteries of Tibet, ways to navigate through corporate dilemmas and come to a successful conclusion is possible because these same principles could be applied in a much larger context. The next generation will be steeped in this new understanding, but this generation is unique in that both perspectives are happening right now at the same time. While some people are very entrenched in the three-hundred-year-old beliefs, there are others, called "the awakened", who are more readily open to the new understanding. But our generation as a whole is straddling both world views. We’re faced with unprecedented challenges that will only be solved by recognizing that we’re part of a greater community ... that whether we like it or not, we are all part of a family and need one another.

As complex as our world seems, and as much as we try to separate business from life ... from physics and the universe ... all these areas are based on the same simple fractal principles. A stalk of broccoli is a perfect example of a fractal pattern. A little broccoli twig looks like the bigger branch it came from, which in turn looks like the bigger stalk that it came from ... exactly the same pattern on different scales of magnitude. All of life seems to work that way, including the human body. What’s good for one cell in the human body will affirm life to the whole body. It’s the same for society ... what’s good for the individual is also good for the whole. When we help others, we’re helping ourselves.

In 2004, Gregg Braden wrote a book, "The God Code", about the unifying principles that bring us together as a family on the planet. That book cited more than 400 separate scientific studies, published in scientific journals, to determine whether or not we are a violent species by nature ... that is, whether or not competition is our truest nature. The results of all these 400 studies were unanimous ... we are not a violent and a competitive species by nature. However, they found, we will betray our true benevolent, cooperative nature and become violently competitive in the presence of any one of three conditions ...1) when we feel threatened personally; 2) when we feel our families are threatened; or 3) when we feel our way of life is threatened.

We can see this, for example, in places like Iraq or the Palestinian Territories, where people are typically experiencing all three of these conditions. Is that kind of violent conflict inevitable? Not at all ... it’s not our natural state, it’s a behavior being produced by those conditions. Under threat, we lose sight of our fractal nature ... we think that self-interest and acting in others’ interests are mutually exclusive directions ... we start thinking there’s empty space between us.

In closing, another conclusion from these studies was that every species in nature benefits from cooperation. When they behave cooperatively, they consistently produce more offspring, live longer and live more successfully. And they found the same thing within indigenous human populations throughout the world ... longevity and quality of life increases when they cooperate in the gathering and sharing of food, water and other resources. The same principles apply in business ... the more we can cooperate, the better we’ll do. That’s what network marketing is all about.

Finally, in the political realm, we have people who are looking only in their own backyard, and others, like our newly elected president, who are thinking more globally. Likewise, we’ve got scientists who are looking at what’s good for America, and others who are thinking about what’s good for the world. What’s especially interesting is that the nations that are the major players in these issues are all electing new leaders within this year or two. After the last 8 years, we as a people are found to be ready for something more than the suffering, war, conflict and fear that we experienced since the beginning of this century. We have made known our willingness to live a different way through the election process and though it will take time to let go of the old that we've embraced throughout the years, we are now going to find these very spiritual principles very quickly playing out on the world stage. And how was this all done? ... through the "heart feelings" we put out that brought us the candidate with a spiritual heart .. .and it was through these same feelings felt through the energy of his speeches that we came to know who this candidate was!

Disclaimer Note: Most of the findings and facts contained in this article represent the findings of scientific and spiritual attendees of a 2005 worldwide conference and information given by Gregg Braden in an interview and is not intended to be interpreted as the personal knowledge/thoughts/ideas of the author.

that by the smallest deed or choice of words
we set in motion influences that could change
the course of others' lives here and now.

the Center of Light & Serenity

with the Center of Light & Serenity

A Heavy Cross to Bear

A young man was at the end of his rope. Seeing no way out, he dropped to his knees in prayer.

"Lord, I can't go on," he said. "I have too heavy a cross to bear."

The Lord replied, "My son, if you can't bear its weight, just place your cross inside this room. Then, open that other door and pick out any cross you wish."

The man was filled with relief. Thank you, Lord, he sighed, and he did as he was told.

Upon entering the other door, he saw many roses, some so large the tops were not visible. Then, he spotted a tiny cross leaning against a far wall. "I'd like that one, Lord," he whispered.

And the Lord replied, "My son, that is the cross you just brought in."

When life's problems seem overwhelming, it helps to look around and see what other people are coping with. You may consider yourself far more fortunate than you imagined.

that no matter what happens to us,
it is our choice as to how we think, act,
react, or respond to our experiences ...
that this is how we create the reality in our lives.

the Center of Light & Serenity

Going Beyond "FEAR"

You have been told in recent communications how you as humans are reaching the point where there will be no more secrets. And if you are paying attention, this is being shown to you almost on a daily basis. For example, look at the development of Wikileaks and what's been happening in the private lives of some politicians and others. Why is this so? What is it that's happening or has happened that is causing this?

The answer involves the pineal gland whose activation in all humans is leading you to a telepathic communication very soon. This will help all of humanity in many ways but may also be met with resistance as the idea of 'no more secrets' may be a bit threatening to some as you would expect.

I'm talking about the 'core personality' ... the heart of the soul. It is where the accumulation of all experiences in all lifetimes in all dimensions of each lifetime are stored. Think of it as the most perfected inner you. Humans are at the stage right now where you can start to carry more of your own core personality while in the physical body. This means you become more of who you really are inside, rather than walking around being ruled by circumstances. You will see this happening as humans learn to listen to what is in their own hearts ... when you begin to activate your lives and become who you are on purpose.

Humans are at a time when your raising the ceiling of evolution. Yet, there is one big stumbling block with the way things are going ... the old motivator is still with you ... that thing called "FEAR!" It seems that you still get scared of your own shadow as the main potential stumbling block still remains to be 'fear'. All you have to do is look back at your recent history; beginning with the incident of 911 and forward to your country's invasion of Iraq to understand where it can bring you.

Even though many of you have come a long way in dealing with fear over the last couple of years, the tendency for others to take advantage of you is still quite prominent when you listen to the news media and see where your thoughts are going regarding countries like North Korea and Iran, and for that matter, on the fearful thoughts many of you are still putting out regarding the the Ascension process of 2012.

So you see, it is still an old familiar way of life for many and when you as a whole get scared, you step back into old belief systems. If you don't know what I'm talking about here, look at those around you and your circle of friends and you will see what to watch for in your own life. They will give you some good examples as to what fear looks like from the human perspective.

It's like that American movie called "Defending Your Life," with Albert Brooks and Meryl Streep. It's about what happens to Brooks' soul after he dies ... the storyline being around a courtroom setting to decide if his soul will go on or if it must return to Earth in the next incarnation. In the movie, the decision to go forward is made entirely on how he dealt with 'fear' during his last lifetime. Just as it finally dawned on him, the same thing can happen with all of you at this important time in your life ... you can learn a valuable lesson from it.

A Special Blessing to You and Yours ...
Until next issue ...
These things, we warmly wish for you-
May Angels Rest Beside Your Door.
May You Hear Their Voices Sing.
May You Feel Their Loving Care For You.
And May You Hear Their Peace Bells Ring.
Love and Light, Mike & Sandy

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